Heroes: Who Is Good, Who Is Bad?

Heroes: Who Is Good, Who Is Bad?

Posted by Dustin on 11.28.2007 at 6:47 pm

So we have one, that is right ONE more episode of “Heroes” left. This is going to suck, a lot! Anyway, let’s get to dishin’

HRG woke up alive, only to find Surresh and the company are holding him hostage and letting his family believe he is dead. He tried to warn Surresh the truth about the company. Surresh thinks they are going to save lives from the virus, HRG said they have been making the virus for over thirty years! Surresh told Bob he wanted every strain destroyed, Bob seemingly agreed. I don’t trust Bob at all! Also what I’m not sure of, or am forgetting . . . does Surresh know the virus is called the Shanti Virus? Because it was named after his sister. I assume he does, as he knows his blood was the initial cure.

Claire and her family were preparing to move when Bob came along, supposedly to give them Noah/HRG’s ashes. They held a ceremony for him, and Claire caught Elle spying on them. Loved them facing off, and Claire telling Elle they weren’t running anymore, and she would expose herself so that nobody could hurt them again! Go Claire! I have a feeling Claire may end up killing Elle next week, just a feeling.

Hiro told Ando about Kensei, who killed his father. They followed the paper trail and learned he was once imprisoned by Kaito and went by the name Adam Monroe. Hiro went back in time and learned Adam had tried to steal the virus and unleash it back then to “purify” the world. So it appears Adam really is just an ass?

Adam and Peter meanwhile hunted down Victoria Pratt, the last survivor in the photo. She developed the virus, but left the company over her issues with it. Peter got the truth out of her about where the virus was hidden all this time. Of course it was Texas, where HRG worked! When Victoria learned Peter was with Adam, she tried to kill them. Adam ended up killing her, telling Peter she was going to take his head off . . . and there is no coming back from that one. We now know how to kill Adam! .

In Texas, Hiro showed up to stop Adam, only to find Peter was with him. It’s Hiro Vs Hero in what appears to be a showdown! Hiro has the sword though. Off with someone’s head next week? All Peter has to do is read Adam’s mind to find out the truth, which I think is what could happen. He could then tell Hiro to chop off his head to kill him for good.

Down in New Orleans, Micah’s idiot cousin stole his backpack, with his “9th World Wonder” comics to see how much they were worth. Yeah right. He was jumped and the backpack was stolen. What he didn’t know was that Micah’s dad’s medal was in it. His other cousin offered to go get it back from the kids, they set out to use their powers. She went in dressed as “Joan of Arc” from the comics, only to get kidnapped while Micah watched. Uh oh! Not sure where this one is going at all.

Finally this nonsense story with Sylar continued. This has been my least favorite of the season. Sylar killed Alejandro, so it seems, and took off with Maya. He of course only did this after he helped Maya control her powers on her own, and convinced her to leave her brother behind. They finally ended up in New York, where Sylar took Molly hostage basically and then called Surresh. Where the heck is Matt?

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  1. Yeah, where is Matt? I didn’t even think of that.

    Why is the company holding Noah?

    So when Adam said he wants to “purify the earth” I’m guessing that means the virus would kill everyone except for people like him who had regeneration powers? I don’t really want Adam to die yet, that would leave to many unanswered questions.

    Not really a fan of the Maya storyline with Sylar either. The way she keeps trusting him and listening to everything he says is a little unbelievable. Maya’s powers are so bizarre that I don’t see a major part for her in future storylines which means that either Sylar will end up killing her and taking her powers, or there is a lot more involved with her abilities.

    Not really a fan of the Micah cousin storyline either, it has been moving too slowly for me, but with the kidnapping maybe it will pick up (I guess there is only one episode left, so it doesn’t matter šŸ™ )

    Comment by Stacy
    11.28.2007 at 8:07 pm
  2. I personally cant stand the story line with Slyer and that mexcian girl… just goes to show you why the united states needs a stronger boarder control!!!! hahaha but honestly the story line is going know where… hopefully they girl her off, that we be great. They are not allowing Zachary Quinto to show off his acting abilities well enough.

    Comment by cliff
    11.28.2007 at 11:58 pm
  3. I don’t know, I think that if Adam is 400 years old, he may be the oldest hero. Surely if Peter’s mother can resist the mind-reading then Adam has figured it out over all this time.

    Comment by LA
    11.29.2007 at 10:38 am
  4. There’s too much to try and sort out here.
    Agree — Sylar’s story with Maya is going nowhere. (Well, maybe now that she’s in NY…) She is an idiot, though.

    Favorite part in this episode: Claire standing up to Elle. Finally, Claire is going to take charge. Too bad HRG’s been holding her back all this time — I’m ready to see this girl kick some @$$.

    Comment by k8
    11.29.2007 at 12:03 pm
  5. And I don’t watch this show either, sorry!

    Comment by Janelle
    12.01.2007 at 3:51 pm

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