Project Runway: Carmen Is OUT!

Project Runway: Carmen Is OUT!

Posted by Dustin on 11.29.2007 at 7:46 pm

I love my “Project Runway,” but have always thought it would be a nice change to have a menswear season. However I realize there just isn’t as much they can do in the way of challenges with menswear. So I was so happy to see last night the challenge was to design for a man!

The problem? Most of these designers DON’T do menswear. I thought that was a little unfair to them honestly. However some pulled it off, many didn’t.

Jack played it smart and just did pants and a shirt, both very well made. He won the challenge. I have to say I thought while it was well made, it was a little boring. There were a few others I thought were actually a bit better (though the names of the designers escape me right now).

The loser of this challenge was Carmen, who was out. NO! This upset me greatly, as I really liked her. Her main problem was that she didn’t finish the outfit, she put a wrap around the guy to symbolize the shirt she was to make. There of course were issues with her pants. Sweet Pea, while she finished her shirt and pants, well they were just complete disasters! There was a third contestant on the cutting block (Ricky) who left pins in his outfit as it wasn’t done. I actually thought it was Sweet Pea who would be out, and was a little shocked she wasn’t.

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  1. I totally agree your opinion of Carmen. She was one of my favorites. I think she was a contender.

    Comment by Mom_4_a&c
    11.29.2007 at 7:52 pm
  2. I knew as soon as Carmen wrapped material around her model’s neck she would be out. Th other designer’s clothes were a disaster but atleast they had some sort of assembled outfit. I really liked the guy who did the vest. I thought he would win.

    Comment by Jaime
    11.30.2007 at 7:22 am
  3. I liked Kevin’s outfit the best too. I think he didn’t win because he picked purple for the shirt. I liked Jack’s shirt and pants they looked very well made, but it was a little boring, but probably because he had planned on making a vest with it too but just ran out of time.

    This was the hardest challenge for the contestants I have ever seen on Project Runway. I’ve never seen one before with so many unfinished outfits and outfits that went totally wrong. So that definitely made it interesting! It did seem a little unfair, but I guess if you truly are a great designer you should be able to do anything right?

    Comment by Stacy
    11.30.2007 at 10:49 am
  4. Dustin, Love this show too…AGAIN, check out my blog and see why… We are totally on the same page!!!

    Comment by Janelle
    12.01.2007 at 3:50 pm

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