Big Brother: Evicted This Week! *HOH Update!*

Big Brother: Evicted This Week! *HOH Update!*

Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2008 at 9:56 pm

As always, this post has spoilers in it for those on the west coast!

Tonight was the live eviction, and poor Michele was torn between voting out Angie and Jesse. They are the closest to her in the house, her best friends, and she was in tears.

Angie decided to stir up trouble in the house. When Jerry told Angie she was here in part because she, Jessie, Memphis and Michelle got cocky about how they were controlling the house; well she told the others. Michelle went into a rage and verbally attacked Jerry. Jerry said he wouldn’t be kissing her or Jessie’s ass next week if they have HOH.

Memphis also caused some trouble when he told Keesha that Jerry was kissing Angie’s ass, telling her not to worry, that it wasn’t over yet. Keesha confronted him and Jerry said he was saying no such thing, that they were talking about how the power shifts in the house from week to week.

We saw footage of the house guests during the quake in L.A. this week.

Jessie, for some unknown reason, decided to go around making threats . . . while he was on the block? He told Libra she was going bye bye and waved his hand at her like a little kid saying bye bye. He also called Jerry “Father Time” and then made a fart sound. Renny said he was the most disrespectful person in this house.

Julie told the audience and us at home, that contrary to what the Jessie, Angie, Michelle and Memphis gang said, the banner-plane that went over head had nothing to do with “Big Brother” at all!

Julie asked Memphis about Jerry’s comments that he was a womanizer, leading to him losing his cool. Jerry said that his comments were uncalled for and he had apologized to Memphis.

The house prepared to vote. Angie plead her case, reminding them all that only one person here will win the 500,000 dollars; not an alliance and not the majority of the house. She said they need to figure out who is the biggest roadblock between them and that money. Jessie then stood up and talked on and on about how he has been and will always stand up for himself and won’t tolerate when others disrespect him.

The house voted, and once again by a unanimous vote . . . Angie was out! Have these people lost their minds? They all voted Angie out instead of getting rid of someone who clearly has an advantage at physical competitions? I don’t know what to say! Speaking of Jessie, there are a lot of rumors around the internet about him. It seems some of the people who know him, friends and acquaintances, are coming out and saying that Steven is/wasn’t the only gay in the house! There are also some, naughty pictures out there from his modeling career, which you can easily google (Jessie Godderz). I will admit I did, and some of them look like he was modeling for a naughty magazine and not some muscle mag!

I also have to say these unanimous votes are really getting boring! Does everyone get together and just all decide they will all vote out one person each week? That’s what it seems like.

America’s player was revealed, and Dan is the winner. He accepted the offer and our first task is to get Dan to nominate the house guest we want to see evicted. You can vote at CBS

The HOH comp is an endurance one, so we won’t know for awhile who won. It involves everyone standing on the ledge of a building built in the back yard. They had to stay up as long as they could, and as usual obstacles were thrown in, the building moved and tilted to try and make them fall off, stuff was poured on them, etc.

I’ll update as soon as I find out who won, but it could end up going on till “After Dark.” Speaking of “After Dark,” it’s been painfully boring as of late, which is why I haven’t had as many AD spoiler posts. I usually end up turning it off and going to bed.

Read on if you can’t wait to find out who the new HOH is . . .

It’s April! It came down to April and Michelle hanging on, and something happened to Michelle’s hands in the competition. Apparently Michelle made a deal to let go if April would not put her or Jessie up.

Who will she put up then? I think Jerry for sure, as she thinks he’s a perv. Memphis? She wouldn’t put up Keesha, but possibly Libra.




  1. I’m so glad I watch Weeds and Diary of a Call Girl cause if I didn’t and all i had Showtime for was after dark I’d be feeling rather ripped off. BB for its next installment need less sheep, every time i see a tearful eviction I want to scream. Yea your so close and such good friends that you can’t even vote how you feel!!? And what was with last nights vote, every single damn one of them looked like they hated having to vote Angie out over Jessie yet not a single vote for Jessie to go. Bring back the days of players who threw random votes and never admitted to it to cause drama and tension in the house. After having nine season of big brother there was definatly a mark set and none of these house guests even come close.

    Comment by Erick
    08.01.2008 at 1:41 pm
  2. Seriously I don’t know what they were thinking keeping Jessie. I bet April feels like a fool now, because she had to make that deal with Michelle to keep her and Jessie!

    Comment by Dustin
    08.01.2008 at 1:57 pm
  3. I don’t put it past Ollie, Libra and April to just lie and back door him. I’m thinking that this week well see Jerry go home. His antics in the house have everyone worried about being trapped in the jury house with him so I think they will use the promise to keep Jessie and Michelle off the block to get Jerry out.

    Comment by Erick
    08.01.2008 at 3:14 pm
  4. Except according to Joker’s she did put Jesse up along with Memphis. Jerry won POV so he can’t be put up. Michelle must be fuming to realize she’s been screwed yet again

    Comment by Just Wondering
    08.02.2008 at 2:54 pm
  5. April put up jessie and memphis.
    Jerry won POV.

    they also had a luxury competition:
    Michelle has to wear the red unitard for a week
    Memphis put Jerry on slop for a week
    Jessie won a letter from home
    Libra got a Hawaiian vacation
    Jerry, April & Libra won cash

    Comment by steph
    08.02.2008 at 4:30 pm

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