Private Practice: Addison Crosses A Line

Private Practice: Addison Crosses A Line

Posted by Dustin on 03.29.2009 at 8:42 pm

So this week on “Private Practice” we watched Addison continue to debate how to act with her patient and Noah. She had decided to stay on as the wife’s doctor, but things got dicey when the wife confided in her. It seems she and Noah were having major problems and about to separate when they got pregnant. She knew this baby was all that was keeping her husband with her, so she begged Addison to save it as she loved him. The wife remained iffy, and at the end Noah showed up at Addison’s place. It was raining, he knocked on the door, he told her he didn’t know why he was there. They kissed, but she quickly shoved him out and locked the door.

Pete entertained the idea of dating a patient’s mother. There was a lot of office flirting going on, and eventually he asked her out. Poor Violet was troubled by Pete dating, clearly she’s still hung up on him and hoping. Charlotte and Violet had a little falling out in this episode, but in the end Charlotte knew Violet was hurting and told Cooper he needed to spend some time with Violet.

Sam ended up involved in some courtroom drama this week. His friend, the one dating Naomi, asked him to testify as a witness. A doctor he was defending was being accused of malpractice. The prosecution tore Sam apart on the stand, and his friend knew if he was to save the case he’d have to bring Sam back to present himself as a competent doctor. Sam decided to brush up on the case, reading through the files, which is when he found the doctor in fact did make a mistake. The patient who died was allergic to aspirin, which the doctor gave him when he was brought into the ER. It was a tragic accident, a decision made in the heat of the moment when the doctor didn’t have time to read through charts. However the doctor foolishly tried to cover up his mistake by tampering with the charts and evidence. Sam was torn as to what to do, but in the end told the truth.

Cooper ended up dealing with, and becoming upset, over a patient and her mother. The patient was twelve and the mother wanted birth control for her. It order to protect her daughter as best she could, she was allowing her and her boyfriend to have sex, as long as they did it in her house. Her thinking was they’d do it anyways. However she wasn’t sure they’d use condoms, so she wanted birth control. Cooper was furious, feeling they were too young to be having sex. In the end the 12 year old ended up pregnant. The mom wanted her to have it taken care of, the girl wanted to keep the baby. The mom and Cooper, who had been on bad terms, came together to help the child having a child.

Finally poor Dell walked around angry and upset, coming in late to work, not caring. It seems he still had heard nothing from his ex. At the end of the show Sam lectured him, saying he knew he was hurting, but he also had a family here that counted on him as well.

My Thoughts
I thought the ending with Addison and Noah was super cheesy with the showing up on the doorstep in the rain. Overdone! I was not happy Addison kissed him, but at least she had enough sense to lock him out. Why do I get the feeling they are setting it up so the baby, perhaps even the wife dies, and then Addison and Noah will do the deed in their grief? Sorry, but I STILL won’t like or accept Addison and Noah then. This whole romance is just icky because it started when he was married and lying.

The Sam story I thought was fun because the courtroom part was different. Dell I feel horrible for. I’m still convinced the ex is back into drugs and ran because she owed money.

Cooper’s storyline with the 12 year and her mother was just troubling! I got that the mother figured her daughter was going to have sex anyways, so she wanted to make sure she was as safe as could be. However she seemed only concerned with making sure her daughter didn’t end up pregnant. Hello how about dead from an STD?




  1. Personally, I think the wife will die, Addison will save the baby, have sex with the husband and stay with him for a while because she will see it as a way to have a baby. It is a sucky storyline.

    Comment by Mara
    03.30.2009 at 12:35 pm
  2. i think.. that if the wife dies, it would be a not too good idea that Addie stays with Noah.. is like no respect for the marriage… and about Violet i’m just hoping her son is of Sheldon, bcs i don’t want Pete to have a too deep story with her, if not it would be totally imposible Adisson and Pete come together again in a future…

    Comment by Anonymous
    03.30.2009 at 8:02 pm

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