Heroes: It’s A Brave New World . . . .

Heroes: It’s A Brave New World . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.09.2010 at 9:46 pm

On Monday we saw the very early season finale of “Heroes.” As of yet there is no official renewal, but many expect it as it still makes NBC a good bit of money, even with the fallen ratings. It still sells DVDs, and it was one of the most (illegally) downloaded shows of 2009. Plus the Leno-fiasco has left them in a bind and a free hour of television every night to make up for next season. I expect a half-season given to them to wrap up things.

As with earlier seasons, this saw the end of one chapter and the last few minutes were dedicated to the beginning of the next chapter “A Brave New World.” Should it be the end of the show though, it definitely could serve as a series finale as well. So onto my thoughts . . . . .

This entire show centered on all the heroes reuniting to stop the big bad, but for once it wasn’t Sylar. I didn’t think I was going to like Sylar’s second redemption. We’ve been here before, clearly it didn’t last when he tried to turn a page before. This time I think I liked the idea a lot more because they had him locked up for 5 years time, even though in reality it was only like 3 days. Of course given he was stuck in a world by himself, I’m not sure how he knew it was 5 years.

I actually found myself liking Hiro’s story for once. However his reuniting with Charlie in the present, who was now elderly and dying of some unknown illness was heartbreaking. She had been taken back in time and left there, where she met a man and had babies and grandbabies. Hiro couldn’t change things without changing Charlie’s family (and killing all her kids). Still I thought it was sad though, once again Hiro was cheated of a life with a woman he loved. At the same time, we knew the actress wouldn’t be back as she had a gig on “Glee,” so her story had to come to an end.

By the end of the show, Claire and HRG escaped from their grave with Tracy’s help and most everyone (well not Surresh) found themselves at the carnival in New York working to stop Samuel from destroying the city and killing thousands of people in Central Park, if not millions in the city.

I liked Sylar coming to try and rescue Emma and telling Doyle “I’m a Hero.” Should the show continue, I hope they do NOT send Sylar back to being a villain. Been there done that!

I loved Emma finally realizing Peter was right about Samuel being evil, and that Peter may finally have found a love interest in Emma. However I feel like Peter got the small end of the storyline stick this season. Lydia predicted Peter could be their new leader, but then she was killed and now it looks like the carnival is disbanded. Maybe it will come into play next season (if there is one) and with what happened at the end of the show. That Peter will step up and take charge of the exposed heroes and people with powers.

The show of course ended with Claire, during a news conference on the events of the carnival, decided it was time to out all those with powers. She told the cameras to watch her as she scaled a Ferris wheel, through herself off, and in attempt number 984294293 survived.

So now, unless there is a big cover up, the heroes have been outed to the world. Hence the title of the next chapter “Brave New World.” I actually do hope there is another season, just because I want to see how this is tackled. Also we still have never been given an adequate explination for the Tracy/Barbara/Nikki crapola. I think they are hoping we’ve forgoteen about Barbara at this point!

Though if there is no next season, I still think this is a good way to end it. The entire show was brought full circle with Claire’s attempt at destroying herself closing it out, as she was the one who exposed us to the “Heroes” in season one.

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1 Comment

  1. Claire needs a spanking.

    She’s such a brat, only thinking about herself and what she wants. Not everyone there wanted to be exposed. Too bad. Claire was tired of hiding. Boo freakin’ hoo.

    I’m with you on Sylar though. I like the idea of him remaining a hero. He’s so much more interesting now! Not much is black and white anymore, just as in real life. I like his redemption, especially as you know that not everyone will accept it!

    Also looking forward to seeing where they go with Peter.

    Yeah, hoping they come back for another season as long as it’s as good as the ending of this one.

    Comment by Aravis
    02.11.2010 at 3:59 pm

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