Big Brother 12: Double Eviction Night Drama!

Big Brother 12: Double Eviction Night Drama!

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2010 at 7:43 pm

As usual, we began with a recap of all the events up till the Veto and Matt’s nomination. Matt’s undoing was throwing his BFF Ragan under the bus.

Enzo said Brandon, Britney and Ragan were the Bra-Gade’s next targets.

Britney apologized to Ragan, but he was more upset that Matt threw him under the bus. Ragan avoided Matt, and Matt began to wonder why. However Matt soon learned that Ragan learned from Britney that he threw Ragan under the bus. He knew he had to get his BFF back on his side cause he needed votes to stay.

Matt tried to play sly with Ragan and that he talked with Britney and asked her not to punish Ragan for campaigning to save Matt. He tried to make it seem like he unintentionally threw him under the bus.

Ragan held a meeting with the house to let them know people keep saying he was hard core campaigning to keep Ragan in the house. Enzo and Hayden said too much, and Ragan figured out the four were in an alliance . . . The Brigade! Ragan confronted Matt about his idea, but he continued to try and play dumb.

Matt tried to use Ragan’s knowledge with Hayden and Lane to keep him over Enzo. Matt told them if he stayed, he could control Ragan. Hayden realized they may need to keep MAtt, but could they trust him?

Julie then went to the living room and told them tonight was a Double Eviction, so they would go immediately to the first vote for the first eviction.

It was unanimous, Matt was out the door! The house guests then had to immediately go into the next HOH competition, while Julie Chen talked with Matt.

The HOH competition was a question about two house-guests, and they had to find the names to answer the question in a large box of peanuts. The new HOH ended up being Hayden!

The house-guests strategized for a bit before Hayden nominated Brendan and Ragan. Haydan said he was keeping a promise to Britney not to put her or Lane up, and they know how he feels about Enzo.

The live POV was then played, and it was a Before and After game, where they had to decide if an event happened before or after another. All house-guests played, and in the end Ragan won the Veto.

Ragan saved himself, and Hayden nominated Britney! The vote occurred, and Brandon went home unanimously.

The next HOH comp was played, but it was not shown. Based on feeds, it probably involves a game they were given to practice. It was one of those skeet shooting like games where they flicked the ball off a teeter-totter




  1. Booo Brendan being gone, boo Ragan still being there, horray Matt being gone, lets hope that Enzo finally wins an HOH and gets rid of Ragan for good, GET OUT RAGAN

    Comment by Just Wondering
    08.26.2010 at 9:01 pm
  2. This has got to be the worst of the few seasons I ever watched. I swear if Ragan wins HOH I’ll poke my eyes out. We’ll have to hear him talk about Rachel and Brendon non stop. I loved last week when he said in his DR that Brendon needed to move on from Rachel, who was gone. However he can’t shut up about her!

    Comment by Dustin
    08.26.2010 at 9:06 pm
  3. When are we going to find out who won HOH?

    Comment by Just Wondering
    08.26.2010 at 9:08 pm
  4. probably not till late tonight, assuming they play the game tonight. After Dark on these days is usually something that was taped earlier in the day so that the game doesn’t air.

    Comment by Dustin
    08.26.2010 at 9:14 pm
  5. They are playing HOH now.

    I can’t believe I will say this, but I hope Britney wins again :-\ Enzo, Lane and Hayden have skated through too much of this season. Hayden at least won one competition on his own (I don’t count the first, as it was a team comp). Lane and Enzo have done nothing.

    Comment by Dustin
    08.26.2010 at 10:52 pm
  6. So BB on showtime is live and it looks like Lane won! Should be interesting if he’ll put Brit up with ragan or another brigade member.

    Comment by Dustin
    08.27.2010 at 12:06 am
  7. I want Regan to go home so badly. Anyone else find it comical the sheep seem to think they are All-Star worthy? They cant even find a back bone to give a friend a sympathy vote but they want to be an all star? Bring me back some real players next season and shake the formula up some.

    Comment by Erick
    08.27.2010 at 12:16 pm
  8. I hate to say this because she annoyed me, but Rachel is the only one I could see putting on an All-Stars version. I think Lane will put Ragan up against a Brigade member. If Ragan wins POV, he will stab Brit in the back and put her on the block. Either way, Ragan or Brit goes home this week. 3 of the Brigade members will certainly be in the final 4.

    Comment by JS26
    08.27.2010 at 3:12 pm

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