Brothers and Sisters Season Premier: 1 Year Later . . . .

Brothers and Sisters Season Premier: 1 Year Later . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2010 at 7:24 pm

So “Brothers and Sisters” did the one year time jump last night. Here is a quick bullet point list of what happened . . .

-Justin returned from war to find his family not at all acting like his family.
-Rebecca carried out her threat and moved out while Justin was gone. We know they’re writing her off.
-Sarah was about to sell Narrow Lake and the kids would share the profits. She and Luc were pondering a move to France.
-Scotty and Saul were working in their new restaurant, while Kevin was a public defender.
-Kevin and Scotty’s surrogate lost the baby, and they have not tried again. Kevin didn’t want to even try again.
-Nora is working in a flower shop, and seemingly has lost her voice (aka isn’t a busy body anymore).
-Holly has lost years of memory and thinks William is still alive, and she and Nora are mortal enemies.
-Robert was in a coma and Kitty didn’t want to face he was not coming out of it.

At a family dinner to welcome Justin home, he eventually let everyone had it for acting so odd. It was interesting to see the family screw-up be the one with some clarity who set everyone straight.

Kitty accepted Robert was gone by the end of the episode and took him off life support. She was also approached by the Republicans with a job offer.

Sarah began to rethink selling Narrow Lake and thinking about using it to save Ojai as originally planned.

Kevin and Scotty took in a juvenile delinquent Kevin defended, who rather live on the streets than at home.

All in all, it was a slow premier I thought, but hopefully things will pick up. I really like the twist that Holly has no memories of the past few years. That should be interesting.

Tommy wasn’t even mentioned, and Rebecca wasn’t even seen. I actually would like to have Tommy back on the show, while Rebecca has been annoying and it’s time for her to leave. Thankfully William’s other kid was also not seen, and good riddance to him too!




  1. I kinda liked the “Robert in a coma” storyline. It left the door open for Rob Lowe to come back or for them to recast the part.

    Comment by Jennifer
    09.28.2010 at 7:36 am
  2. The last scene with Kitty and Justin reading to her son was after Robert’s service… Hes dead and gone and I can’t be happier, with his character gone hopefully the show will be less about politics and more about the mostly dysfunctional family dynamic.

    Comment by Erick
    09.29.2010 at 2:18 pm

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