9021…Oh No! Naomi ODs, Adrianna Gets Caught, Teddy’s on the DL

9021…Oh No! Naomi ODs, Adrianna Gets Caught, Teddy’s on the DL

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2010 at 5:24 pm

Oy! I think the latest episode of “90210” annoyed me more than entertained me, and that is totally because of the Adrianna storyline.

Adrianna sang Javier’s song at his memorial, it went viral on youtube, and Javier’s uncle confronted her. The question is, what will he do? Will he stop her, or try and make a buck of his dead nephew through her by perhaps blackmailing her into ditching Laurel? Honestly I really don’t care. I don’t like this storyline and just want it to go away!

I was shocked that Silver in fact realized Naomi wasn’t lying about the creepy rapist Mr. Cannon so fast. I thought for sure they’d drag this on. Though she wasn’t fast enough to stop Naomi from taking one too many sleeping pills. We know they aren’t going to kill Naomi though. My guess is instead of going to the cops, the girls are going to get revenge.

Annie learned what her boss and her husband (who was Jack from “Days!”) wanted . . . they wanted her eggs and were willing to pay her 20 grand for them. Mmmmmmmm, yeah Annie might be desperate enough to do that . . . . but do the parents really want their kid to have Annie’s genes?

We learned that Oscar is out to ruin Ivy and her mom’s life, because he blame’s Ivy’s mom for ruining his father’s life. The question is, what did she do and who is his father? Ivy revealed to Dixon that her own father lives 10 minutes from her, with a whole new family, and would rather forget she exists. This isn’t Oscar’s family is it? Because that would be a whole lot of incest yuckyness!

Teddy woke up hung over, saw a note about a great time the night before, and then puked. Did he puke because he was hung over, or puke because he . . . . Yup by the end of the episode not only had Teddy won Silver back, but warned the guy he hooked up with not to say anything. Teddy’s on the Down-Low!

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