Catching Up With Those Pretty Little Liars! Kate’s Gotta Secret!

Catching Up With Those Pretty Little Liars! Kate’s Gotta Secret!

Posted by Dustin on 01.31.2012 at 10:39 pm

So let’s talk about the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” . . . .

Caleb, unbeknownst to Hannah, was helping the others try and spy on -A and crack their phone. He made progress, but Hannah learned and was upset. She was trying to protect him and keep him out of -A’s attacks. However he found a major clue, a photo of a fake ID Alison had with brunette hair. Hannah recalled seeing her at a hair dressing salon pretending to be someone else. When they googled the name Alison was using, it lead them to the infamous book “Lolita.” Hannah seemingly had no idea what that book was about, but knew Alison had a copy, and swiped it. The book is of course about a young teenager dating a much much older man . . . . A clue? I think so! Well the show didn’t go there yet, but in the book was a claim card that Spenser looked into . . .

Kate’s new step-sister moved to town and joined the school. Hannah tried to remain civil with her step, but Spencer just knew she knew Kate from somewhere. It took a long time, but she finally remembered. Kate was at camp with Melissa years ago, and she heard stories and even had a photo of the camp group . . . Kate freaked, what did Spencer want to keep quiet? She just wanted her to be nice to Spencer . . . or everyone would find out how ugly she really is. Was that literal or figurative? I’m going with literal given Spencer mentioned she had a photo . . . Did Kate go through insane plastic surgery perhaps? When she was first introduced (at least in the books) Hannah’s dad always noted how beautiful she was . . . and it made Hannah feel ugly and fat (which lead to her bulimia in the books).

-A meanwhile sent out a photo of naked Kate to Hannah’s friends via her phone . . . uh oh! Yeah I’m guessing this has to do with some previews for next week with Hannah in the principal’s office!

Emily’s mom returned, and learned she was dating Maya again. Tension! Emily meanwhile had her own issues after Maya dropped the bomb last week she had been dating a boy. Emily said it bothered her that Maya was dating someone else period, and that she loved her! Maya said the same . . . but something tells me this isn’t going to end well for Emily. Honestly, I’ve always been suspicious . . . could Maya be -A? Maya did live in Alison’s house after all. If she’s not -A, I suspect she’s helping them.

Aria and Ezra made up, and Holden figured out the truth. He agreed to be her fake date cover with her parents, but it seems that Aria and Holden began to perhaps like one another? . . . . complicated! Holden meanwhile had some mysterious bruises. Is he being beaten, and by who? His parents . . . or someone else? Is he working for -A?

Fitz meanwhile learned that he was up for a promotion, a Deans position, but it meant a transfer to Louisiana! Okay we are going to just ignore the fact that most Deans have advanced graduate degrees that I don’t think Ezra has one given his young age (which in the books it seemed he had just taken the job straight out of school). Let’s ignore how he even got a job and the college in the first place! But he soon learned he of course was nominated for the promotion by Aria’s dad Byron . . . .

The very end of the show had -A taking a gun out of Ezra’s Spencer’s dad’s drawer . . . what will he/she do with it? Spoilers have indicated a major character will be offed on the show, but not one of the four main girls.




  1. It wasn’t Ezra’s drawer. It was Spencer’s dads I believe. I saw a picture of Spencer and a degree of some sort with the name Hastings on it. didn’t catch the first name though.

    Comment by Kristy
    02.01.2012 at 8:12 am
  2. Yes it was Spencer’s dad’s drawer.

    Comment by Beth
    02.01.2012 at 8:26 am
  3. Oops thanks! I’ll fix that in the write-up 🙂

    Comment by Dustin
    02.01.2012 at 10:55 am

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