Army Wives: What Happened To Claudia Joy?

Army Wives: What Happened To Claudia Joy?

Posted by Dustin on 04.01.2012 at 11:15 pm

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So WOW, I just noticed a giant spike to my blogs traffic at 10pm EST tonight . . . all stemming from “Army Wives” searches. Sorry, I just finished the show on Tivo! More than that, the official spoilers I went to read didn’t help much either as to what people were looking for. I simply assumed it was about Claudia Joy, but the spoilers tell nothing specific . . . after watching the show though, I have some thoughts!

So before we get to CJ, let’s discuss the other issues tonight. Well really the main issue tackled tonight was David’s HIV status after an incident on the playground potentially exposed another kid to infection. This led to the mother leading an uprising against David, wanting him thrown out of school and the after-school program. In the end, with Charlie’s help, and the support of the other wives and their families, the Burton’s stood their ground. Charlie brought in medical doctors to answer questions, and give statistical facts. I loved that Roland pointed out their own daughter was more at risk than their kids, a situation they’d never put her in if they didn’t know the facts. I also really liked that Roland pointed out David is more at risk of dying from exposure to their kids’ colds and flus than they are to him. Bravo for a great episode. I guess in this day and age I’m stunned people don’t know the facts? I mean if we don’t know how this disease spreads, how will we ever get rid of it? I actually wished it was pointing out that statistically, we probably each come into contact with someone on a daily basis who has HIV. Even more scary? More often than not, the infected person doesn’t even know it!

The other story in this episode dealt with Hector, one of Trevor’s men, and his very very 2-week old very new bride Gloria. Gloria did not sign up for the Army, and was contemplating leaving her husband. However she and Roxie seemed to hit it off, and when Hector was injured (well collapsed from heat exhaustion) this made her realize how much she really did love him. Awwwww . . . . I like seeing Roxie being a mentor to someone for once! She’s basically become the new “Pamela” in a way . . . not that Pamela can ever be replaced. EVER!

And now we get to Claudia Joy . . . what happened to her? Well as I started this post off, the official spoilers don’t say. They simply say it’s a complication from her diabetes, and later that it’s a medical crisis . . . which you can pretty much gather from the previews for next week. However I have some thoughts. Given the way she collapsed at the end of the show, her clinging to Michael as if she couldn’t walk, and the preview with the doctor saying “It’s irreversible” . . . well my guess is that she’s gone blind. This can happen from diabetes. This would be my guess as to what has happened.

Your thoughts?

Below are some of the spoilers for the rest April. Most of these I’ve posted before, but some I’ve added a few updates to as more official info comes out . . .

System Failure – April 8th.
CJ experiences medical complications related to her diabetes. Frank gets involved with a political upheaval in Africa causing the troops to deploy, including Tanya. The Tribe gathers to celebrate Finn’s birthday.

Casualties – April 15th
Tanya and Dr. Hanson try to save a wounded sergeant. Denise and Jackie visit the wounded sergeant’s family. Roxy gives encouragement to a withdrawn army wife. Roland learns that Charlie is in a relationship.

Non-Combatants – April 22nd
The tribe must organize a memorial service. Nicole negotiates a resolution to the conflict with the militia in Africa, but she’s wounded as they leave. Frank, Trevor, and Hector evacuate the last Americans but are forced to leave local orphans behind. Denise offers to help CJ who is dealing with a medical crisis.

After Action Report – April 29th
Denise worries about Frank. Jackie feels overwhelmed with her duties. Roxy and Trevor provide financial help to Gloria and Hector. Tanya clashes with a doctor in the field. Roland and Joan invite Charlie and Nicole over for dinner.

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