Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Thoughts!

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Thoughts!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2012 at 6:54 pm

I’m just so . . . confused! I also feel a bit cheated, as it seems this whole season was one big red herring. Maya’s murder was not orchestrated by -A or -The A Team, but some guy who was stalking her and then pretended to be her cousin in order to get revenge on Emily? He had kidnapped Paige in order to make Emily watch him kill her, because he felt that she had stolen Maya from him . . . Say what?

It does, however, seem that -The A Team was trying really hard to set Paige up to take the fall for Maya’s murder. This, at least to me, was made clear by Mona’s comments by the end of the episode about how it was a shame they couldn’t make a call to the girls about Paige’s guilt. Paige does have Maya’s cellphone though and doesn’t know it. I don’t know how she has it, did she pick it up? Did they plant it on her? Mona definitely wants it back, so there must be something important on it. My guess is something that implicates her or others in Alison’s murder, given Maya had been staying at the Kahn cabin.

Mona is clearly in complete control of her faculties, something that we pretty much knew earlier in the season. However we learned she’s also still very much on -The A Team . . . which is interesting as she was also warning and helping Hannah in previous episodes. Was that part of her game, or maybe she has multiple personalities? Given how well she shifts between moods, my guess is on the later. Otherwise, she’s just a sociopath!

We learned the identity of at least one other member of -The A Team by the end of the episode, and shockingly it was Toby! Well probably not that shocking, as he did get the raw end of the stick being sent to jail for the fire. So he clearly has revenge on his mind. Does he really love Spencer though? I am now wondering if he’s twistedly been in love with Jenna all along . . .

Let’s not forget though, there were several hoodies that Hannah saw in the cabin where all the photos of the girls and Allison were. So we only know two of the team’s identities! I believe Hannah saw at least 5?

By the end of the episode we also saw Garrett being let free, as Maya’s real killer had been caught. Wait . . . wasn’t in he in jail for killing Allison? Do they now think this kid killed both Allison and Maya? Garrett gave the girls a devilish smile as he walked by them a free man, which probably means he in fact is in on Allison’s killing somehow!

The final scene had someone from -The A Team making a disguised phone voice call about a Halloween event called “The Ghost Train Party.” My guess is like last year, the show plans to have another Halloween episode. Also since we know Maya and Toby are on the team . . . and they didn’t show this person, I’m guessing it’s a member yet to be revealed?




  1. I believe Garrett was cleared of Allison’s murder by the anklet that Spencer and Ali’s brother turned over to the police.

    Comment by Ciaira
    08.29.2012 at 9:57 pm
  2. Yes I thought so too about the anklet. And I thought it was Toby making the call at the end.
    I also had the thought that maybe Toby was twistedly in love with Jenna and doing this for revenge.
    I think they said they planted the phone on Paige and planned to call it when she was with the girls to further try to frame her.

    Comment by Beth
    08.30.2012 at 7:58 am
  3. I forgot about the anklet! Did anything come from them wanting HAnnah’s blood, or was that just dropped?

    Comment by Dustin
    08.30.2012 at 2:49 pm

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