Once Upon A Time: More Questions As Usual!

Once Upon A Time: More Questions As Usual!

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2013 at 7:30 pm

So this week’s “Once Upon A Time” is the last show for three whole weeks . . . . Nooooo! I felt like I had a lot more questions by the end than answers, and I wasn’t a fan of the ending at all. This show served to answer the major question “What happened to August/Pinocchio after the curse broke” and also gave us his back story.

To start with, we knew that August knew who Emma and Neil were, though Neil didn’t know who Emma was. He blackmailed Neil into leaving Emma by confronting him with his real identity. This all eventually forced her to go back to Storybook in time to break the curse. August had been bad for way too long, and he has started to turn to wood even then. So what he did was to save himself as much as break the curse. He told Neil when the curse was broken, he’d let him know . . . because obviously that meant Rumple/Gold would be coming for him most likely.

Neil returned to town with his fiance Tamara, who with is honest with about his roots, the town and magic. Color her shocked, but as we soon learn, not really. Tamara has a long sordid past with August. She was initially involved with him when he started turning wooden, and he confided in her about himself and magic. She claimed she had cancer and was dying, which turned out to be a lie. She used him to try and get to magic, and he used her to try and get a cure from a magician known as “The Dragon.” They basically both double crossed each other, but Tamara had the last laugh as she got the cure from him and then promptly killed “The Dragon.” Or so we think? Is he really dead? My guess is probably not.

Who is “The Dragon” and where is he from? That was not told to us. He was presented as an old man, but warned Tamara she had not seen his true form. He was about to transform when he realized she was after his magic. That’s when she zapped him with a stun gun. We know he’s not from the Enchanted Realm, as he would have been stuck in Storybrook with the others. We know there are other worlds out there, Wonderland and Victor Frankenstien’s world for example. He clearly is from another dimension or world is my guess. I’m sure the writers will bring him back when we least expect it and explain his world.

Tamara, who becomes obsessed with magic, ends up trailing August and this is how she finds out about Neil and latches onto him! She seems to have become a magic junkie, and Neil unknowingly leads her right to Storybrook in good time.

Meanwhile in the present Snow goes off to shoot her bow and arrow in the woods and finds August now living in a camper. This leads to a reunion with Gepetto and the revelation to Snow and Charming that magic cabinet/tree could hold two, but he did not tell them so he could send his son through. She slaps him, then apologizes for that. However he feels he did deserve it. Snow thinks it’s another sign of her blackening heart.

Meanwhile Tamara meets August too, and he puts two and two together about her. She tries to get rid of him by telling him she’s cured of cancer (which she eventually admits she never had) and she still has some of “The Dragons” potion. All he has to do is leave town to get it . . . and never come back. August does consider this, but eventually returns to stop her, and she promptly kills him with the stun gun too.

At this point Emma and the others find a dying piece of wood that was August. He tries to warn them, but dies first. Henry realizes he was selfless, brave and true . . . just like in the story. The Blue Fairy is summoned to try and save him. She is able to term him back into a real boy, but he literally becomes a boy again. He also has no memory of Tamara and what she did.

The show ends with Snow confiding to Charming about her black heart. He however sees things differently than she does. He thinks people can change, and she is not destined to become like Regina or Cora. Meanwhile Tamara goes to meet the real man she’s in love with, “The Stranger” who we learned about in the last episode. Yup, they are a couple and together! Though for all he knows, she is using him too on her quest for magic. We know he’s been obsessed with finding Storybrook and his father again. He did confront Regina in this episode, who claimed his father left long ago . . . LIES!

I have to say I’m unhappy we’ve lost adult August. He was nice to look at, and I liked his chemistry with Emma. As this is a fairytale, she’s probably destined to be with Neil in the end.

The next episode will introduce us to a new hero, Robin Hood. Is he from the Enchanted Realm, or are we opening another door to another world here?




  1. I can’t remember what it was August showed Neil in the case that convinced him to betray/leave Emma. Did we even see it?

    That is one lethal stun gun. I though that Pinocchio would have survived it becasue I thought that wood doesn’t conduct electricity very well.

    Comment by Sean
    03.26.2013 at 8:32 pm
  2. Yes we did eventually see it at some point. It was a note and it said “I know your Baelfire.”

    Comment by Dustin
    03.26.2013 at 8:33 pm
  3. I also thought the same thing about the gun. I was all “but he’s wood, can he really die?”

    Comment by Dustin
    03.26.2013 at 8:34 pm
  4. Kind of a so-so episode. I was wondering if maybe the Dragon refused to give Tamara any medicine because he knew she was faking so she set up August to get the money he needed to pick up the medicine. If so, lots could have gone wrong. August could have (and should have) consumed the medicine on the spot, and how would Tamara know that August needed a magical cure – he only told her he had a skin condition? Oh well, the plot must move forward I guess.

    I wonder if we’ll get more backstory on Tamara to find out why she become obsessed with finding magic.

    Dustin, I agree that Tamara is probably using Owen as much as she is using Neal. Can’t Emma tell when someone is lying? Oh wait, that power only comes into play when needed by the plot.

    I wonder if Snow is worried she’ll have to sacrifice everything (like August pretty much did) to redeem herself.

    I was surprised Regina was so nonchalant with Owen once she remembered who he was. I would think she’d wipe his memory or finish him off or something.

    Comment by DNA
    03.27.2013 at 12:29 am
  5. I wonder if Tamara will be Cora and Sir Lancelot’s daughter or maybe his sister. Maybe she wants magic because no one gave her mother was more cocerened with Rigina than her.

    Comment by Nic
    03.27.2013 at 6:01 am
  6. I wonder if Tamara will be Cora and Sir Lancelot’s daughter or maybe his sister. Maybe she wants magic because her mother was more cocerened with Rigina than her.

    Comment by Nic
    03.27.2013 at 6:02 am

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