Resurrection: Who? What? Huh?

Resurrection: Who? What? Huh?

Posted by Dustin on 03.17.2014 at 6:10 pm

Last night’s ‘Resurrection’ was just a big pile of confusion, but I loved it! BTW, I have also started watching ‘Believe,’ I am just not sure I love it as much yet. It also airs on Sunday when I have enough shows as is, so I won’t get to it for a few days most likely. Especially given Monday is jammed packed too.

So Caleb returned, but unlike Jacob, he doesn’t seem to recall his death. As he died of a heart attack, and his blood shows he had one three days ago (when Jacob woke up), it may just be that his death was quick. Jacob clearly lingered a bit as he drowned. Or is something else going on with Caleb?

Caleb, unlike Jacob, was cremated. So there is no body to look at. Jacob was brought out of his tomb at the end and his coffin opened. Of course this is pretty much where the show ended. Is he in the coffin or not?

Caleb’s daughter looked through his jacket for a note she put in it at his funeral. It wasn’t there . . . and she seemed oddly relieved. However we later saw that he had the note. What does this mean? That the person they cremated wasn’t Caleb?

Caleb went and told Jacob to “lie” at one point . . . . Lie about what? We don’t know. He had a pretty lengthy conversation with him that we didn’t hear. When his mom asked what he said to him, all Jacob said was “lie.” So I’m guessing Caleb does remember something, something important? Or is it Jacob that maybe knows something about Caleb that he doesn’t want known?

Caleb went into the woods and dug up something, or someone. It definitely looked like part of a very well preserved face . . . The next thing we know is that he’s at someone’s very nice home killing them over something that is missing.

So it sounds like Caleb and this other guy did a bad thing in the past, Caleb died, and the other guy got a big payout. Who was Caleb digging up though? Is that his body? The real Caleb who wasn’t cremated? If so, who was cremated? Given this was in the woods, is there a connection to Jacob somehow? Did he see something that day? Is there more to his and Barbara’s death? I’m pretty sure there is!

Speaking of Jacob and Barbara’s deaths, Maggie went to see the man her mom was having an affair with. She asked the question we all have been wondering since the pilot, “Are you my dad?” He said no, and that after Jacob and Barbara fell in, he waited in the woods until someone found her in her crib. He didn’t just up and leave her. Later the man went into his house and told someone “She’s found us!” I’m gunna make a guess that her mother is back too!

P.S. if you missed it, here is a link to my earlier post with spoilers for the next few episodes!

Resurrection Spoilers




  1. I surfed upon the first episode when it repeated on sat night ( I have no life) and got suckered in. The second episode kinda turned me off. There are soooooo many things these people aren’t doing or asking. Are they under a spell or something? And how does a kid who died 32 years ago not notice all the changes? Or how is it that Caleb looks like he did when he died and the town may be small but there have been major changes since he died – like his daughter’s breasts (age). I would have felt better if this was going to be more like a mix of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and COLD CASE but it’s looking to be too much like lost.

    And can we talk about ABC’s lineup for Sunday night??? Once, Resurrection and Scandal – what a crazy mix.

    Comment by Sean (The Jeep Guy)
    03.17.2014 at 7:40 pm
  2. I questioned that on the first episode Sean. Wondered how a kid who died when Donkey Kong hit the Atari suddenly could play it on an iPhone lol

    Comment by Dustin
    03.17.2014 at 8:53 pm

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