Resurrection Season Finale Thoughts

Resurrection Season Finale Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 05.05.2014 at 9:40 pm

So last night was the season finale of “Resurrection.” Should ABC lose their minds and not renew the show, which is not expected to happen, it could be the series finale. Things look good for ABC to renew it fortunately.

Honestly, after last weeks amazing episode, I felt a little let down this week. I felt so much was so predictable. The very second the African American couple told Jacob’s parents that they were unable to find their son Robert, that he didn’t come back with them, I knew it was Bellamy. They said their son had a birthmark on the back of his neck, and we had to wait for the very last scene for this to come out. I knew it was him based on his past and his interest in various “lost boys.” It’s clear he was a foster kid, and he may have even mentioned it before. I can’t recall offhand.

We learned last week that the Sheriff’s wife came back early on, but had been hiding at her lovers house all along. Again this was not a shock, they hinted at that in episode two. What we did learn was that she rightfully left her husband, who turned out to be an evil jerk. When he found out that she returned and didn’t run to him and their daughter, it looked like she was a horrid mother. I definitely felt for her daughter. However the Sheriff showed his true colors, punishing all the returned in order to punish his wife. He, with the Army’s help, had them rounded up. Unfortunately it got out of control, and the Army was going to cart them all off. I felt like they have been building the sheriff up to be evil incarnate, and it just somewhat fizzled. The minute he saw his daughter being escorted out by the army, and he realized she had figured him out, it’s as if he just wimped out and had realized he had lost. He’s no “Big Jim” from “The Dome.”

Before the army could cart off the returned, things changed big time . . . Something happened and the entire town was put under quarantine. Bellamy was trying to get Jacob out of town to protect him when they ended up hitting a roadblock. One of the roadblocks was the army, who surrounded him for trying to leave. The other was a supernatural one. A swarm of locusts were at the town limits. Well it wasn’t a huge swarm, but they were there. They found all these locust shells on the ground, and some were flying around. So it seems we are back to the Bible and the Book of Revelations. I will really be disappointed if it turns out the returned are in fact evil, or part of some apocalyptic prophecy.

And that is pretty much how the show ended!




  1. I’ve got this figured out. The locust is an ancient symbol of immortality and resurrection. The common denominator in this show is the water. Jacob died in water, Bellamy’s parents and sister died in water, etc.. It’s going to be somthing in the water causing the immortality .

    Comment by Al
    05.06.2014 at 2:19 am
  2. My question is did Bellamy died with his family and came back. If he came back he would have been a young and a foster family brought him up. Therefore he would be the first return. He look to young to for the family. They look like they lived back in the 40’s and he does not look that old. I love the show.

    Comment by joylee
    05.06.2014 at 7:09 am
  3. Bellamy was not killed. He has a different last name than his parents (Thompson). Obviously he was adopted.

    Comment by Al
    05.06.2014 at 9:04 am

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