Witches Of East End: Disco Inferno And The Mandragora

Witches Of East End: Disco Inferno And The Mandragora

Posted by Dustin on 08.18.2014 at 3:12 pm

So the past two episodes of “Witches of East End” dealt with the Mandragora storyline and putting it to bed. We had a few twists and turns along the way. One of the biggest was the introduction of an old love interest of Joanna, a woman named Alex. They parted on bad terms, mainly because Alex warned Freya in a previous life that she and Killian were star-crossed lovers and never meant to be. At least it seems like she was talking about Killian, could she have been speaking of Dash? This past life took place in the 70s, so it was hilarious to see everyone in disco threads (Freya, Killian and Dash) or hippie attire (Joanna and Alex).

Joanna reached out to Alex to help them with the Mandragora problems. Wendy remained suspicious of Fredrick, who knew a lot about the beast. He didn’t know as much as Alex, who helped them all break its hold on Ingrid and destroy it once and for all. However not before it took out Ingrid’s co-worker at the library. I was so sad to see him go. He only had a bit part, but poor Ingrid just keeps losing co-workers left and right. Worse yet Fredrick was trying to heal him, so he said, but Wendy’s distrust caused her to send him away. She was worried he was killing him so he would stay quiet. Ingrid and him said a touching goodbye.

Dash continued his decent into evil, being poisoned by the beast and telling Freya way too much. The poison made him tell her off in anger, as well as say he had done horrible things she couldn’t even dream of. They cured him, and he and Freya seemingly made up. She swore she only ever kissed his brother, they never slept together. Dash helped save Ingrid from the beast, and it was clear to Freya that they were getting closer. She’s likely not going to give up on the horrible things he did comment, though she clearly has no idea that her own sister helped him cover some of them up!

Killian meanwhile had some spell put on him by his new girlfriend. I knew she was up to no good, but we still don’t know what she’s after. Possibly their family’s grimoire? They made a point to mention it in this episode as having a vast amount of knowledge, and they used it to help get rid of the Mandragora. I also wouldn’t be shocked if she worked for Joanna and Wendy’s father.

By the end of the latest episode Fredrick saved Wendy from the Mandragora, which seemed to put her doubts about him to rest. Too bad, because something is going on with him! The final shot had him writhing in pain, his eyes and the symbol of his grandfather on his chest glowing, and in an unusual voice he swore he would find another way and he would’t fail him again. So Fredrick did bring the Mandragora over and is working for his Grandfather? Or is he being controlled through magic?


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