Grey’s Anatomy: Sparkle Pager

Grey’s Anatomy: Sparkle Pager

Posted by Dustin on 04.29.2008 at 2:25 pm

greysrose.jpg So “Grey’s Anatomy” returned last night with the episode “Where The Wild Things Are.” It’s been a few weeks since we last checked into Seattle Grace, and Derek and Rose have been on five dates now. Rose blurted out to Lexi she loved Derek, but it’s clear Derek isn’t there yet and still has a thing for Meredith. Meredith meanwhile has begun therapy for her issues, but isn’t really talking. She just read somewhere the act of going to therapy alone can be helpful. Lexi and George meanwhile are living in a run-down apartment which George refers to as their “crapartment.” To spruce things up, Lexie stole stuff from the hospital to decorate it. I think Lexi has a crush on George! Speaking of crushes . . . Hahn and Callie seem to be BFFs now and are hanging out late at night drinking wine. What’s going on there? I always thought she was a lesbian, but the show seemed to have squashed that when Mark asked her as much in one episode. Finally McSteamy seems a little steamed that Derek moved on from Meredith to Rose so quickly. In a hilarious elevator scene, he said he’d been patient and it was his turn now! Mark of course just thought it would be “boys time” for them to go out and play the field together. Derek called him out, it seems he’s having trouble getting women. McSteamy has run out of steam?

Most of this episode centered on the residents being involved in a competition with each other. They were all living in the hospital for 2 straight weeks in order to get in the most surgical procedures to win points. Baily was the judge of this competition. While Izzie was involved with a man with a sprained ankle, determined to find out if something more was wrong with him; the others were involved with a man, his new wife and his brother who were attacked by a bear. The man provoked the bear by touching the cub, something he knew better not to do. That coupled with the fact that he had poor vision, was behaving oddly and had married a rebound girl he’d known for ten days got Meredith thinking. She suspected a tumor and was correct. This won her the competition in the end because she solved a “medical mystery” and got a whopping 80 points for it. Her prize was a bedazzled pager, all the other residents have to page her for the next 3 months when they have a surgery and she can take it if she wants.

I have to be honest, this wasn’t the most thrilling episode for me. I expected “Grey’s” to return with a real bang. This was more of a filler episode for me. Next week’s episode looks great though. Addison is back and giving Meredith hell for letting McDreamy go. Meanwhile Callie is questioned about whether she and Hahn are dating.

A new poll is now up asking your thoughts on the return of “Grey’s” and what you thought.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. This was definitely a filler — like the jelly in a doughnut (which I can’t stand).

    I expected more from this episode. Too bad they’re still giving us the same old same old.

    Tonight’s ep does look a bit more promising.

    George and Lexi are looking suspiciously like a couple. Sharing an apt? Nesting? And did you notice how close she sat next to him on the “sofa” at the end of the show? Now what are we up to…?

    I hope they take this show outside the hospital setting again soon. It’s going to get real old fast if they don’t give these people lives.

    Comment by k8
    05.01.2008 at 12:15 pm

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