Ghost Whisperer March 5th Spoilers – 100th Episode!

Ghost Whisperer March 5th Spoilers – 100th Episode!

Posted by Dustin on 02.25.2010 at 9:24 pm


Executive Producer and Series Star Jennifer Love Hewitt Directed the Milestone Episode

“Implosion” – A ghost who knows of a hidden munitions dump with unexploded bombs confides in Melinda that one of those bombs is missing and in the wrong hands, warning that someone will lose their life, on the 100th episode of GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, March 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network

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March 11th Grey’s and Practice Spoilers

March 11th Grey’s and Practice Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 02.25.2010 at 6:51 pm

Spoiler Releases for the March 11th episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice!”

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Wynonna Judd Appears On Army Wives!

Wynonna Judd Appears On Army Wives!

Posted by Dustin on 02.23.2010 at 9:17 pm

According to Access Hollywood, Wynonna Judd will appear as herself on a May 16th episode of “Army Wives” and will sing two songs in an army fund raiser at Ft. Marshall.

The new season begins airing in April and will be 18 episodes long.

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Housewives & The Walkers: Sex On The Mind

Housewives & The Walkers: Sex On The Mind

Posted by Dustin on 02.22.2010 at 8:50 pm

Here are my quick thoughts on last night’s dramas “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters.”

First up on “Housewives,” I am absolutely loving Julie Benz as Robin (the stripper). She’s been amazing on the show. Yeah some might consider her an Eddie replacement on the outside, but the gist of this show was to show that inside she was nothing like Eddie and the girls on the block realized not to judge her on her past in this episode. FYI, Julie Benz was only to be a guest role, she’s been upped to recurring, with a possibility of being added onto the shows cast.

I thought Susan’s story with Robin was somewhat painful, and not just because Mike was in pain. Once again we had to watch Susan act like an arse and put her foot in her mouth, treating Robin like a slutty stripper because she was helping Mike out with his constant back pain. This time though I can’t fault Susan too much, I mean seeing a younger attractive woman with her hands (and feet) constantly all over her husband, yeah, she might have some issues. I think though they should have talked about it, especially given what we later found out about Robin! There really was no reason for her to move out, other than to advance another story of course.

The other story of course was Robin moving in with Katherine (to try and save her friendship with Susan) and then putting the moves on Katherine! Yup, Robin is lesbionic, or at least bi. Katherine was asserting how she was over dating men, when Robin suggested she try pursuing other avenues which is what she did. They shared a quick kiss, which was more about rebuffing some pigs at a bar than anything, but later Katherine started to think about Robin. I actually found myself really liking their story above all others this episode. This story might actually work and not just be some ratings stunt.

Gabby, in an attempt to keep Anna away from Danny, offered to send her off to New York to be a model. Anna however really likes Danny. Yeah it’s not hard to see where this is leading, and given the spoilers for 2 weeks from now we know for sure.

I can’t believe the show did it, but they did, they made me actually feel for Orson in this episode. Bree, using Robin’s advice, tried to get Orson excited with a strip tease that failed miserably. However in the end, she and Orson made strides repairing their marriage. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I expect Orson to *bleep* it up when he gets his legs back and hides it from Bree.

Onto “Brothers and Sisters.” I am not enjoying the Kitty storyline at all. Frankly I think the announcement of Rob Lowe leaving is what has turned me off. I’ve always had my ups and downs with Robert, but knowing he’s going makes this story not very enjoyable. Though they did bring back Park Dad this week, perhaps they will get a second chance? I dunno though, he might feel like he was the consolation prize really.

I absolutely loved the storyline involving Sarah and Roy, along with Luc’s return this week. Sarah trying to convince Paige that sometimes the stable boy is the better choice over the one who makes your heart flutter and stomach turn. We all knew she was trying to convince herself to make it work with Roy, and in the end he dumped her because it wasn’t working! She was however very romantically reunited with Luc, via Roy’s gift of a painting they saw and she loved. Little did she know Luc painted it. I did however wonder, hello, was the painting not signed? Was their no artist credit hanging in the gallery? I guess that would have taken the romance out 🙂

Rebecca lost the baby, not the way to celebrate Valentine’s day, which was the focus of this episode. I think from the spoilers we all knew it wasn’t going to happen. I think some of us probably expected it not to happen even before the spoilers given the tension between her and Justin. Oh and did they ever do anything with the story that he might have a learning disability? It seems they’ve just ignore him and his schooling for weeks now!

Holly once again made me actually like her in this episode. Not only did she not apparently sleep with Dennis, she came clean with David about it. She also canceled her sale of her shares of Ojai to Dennis. Yeah you know he’s gunna be pissed. I love when Nora went off on Holly at the end of the episode and then Holly admitted she didn’t go through with the sale because Nora had earlier told her that they were now family and that meant everything to her. Nora said it best . . . “Holly you are exhausting!”

Of course we were left with Holly telling Nora who was after her shares, and Nora looking stunned by Dennis York’s name. Ahhhhh! I want to know the secret! Who is he and why does he have it out for William so? Is this a love triangle from the past involving Nora? Are one of the Walker’s not William’s kids? Tune in next week I guess.


ABC Ides of March ’10 Spoilers!

ABC Ides of March ’10 Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 02.22.2010 at 3:02 pm

Some ABC releases mid-March. There are also 2 early March releases for both “Grey’s” and “Practice” in this as well. “V” is set to return on March 9th, but as of yet no official releases have been released for the return.

Highlights include . . . .
Someone on “Grey’s” is related to a famous surgeon!
Love triangles galore on “Practice”
“Betty” meets a fireman who could become her new love.
Supermodels guest star on “Housewives.” Also the long lost Scavo kid is back!
Tommy is back on “Brothers and Sisters”

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Grey’s and Practice Compete For Gold!

Grey’s and Practice Compete For Gold!

Posted by Dustin on 02.20.2010 at 7:26 pm

We got new episodes of both “Grey’s” and “Practice” this week, competing against the Olympics for viewers.

On “Grey’s” we got an episode where many of the doctors shared past experiences so the residents could learn from them. The current stories thus weren’t really advanced too much. However the show was really enjoyable, and some interesting things may come from it.

Callie’s story, in which she worked with Alex, revealed they had a past fling. Uh oh! Arizona did not seem to happy at all, especially since it seems she’s been grooming Alex as her student. Situation awkward for sure.

Bailey’s back story, how she went from a shy little intern to the terminator was really good, and my favorite part of the whole episode.

The Chief’s back story, when he was younger with Meridith’s mom, was interesting because we learned it was her mom that turned him onto alcohol, he didn’t even like it before her. This could be interesting if Meridith ever found out.

Onto “Private Practice,” lord no, they did it again. More baby deaths! Addison and Naomi had a patient whose baby was born prematurely and with some condition that basically the steps they had to go through to save it not only were painful to the baby, but also did almost nothing to increase the baby’s odds at surviving much longer let alone having any kind of normal life. The parents wanted to try it, but Addison eventually stopped saying she couldn’t keep doing this to their child and they’d have to get another doctor. In the end, after a talk from Naomi, the parents realized they had to let their child go.

Yet another heart wrenching story, but this time at least it wasn’t there to just be there. Maya’s wedding was coming up, and Sam finally told Noami off, to grow up and be a parent otherwise Dink’s mother would take her place, she already was in some aspects. Naomi, through the story with the baby, realized how lucky she was to have Maya and was there for her on her wedding day.

In the end Maya did get married to Dink. I had hoped Naomi turning up would have caused second thought, that at the altar she would have stopped and said this was a mistake and rushed into, but they said their “I Dos.” Blah, we all know they aren’t going to live happily ever after!

The wedding lead to other drama for some of the guests. Sam learned about Addison and Pete and he was furious. He tried to pull the same thing Addison did, saying Pete was his friend just like Naomi was her friend. He told her he did not even want to see Addison anymore. Sam is just being a baby at this point, but I think we all know they’re going to give into each other (and probably get walked in on by Naomi!)

The drama between Charlotte and Cooper continued. He found out her new boytoy was a drug addict, while she was horrified to see Cooper is dating a replacement of her (blond and southern). At the end, at the wedding reception, they had angry sex with one another.

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Strike A Pose! Glee Does Madonna!

Strike A Pose! Glee Does Madonna!

Posted by Dustin on 02.16.2010 at 8:42 pm

A clip (via Entertainment Tonight) of the upcoming Madonna episode of “Glee” airing in April. This is the 2nd new episode when the show returns.


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Various Casting Bits . . .

Various Casting Bits . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.13.2010 at 2:41 pm

I’ve tweeted (or retweeted) these over the past few days, but wanted to include them in a post before they disappear from the side bar . . .

Kathy Najimy (Sister Act) will be the one to un-brace Betty later this season on March 24th! (Via )

In other “Betty News,” it looks like indeed it is Hilda that is getting married at the end of the season/series.

Supermodels of the world Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova are set to appear on “Desperate Housewives” in March, presumably as themselves as it’s part of a story with Gabby (once a model herself). (Via E! Online )

Side note with some “Runway” news. Because of the way it worked out schedule wise this season, the show is sending 10 designers to Bryant Park to showcase their works. The news broke awhile ago, Tim Gunn ended up confirming it on a video blog. However only 3 will be the finalists shown on TV and only one can win. Still, as many have complained, it takes the specialness out of the show as this is what they are all competing for, to make it to Bryant Park/Fashion Week.

SNL funny lady Molly Shannan is set to appear on “Glee!” as a new astronomy teacher Brenda Castle, who is Sue’s archnemesis! ( Via E! Online ) )

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Thursday Night Medical Dramas Do V-Day

Thursday Night Medical Dramas Do V-Day

Posted by Dustin on 02.12.2010 at 9:45 pm

So here are my weekly thoughts on “Grey’s” and “Private Practice,” both which did couple issue stories just in time for Valentine’s Day! Sorry for any errors, I wrote this while watching Olympic coverage 🙂

On “Grey’s,” a popular romantic restaurant had a roof collapse, which canceled the romantic plans for many of the doctors. Rather than going out for romantic dinners of their own, they were working on patients.

The happy lesbians Callie and Arizona tried to bring their joy to Miranda by setting her up with the new anesthesiologist (Jason George), but she wasn’t having it and told everyone she’d move on to dating when she was ready! However the scene in the elevator when Callie and Arizona were giggling over Miranda liking a boy was great. I want to see Miranda dating and in love, we never really have seen that with her cause she’s always been a workaholic.

Meredith (and Alex) got involved with the love drama of some of their patients. A married couple (14 some years) who every year went to this restaurant and their waiter, who secretly loved the wife. Ironically the wife loved him too, but the waiter never said anything and then she met her husband at the same restaurant! It was a sad story, and even sadder when the waiter died and the woman broke down.

Meredith had some drama as she didn’t see herself as “The Chief’s Wife” and doing all the events that Adele did. She wanted to just be a surgeon, and Derek seemed okay with that. However in the end she did go to an event after the ordeal with the couple. I honestly keep waiting for something that makes them have to get married for real, not this post-it marriage. But at the same time, I’m warming up to the post-it marriage. More and more couples seem to be skirting marriage for one reason or another, from everyday couples to power Hollywood couples. Given MerDer have been anything but traditional, maybe this marriage is right! (Lord knows every other marriage on this show has ended up a disaster!)

Lexie went blond to change things up, and got hit on immediately by Mark, who didn’t recognize her from behind. She was furious, and hooked up (again) with Alex by the end of the show. I am NOT a fan of these two at all. I think they are just taking Alex back down the sleazy road her started on really.

Teddy realized her blabbing that she loved Owen had ruined their friendship, and she told both Owen and Yang she just wanted Owen back as a friend and Christina as her student and she would get through her feelings and issues but not let them interfere. Big words, and I think she’ll do her best . . . but Owen will now want her. She’s not going to be pining after him, that will annoy him and he’ll cheat on Christina.

Finally in a not so shocking storyline development, Mark’s daughter Sloan decided she couldn’t be a mother and was giving the baby up. Mark wanted to adopt it, but she needed the baby out of her life to move on, and if Mark had it that couldn’t happen. She then left, leaving Callie to break the news to Mark.

Onto “Private Practice” . . .

Everyone was to gather for a fancy fundraiser dinner for the millionaire who funds Noami’s practice. Nobody however really wanted to go, but they begrudgingly went.

Charlotte and Cooper remain pissy with one another, but clearly are still in love. Frankly I’m over their fighting, either break up for good or get back together. At the end Cooper attempted a peace treaty where they would at least be civil to one another.

Naomi found herself being pursued by the millionaire boss, but not exactly sure if it was he who made her heart flutter. Her co-worker in the wheelchair though clearly has the hots for her, and seemed upset when Noami kept going with the other guy. I foresee them hooking up at some point, though it might take the guy in the chair having to quit for Noami to realize all the feelings he stirs up are what she’s not feeling for the other guy (I can’t remember their names).

Sam continued to be angry that Addison wouldn’t date him because of how Naomi would feel, not wanting to see Addison’s side of things. I’m really not liking these two mainly because they are making Sam all about himself here. At the same time, it’s also becoming clear they’re gunna do it at some point to, and I’m sure Naomi will walk in on them.

Pete and Addison, both in love with other people, entered in a “friends with benefits” relationship in this episode. He was clear that he loved Violet still, and she finally said outloud she thinks she’s in love with Sam. BARF! This was not romantic at all, but I guess it wasn’t supposed to be. It doesn’t help me want to root for any of these couples though.

Violet continued to struggle with moving on, as did Dell. Dell finally removed his wedding ring. Violet wished she had some symbolic step she could similarly take. Maybe she could try seeing her son? I’m so tired of this storyline dragging out with her and her son. Let’s resolve it already. I was glad they didn’t have Violet and Dell sleep with one another, which is where I feared they were headed in this episode.

By the end of the episode Naomi finally gave Sam some wedding advice for Maya’s wedding. Sam was struggling with it and brought Violet in to help plan it. First sign this marriage is doomed? It sounds like it’s going to be some pink Hannah Montanna nightmare given what Maya wants! Fortunately the show ended with Naomi giving Sam some sensible wedding advice.


Heroes: It’s A Brave New World . . . .

Heroes: It’s A Brave New World . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 02.09.2010 at 9:46 pm

On Monday we saw the very early season finale of “Heroes.” As of yet there is no official renewal, but many expect it as it still makes NBC a good bit of money, even with the fallen ratings. It still sells DVDs, and it was one of the most (illegally) downloaded shows of 2009. Plus the Leno-fiasco has left them in a bind and a free hour of television every night to make up for next season. I expect a half-season given to them to wrap up things.

As with earlier seasons, this saw the end of one chapter and the last few minutes were dedicated to the beginning of the next chapter “A Brave New World.” Should it be the end of the show though, it definitely could serve as a series finale as well. So onto my thoughts . . . . .

This entire show centered on all the heroes reuniting to stop the big bad, but for once it wasn’t Sylar. I didn’t think I was going to like Sylar’s second redemption. We’ve been here before, clearly it didn’t last when he tried to turn a page before. This time I think I liked the idea a lot more because they had him locked up for 5 years time, even though in reality it was only like 3 days. Of course given he was stuck in a world by himself, I’m not sure how he knew it was 5 years.

I actually found myself liking Hiro’s story for once. However his reuniting with Charlie in the present, who was now elderly and dying of some unknown illness was heartbreaking. She had been taken back in time and left there, where she met a man and had babies and grandbabies. Hiro couldn’t change things without changing Charlie’s family (and killing all her kids). Still I thought it was sad though, once again Hiro was cheated of a life with a woman he loved. At the same time, we knew the actress wouldn’t be back as she had a gig on “Glee,” so her story had to come to an end.

By the end of the show, Claire and HRG escaped from their grave with Tracy’s help and most everyone (well not Surresh) found themselves at the carnival in New York working to stop Samuel from destroying the city and killing thousands of people in Central Park, if not millions in the city.

I liked Sylar coming to try and rescue Emma and telling Doyle “I’m a Hero.” Should the show continue, I hope they do NOT send Sylar back to being a villain. Been there done that!

I loved Emma finally realizing Peter was right about Samuel being evil, and that Peter may finally have found a love interest in Emma. However I feel like Peter got the small end of the storyline stick this season. Lydia predicted Peter could be their new leader, but then she was killed and now it looks like the carnival is disbanded. Maybe it will come into play next season (if there is one) and with what happened at the end of the show. That Peter will step up and take charge of the exposed heroes and people with powers.

The show of course ended with Claire, during a news conference on the events of the carnival, decided it was time to out all those with powers. She told the cameras to watch her as she scaled a Ferris wheel, through herself off, and in attempt number 984294293 survived.

So now, unless there is a big cover up, the heroes have been outed to the world. Hence the title of the next chapter “Brave New World.” I actually do hope there is another season, just because I want to see how this is tackled. Also we still have never been given an adequate explination for the Tracy/Barbara/Nikki crapola. I think they are hoping we’ve forgoteen about Barbara at this point!

Though if there is no next season, I still think this is a good way to end it. The entire show was brought full circle with Claire’s attempt at destroying herself closing it out, as she was the one who exposed us to the “Heroes” in season one.

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