Some Grimm Thoughts . . . . Along with Castle and Body of Proof.

Some Grimm Thoughts . . . . Along with Castle and Body of Proof.

Posted by Dustin on 12.26.2011 at 6:57 pm

So there is no new info on new “Grimm” episodes. The end of the month and early January bring a lot of repeats. The show has gotten a full season order though.

I am enjoying the show, but often find myself distracted at the same time. The last several episodes have been stand-alone cop shows more than anything. I get that is the premise, but the story line with his aunt and the sect hunting her, what is up with the police chief, and the mystery surrounding his parents death have all but vanished. I am hoping when new shows come back, we’ll get back into these story lines.

I get that they are spreading the big stories out. “Castle” and “Body of Proof” do the same thing. They sprinkle the larger story-line arcs over the whole season. Actually “Body of Proof” hasn’t even touched the mystery of Megan’s father’s death at all this season as far as I can recall. It’s focused more on love triangles among the department. “Castle” has always been sprinkling little bits of the story of Kate’s shooting into the show. How long can she keep lying to “Castle” about not remembering his profession of love? Then there is him keeping truth from her about the call telling him to keep Beckett distracted from her mother’s death . . .


Parenthood Returns January 3rd!

Parenthood Returns January 3rd!

Posted by Dustin on 12.26.2011 at 6:48 pm

“Parenthood” returns in early January with all new episodes. Here is the first release . . . .

January 3rd – “Road Trip”

IN AN ATTEMPT TO PLEASE HIS MOTHER ON HER BIRTHDAY, ZEEK FORCES A LAST MINUTE ROAD TRIP WHICH STIRS UP MANY EMOTIONS AND ISSUES FOR THE BRAVERMAN CLAN – Seeking his mother’s approval, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) demands the entire family caravan on a road trip where they encounter many road blocks along the way. While spending time on the road, Adam (Peter Krause) connects with Haddie (Sarah Ramos), Sarah (Lauren Graham) confronts an embarrassing issue with Drew (Miles Heizer) and Julia (Erika Christensen) learns to appreciate Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) odd personality. Meanwhile, Kristina (Monica Potter) struggles to enforce a harsh punishment she gave to Max (Max Burkholder) for acting out. Also starring: Sam Jaeger, Savannah Paige Rae Tyree Brown, Bonnie Bedelia, Mae Whitman and Joy Bryant.

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More ABC January 2012 Spoiler Blurbs!

More ABC January 2012 Spoiler Blurbs!

Posted by Dustin on 12.26.2011 at 6:44 pm

Some more spoilers for returning ABC shows. Some quick snip-its before the full on spoiler releases . . .

“Castle” returns with a death right before Ryan’s wedding!
On “Body of Proof,” an undercover cop is murdered.
A shocking game changer plays out on “Revenge.”
On “Grey’s,” Teddy questions what happened to lead to Henry’s death.
On “Private Practice,” it looks like Sam and Addison are once again OVER.
Emma tries to help Hansel and Gretel in the real world, while their story plays out in the fairy tale world on “Once Upon A Time.”
On “Desperate Housewives,” could Renee I mean Lynette be taking over Tom’s old job at Carlos’ company?

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Ringer: Goodbye To Gemma, Again!

Ringer: Goodbye To Gemma, Again!

Posted by Dustin on 12.24.2011 at 12:19 pm

So It’s been a long time since the mid-season finale, and honestly I am having a hard time remembering what happened! I wrote a brief outline, so I’m trying to go by it and the meager summary on the CW’s site. The show doesn’t return until January 31st! Ack!

Bridget and Andrew finally made love in this episode, as it was Andrew and Siobhan’s sixth anniversary. Something tells me she’s gunna end up pregnant with her husband’s baby! That would make things uber-complicated if/when the truth comes out.

Malcolm was onto Charlie, and he and Bridget knew he had Gemma. Charlie wanted 250 grand in ransom for her. However it wasn’t to be for poor Gemma, as when she tried to escape from him, he shot her dead. Dead for real this time. Poor Gemma . . . I was hoping she would make it, but I guess she really couldn’t as she knows Bridgett’s secret.

Bridget and Malcolm did find some clue in Charlie’s apparent, Siobhan’s name written on a piece of paper with some numbers. Bridget was more convinced than ever something bigger was going down with her sister.

Detective Machado continued his hunt for Bridget, and learned his partner was a dirty cop, and had a hand in Bridget fleeing from the cops (as he was working for the bad guy).

Siobhan tried to convince Tyler in Paris that the only reason she lied was because Andrew was an abusive husband, but he refused to believe her. Looked like she was in big trouble, and out of cash. Near the end of the show she popped up in Paris, confronted Charlie . . . . and BANG! Shot him dead. She then made it look like he killed Gemma, then killed himself.

Meanwhile, Juliette was pissed that the teacher she was crushing on shot her down, and had her transferred to another class She told a friend at school that he raped her. Oh lord, how many times have they done this storyline on these shows? Blah! Why ruin a good show with this cliche

Tyler found a pregnancy test in Siobhan’s hotel and called her. She told him she was pregnant and it was his! Bridget, Andrew and Henry got the news about Gemma as the show came to a close . . . With Siobhan now in New York, things could get sticky when the show returns. I suspect a lot of near misses coming up between the two sisters.

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American Horror Story: Even Unsaved Souls Can Celebrate Christmas! The Finale . . .

American Horror Story: Even Unsaved Souls Can Celebrate Christmas! The Finale . . .

Posted by Dustin on 12.22.2011 at 10:44 am

So last night was the big season finale of “American Horror Story” and they didn’t waste much time at all . . . killing off Ben! I guess I knew it would happen all along, but I was still pissed. He was going to try and leave with Vivian’s spawn of a child, as that’s what she wanted. Her sister was supposedly on her way to help him. But before he could, Hayden killed him! She hung him from the chandelier, so it appears he committed suicide. Constance swooped in, took the child, and told the police that Violet must have taken the boy and run.

The house sold almost immediately, at a severely reduced price, to a couple and their teenage son. Violet took a liking to the boy, which angered Tate. Both just showed up in his room at various points, and while he was shocked . . . he just sat there and talked to them. I don’t know, this must be an LA thing. I’ve never moved somewhere new and had people randomly show up in my house that I don’t know and struck up a conversation with them.

The parents meanwhile pondered another baby, as their son was about to graduate and move out. Ben and Vivian knew they could not let another couple have a child in this house. Moira appeared to them and said not all who are in this house are evil, many are victims and trapped here. They don’t want to see anymore tragedy and would help them. Moira, Ben, Vivian, the nurses, the Black Dahlia and Constance’s son in the attic scared the crap out of them and chased them out of the house. Vivian said more would be coming, but Ben said they’d take care of them in time.

Vivian began hearing a baby crying, and found Nora Montgomery in the basement with her son. Nora had claimed the boy, but he had been crying non-stop for three days straight. She treated Vivian like her nanny, asking her to take the boy so she could rest. Vivian asked Moira to be the baby’s godmother, to help her look over him.

The family ended up celebrating Christmas. Ben cut down a tree from the yard, and Moira and Violet found old ornaments in the attic. Tate and Hayden watched from another room, you could feel the anger. Hayden told Tate that Violet would never want him again . . . but Tate said he could wait forever.

We then went three years into the future. Constance is raising little Michael. She took a much needed beauty salon day, leaving him with the nanny. When she returned, there was a trail of blood from the kitchen to Michael’s room. Constance found him sitting there, the nanny dead on the floor, and he was finger painting with her blood. She said “What am I going to do with you?”

It’s definitely a different set-up for Season 2 that just having a new family move into the house and go through Season 1 all over again. Given how well the show did, they could bring in some big name guests as the family that moves in for a week or two. I just hope they don’t overdue something like that. Watching the Harmons scare family after family away will get old.

I also bet Constance will be dragging a lot of Michael’s “almost but not yet dead” victims over to the house to add to its house guests.

*Update* So it seems some season 2 details have been revealed. TVLine has revealed it will be a new location, a new family, a new story. Some cast members are in talks to return, but who?

Ryan Murphy said the location was given as a clue in the last three episodes. . . . I suspect Constance will be back raising her spawn, possibly having relocated. She was talking about her roots in Virginia a lot in the past few episodes. Though the article indicates anyone coming back will be a new character?

Vivian’s sister could be a possibility to be haunted next too.

Or they could just take some obscure mention on the Murder House Tour and use it . . . .


ABC: January 2012 Returns!

ABC: January 2012 Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 12.19.2011 at 4:10 pm

Some spoilers of the shows when they finally begin returning in January next year. Included in this roundup . . . .

On “Body of Proof” it appears Ethan and Peter both like the new girl.
On “Revenge,” it seems we finally have caught up to the birthday celebration which brings about Daniel’s murder! (I have to catch up with the last few episodes of this show myself).
On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Christina is stuck working in the O.R. with Teddy, who still doesn’t know Henry is dead!
On “Private Practice,” It appears Addison is pregnant . . . or in deep denial?
On “Once Upon A Time,” it seems Emma plans to run for Sheriff, and Rumple has a son?
On “Desperate Housewives,” Gabby fears Carlos killed Detective Vance, while Bree plans to end it all.

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American Horror Story: Only One Episode Left!

American Horror Story: Only One Episode Left!

Posted by Dustin on 12.17.2011 at 5:11 pm

So there is only one more “American Horror Story” left in this season. How will it end? After this week’s episode . . . who the hell knows! I am expecting some seriously huge cliff hanger. But really, how can they top all the shocks they’ve delivered so far?

The show opened with a young Tate playing in the basement and being attacked by the demon ghost down there. Nora, the original owner, saved him and explained he could always tell the ghost to go away, and he would. She said it’s name (I forgot it) and it made me suspect that the ghost is
the re-assembled baby of Nora and the Doctor. However it’s a tad big for what was a small infant? With this show, what you think you know NEVER turns out to be reality. Could there have been a deeper history to the land? We know Nora and the Doctor had the house built themselves, so there really can’t be a previous owner/ghost in it. But SOMETHING had to make them both go a little crazy, yes?

As Ben went to get Vivian out of the hospital, Violet found Chad and Patrick (the gays) were decorating a baby room and planning to raise them. She doesn’t know all the other ghosts in the house want the babies too. She called Constance and her psychic friend Billie into help.

Billie immediately realized Violet was dead, but did not spill that secret to a clueless Constance. Billie told them how to do a vanquishing spell, using the old story of the lost colony of Roanoke as inspiration (we’ll ignore that most scientists agree that mystery has been solved). She also told Violet that this house traps spirits within, and seeks to use them. There is an evil here trying to get back into the world of the living . . . . What or who is this evil? Could it predate the house? Again . . . it would make a richer history for Season 2!

Violet and Tate worked to do the spell to banish the gays from the house. When Chad caught on, he told Violet the spell was basically crap and would do nothing. However he would not lay claim to the babies, as he realized his lover Patrick was planning to leave him right before he was killed. He had met someone else. Chad also told her the truth about Tate, that not only did he kill them both, he rapped her mother and is the father of one of her kids.

Violet confronted Tate, screaming and yelling at him. He claimed innocence, why would he do that? She told him because he’s evil, just like how he killed all the kids at school who confronted him on Halloween. He acted as if he had no memory of doing anything wrong, and claimed she was changing him, making him better . . . . I’m beginning to think whatever the evil is, it used Tate all along, possibly possessing him. All the other ghosts clearly remember what they did, but not Tate.

At this point Ben arrived with Vivian. She refused to go into the house, she wanted to get Violet and just leave. Unfortunately she then went into labor, and Constance DRAGGED her into the house because there was no time. As Violet was trying to explain to her father that she’s dead and can never leave, Vivian went into labor. The doctor’s ghosts and the dead nurses showed up to deliver the babies, as both Ben and Vivian were horrified. Everything sunk into Ben, that everyone in the house is dead, even his daughter.

Vivian began to bleed out. Her first baby, we presume Ben’s, was stillborn. When the second one came, Constance grabbed it and whisked it off. Vivian then died, and we saw her join Violet with her unborn child. They had a bonding moment, as they realized their unfortunate fates in this house.

Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeee! What more can this show do to us? Ben known knows his daughter, wife and unborn child are dead and stuck in this house, while the demon child lives. Will he stay? Will he go? Will he DIE? I suspect the cliff hanger will have us wondering whether Ben is alive or dead, or will leave him on the brink of death.

I’m not sure where Season 2 will go. I had originally suspected the only way to do a Season 2 would be to kill this family, make them ghosts, and have new people move in. I mean why would they want to stay in this house? However Violet’s death made me think that’s why they wouldn’t leave . . . but now Vivian and one of the kids are dead too. I just don’t know. I expect to be shocked, shaken, and probably pissed come the end of next week.

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True Blood: Season 5 Casting Bits

True Blood: Season 5 Casting Bits

Posted by Dustin on 12.17.2011 at 11:39 am

I’ve had a folder full of casting bits for the show to post for awhile now. I’ve been retweeting them. However with everything so slow as nothing is on, I figured I’d compile them into a post.

The big news is that Christopher Meloni (who left “Law and Order” this year) is officially joining “True Blood” for season 5. He will play “an ancient and powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”

Source: ShowBizRenegade

Dale Dickey will play Marcus’ mother Annie. She will be performing an important ritual on the show, and will want to avenge Marcus’ death.

Source: Yido via TVLine

Kelly Overton and Louis Herthum have major recurring roles next season as well. Kelly plays a werewolf who has come looking for the old pack leader Marcus (possibly named Rikki). Louis plays a werewolf who takes issue with Alcide as their new leader (possibly named J.D., some think this may be Alcide’s father).

Source: Deadline

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Once Upon A Time: So Long Sheriff?

Once Upon A Time: So Long Sheriff?

Posted by Dustin on 12.12.2011 at 5:31 pm

Last night was the mid-season finale of “Once Upon A Time” and what a finale it was! WOW! We learned a lot, I mean a lot, and were left with one hell of a cliff hanger.

Emma and Sheriff Graham ended up sharing a kiss, one that not only pissed off Madam Mayor, but also made Graham have odd memories of some other life.

We finally got his back story, that he was the Huntsman the Queen hired to bring Snow’s heart. However we learned MUCH more! While the Queen was married to Snow’s father, and he did die . . . this is not why she hates Snow. We learned she married and killed her father as part of revenge for a deeper wrong Snow did to her . . . . Very interesting! What did Snow do? It seems like she still cost her “her greatest love,” but we don’t know who that is still. We do know it’s NOT Snow’s daddy.

The Huntsman, as in the story, couldn’t bring himself to kill Snow, and have the queen a deer’s heart. She recognized it and felt she was owed a heart. She took his, and put it in a vault . . . saying he was now her puppet to do anything she wanted with, and when she got tired of him all she had to do was retrieve his heart and squeeze!

Graham continued to remember odd things, even telling the Mayor who dismissed it as stress and other things. However when he learned from Emma about Henry’s theory, he sought him out. Henry believed him to be the Hunstman, whose heart was stolen. He felt that’s why he was always so devoid of emotion. In a conversation with Mary Margaret, he began to realize Henry may be right . . . he can’t remember how he ever met anyone in Storybrooke, just that he’s always known them.

He became convinced that the Mayor had his heart hidden in some vault and went looking for it. Emma tried to make him realize that was a bit nuts, and he had a heart in his chest, she could feel it beating. They shared a kiss, and he remembered EVERYTHING! Unfortunately at this moment, the Mayor descended into a crypt under her father’s fake grave. Down below was her vault . . . she took out the Huntsman’s heart and squeezed! Graham collapsed!

Has she really killed Graham, or done something to make him forget again, and perhaps turn on Emma? The previews didn’t much say, though we did see her trying to fire Emma. Emma said Graham named her deputy! I am hoping he is just in critical condition in the hospital or something, and when he wakes up will be back under the Mayor/Queen’s spell. One thing is for sure, we have a definitive answer, the Queen/Mayor remembers!


Glee: Sectionals!

Glee: Sectionals!

Posted by Dustin on 12.10.2011 at 10:42 pm

So this week was the big sectionals episode. As they did last year with “Vocal Adrenaline,” magically “The Warblers” were not competing against “Nude Erections” . . . I mean “New Directions” this year (they mentioned they already won their sectionals). Man Ohio likes to district a lot I guess! I guess we can also figure out it will all three will figure into Nationals heavily.

Sectionals came down to “New Directions,” “Trouble Tones” and one other group, who I can’t recall. They were fronted by one of the “Glee Project” members I believe. They came in third, and she was thrilled as she’s only a sophomore . . . there is so much waiting for her in the next few years. I took that as a sign that we’ll somehow see her in “New Directions” next year?

In the end, “New Directions” won. I assumed this would happen, I mean if they didn’t, where would the rest of the season go? I guess knowing this show, they could have had the “Trouble Tones” win though and then have them make things difficult for the others.

In the end Mercedes, Santana and the horrid singer rejoined “New Directions.” Quinn let them know they were not only welcomed back, but Mr. Shue would guarantee them songs in upcoming competitions.

Quinn contemplated turning Shelby in to make sure they won the competition, but in the end didn’t. In spite on Shelby and Puck’s huge mistake, she knew Shelby was a good mom to Beth, and that is where Beth belonged.

With Sam back at school, he vowed to win Mercedes back. She claimed she had moved on, but by her smiles we knew she hadn’t. Oh the scenes with him in the strip club as Rachel and Finn went to get him back were hilarious! “That’s not something I can even unsee!” “Give me a dagger!”

Did anyone notice how well Efee, I mean Mercedes was dancing up on that stage? Guess she was just making excuses all along!

I loved seeing a bit more from Tina and Mike Chang in terms of singing in the latest competition. Also the story with Mike’s father realizing this is what he was ment to do was good too.

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