Big Brother 15: Eviction Night and New HOH!

Big Brother 15: Eviction Night and New HOH!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2013 at 9:58 pm

Andy and Aaryn are on the block, and Aaryn thinks she will go home because Andy has deals with everyone in the house. Andy is hoping to use McCranda to stay in the house, but plans to ditch them after this week (unless they get HOH of course).

Amanda continued to be just a nasty horrible human being to Elissa. Amanda also didn’t understand why everyone else is being so nice to Elissa. She ranted to everyone about how horrible Elissa is, but it only made her look like the bully. She even claimed she hates that this makes her look like a bully. Uh, that’s cause you are one! Even her allies, like Andy, started realizing that Amanda is just appalling. Amanda announced that anyone who is nice, or even talks to Elissa, is her new target. Way to score points Amanda!

Gina Marie, Andy, Judd and Spencer all had an Amanda pow-wow in the back yard. They all finally realized they are just handing this game, and win, to McCranda. Wow, it took this long for them to realize this? Helen told them weeks ago! The four of them decided to form a new alliance to get McCranda out at this point. They named themselves “The Exterminators.”

Amanda kissed Aaryn’s ass. She said she tried to get Elissa to put up GM, but Andy was with them longer and that’s why he was her target. Aaryn says she put in so much work for people who won’t keep her safe, and it didn’t matter in the end. Aaryn and Amanda cried together. Seriously? All you did was Amanda’s work all season! She doesn’t feel bad for you one bit you twit!

Aaryn wasn’t as stupid as she seemed, she knew Amanda was probably more loyal to Andy. She felt she had GM’s back, now she just needed Spencer and Judd. Aaryn tried to make her pitch, saying she was going to get Amanda and McCrae out . . . Spencer however wanted to keep Andy, and Judd wasn’t convinced.

Aaryn realized she might have to throw people under the bus to get McCranda’s votes. Aaryn even through herself under the bus, saying she was a huge target and she has done most of the dirty work in this game. If she stays it’s better for everyone. Aaryn then told Amanda that Spencer told her that he’d put up McCranda up . . . Amanda called Spencer out, he said it was a lie. Spencer reported back to Judd and Andy. Aaryn told Amanda it’s clear he’s lying, and she has done everything for them and Andy has really done nothing in this game. Amanda wavered, but not enough.

Before the vote, we got an update on various showmance couples from the past who ended up getting married. We then went to the living room, where Julie talked to Judd about his return, and Amanda’s decisions this week. Amanda claimed she and Elisa have made amends, now everybody knows not to push her buttons!

Judd, Spencer, Gina Marie (in tears), Amanda and McCrae voted to evict Aaryn.

SURPRISE! Another unanimous vote, everyone did what Amanda wanted again! So much for everyone realizing they were handing the game to McRanda?

Julie then revealed the news to Aaryn, and talked to her after the vote. Aaryn told Gina Marie to vote with the house to not become Amanda’s new target. Julie asked her about her and Elissa’s hatred of one another. Aaryn felt betrayed that Elissa didn’t tell her about being Rachel’s sister upfront. Julie then brought up the racist remarks she said early on. Aaryn blamed being a southerner and said her words were taken wrong, that’s just how they talk, and she didn’t mean to be seen as a racist. Julie wouldn’t let that go, she then read off her remarks word for word! Aaryn of course didn’t remember saying any of those things, and she didn’t mean them seriously. She watched her goodbye videos, in which Elissa had nothing to say other than “have fun in the jury house, or don’t!” Aaryn did say she feels bad because of her remarks and how it makes her look, but in Texas they say things like that and it’s not taken literally. Julie told her when she gets home and watches everything, she hopes she has a new perspective on things.

The HOH game began, and they were dressed as rabbits with their feet tied to force them to hop. They had to weave eggs through a fence/puzzle to release the egg and then hop across the yard to put it in a basket and fill it. Of course it’s an endurance challenge! A punishment for the losers would be given to those with the lowest scores. America voted, and those with the lowest scores will wear a chicken suit for 48 hours.

Next week’s live eviction will be another double eviction.

I’ll update as soon as I know who the new HOH is. Finger crossed it’s not McCranda!

HOH results below!

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Twisted Summer Finale Thoughts and Twists

Twisted Summer Finale Thoughts and Twists

Posted by Dustin on 08.28.2013 at 8:35 pm

“Twisted’s” Summer finale was last night, and much like “Pretty Little Liars,” most of the shocks came at the end.

Joe, upset that Danny and Lacey had been lying to her, shut them out of her life, along with Rico for his knowing about the videotape and the two of them. She ended up turning to that jerk Tyler for support and they did the deed. Barf!

Lacey found herself ostracized by her friends, so she and Danny put a plan together to nail the people who have hurt them. At a big soccer party at a diner, Danny showed up and Lacey publicly attacked him and renounced him. This got Lacey’s ex to basically confess that he and another guy on the team poisoned the kid and framed Danny. They didn’t mean to actually send him to the hospital though. This info made its way to Danny’s friend, the one they poisoned, who confronted them all. When they denied it, Lacey confirmed that they were in fact the ones that poisoned him, not Danny. He quit the team and wished them good luck winning the rest of the season without him! Apparently they can’t.

The PI that the mayor hired wanted to drain the lake where Regina’s bracelet was found. The Chief let her, not informing her what he knew . . . that Karen tossed it in there and it was planted in Danny’s locker. Of course he didn’t think anything else would be found, and it got her out of his hair. So it was very shocking when in the lake she claimed to have found the murder weapon! A lead pipe with Regina’s blood and Danny’s fingerprints. She wanted Danny arrested immediately. It didn’t seem fishy to the Chief that she found this in the lake, so she said? Yeah, I always felt the mayor is more involved with Regina’s death than we know, and now I’m convinced of it. They planted that evidence there, which means one of them had it the whole time.

Karen blackmailed her tax-evading boss for money in order move her and Danny out of this town and get away for good. That wouldn’t happen though. The Chief and the PI showed up as Karen and Danny were packing to leave. However Danny was tipped off it seems and escaped out his bedroom window.

Meanwhile one of Regina and Lacey’s friends came to see Lacey to let her know she’s good in her books. As they looked at some old photos of them and Regina, a huge clue came out. Before she died, Regina had a fight and got scratched on her arm. Regina told them all that the friend did it, but the friend said it wasn’t her. We then saw a flashback, Regina was in a dark car and after she got out she had the scratch and said it was “that bitch.” All the girl could remember about the car was it had Connecticut plates. They haven’t put it together yet, but we saw those plates on the PI’s car as she drove up to Danny’s house at the end.

The final bomb dropped had Joe’s mom make a call to some secret number on the bottom of a vase. She told Vickram she thinks it’s time, he needs to come home. Yup, Danny’s dad is alive! But I think we all figured that one out. My guess is he had to fake his death because of the mayor somehow, and Regina got caught up in all of this somehow. Unfortunately we are no closer to uncovering why the hell Danny killed his aunt.

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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: World War A? E?

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: World War A? E?

Posted by Dustin on 08.27.2013 at 9:27 pm

So tonight was the big “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale. It claimed to be the biggest reveal yet. It was, but it wasn’t. Rather than go over all that happened, I’m just skipping to the very end where it ALL went down!

The girls located “A’s” apparent headquarters in Ravenswood. There they found a timeline on a wall, involving them and Alison, before and after her death. Not only has “A” been watching them, but also Redcoat, who they too believe is Alison. The girls believe, it seems, that “A” may be the older man that Alison was dating, became afraid of, and who may have killed her?

They then ran into The Grimwald outside of the headquarters, who talked to them. There was a huge costume ball going on in Ravenswood, and “A” was hoping to lure Alison out during it. She told them long ago that Alison came to her for help because she can see the future. She knew it was bad, Alison was afraid of the man she was dating and she was right to be. After Alison was buried, Grimwald said she found her digging her way out of her grave in her backyard. She was alive! She took Alison to the hospital, but when she left her in the car to go get a doctor, Alison was later gone!

Grimwald told her girls that “he/A” was here, that he was hoping the four of them would lead him to Alison, who didn’t want to be found. She begged them to leave, that Alison has stayed hidden for a reason. The girls of course decided to crash the big party that night. As the girls planned to crash the party, we saw Ezra in “A’s” headquarters in an “Team A” outfit looking pissed!

This is the big lead-in into “Ravenswood.” Both “Pretty Little Liars” and “Ravenswood” will have a two hour joint special on October 22nd. It’s the PLL Halloween special which leads into the start of the “Ravenswood” series.

So the big reveals were that . . . . 1) Alison was alive (at least for a little while). 2) If Alison lived, then who was in the grave? 3) Ezra is the bad guy/”A”?

I think, based on the previews we saw for October 22nd, we can assume #3 is a red herring. I think he followed the girls, that was all. In the headquarters we saw a photo of someone in a World War I/II type of infantry outfit with a gas mask. It looks like that is what “A” wears to the party, and it looks like the girls run into him with Ezra by their side (still in the “Team A” outfit).

So who is the older man? Wren? He’s the only one left alive, unless it’s Alison’s half-brother. Ew I hope she wasn’t involved with him! Yuck! I’m so lost! I need to get the rest of these books read!


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Under The Dome: The Pink Stars Are Forming!

Under The Dome: The Pink Stars Are Forming!

Posted by Dustin on 08.27.2013 at 5:52 pm

Last night’s “Under The Dome” was a bit slow. It was more about unraveling back stories and mysteries than what’s going on with the dome/mini-dome.

Barbie and Jim continued being blackmailed by Max, who set up a “Fight Club” to make a quick buck and recruited Barbie. Jim meanwhile took care of her living arrangements, finding out she was staying her mother who he went to high school with. Max claimed she was in a house of someone who got trapped outside the dome, and she herself got trapped inside. That was a lie. Jim took care of her mother by leaving her to drown in a lake after she fell off his boat with her hands tied. Meanwhile the new sheriff in town, along with Julia, uncovered the truth about the old sheriff and and the deal he made with Jim and Maxine. Duke lost a child to drug addiction, so he turned a blind eye to Maxine’s plot for assurance that the drug would never be sold within Chester’s Mill. In his own bizarre way, he was trying to protect the town.

Julia ended up putting everything together about her husband’s involvement in all of this, including realizing Barbie killed him, which he planned. If he killed himself, Julia would get no life insurance. So he pulled a gun on Barbie and planned his own death. Of course having Barbie secretly burry him wasn’t part of his plan. Barbie started to confess to Julia . . . who stopped him fro providing details and then forgave him? He never even got to explain that the shooting was an accident, happening when they ended up fighting over the gun he pulled on him.

Angie realized that Junior may be the fourth hand needed for the mini-dome. She shared with her brother Joe and Cassie about Junior’s mom, that he locked her up, but she believes he too had one of those weird seizures awhile back. They brought him in to see the dome, where within a trapped caterpillar formed a cocoon, and Joe realized it was the monarch of prophesy. When they all placed their hand on the dome, the pink stars rained down on the egg inside the dome, and then outside the dome. Joe realized they started coming together to form constellations.

So now I’m thinking aliens? There are only three episodes left, and something tells me we aren’t going to get a lot of answers by the end of this season. Good thing I have time to read the book this next year.

Spoilers for next week after the jump.

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Devious Maids Brings The Shocks!

Devious Maids Brings The Shocks!

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2013 at 7:40 pm

Devious Maids brought the shocks last night, especially in the final few minutes. One I called, one I figured would happen, but the others I wasn’t expecting at all. I actually have to watch the show again as I was flicking between it and the VMAs last night for the first half of the show.

Taylor got the news she was pregnant, which thrilled but also worried Michael. He realized he would have to tell his ex Katherine Olivia before someone else did. I did wonder if Taylor was really pregnant though, or if she was if it’s really Michael’s? They ended up telling their friends the news at a dinner party, where Katherine Olivia decided to hang herself outside from a tree. Michael ran out to get her down, and as she lay there he begged her not to die, how much he loved her, how sorry he was . . . . Uh oh!

Also at the party, Marisol arranged for her son’s “friend” to show up and work the party so that she could get information out of him as to who may have killed Flora. She earlier was shocked to learn her son has been supporting himself as a drug dealer, he sells at these parties and this guy was his partner. The guy told Marisol that the person who got into trouble with Flora was actually at this party, and he pointed out Remi to her! Yup! I knew it . . . .
Genevieve meanwhile has been flirting with reuniting with her ex, Remi’s father.

Rosie and Spence’s love affair continued, and he defended her honor to Adrienne Powell who propositioned her. This won him points with Rosie, but also his own wife Peri. The two kissed as Rosie looked on from around a corner. I knew they’d end up working things out, leaving Rosie out in the cold.

Finally with Odessa in the hospital fighting cancer, Carmen took on more responsibility around Alejandro’s house. He came to trust her, and trusted her with his biggest secret. Alejandro is gay and has a boyfriend! I did not see this one coming at all. My guess is this won’t stay a secret for long once Carmen tells the other girls, and you know she will!


Big Brother: Eviction And Returning Houseguest!

Big Brother: Eviction And Returning Houseguest!

Posted by Dustin on 08.22.2013 at 9:56 pm

Tonight is the night: eviction night, the jurors battle to return and the new HOH competition!

Aaryn nominated Spencer for a replacement nominee when Elissa went off the block by winning veto. Aaryn said this is the corner she was pushed into, IE she played Amanda’s game for her. Amanda wants Helen gone.

Helen knew that Aaryn was being bullied into this when she really wanted Amanda up. Helen tried to get Elissa, Gina Marie and Aaryn on her side, saying otherwise Amanda will run this game. She thought she had them all. Helen talked to Andy truthfully and said that he is the swing vote, and if she leaves then it will be because of his vote and then he will be a target, not Amanda and McCrae. Helen tried to paint them as evil, which Andy didn’t like. Andy acted insulted that she would even question him. Aaryn said Amanda and McCrae would find out about this conversation and come after her . . . Helen said if nobody tells them then nobody will know. Of course Andy the wuss went right to Amanda to tattle!

Helen knew Andy was a liar and then went to McCrae to try and keep her. Helen made a pitch to him as to why to keep her over Spencer. McCrae was a wuss too though and was just taking orders from Amanda. Helen then got personal, talking about how marriage is hard and this is a sneak peak of his life with her. She said Amanda bullies and pushes him around, he needs to stand up to her.

McCrae of course told Amanda what Helen told him. All these men are so whipped by Amanda, who can’t win jack snot on her own! It’s amazing! Amanda acted like she was an awesome person and then tried to get people to tell her if they thought she was a bully. Of course nobody would! Spencer said she was “assertively honest.” Nice, as if Amanda will understand that phrasing!

Helen got others on her side and then pressured Andy saying if he votes Helen out, as he is the swing vote, then they will target him. In the feeds however Elissa screws things up and it seems that the house swung back to getting Helen out . . . .

We then went to the living room for the live vote . . .

McCrae, Amanda, Andy (WUSS!), and Gina Marie (WUSS!) voted to evict Helen.
Elissa voted to evict Spencer.

Helen was officially evicted . . . but perhaps not for good!

Helen was told about the eviction and said her goodbyes to all, crying as she went out the door. She graciously hugged everyone.

Helen talked with Julie. Helen knew that Andy’s loyalty was with Amanda and McCrae, but she felt he wasn’t hateful or malicious against her. She only wanted him to take out a huge player, but he wouldn’t do it. Julie asked her if she wished she targeted Amanda sooner? Helen thought Judd was a bigger threat and Amanda already had a huge target on her back, so someone else would take her out. However everyone is scared of Amanda, so it never happend.

After she watched her goodbye vids, Julie then told Helen that she and the other evicted jury members will fight to return to the game!

We saw a bit of Judd and Candice in the jury house, along with Jessie eventually join them. They have been in the jury house, and Jessie filled them in on what happened since they left on double eviction night. They then found out about the chance to play to get back into the game.

The four jurors where gathered to play to get back into the game. Julie told them the houseguests had no idea about this, and she decided to break the news to them live! The houseguests were also dressed for an HOH comp. Amanda of course wanted to crap her pants!

The jurors entered the house and everyone hugged and acted sweet and nice of course. They all then went to the backyard for the Jury and HOH comps.

The two games were played in one big comp. They were lined up on a wall and each stood on a small platform. It was an endurance comp. Balls were to be thrown at them (tennis balls). The first to catch 10 balls without falling off would win HOH. If a juror does this, they are HOH and back in the game! I’m not sure what happens if a juror doesn’t win? Does this mean no juror comes back? Or the one who does the best comes back? It seems the later is the case if Julie’s words are to be understood. My guess is if a non-juror wins, then the juror who then catches 10 or is the only one left standing comes back. Of course it wouldn’t be an endurance comp without distractions. The pedestals they are go up and down, and they are shot at with water.

I’ll update with the results when I know them!

Results after the jump!
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Pretty Little Liars and Twisted: Heading Into The Finales . . .

Pretty Little Liars and Twisted: Heading Into The Finales . . .

Posted by Dustin on 08.21.2013 at 1:09 pm

Next tuesday is the summer finales of “Pretty Little Liars” and “Twisted.” I didn’t blog about these shows last week, so this is just some random thoughts about both.

On “Pretty Little Liars,” Hannah’s mom lost Specener’s mom as her lawyer, thanks to A’s scheming and making it look like Spencer’s mom had done something bad. It’s not looking good at all for Ashley. However in the latest episode a witness Hannah met at a school barn dance had information that could clear her mom. It seems he was paid not to come forward, but she convinced him to by the end of the episode. He said that Hannah’s mom left the scene before he saw another girl show up, that’s when he heard shots fired. Hmmmmmm, it could be anyone as Wilden had a lot of enemies. However it’s likely A of course.

A shoe was planted in Emily’s damaged house by A, which of course the cops found. It seems to match prints at the shooting scene. So now A is trying to frame Emily or her mom? I’m so confused!

Emily moved into Ali’s old room (awkward!). She later discovered someone had been living in the crawl space under the house and had poked holes in the floor to peep on someone. The girls all suspected CiCi, who they think has a vendetta against them thanks to Ali getting her kicked out of college.

Alison’s mom told Emily that CiCi and Alison had an unhealthy relationship where they seemed to take on the personality of the other at times. Hmmmmmmm. Has CiCi snapped? Does she think she really is Ali?

The girls all seem to be convinced CiCi is redcoat, but it would seem it’s not that easy. By the end of the episode we saw a girl with long blond hair in an A-team hoodie listening at Ezra’s door as Ezra told Aria that he found out his son isn’t his son. Basically his baby mama lied so that Ezra’s mom would pay her to go away. We eventually saw that the girl was CiCi! However we then saw someone else, the real A perhaps, making a doll of CiCi and adding it to their collection of liar dolls. So I assume CiCi is not redcoat, nor working for them? Is she on A’s hit list too?

The previews for next week’s episode looked amazing. I just hope we get a fricken pay-off! Oh and I hope we find out who that mysterious woman in black from the opener/funeral is.

“Twisted” this week was simply a recap of the first 10 episodes before the finale. Danny ended up getting expelled when the poisoning scandal from the soccer team came to light. A hearing to save him from expulsion got heated, with Jo confessing her feelings for Danny publicly, and Danny’s mom telling Regina’s mom exactly what kind of girl her daughter was! That was pretty awesome.

The big twists were that some jealous nerd girl sent the video of Danny and Lacey to everyone in the school. Also the mayor hired a PI to help the Sheriff catch Regina’s killer, and the PI seems dead set on proving Danny did it. I’ve always been suspicious of the mayor and his wanting Danny to be arrested for the murder. I think he knows who really did it and is covering, unless he himself did it.

Spoilers for the last two episodes of the season below!

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Once Goes Under The Sea This Season!

Once Goes Under The Sea This Season!

Posted by Dustin on 08.20.2013 at 9:09 pm

According to TV Guide, JoAnna Garcia has been cast as Ariel “The Little Mermaid” for the upcoming season of “Once Upon A Time.”

Rumors abounded they were going to bring the character in last season, but it never happened. With the main characters all in the Jolly Roger at the start of this season, it seems like a good fit. No word if she’ll show up in present or past “Fairytale Land” or “Neverland.”

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Mistresses: Oh Boy Is Karen In Trouble!

Mistresses: Oh Boy Is Karen In Trouble!

Posted by Dustin on 08.20.2013 at 7:43 pm

So there are only two episodes of “Mistresses” left for the season. No word yet whether the show will return next summer yet. The show is on the fence. It opened to weak ratings, but has picked up steam as the season went on.

This week Karen continued to find herself in trouble. Her dead lover’s wife was suing her, accusing her of killing Tom and was basically out to ruin her reputation. She needed a lawyer and one appeared out of the blue. She thought Savi sent her, but in the end it was Sam. Karen and Sam then made love . . . ALERT ALERT ALERT! How dumb can she be? It’s clear Sam is insane. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that he is the one that gave his dad the fatal dose and that he knew about Karen the whole time. He is clearly up to no good.

Savi tried to get along without Harry, who did everything around the house, including shopping for food. She ended up leaning on the always present Dominick. While nothing scandalous happened, Harry found them both in the house during a work night that turned into a shopping spree for the baby. We still don’t know whose kid that is. She is just prolonging the torture at this point.

Joss planned a big date with her girlfriend Alex, but Alex came down with a cold. She then ended up going on a double date with her boss Olivia and a couple from France who was moving to L.A.. Joss planned the whole thing, and the sparks between her and her boss grew. This won’t end well for her. I’m sensing Alex will go off the deep-end.

April couldn’t seem to get her ex Paul to leave town. He wanted to see their daughter. Richard, the new boyfriend, and Paul ended up in a fight. April went to see Paul with a book of photos, saying that was all he was going to get. For him to come back into her life could wreck her right now. Something tells me Paul is not going to go anywhere. She needs to listen to Richard and call the cops!

Spoilers for the final two episodes below the jump!

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Eric’s True Blood Fate Revealed!

Eric’s True Blood Fate Revealed!

Posted by Dustin on 08.20.2013 at 3:20 pm

TV Line has an exclusive interview with the executive producer of “True Blood” who spills on whether Eric lives or dies, the upcoming Bill-Alcide-Sookie triangle and more. You can read it HERE

I am guessing the outcry from fans over that cliff-hanger was too much and they had to reveal what is ahead far earlier than planned?

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