Army Wives and Client List April 2013 Spoilers . . . .

Army Wives and Client List April 2013 Spoilers . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 03.31.2013 at 6:37 pm

Spoilers for both shows below the jump. I’ll update the “Army Wives” spoilers soon with longer descriptions when I get them.

Sneak Peaks before the full blown spoilers . . .

On “Army Wives,” Gloria moves on with a new man, Maggie faces tension from Eddie’s daughter Caroline, the group works to raise money for a memorial garden for Claudia Joy, Brooke Shields joins the show and butts heads with Michael.

On “Client List,” Selena and the new male masseuse Derek seem to have chemistry, Riley remembers a long forgotten dream, Evan continues in the the police academy and grows close to a fellow cadette Shelby, Kyle remains in jail and winds up in trouble for fighting, Riley and Evan part ways!

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Smash: I Didn’t Hate This Week’s Episode!

Smash: I Didn’t Hate This Week’s Episode!

Posted by Dustin on 03.31.2013 at 6:01 pm

So I was really shocked to find I actually liked this week’s episode of “Smash.” I’ve gotten to the point where I somewhat have lost interest in the show. Not only did I like it, I even felt I could tolerate that other musical going on in the show. Actually I found I liked it better than “Bombshell” because Tom became such drivel as a director.

In a nutshell, this week’s episode centered on Tom and Derek both facing directing problems. Derek was getting resistance from Jimmy with the too flashy and too Broadway changes he wanted to make to “Hit List.” Meanwhile Tom was being a pushover, letting his actors walk all over him and trying to make changes to bring his old boyfriend Neil back to the show.

Ivy has unfortunately gone to being a tolerable character who I even felt bad for again, back to being the star of “Bombshell” and a full fledged diva. It didn’t take her long to get back there. I was a bit disappointed by that. What she doesn’t know is that to get good press, Eileen has convinced Ivy’s mom to come out of retirement and take a part in the show. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Bernadette Peters back and outshining Ivy! She will fume. By the end of the show Tom did at least find some balls and take control back. Neil is pissed as he’s out of the show, and feels Tom wronged him. In a way Tom did, but I think Neil also used Tom at the same time to try and get back in.

Meanwhile over at “Hit List,” Derek had to learn to let go, of his insane control issues as well as let go of Karen. Karen and Jimmy finally got together in this episode, but I wouldn’t count Derek out of the picture just yet. Though I’m wondering if Derek will end up with Julia? Or will Julia end up with the producer of “Hit List” that she has a checkered past with and screwed over?

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Nashville: Puppy Love

Nashville: Puppy Love

Posted by Dustin on 03.29.2013 at 7:29 pm

It seems like it’s been forever since there was a new “Nashville” episode. Geesh! These constant 3 week hiatuses every 2-3 weeks are getting to be show killers.

Anyway, Gunnar was still feeling guilty over his brother’s death. Making things worse, the cops weren’t making it a priority. They viewed him as an ex-con who broke his parole, was in the wrong part of town, and probably got himself killed while up to no good. Gunnar spiraled into a drunken pity party, and later had to be stopped by Deacon and Scarlett from getting himself killed trying to investigate on his own. He depression caused him to not show up for his and Scarlett’s meeting with Rayna and her music company for her new label. She put Scarlett on without him, and in the end she got a solo contract. Oh dear, this probably means trouble for their budding romantic relationship.

Scarlett’s old other half Avery was unfortunately likable in this episode. The guy he signed a deal with (Wycliff Jean) basically decided to take his music in the direction he saw fit, which was electronic dub-step. Avery didn’t want this at all. He stole all his master tapes, burned them, then returned his advance and car and walked away. He pretty much flushed his career down the toilet too, as Wycliff said he’d make sure nobody worked with him. Why did the show make me have to actually like him in this episode? Though personally I think that song was a lot better than his country music . . . .

Deacon was trying to adjust to life with his new dog that Juliette gave him. Through the dog he met a new vet in town, who hated country music with a passion. However they clicked and hit the sheets. Later he asked her on a proper date, though it’s only a matter of time before he’s back in bed with Rayna. Colton called him out on how he never got over her, which is why he’s never committed to a girl. He’s still waiting for Rayna. At this point we are all waiting for him and Rayna to get it on.

Colton took Teddy’s offer to be deputy mayor, and together they screwed Rayna’s daddy out of his new stadium deal. Oh Teddy, you are going to pay for that! Rayna and Teddy are trying to be civil with one another, trading off weeks out the house. I say to hell with that! Rayna’s money paid for everything, let Teddy get his own damn place. The two did come together when Maddie got hurt after she snuck off to see an impromptu Juliette Barnes concert that got out of hand.

Finally Juliette and her mom and her mom’s new sober companion/therapist made inroads with one another. She asked her mom to come on tour with her, and invited the guy with them. Yeah it won’t be long before he’s in her bed!

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Dallas: Explosion Aftermath!

Dallas: Explosion Aftermath!

Posted by Dustin on 03.28.2013 at 8:10 pm

This week’s episode was as explosive as the explosion that rocked Christopher’s oil rig and Haris’s mama “accidentally” falling down the steps. The whole episode took place almost exclusively at the hospital, as mama was rushed there along with everyone on the rig.

Everyone faired well after the explosion, everyone but Pamela. She was in distress and the best option was to take the babies in order to save Pamela’s life. However she wanted the babies saved over her, and legally Christopher was still her husband and could make the decision if something happened to her. Pamela’s mom Afton showed up, and nobody was glad to see her back. She wanted Pamela saved, but Christopher told the doctors to try and save both Pamela and the kids if they could.

Meanwhile Emma got busy with Elana’s brother this week, after getting busy with Christopher last week. Dang gurl, slow down otherwise you’re gunna end up on an episode of Maury Pauvich! She later made her way to the hospital to find out about the Ewings, where she also ran into her dad and learned about her grandma.

Grandma Ryland tried to make a deal with Harris, she’d forgive him for what he did if he could mend fences with Emma and bring her back to them. Later though she turned on him and told Emma that her father pushed her, he was trying to kill her! She said she needed her help, she’d leave her everything, the whole company. Emma thought her grandma was just trying to screw her dad over and took his side! But she still wasn’t ready to forgive him. By the end of the episode grandma found herself being drugged and escorted away by an ambulance . . . to be locked up in an old folks home most likely.

Some organization called TESHA, an environmental impact organization, was investigating the explosion on the rig to see if the Ewings were at fault. Sue Ellen reached out to an old friend to see what he could find out. This was guest star Lee Majors, who seems poised to be a new love interest for her. Oh and she’s still throwing back those drinks! By the end of the episode he learned that TESHA seemed to have evidence pointing to sabotage. She told John Ross and Christopher. John Ross immediately suspected Barnes, saying JR predicted this. Christopher refused to believe he’d do that with Pamela on board. Also Barnes wants to own Ewing, so why make it worthless? John Ross realized that was the plan, devalue the company to the point he can buy it.

Just at this point Pamela, who was in good condition as were the babies, went into distress. The show ended as we saw both heartbeats of the twins flatline on a fetale monitor . . . . Oh no! Something tells me that this loss might actually cause more issues than if the babies had lived. I can see it bringing Christopher and Pamela back together . . .

Next week it looks like the Ewings have another problem to deal with, as a new player in the game emerges and means business. Steven Weber joins the show as the Governor of Texas and he is unfortunately on Barnes and Harris’ side!

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Army Wives: The New Tribe Bonds . . .

Army Wives: The New Tribe Bonds . . .

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2013 at 8:11 pm

The latest episode of “Army Wives” served to be a bonding moment for the new wives, and the ascension of Denise and Jackie’s roles in a way.

Denise is taking care of the Burton kids while Roland is at John Hopkins. David befriends Maggie and Latasha’s son’s ant school, and they all get into trouble for making a makeshift bomb on the playground out of an MRE, and have to do a project together. This brings them, as well as Maggie and Latasha to Denise’s house one evening.

That evening the news comes out that there is an explosion at the base in Afghanistan. Kevin had just returned to the field too! Jackie high tales it to Denise’s house, and eventually Gloria (worried about Hector) and Holly (worried about her husband, played by Jessie McCartney) show up as well.

All the girls sit around and talk. Denise basically becomes the new Claudia Joy of the group, and Jackie assumes Denises old role. Of course this is ironic as Jackie is technically Claudia Joy and the head of the FRG now that CJ is gone. My guess is it won’t be long before Denise is appointed her co-chair. Denise takes their minds off the news and gets them all to tell how they met their spouses. This all helps the new tribe bond.

Michael meanwhile is working to find out the truth for everyone, and Maggie’s husband Eddie is assigned to work with him. We knew he had gotten himself into some kind of trouble before, which is why he didn’t want to make waves about the housing situation. We learned a little more about that this week. Michael noted at his old base he was a rank higher, what happened? Eddie didn’t want to talk too much about it yet, but said it involved his ex-wife. We learned she had some issues, and he took this job to move their daughter away from her basically, even with a downgraded rank.

By the end of the episode none of the tribe had lost any spouses, a suicide bomber blew himself up. A lot of misinformation made it around the net and the news. The girls bonded, and Jackie got Maggie and Eddie into a house finally. They became Latasha’s next door neighbors. So it’s a redux of Pamela and Roxie in a way, though Holly is the new Roxie and Maggie is more Pamela’s type.

To be honest, Maggie is the only one of the new wives I actually have warmed up to and feel an attachment to. She definitely reminds me of Pamela a lot. I think that is why I like her.

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Once Upon A Time: More Questions As Usual!

Once Upon A Time: More Questions As Usual!

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2013 at 7:30 pm

So this week’s “Once Upon A Time” is the last show for three whole weeks . . . . Nooooo! I felt like I had a lot more questions by the end than answers, and I wasn’t a fan of the ending at all. This show served to answer the major question “What happened to August/Pinocchio after the curse broke” and also gave us his back story.

To start with, we knew that August knew who Emma and Neil were, though Neil didn’t know who Emma was. He blackmailed Neil into leaving Emma by confronting him with his real identity. This all eventually forced her to go back to Storybook in time to break the curse. August had been bad for way too long, and he has started to turn to wood even then. So what he did was to save himself as much as break the curse. He told Neil when the curse was broken, he’d let him know . . . because obviously that meant Rumple/Gold would be coming for him most likely.

Neil returned to town with his fiance Tamara, who with is honest with about his roots, the town and magic. Color her shocked, but as we soon learn, not really. Tamara has a long sordid past with August. She was initially involved with him when he started turning wooden, and he confided in her about himself and magic. She claimed she had cancer and was dying, which turned out to be a lie. She used him to try and get to magic, and he used her to try and get a cure from a magician known as “The Dragon.” They basically both double crossed each other, but Tamara had the last laugh as she got the cure from him and then promptly killed “The Dragon.” Or so we think? Is he really dead? My guess is probably not.

Who is “The Dragon” and where is he from? That was not told to us. He was presented as an old man, but warned Tamara she had not seen his true form. He was about to transform when he realized she was after his magic. That’s when she zapped him with a stun gun. We know he’s not from the Enchanted Realm, as he would have been stuck in Storybrook with the others. We know there are other worlds out there, Wonderland and Victor Frankenstien’s world for example. He clearly is from another dimension or world is my guess. I’m sure the writers will bring him back when we least expect it and explain his world.

Tamara, who becomes obsessed with magic, ends up trailing August and this is how she finds out about Neil and latches onto him! She seems to have become a magic junkie, and Neil unknowingly leads her right to Storybrook in good time.

Meanwhile in the present Snow goes off to shoot her bow and arrow in the woods and finds August now living in a camper. This leads to a reunion with Gepetto and the revelation to Snow and Charming that magic cabinet/tree could hold two, but he did not tell them so he could send his son through. She slaps him, then apologizes for that. However he feels he did deserve it. Snow thinks it’s another sign of her blackening heart.

Meanwhile Tamara meets August too, and he puts two and two together about her. She tries to get rid of him by telling him she’s cured of cancer (which she eventually admits she never had) and she still has some of “The Dragons” potion. All he has to do is leave town to get it . . . and never come back. August does consider this, but eventually returns to stop her, and she promptly kills him with the stun gun too.

At this point Emma and the others find a dying piece of wood that was August. He tries to warn them, but dies first. Henry realizes he was selfless, brave and true . . . just like in the story. The Blue Fairy is summoned to try and save him. She is able to term him back into a real boy, but he literally becomes a boy again. He also has no memory of Tamara and what she did.

The show ends with Snow confiding to Charming about her black heart. He however sees things differently than she does. He thinks people can change, and she is not destined to become like Regina or Cora. Meanwhile Tamara goes to meet the real man she’s in love with, “The Stranger” who we learned about in the last episode. Yup, they are a couple and together! Though for all he knows, she is using him too on her quest for magic. We know he’s been obsessed with finding Storybrook and his father again. He did confront Regina in this episode, who claimed his father left long ago . . . LIES!

I have to say I’m unhappy we’ve lost adult August. He was nice to look at, and I liked his chemistry with Emma. As this is a fairytale, she’s probably destined to be with Neil in the end.

The next episode will introduce us to a new hero, Robin Hood. Is he from the Enchanted Realm, or are we opening another door to another world here?


Glee Vs Smash: Weekly Musical Roundup

Glee Vs Smash: Weekly Musical Roundup

Posted by Dustin on 03.23.2013 at 12:08 pm

So first up “Glee” was simply fantastic this week, even with Will being gone AGAIN. The lesson of the week was to embrace one’s “guilty pleasures.” Because of this the music was infectious as hell (Wham, Spice Girls), the performances were great, and the Abba finale was A-MAZ-ING! I even felt I was able to tolerate some of the newer kids added to the club. The whole Chris Brown backlash storyline with Jacob was really well done, and I loved his performance of Bobby Brown instead. I think it might be the only thing he’s done all season that I liked actually. Also Sam told Blaine he knew he liked him, and he was okay with that. He kinda knew this was just Blaine acting out after Kurt, and you could see they’d be moving past it all.

I also, shockingly, liked the NY storyline this week. Well what little there was. Brody and Rachel are done, for now, as Santana finally told her the truth about Brody. With Brody moving out, Santana got to move back in . . . probably at first because they just needed money. However they all became besties again. I wish they told us where Finn went after he decked Brody at the end of last week. The “here’s what you missed last week” into said he went to NY to become a teacher.

“Smash” I just wasn’t so in love with, and it’s becoming very predictable. Eileen tried to prove what Jerry did to steal the musical away from her, and even exposed his lies to their daughter to get some payback. Derek gave Tom his blessing to take over “Bombshell” and even use his numbers and choreography. Derek then went to work with Karen, who quit, on her new musical with the still boring wonder-twins. Derek could sense the one liked Karen, so he made veiled threats for him to back off as he gets very focused on his stars when he directs and it would be bad to break his focus. Meanwhile Ivy’s musical is closing, despite her best efforts to try and save it, so we know she’ll go back to “Bombshell.” At least it looks like we’ll only be down to two musicals now . . .

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Pretty Little Liars: Red’s Reveal And Still Alive . . .

Pretty Little Liars: Red’s Reveal And Still Alive . . .

Posted by Dustin on 03.20.2013 at 5:11 pm

I’m gunna have to rewatch last night’s winter finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” as I know I missed a lot, and I was really confused! Then again, this whole season has been confusing.

Toby who was dead, then wasn’t dead, then was dead, is now not dead again. We learned Spencer is the one who posed as Alison and took Marcus (Ezra’s kid) from school, only to lure Mona in and find out what she was up to. She was trying to convince Mona she had joined the -A team. That led her to Toby, who swore he was really on their side. He said he joined Mona and the -A team for the same reason she did, to find out what was going on.

Spencer meanwhile acting as -A sends Hannah and the other girls clues so they think she’s turned to the dark side, but really it’s to lure them to her so they can try and take down Mona together and find out who -A/Red Coat is.

Spencer’s family throws her a party, and she uses it to try and lure the mastermind out. Meanwhile Jenna finally returns, and it seems her surgery is failing and she’s losing her vision. She is plotting (?) with Paige’s ex Shana, the girl who Alison got kicked out of college I believe, and Melissa (?) Oh brother! They must have been involved with that ATM club of guys, or whatever they were called.

-A/Red Coat masterminds her/his own plan to basically cook everyone up in a housefire at Spencer’s party. Toby flip flops sides again, so we don’t really know whose side he’s on as the fire starts. The house is set a blaze, with Mona flipping out. She didn’t know who Red Coat was either, she was trying to find out too! Unfortunately the fire burns up the evidence she’d collected it seems. The girls all manage to escape, Mona is now on -A’s S-list with the others, but they get a glimpse of Allison in a window and running away! They know it wasn’t a ghost. They all saw Allison. They are all in agreement.

The end of the show has the girls finding that damn cop car of Wilden’s, with a laptop showing it was Jenna and Shana that saved Wilden after Hannah’s mom ran him down. They also open the car trunk, and screaming at what is inside . . .

First, I guess someone is dead in the trunk? Great, more explaining for them to do to the cops! I think it’s time to come clean!

Second, on Allison being spotted . . . All season long, and even last season, they’ve dropped so many hints that the “ghost” of Allison the girls keep running into is anything but a ghost. They have talked about how real she is, and she’s always pointing them in the direction of clues. I can’t figure this out. The ghost is helping them, but the Red Coat version is against them?

I’ve still not finished the books, and they’ve deviated a lot from them them already. Who knows what they will do. However it comes out that Allison had a twin sister (this is some “Days of Our Lives” shiz going on here). So I don’t know if Allison is the good ghost and the sister is -A, or if Allison is alive and the sister was killed in her place . . . .



Bates Motel Thoughts

Bates Motel Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 03.20.2013 at 12:07 pm

If you still have a horror-mystery-bizarro show void in your schedule thanks to ABC yanking “666,” then “Bates Motel” is probably for you. The show on A&E is a reinvented backstory for a young Norman Bates of “Psycho.”

The show opens with young Norman discovering his father’s dead body. We don’t really know what happened, but given what we later learn about his mother, we have to wonder if foul play was involved. Norman’s mother Norma then uses every last penny to buy the Seafair Motel and adjoining house, which are located in the quaint coast town of Sea Point. We see Norma and Norman drive their in a classic car and pull up to the famous motel and house, which is fairly run down. We learn she got it in a foreclosure sale fairly cheap.

The first bizarro moment comes when we realize this version of the story is set in the present. Up until we see Norman on an iphone and meeting some girls wearing modern fashions, everything appeared to be set in the past. Norma’s clothes, Norman’s clothes, and the car they drove up in were all from the 50s. The house and motel too are straight from that period as well, and clearly hadn’t been updated.

A group of girls from Norman’s school take a liking to him, which doesn’t sit well with Norma. They invite him out to study, but it’s really a party. Norma doesn’t seem to want her little boy to hang around with them. You could almost hear her saying to herself “Those filthy sluts!”

We learn through a phone call, and from Norman’s conversation with the girls, that he has an older brother named Daryl. Daryl is MIA (until next week when he shows up according to the previews). He calls his mother up to borrow money, but she won’t hear of it and hangs up on him.

As Norma and Norman are cleaning up, a man (I forget his name, Sutherland or something like that) shows up and is furious. The house and motel are his, or were his. His great grandfather built the house in 1912, and his grandfather built the hotel in the 50s. He said only he can run them, and only he knows all their secrets. Norma threatens him, so he leaves. However he later returns at night, attacks and rapes Norma, who is saved when Norman clobbers him over the head with an iron. Norma then loses it and ends up stabbing the guy over and over.

Not knowing what to do, they hide the body in one of the hotel rooms. However as they get blood all over the carpet, they have to tear it up and all the other carpets in the other room as they match. At this point Norman finds a mysterious diary under one of the carpets. It features images of lesbians, someone peeping on women, and one woman being given drugs. At this point the local cops also show up, not knowing anyone had bought the place, and almost find the guy’s body stashed in a bathtub of Room 4.

By the end of the show they dump the body off shore, but Norma learns the town is voting on an overpass that will make their motel useless. She’s sure it won’t happen though. As Norman looks through his dirty diary, the last thing we see is a real life image of one of the scenes: a girl chained in a basement and being given drugs through a needle.

The show was definitely interesting. The previews were fairly twisted. It looks to have a lot of murder and a lot of secrets. Norma and Norman might not be the only nuts in this town.

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Once Upon A Time: Someone Is Back!

Once Upon A Time: Someone Is Back!

Posted by Dustin on 03.18.2013 at 2:35 pm

Above is the promo for next week’s all new episode titles “Selfless, Brave and True.” No official spoilers have been released for it, my guess is they wanted to keep things hush hush. The following two episodes are Cora centric re-runs (Queen of Hearts and The Miller’s Daughter) but enhanced with on screen text that clues the viewers into a variety of hints dropped on the show, in case you didn’t pick up on them.

Last night when this promo aired, and it got to the end, I was confused. Who the heck was that? It looked like a giant. However watching it again, and digging a bit deeper to find set photos that got leaked, it’s clearly August aka Pinocchio!

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