Once Upon A Time: Welcome To Neverland!

Once Upon A Time: Welcome To Neverland!

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2013 at 9:16 pm

Tonight was the third season premier, and it was fantastic! First a summary, then some looming questions . . . .

As Emma and the others on the Jolly Rogers make it to Neverland, so do those two bandits (Greg and Tamara) who kidnaped Henry to take him to Peter Pan. Oh yeah, they also wanted to destroy Neverland. They are set to meet someone who is already in Neverland, someone they apparently work for. However when they get there, they find out they are unable to communicate with their contact over the walkie talkie they brought. They built a fire to try and signal “the home office,” but only got the Lost Boys instead. It turns out the Lost Boys are the home office, and Greg and Tamara have been duped all along. All they wanted was Henry, and Tamara and Greg are forever stranded. Pan, as the shadow monster, descended and ripped Greg’s soul out, while Tamara was shot in the back with an arrow.

During all the chaos, Henry fled and a mysterious boy who claimed to be a former Lost Boy came to his aid. The boy was wanted by Pan for stealing pixie dust in hopes of using it to get home. However he said it didn’t work. He feared they would both be captured, because Pan always gets what he wants. Henry convinced him to try and hide out long enough for his family to arrive to get him. They decided to hide in a place called the echo caves, and the boy lead him there.

On the ship, Emma began to blame her parents for all of this, for listening to them, for not taking Henry and leaving when she had the chance. Snow and Charming told her that they would get Henry back, they’d get their family back. She was tired of their insane optimistic outlook. Snow told her the minute she stops believing that things will get better, they won’t. As they argued, Rumple told everyone that he would go get Henry because Emma is unable to believe in anything, and that means she’d fail. Especially here in Neverland. He told her that Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild, and she has none. Rumple then vanished and flew off somewhere.

On the island, Tamara was still alive when Rumple found her. He healed her to help her, and she told him everything. She says she was duped, she didn’t know who she was working for this whole time. She begged forgiveness, but Rumple doesn’t forgive. He tore her heart out and crushed it!

Later Rumple met the leader of the Lost Boys. He said Pan was excited to see him again, and he could stay here, but he could not have the boy. If he went against Pan, he would not survive. Rumple says they both know he won’t survive, but the real question is how many Lost Boys he will take with him. The boy gave Rumple a gift, something that Pan wanted him to have. It was a small doll, which brought Rumple to tears.

Meanwhile Henry and his friend were being chased and ended up at a cliff face. Henry took the guys dust, knowing how to use it to make himself fly. His friend said it didn’t work, but Henry says that’s because he doesn’t believe. Henry led them off the cliff and they took to the skies. They were indeed flying.

Out at sea, the Jolly Roger ended up being attacked by a band of nasty mermaids. Emma went on a fishing expedition and managed to catch one of the mermaids. Regina got annoyed and threw a fireball to chase the others away, but the one they captured was pulled on deck. The mermaid quickly blew a seashell horn and told the others to let her go, or they’d soon die. Soon a storm from hell was conjured up. As everyone fought over what to do, Regina came up with a plan. She turned the mermaid into stone, hoping to stop the storm, but it only made it much worse. Snow told her to undo it, but Regina wouldn’t. Snow and Regina had it out, and as they fought and Snow called Regina a bitch . . . and things just got worse. Suddenly Charming and Hook wear also at each other’s throats. Emma realized the storm was being caused by hate, their hate and fighting was making it worse. Emma jumped into the sea to get them to stop fighting. One once there, she was stuck by something. Charming jumped in to save her, and as everyone worked together to get them back on the boat, the storm subsided and land was reached.

Once they got to land, Emma lectured them all that they have to actually learn to rely on each other. They don’t have to be friends, but they won’t get Henry back if they don’t work together and use the skills they have. Emma was sick of their fighting and took charge, saying she was now the leader so help her or get out of her way!

In Fairytale Land, Mulan and Aurora were tending to Neil, along with Prince Phillip. Neil came too, shocked that he was back home. Mulan was distrusting as always, but Aurora realized he was Henry’s father. She offered to try and contact Emma or Henry in the dreamworld for him. Mulan questioned him about the other world while Aurora slept. Later, Aurora woke up from her dream. She couldn’t make contact with anyone, she is worried. Neil knows his father would have a back up plan, he’d have something in his castle they can use. They were stunned to learn Rumple is his father.

As Neil and Mulan headed his way to his father’s castle, Neil told her his story. They bonded, as Mulan could relate being secretly in love with Phillip this whole time but afraid of being rejected by him. Mulan and Neil finally arrived and found Robin Hood guarding the castle and waiting for Rumple’s return, as he owes Rumple a debt. Neil was able to use an old cane of his father’s to reveal a hidden door in the castle. Beyond the door they found a globe. Neil struggled to get it to work, but eventually did. He was able to see Emma and was stunned. He knew she was in Neverland.

The show ended with Henry and his friend landing somewhere in the woods. Unfortunately his friend is not his friend after all. His friend is Peter Pan! Henry asked why he was brought here? Pan said he’s sought something extremely important for years, the heart of the truest believer. He now knows that it is in Henry after proving himself with the pixie dust. Pan summoned his Lost Boys, who all came out to get Henry.

My Thoughts . . . .

So the whole Island of the Lost boys is feeling way too “Lost” about now. I’m glad they killed off Greg and Tamara, and got rid of the whole “home office” crap quickly. I guess this means we will never find out about Greg’s dad? Did Regina really kill him after all?

I think we just got a huge clue about Rumple’s fate come this season. In talking with the Lost Boy leader, Rumple admitted that they both knew he wouldn’t survive against Pan. What what? Or will it be Henry who kills him as in the prophecy? I don’t believe they’d ever kill Rumple off for good though.

What’s the deal with the boy doll? Why am I feeling that Pan may be related to Rumple somehow? They clearly know each other.

Pan and his Shadow are clearly separated. Why do I feel getting them back together is the key to turning him around and finding out who Pan really is?

That’s about all I can think of in terms of questions this episode brought up . . .


Glee Season Premier Thoughts: All You Need Is Love!

Glee Season Premier Thoughts: All You Need Is Love!

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2013 at 6:24 pm

So I am not a huge fan of the Beatles, save for “Sgt. Pepper,” so none of the music last night really did anything for me. Sorry Blaine, I’m gunna have to side with Kitty on this one! No the entire world can’t relate to them.

It seems like a few events have happened since we last saw the show. Did I miss when Kitty and Artie suddenly began having a thing? They made it official in this episode though, Kitty agreed to stop dating in secret out of fear she’d lose her status. There is also a new Santana at the school, I mean a direct copycat of her in every way down to looks, and she is working to take down Kitty’s place in the Cheerios.

Sue set Figgens up somehow and got him fired, and then herself hired as principal. Right, without ratting Becky out for the gun incident? I don’t think Sue would just suddenly become Principal. Maybe they explained that, I did run out of the room at one point to make sure “Grey’s” was taping elsewhere. Figgins is now the janitor, and Roz Washington is back as the Cheerios Coach. Sue expects both Roz and Mr. Shue to win national championships or they will be fired and replaced.

The entire show pretty much set up Blaine’s proposal to Kurt, who did say yes. Meanwhile Rachel learned the producers of “Funny Girl” felt she was too green and wanted to go with someone with more star power. She was out to prove them wrong.

I loved Kitty’s one comment about how “this school year has dragged on forever.” There were some other good lines from Sue and others. Otherwise, it wasn’t a “wow” episode for me.

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Grey’s Premier . . . . Shonda Rhimes You Are Not George R.R. Martin!

Grey’s Premier . . . . Shonda Rhimes You Are Not George R.R. Martin!

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2013 at 12:02 am

After watching “Glee,” (thoughts on that premier later/tomorrow) I then went to my DVR to catch up on “Grey’s” before moving on to watch “Parenthood” (which I have yet to get to). I am just so mad right now! Shonda Rhimes who do you think you are? This is not “Game Of Thrones!” You are not George R.R. Martin! You do not have to kill off every character people fall in love with!

As this was a two hour season premier, I can’t begin to cover everything that happened. Therefore I’ll just give the quick run-down of the big events and then my thoughts . . . .

– Richard, as you may recall, was electrocuted while turning the power back on to the hospital. Bailey sent Ross to look for him, but he was so jealous of Brooks working with Derek that he told her that she was told to go find him, so that he could steal her patient. Brooks found him, stepped in water and got electrocuted. Brooks died, and after much work by Bailey, Richard lived.

– Callie is in no mood to talk to or forgive Arizona for her cheating. She moved out, took the kid and has moved into Derek and Meredith’s place for the time being. By the end of the episode she agreed to let Arizona take the baby for a few days a week, but she did not know where they stood.

– April made her plea to Jackson that she loved him. He stewed on it before lashing out at her. He told her she never wanted him when she had him, now that she has a guy who wants her, she is afraid and sabotaging it. He told her this is her problem, not his, and basically to deal with it. He suggested she go with the other guy, which she did.

– Ross was wracked with guilt, and by the end of the episode offered to go with a group of firefighters and paramedics who were risking their lives to save people in the storm. The other interns followed them, because “Ross is their people.”

OMG . . . where to begin? Shonda Rhimes how could you kill off my Brooks! She was the best damn intern of all the new interns! I’d rather see all the others dead if she could live. Grrrrrrrr! I’m so mad. How can you save Richard, but kill Brooks. Grrrrrrr! I get that this is “good story telling” on some level, but right now I just want Mousey back!

Arizona needs to shut her fricken mouth right about now. She made this big plea to Callie about how taking the baby away and moving out like she did was wrong. “I didn’t want a child until you made me want one” she told Callie. “I didn’t want to get married until you made me want to . . . what a mistake that was!” was Callie’s awesome response. Arizona, you just shut your mouth. Be grateful Callie is letting you see the kid at all. You need to just go! Go back to Africa and your work!

Jackson also made me want to smack the pretty off his face in this episode. How dare he lash out at April the way he did. Apparently he has completely forgotten about the pregnancy scare, their talk of marrying, and then his “Well we dodged that bullet” comment when it turned out she wasn’t pregnant. I think Jackson’s speech was WAY more about himself than April. Now April is gunna marry medic boy, and we all know that will be a huge failure.

Aww how touching of the other interns to run after Ross at the end because “they are his people” . . . that’s Meredith and Christina’s saying you turds! Let Ross die! They don’t know what he did, and when they find out what he did, I wonder if they will continue to be his “people.”

Damn you Shonda R.R. Rhimes!


More Mistresses To Come!

More Mistresses To Come!

Posted by Dustin on 09.26.2013 at 4:16 pm

ABC has officially renewed Mistresses for a second season! The season finale was also a series high for the show. The network had put all the major actors on retainer until the end of this month until a decision on the future of the show was made. I think they made the right one. I can’t wait for more of this show next summer.

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Nashville’s Return!

Nashville’s Return!

Posted by Dustin on 09.26.2013 at 10:42 am

“Nashville” had its second season premier last night with a good episode, not a great one. It definitely set up a lot of drama for this season though. I felt in many ways this episode was supposed to introduce the show and all the storylines from season one to any newcomers. That’s why I didn’t think it was a “great” episode.

Following last season’s car accident, Rayna was in a medically induced coma for pretty much the entire show. Deacon meanwhile told the cops it was him who was driving, and he was in jail pending a trial. He basically felt guilt for the accident, and for a lot of things, so he decided he should be locked up and have the key thrown away. We saw segments of Deacon and Rayna’s past together, how he screwed things up the first time with his drinking, how Rayna’s sister pushed her to dump Deacon and marry Teddy who was stable and could provide for her and the baby.

Juliette meanwhile was all about herself still, though she had a few moments. Her album drops tomorrow, but because of “Saint Rayna in a Coma,” Rayna’s recent release “The Best of Rayna” is doing phenomenal and Juliette worries she’ll be outsold. There is no one to talk to about pushing the album back because the record label has been absorbed by another, and nobody has been put in charge yet. Juliette decided to make the best of the situation and stages a tribute to Rayna during the concert and then lead everyone to the hospital to pray. Her publicity stunt backfires though when Maddie sees her and pulls her into the hospital. Juliette was planning to sneak out the back and just leave!

Juliette’s two moments were actually being there for others. Maddie opened up to her about her dad thing, which was probably a huge mistake to give Juliette that ammo. Juliette gave Maddie her number to call her and talk anytime she wanted. Was she being genuine? I sure hope so! But I could see Juliette using this information to her advantage. Scarlet also asked Rayna for a loan to pay Deacon’s bail with. She initially said no, that addicts will always disappoint you and to get used to life without him. Later she seemed to have a change of heart and began arranging for his bail to be paid. However before that could even happen, Deacon’s court appointed lawyer figured out that it was Rayna who was driving. Rayna woke up by the end of the episode and cleared Deacon’s name.

Also going on is whatever the continuing drama between Gunnar, Scarlet and Avery is. Zzzzzzzzz! I’m so over these three to be honest. Scarlet said no to Gunnar’s proposal, and since then it seems they’ve been broken up. Gunnar is living with Will, who is still living in the closet and denying he’s gay. Both Avery and Gunnar aren’t over Scarlet though.

Peggy found out she miscarried the baby, if she was ever even pregnant. She claims three home pregnancy tests proved it, but her first ultrasound showed nothing. I think she just convinced her body she was pregnant when she never was. She then lied to Teddy about the baby to try and keep him from dumping her. He had initially agreed to give her financial support, but that was all he could or would do.

Finally Rayna’s sister is still being hounded by the feds. She refused to turn on her dad in spite of all that happened, and she felt if their info came from Teddy than it’s possibly bogus. They told her they have very good reason to believe that her mother’s death was no accident, and that Lamar was involved! Duh Duh Duh Duhhhhhhhhhh!

The previews showed both Rayna and Deacon struggling, both worry the accident cost them their careers. Deacon’s hand was badly injured, and Rayna fears she’s lost her voice. Juliette meanwhile has some new and up-n-coming adversary at the new label. Looks like Rayna isn’t her only competition anymore.

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ABC/NBC September/October Spoilers . . . . Plus Other Show Musings

ABC/NBC September/October Spoilers . . . . Plus Other Show Musings

Posted by Dustin on 09.24.2013 at 9:08 pm

Still trying to 1) get accustom to the fact that Fall TV has started and 2) figure out everything I’m watching this year!

I haven’t decided on “Betrayal,” and I’m over “Revenge.” I meant to try and watch “Scandal” this summer but never did and don’t want to jump into it in the third season . . . Maybe I can still at some reasonable point catch up via on demand/hulu as I know the first season was only 8 episodes.

On other networks, I actually enjoyed “Elementary” last season on CBS, at least when I was able to catch up on shows. Thursday nights are just too full as is, so I would watch them on demand later on. I missed the premier of “Hostages” on CBS, I’ll catch it on demand, though I don’t know if it will really grab me. They’ve moved “Hawaii-Five-0” to the Friday death slot. I never covered it on here, and now I fear this is likely the final season.

On NBC I do plan to keep watching “Revolution,” even though last season irked me so badly. “Parenthood” and “Grimm” I of course adore.

On Fox of course is “Glee” and I think I’m probably adding in “Sleepy Hollow.” I just have to remember to DVR it!

Looking forward to “East End” on Lifetime.

Below are ABC and NBC show spoilers for those I know I plan on watching. Mini-spoilers before the full blown ones!

On “Grey’s Anatomy,” this is Christina’s last season, and possibly others. Richard is still alive though! Also the 200th episode with a big fund raiser ball.
On “Nashville,” Rayna’s in the hospital, Deacon’s in jail, Juliette’s all about herself. A new head at the record label will turn everything upside down though.
On “Agents of Shield,” watching the pilot right now and trying to figure it all out 🙂 Spoilers for the next two episodes though.
On “Once Upon A Time,” the search for Henry in Neverland is on. A new Robin Hood and the Little Mermaid are appearing in the first two episodes.
“Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” premiers. Alice tries to find a way back to Wonderland after coming home and everyone thinks she’s insane.
On “Parenthood,” Hank returns to town to surprise Sarah, and Amber’s troubled boyfriend moves in!
On Revolution,” it’s a whole new world after last season with Rachel flipping the switch. What that means . . . not sure. We know they didn’t all explode though!

Read on for the full spoilers . . . .

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Devious Maids Season Finale

Devious Maids Season Finale

Posted by Dustin on 09.24.2013 at 12:50 am

So I watched the season finale SEVERAL times, and I’m still left with questions as to what happened! I think through Google I’ve answered some of them though . . .

So first some of the minor stories . . . .

Valentina was crushed by Remi’s sudden departure. She didn’t understand why he would leave her? It didn’t take long for Zoila to confess it was her who asked him to leave without her. Valentina was not happy nor forgiving.

Odessa came home from the hospital and learned about Alejandro. She always had feelings for him, and is glad to know she’ll never lose him to another woman. Oh dear! Meanwhile Alejandro’s team decided to stage a fake marriage between him and Carmen to keep his cover, and they offered Carmen an album deal to get her on board. They also said a “irreconcilable differences” divorce in a year or two. Sam didn’t seem to like the idea of waiting around, and Odessa REALLY didn’t like the idea of this marriage at all. My guess is one of them will blow Alejandro’s cover to the tabloids.

Spence continued to push Rosie to marry him, and he wanted to adopt her son. She however felt what Peri did for her was wonderful, and she couldn’t do that to her. She wanted to be a good person, so she had to give him up. Unfortunately Peri found out everything, unbeknownst to Spence or Rosie.

Taylor survived the gunshot, her baby did not. She wanted a conflicted Michael to tell Marisol everything he knew about Philippe. Lawyer-client privilege be damned, Taylor said he killed their child and she wants him to pay! He started talking . . .

The Powells also found out that Philippe is the one who killed Flora, and they concocted a plan to make him pay. They hosted an engagement party for him and Genevieve and set their plan in motion. Meanwhile Marisol came clean with the other girls, and they too set a plan to get Philippe to confess on tape (which I’m pretty sure would not be admissible in court).

At the party the maids worked to trap Philippe. Marisol cornered him in the “sex room” while Rosie worked to tape him from behind Adrienne’s secret mirror. He knew who she was, and she told him that Michael told her everything. We saw a run down of what happened, how he confronted Flora, how he stabbed her and framed Marisol’s son Eddie, and then how he confessed all to Michael. She told him she was going to the DA, but he realized she was bluffing. She wouldn’t be telling him this if she didn’t have evidence. Before anything else could happen, and it looked like Marisol was in danger from him, Evelyn had a guard show Marisol out. Rosie left too, and then Adrienne came in to confront Philippe. They too knew what he’d done, and they were pissed that he killed their maid! Adrienne poisoned him and then threw him out the window and into the pool below, a nod to Flora’s death in the first episode.

The cops were suspicious of the Powell’s story. They claimed Philippe confessed and committed suicide, but it seems he was dead before he hit the pool. How they figured this out so quickly I don’t know. That was a fast autopsy! Rosie, Carmen and Zoila all came forward and said it was true, they were picking up outside the room and heard a man yell “I did it, I killed Flora.” Then they said they heard the splash. The cops said they’d need to let the DA know, he’d need to hear this. The Powells just gave the maids a look, probably wondering why they did what they did since they knew Philippe maid no teary confession for them to hear.

The show ended with the girls having lunch in the park, with a now free Eddie. Everything was happiness, puppies and unicorns . . . .until the cops showed up and dragged Rosie off!

I was initially confused. Why did they arrest Rosie? Did Peri call the INS? Or is she suspected in killing Philippe? I googled what was on the policemen’s jackets, the word “ICE,” and found out it is Immigration and Customs Enforcement. So I am assuming Peri called the feds on her out of spite.

I guess I was looking for a bigger cliffhanger. I still wonder if Philippe really did kill Flora? If he didn’t, why did he confess to Michael? Was he protecting someone else? Why did Remi feel the need to suddenly flee the country like he did? Ahhhhh! Well I will be looking forward to next season.


Under The Dome 1st Season Finale!

Under The Dome 1st Season Finale!

Posted by Dustin on 09.17.2013 at 12:30 pm

So “Under The Dome” ended last night, and it’s a damn good thing there is a second season coming because that was not satisfying at all. We only got teased with some answers, not full out given them.

In a not so shocking twist Julia, not Barbie, turned out to be the monarch. Linda the cop found the kids with the dome, and she’s still too stupid to figure out that Big Jim is the real threat and danger to Chester’s Mill. She tried to take the dome into police custody and the kids didn’t stop her when she went to touch it. They knew what it did to Dodie, and it did the same to her. She was shocked and knocked unconscious. Too bad she couldn’t stay that way! I’d much rather have seen her gone than some of the people Big Jim has offed at this point.

Big Jim played on the townsfolk’s fears and sudden embracing of religion, especially after the dome blacked out. When the butterfly was born, it flew around the mini-dome and made black splotches appear. They also appeared on the big dome until it was completely blacked out. Eventually the mini-dome disappeared when Julia and Barbie arrived to see it, because the monarch had come. Julia was able to dispel it, and take the egg . . . but what to do with it?

Like Linda, Jr. seems to be too stupid to see the truth about his father. With Angie and Julia’s help, Barbie escaped jail. However stubborn Jr. caught him and took him back. He confronted his father about the allegations it was him that killed people, not Barbie. Big Jim finally came clean to Jr. and told him he had killed people, but it was for the good of Chester’s Mill. He told him about finally seeing his mom’s studio after all these years, seeing her paintings. He now realizes she wasn’t crazy, but a messenger. He feels he and Jr. are connected to this dome, that they are fated to run Chester’s Mill. For a quick second I thought Jr. found his brain and was hoping he was broadcasting his dad’s confession over his walkie-talkie . . . but alas he wasn’t.

Julia and the kids took the egg to the forest where they found it, and Noorie suggested destroying it and maybe it would bring the dome down. They decided to try asking the egg what to do with it? Suddenly Alice appeared again, but it wasn’t Alice. It was a message from the dome’s creators to them. “They” chose to use a familiar form to communicate, as this is all new to them too. We learned the dome was actually sent to protect Chester’s Mill . . . but from what? “They” wouldn’t say what yet, but they’d learn in due time. It was Julia’s task to protect the egg, for if it fell into the wrong hands then they would be doomed.

By the end of the show Big Jim gathered everyone in the town square where a gallows was constructed. Barbie was to be hanged, and Jr. was given the task of being the hang man. At the same time Julia made the hard choice to protect the egg and dome over saving Barbie, as she had to put everyone before Barbie and her own feelings. She dumped the egg into the middle of the lake to hide it. Suddenly “The Pink Stars” shot up in straight lines to the dome. Big Jim used this, claiming it was a miracle to show God was looking out for them and he agreed with what they were doing. He told Jr. to pull the lever and hang Barbie, but Jr. hesitated. The stars hit the blackened dome and cleared it . . . and this is where things ended.

So who sent the dome? Now it once again is looking like aliens. But what does Barbie have to do with it? Also what’s the military’s involvement, as they too felt Barbie was the one who could deal with the issues from inside? Is this some kind of Area 54 type of conspiracy theory? Or is the dome something more religious? Is it something from “the other side.” I guess it’s time to finish the book, though I know the show has already diverged from it.


Devious Maids: Heading Into The First Season Finale

Devious Maids: Heading Into The First Season Finale

Posted by Dustin on 09.17.2013 at 10:39 am

The latest episode of “Devious Maids” answered more questions about Flora, but left the big one still unanswered. Next week we shall learn all! However the show should set up the second season as well, if Marc Cherry follows his usual formula.

Remi confronted his father about murdering Flora to protect him, but Philippe swore he didn’t. Was he lying? Possibly, because he’s very good at it. We did learn though that Philippe also had sex with Flora, who was a gift to him from Adrian. However she said no to him, but Philippe said “She was a whore, she can’t say no.” So we know that Philippe is the one who raped her and Flora wrote the letter about. Is it possible he was also the father of her child all along, not Remi?

Michael found out who Marisol really was and warned Philippe. He too felt it was Philippe who possibly killed her. He thought they needed to go to the police and make a deal, but Philippe said he would handle Marisol. Michael warned him not to make things any worse. He went home and warned Marisol about Philippe and the danger to her life. He felt it was best she leave, he’s made arrangements to basically hide her away for awhile. Taylor however didn’t want her to leave. She asked Marisol if she lied about being her friend, and Marisol said no. Taylor convinced her to stay. Taylor went to the car to get her bags, which unfortunately is when the gunman Philippe hired to take care of Marisol shot Taylor by mistake. She sadly looked to be hit right in the stomach, probably killing her unborn child if she herself manages to survive.

Remi made plans to leave town himself, out of fear what could happen to him if the truth about his involvement with Flora comes out. Valentina planned to go with him, but Zoila did not want this to happen. She convinced Remi to leave without her so that she could go to school and pursue her dreams. Remi knew Valentina would hate him, but Zoila said only until she learns the truth, then her daughter would hate her.

Sam returned and Carmen and Sam planned to move in together. However thanks to his scorned ex, the paparazzi were after photographs and proof that Alejandro was gay. Everything he worked for was about to be lost. His managers realized he needed a beard, one he could marry and trust with his secret. He had the perfect girl in mind. He didn’t say it, but we all know it’s Carmen!

Finally Spence proposed to Rosie, who turned him down. She told him what Peri was going to do for her. She said they can’t be together anymore. Spence then went to Peri to try and stop her, but only temporarily. He said what she was planning was actually illegal (smuggling a Mexican child into the US in a private jet). He told her to let him look into things and take care of it, but she refused. She wanted to do this now, and she felt Spence was trying to steal her glory and this was her plan! She brought Rosie’s son home to her, and she thanked Peri. Peri then made the comment to Spence “and you wanted me to wait!” Rosie then gave him a look! He tried to explain, but she wouldn’t hear it. My guess is when Peri finds out about the affair, and she will, the first thing she’ll do is make a call to INS about Rosie’s illegal child. We’ll ignore the fact that she’s the one who brought him into the country in the first place.

Next week is the big finale! I can’t wait to see who killed Flora. All signs point to Philippe, but his insisting he didn’t kill her had me wondering. Could Genevieve have done it? Did Flora tell her all, causing her to snap and have a psychotic episode that even she doesn’t remember? Recall the opener mentioned all her psychiatrists and meds! Is Philippe actually trying to protect her and Remi?

I also think Philippe will end up dead, and that will lead to the second season mystery. Who killed Philippe?

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Under The Dome: So Long Dodie!

Under The Dome: So Long Dodie!

Posted by Dustin on 09.12.2013 at 7:39 pm

Well next week is the season finale of “Under the Dome,” and I’m hoping we get some kind of answers. Based on the press release for this episode (below), we should get some. My guess is not enough, and I don’t think they will do away with Big Jim as he’s the villain of the show.

Angie helped Barbie keep Julia safe from Big Jim, who continued to frame Barbie. Dodie was this week’s casualty. She intercepted a military broadcast about Barbie. The military know he is in the dome, and they know he is the only one who will know what to do about the egg. Yes, the seem to know about that too. So is this all a military experiment gone wrong? Is the dome a military weapon?

Dodie told this to Big Jim, thinking Barbie and this egg could be the way to get rid of the dome. However she realized too late that was the last thing that Big Jim wanted, and he shot her dead to keep her quiet. He was then determined to find this egg, knowing enough from Dodie that the kids had it.

Joe was convinced that Barbie was the monarch. The kids moved the dome to keep it safe from Big Jim. He took Joe and Norrie to jail, along with Barbie who turned himself in to let Angie escape with Julia in an ambulance. Julia eventually came to.

Barbie struck a deal to plead guilty to the charges in front of the town, if Big Jim let the kids go and didn’t do anything to Julia. However he knew he couldn’t trust Jim. At the end when he was asked before all how he plead, he said “Not Guilty!”

The dome began to squeal and make horrible sounds at its new hiding place. By the end of the show Angie, Norie and Joe were there, and the new Sheriff found them with the dome. It seems she’s slowly realizing Big Jim is the real problem in town. The butterfly, aka Monarch, began to hatch as the show ended. Elsewhere, Junior also was also realizing his father was a problem and went to the spot on the big dome all alone to get answers from it on what to do.

Season finale spoilers below!


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“Curtains” – Secrets of the Dome are revealed and Big Jim is determined to put an end to Barbie once and for all. Meanwhile, Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie discover who the Monarch is after receiving a shocking visit from a familiar face, on the first season finale cliffhanger of UNDER THE DOME, Monday, Sept. 16 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.