Big Brother 13: Tidbits from Sunday’s Show

Big Brother 13: Tidbits from Sunday’s Show

Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2011 at 8:00 pm

This post just contains some fun tidbits from Sundays show, as I posted most of the real spoilers in a previous post.

Danielle won HOH, as we spent a good portion of the beginning of the show watching it play out. We also had to hear from everyone, via DR sessions, as to why they sent Dominic packing.

As people fell off, they picked snowballs and won prizes. Adam got stuck wearing an elf suit for a week, while Jeff won 10grand!

The vets all cheered for Shelly, which made Danielle and Kalia realize Shelly was on their side and probably had an alliance with them.

Of course Rachel immediately got into it with Kalia, and Brendan ran to her defense.

Danielle came to Jordan and swore she wasn’t coming after her or Jeff this week, though Jordan didn’t know if she could trust her.

Lawon had a talk with several of the houseguests about his coming out to his family.

Jordan and Jeff met with Danielle, who proposed a deal to right the wrongs of last week. She will keep them safe this week, if they do the same for her next week.

(Unfortunately the show got interrupted about 20 minutes from the end due to the Debt Talks for a bit).

Adam got his elf suit, complete with ears. The Have Nots (Brendan, Rachel, Jordan and ?Kalia?) learned their extra food was sardines and seaweed.

Rachel and Brendan went to talk to Danielle and try and make nice. They promised to keep her next week and not backdoor her should they keep her. Danielle claimed she wasn’t making any deals with anyone right now.

Danielle ended up nominating Rachel and Brendan in the end.


Big Brother 13: Danielle is HOH! Who has she nom’d? Who’s won veto?

Big Brother 13: Danielle is HOH! Who has she nom’d? Who’s won veto?

Posted by Dustin on 07.30.2011 at 5:32 pm

SPOILERS in this post that have not aired on TV!

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Project Runway Season 9: Heidi Channels Paula!

Project Runway Season 9: Heidi Channels Paula!

Posted by Dustin on 07.30.2011 at 10:54 am

“Project Runway” Season 9 began this week, and they did things a little differently. They started off with 20 designers and had to immediately cut 4 in a very “American Idol” like process. The judges sat at a table as the designers showed them their best. Heidi played the role of Paula, and it seemed like she was even drinking some Paula juice!

Eventually the competition got underway, with them having to make an outfit out of only their bed sheet and their pajamas they wore the night before. It was an interesting challenge.

Some of the outfits were great, some were horrific. They guy that was sent home I felt bad for, because Tim told him that he was an “on the fence” add by the judges. I think that completely killed his confidence.

One girl came claiming she had just learned to sew in the past 4 months. I was shocked when they let her into the competition, I felt like this was going to be a disaster. She almost won! She made a great outfit.

It looks like it’s going to be a good season with a lot of drama based on the previews!

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Big Brother 13: Third Evicted Houseguest Is . . . .

Big Brother 13: Third Evicted Houseguest Is . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 07.28.2011 at 8:57 pm

After tonight, the top ten is set, the golden key players are no longer safe, and the duos twist is over. Everyone is playing for themselves.

The show picked up after the veto meeting. Both Dom and Adam felt they were both safe, they both had deals with Rachel and Brendon.

Danielle didn’t understand why Brendon and Rachel turned on her, and she confronted them. She said if Dom went home, she will be pissed. She claimed she was here on her own, all she has is Dom. Brendon told her that they feel Dom will turn on them. Brendon told her she is the one who is dissolving the Vets’ group, she has gone and sided with the others. Danielle challenged him, claiming she had their backs. Brendon didn’t believe her of course, knowing she’s out for herself only and far too early on.

Jordan and Kalia talked, Jordan felt that people wanted her and Jeff out, and she was in on it. Kalia lied to her face that she didn’t know anything about a plan to take her out. The show of course edited everything to make it seem like Danielle was a sh*t stirrer, and in fact she has been. (Jordan and Kalia have since made nice)

Jeff confronted Dominic and said he F’d up and is going home. He worked to get Dom to admit the plan to backdoor him. Dom said he has no idea where this plan to backdoor Jeff came from. Dom said he never came up with the idea to backdoor Jeff. It was Danielle’s plan, he just wouldn’t rat her out . . . yet (He eventually did on the feeds).

Dom came to talk to Jeff, Rachel and Brendon. He swore that it was never his idea to backdoor Jeff. Jeff felt he knew whose plan it was. Jeff basically said he knew it was Danielle’s plan, but he gave Dom the opportunity to tell him the truth, and he didn’t. Dom claimed they wouldn’t turn against her if he ratted her out. Brendon said he felt he could trust him, but now he’s tainted because of Danielle. Rachel told Dom that he really like him a lot, and she hates floaters like Adam. A lot of arguing going on, and Jeff told him it’s not over until they say his name as going out.

Later Brendon and Kalia got into it, he told her she was a 100% floater, he has studied rocket science, so he is the man! She told him that he thought he was smart? Suck it! (OMG Go Kalia!)

Eventually a (very edited) house meeting was held due to all the tension. Jeff called out the plan to backdoor him, and how Kalia was in on it, which made her their enemy. Everyone begin yelling at each other, as nobody brought up Danielle’s part, Danielle who just sat there . . . . Rachel began to talk about Kalia’s “friend” who made this plan has been turning on her and everyone else in her alliance, so how much of a “friend” was this person. Eventually Danielle spoke up, calling Rachel an idiot, which unleashed holy hell from Brendon. Danielle admitted the plan to backdoor Jeff was her plan, as she saw Jeff as her biggest threat, nothing personal. Jeff said this early in the game? How was he a threat? It seemed personal to him! Jeff said they were on her side, she put her closest friend (Dom) in danger, and for what?

Danielle realizes now she has to win HOH or Veto to stay in the house.

Julie went to the group, who had been assembled before the vote. She asked some questions about the tensions and anger in the house. Julie asked Danielle if she is surprised it got such confrontational so early? She said no, and this was just a game.

The vote was held, and as usual both Adam and Dom got to make their speeches. Dom told some of the people were spineless jellyfish who were not going to get very far in this game! The vote was held and the results were . . . .

Jeff, Jordan, Kalia (holding back tears), Brendon, Shelly, Lawon, Porsche voted to evict Dominic.

Danielle (not afraid to go against the King and Queen – her words) voted to evict Adam.

Dominic was evicted by a vote of of 7 to 1. He talked to Julie, and said his speech was to light a fire and help Danielle out. Julie asked about his feelings for Danielle . . . he claimed he sold her out because the plan to throw Jeff under the bus was her idea, but he really did enjoy hanging out with her. Julie again talked about how he is the second person to throw the veto. Dom thought it would gain the Vets trust. Dom said he targeted Jeff because Jordan was sweet and wouldn’t come after him, but Brendon and Rachel are psycho and would have if one was evicted.

Dom watched his videos, the highlight was Jordan saying “As Rachel would say, nobody comes between her and my man!”

Julie told Dom she was about to deliver some news to the houseguests, so sit right there!

Julie said they had all made it to the top ten, and from this minute on the golden key holders was back in the game and the duo twist was over. She said the twists were far from over . . . . .

The HOH was an endurance challenge which involved everyone stuck hanging on a wall fake skying. The wall they were hanging on started moving to shake them off.

It will be awhile before we know who the new HOH is. Julie let us know to go to to find out how we can be a part of the next big twist!

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Big Brother 13: The Top 10 Is Around The Corner!

Big Brother 13: The Top 10 Is Around The Corner!

Posted by Dustin on 07.27.2011 at 7:58 pm

Rachel put Dom and Adam on the block. Jordan and Jeff felt worried about their position with Rachel and Brendon, while Danielle wanted to convince Rachel to put them on the block after veto.

Rachel talked to Adam and Dom saying if they want to make a deal, she’ll talk. However she secretly didn’t trust them. Dom said they should wait till after the veto to make any deals.

Danielle talked with Brendon and Rachel, telling her that if she put Jeff and Jordan up, everyone in the house would be on her side. Rachel seemed to be buying it . . . .

We then had to watch Brendon and Rachel bath time as they talked about her thoughts, and about Jeff and Jordan. They had begun to think their alliance with Jeff and Jordan weren’t on their side.

Dom came to talk with Rachel and Brendan. He promised to work with them from here on out. They told him to throw the veto. Brendon continued to think if they had Dom . . . maybe they should get rid of Jeff?

The veto competition was played. Rachel and Brendon, Adam and Dominic, and Jeff and Jordan (by Random Draw) played. Porsche was chosen as the host.

Danielle once again tried to convince Rachel and Brendon to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. They however found their brains and realized Dani was probably playing them.

Later B/R talked with J/J about Danielle and compared notes. Rachel didn’t know who to trust, and felt she and Brendon had to win the veto.

The veto game was yet another spelling game, which meant we had to see the “Technotronics” clip. They had to search for letters in a huge buble bath in the back yard.

Jordan spelled the word little, but could have spelled farting. She didn’t want to spell it though. Dom spelt a 9 letting word, which upset Brendon as he was supposed to be throwing the competition. Rachel misspelled Moisturizing and was disqualified. In the end, Brendon won with “understanding.”

Dom felt he had a good sitting with the vets because of his deal, but still tried to rock the boat a little and convince people that back-dooring Jeff would be a good idea. He unfortunately mentioned his idea (really Dani’s idea) to Shelly, who was a big Jeff and Jordan ally. Shelly of course went straight to Jordan with the information.

Jordan and Shelly went to see Rachel and Brendon and filled them in on Dani and Dom’s gameplay. They pulled Jeff in to talk, and they revealed Dani has been pushing them to put Jeff and Jordan up and send Jeff home. Jeff wondered why play that card so early? Brendon knew it was so she and Dom would be sitting in a position of power.

The veto meeting was held, and in the end Brendon decided to leave the nominations the same.

Dom hoped he was safe, Adam was on the warpath, and Dani said she was done looking out for Rachel and her boyfriend!

Another twist was teased, some feed spoilers and the possible twist after the jump!

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True Blood: Don’t Do That In Front Of The Baby!

True Blood: Don’t Do That In Front Of The Baby!

Posted by Dustin on 07.25.2011 at 4:39 pm

So on last night’s “True Blood” a lot went down for once. Apparently Alan Ball found the light and actually had Tommy do the first smart thing he’s ever done, he whacked his parents! Sam of course helped dispose of the bodies. Apparently we only get one smart thing in an episode, as Sam really should have fed Tommy to the gators along with his parents.

After nude-o-rama staring Alcide last week, he was back to a blink and you miss it scene this week. He met the new pack leader, who from previews is clearly the father of Sam’s new girlfriend’s kid.

Bill had to glamour his great great great granddaughter Portia in order to get her to stop wanting him. I actually thought her “research” into whether what they were doing was incest was kinda humorous! He’s still her grandpa though 🙂

Arlene and Terry called up “those people” to help drive the devil and ghost from their home. “Those people” of course were Tara’s mother and her new husband, the reverend she was having the affair with. Yeah, something tells me anything those two do to drive bad energy from a house isn’t going to work. I did find it oddly creepy that at the end of the show they were “doing it” while the demon child and devil doll were feet away in the crib.

Jason, having been saved by Jessica’s blood, is of course dreaming of her. His sex dreams with Hoyt watching and then joining in were pretty funny! From the spoilers though, it looks like Jason and Jessica do end up having some kind of affair. Poor Hoyt!

Sookie went to investigate Marnie, who she asked for a reading. Gran however took over and warned Sookie that the man she was falling for, it was temporary and not to give her heart. Gran also warned Sookie that Marnie was dangerous and to run! Sookie only half listened to Gran though, she avoided Marnie . . . just not Eric!

Bill had Marnie arrested after he saw that she cast a rotting spell on Pam. However Marnie truly doesn’t know how she cast any of the spells she did. We got some back story, from a Spanish Vampire, about the witch Antonia who is possessing Marnie. She hated Vampires and using her magic forced them all to walk into the sun and die. It seems though, that nobody knows Marnie is channeling Antonia. The one vampire just told her story to explain how powerful witches could be.

Lafayette and Jesus went to see Jesus’ grandfather, the black magic practitioner. Nope that isn’t going to end well! Especially since he claimed he’d been expecting them.

At the end of the show Tara learned Sookie was letting Eric stay with her, and was furious. Bill learned the same thing, and he’s equally as pissed!


Only Two Episodes of Falling Skies Left!

Only Two Episodes of Falling Skies Left!

Posted by Dustin on 07.25.2011 at 12:45 pm

Color me shocked when after last nights “Falling Skies” we learned there were only two new episodes left. WOW! that was one seriously short season.

The last two episodes left me a little flat, especially given there are only two episodes left. The humans betraying humans to survive . . . I think we knew that was a given. Did they need two whole episodes to explore that?

We have found out that Mike’s kid is far more connected to the Skidders than some of the other kids. I have a feeling with his dad now dead, he’s going to go back to them.

We still are no closer to learning what the Skidders want, though the teasers show something horrifying being learned. The doctor was dissecting one it seemed when she learns this secret.

What could the secret be? They were once humanoids who evolved this way? That could be why their mechs have two feet like humans?

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Big Brother 13: Sunday Nights Nomination Show

Big Brother 13: Sunday Nights Nomination Show

Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2011 at 7:58 pm

In a previous post I already spoiled some of tonight’s show, and what’s to come. So check it out! I’ll add a few addendums at the end of this post though.

The beginning of the show recapped Cassi’s eviction, and having to listen to Rachel gloat over her eviction. Lawon told the DR that they are living not in the Big Brother House, but Rachel’s house!

Everyone reacted to Rachel’s win. Jordan was feeling good, but nobody else (ie the newbs) were happy. Jeff wanted Dominic and Adam up on the block, especially given they let Rachel get Cassie out during Jordan’s HOH.

Adam realized he had to kiss some Brenchel butt to make sure he wouldn’t be going home. Rachel showed off her HOH room, which meant more butt kissing from the house.

Brendon and Rachel met with everyone to weigh their options. Rachel felt she could only trust Brendon and nobody in the house was safe as far as she was concerned.

The houseguests ended up playing a luxury competition which played into the “Same Name” show that airs tonight after “Big Brother.” Jordan ended up winning on the first pair of clues given that the celebrity was David Hasslehoff. The reward of course to watch tonights debut of “Same Name.” She got to chose three people and she chose Jeff, Khalia and Shelly. Rachel of course wondered what was going on in Jordan’s head?

Brendan and Rachel ended up having all this drama. Brendan kept telling her how much he loved her, but this money is not worth this stress. She just kept saying “And you wonder why people like Jeff and Jordan!” Brendan ended up in tears. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be drama or comedy honestly!

Danielle tried to convince Brendan and Rachel to take out Jeff and Jordan. Later Jeff talked with them to try and placate them and keep things good.

Rachel held the nomination ceremony, and in in the end nominated Dominic and Adam. She said it was purely strategic, she’s just looking out for her alliance.

Some extra spoilers after the jump! Don’t read if you don’t wanna know what’s been happening!

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After Dark/Feeds Big Brother 13 Spoilers!

After Dark/Feeds Big Brother 13 Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2011 at 1:27 pm

Some quick feed spoilers for “Big Brother 13,” including who goes on the block tonight, who wins the veto on Wednesday and who is likely to be going home . . . or are they? Another twist has leaked!

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New True Blood Teasers from Comic Con!

New True Blood Teasers from Comic Con!

Posted by Dustin on 07.23.2011 at 10:16 am

In the Coming Weeks: Sneak Peek
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