ABC February Sweeps Spoilers . . .

ABC February Sweeps Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2013 at 7:14 pm

Below are the short and sweet spoilers for several ABC shows over the next month as we enter sweeps period. Things I’m looking forward to?

-I’m really looking forward to the return of “Body of Proof.” It won’t be the same without the police force we’ve come to love (I’ll miss you most Peter!), but I’m hoping we’ll get back to the long ignored mystery of Megan’s father’s death.

– On “Castle” I’m looking forward to some amazing guest stars, including Gina Torres from “Firefly” as well as the return of Jack Coleman as the man responsible for the murder of Beckett’s mom. Will we finally put that storyline to rest?

– On “Nashville,” things are finally gunna heat up between Rayna and Deacon it seems! Why do I feel that one of her kids is his?

– While “Practice” is over, “Grey’s Anatomy” continues. It seems the fight to save the hospital from shutting down is the major theme over the next month.

– I’m really looking forward to the return of “Once Upon A Time” and hopefully learning who Rumples son is. Hmmm, Emma and Gold in New York City? That’s where the season began with the shot of Henry’s dad, no?

– I pretty much have given up on “Revenge.” I really have tried to like it, but I just don’t find myself all that into. I haven’t watched it in weeks, and seemingly have no desire to catch up on it.

Read on and enjoy!

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Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Calling The Shots?

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Calling The Shots?

Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2013 at 6:55 pm

The liar’s lives definitely seem to be falling apart as of late.

Meredith lost her marbles trying to get Allison’s diary pages back from Aria. She was drugging Aria in order to try and find where she hid the pages that incriminated Byron. We don’t know if she wanted to protect him, or blackmail him herself. In the end Byron swore to Aria that he never did anything to Allison. He refused to give her the money, he was going to tell her mother the truth, but then Allison went missing and he just kept his mouth shut.

Spencer learned that Toby was not on her side at all, and that he was working as one of the -A team. She caught him trying to get his hands on a key the girls had that -A wanted. She hired a detective to find out what the key goes to, and what Toby is up to.

Paige and Caleb teamed up to try and find a way to bring down Mona, because they were tired of living in fear for themselves as well as the ones they loved. Hannah found out about them and wasn’t so thrilled. This lead into a hilarious issue with Hannah spying on them and getting busted for underage drinking at a lesbian club.

It turns out Maya apparently found some things of Allison’s in her old house, which Nate got ahold of in his stalking of her. Nate’s family shipped them to Emily thinking she would know what to do with them. One of them was a journal of Allison’s which revealed a huge secret she had kept from them all. It turns out after a fun weekend with some of the older kids, Allison was late and thought she was pregnant. Was she? We don’t know. Emily decided to give the diary to the police as it was evidence that could indicate why Allison was killed.

At the station Detective Wilkins was back and thanked Emily for turning in the diary. However later Hannah and her saw a photo of Detective Wilkins and one of the other older girls (CeCe) from that big weekend trip to Cape May on a bulletin board of memories. Yup, looks like the Detective may have had a reason to off Allison if she got knocked up with his kid! I’ve always found him suspicious.

We learned that neither Mona nor Toby are really in charge of things, that someone else is calling all the shots. Said person set Aria and Spencer up in the latest episode, which forced Spencer to defend Aria to Ezra. She thought Aria told him the truth finally and Ezra dumped her. She let him have it, only to learn Aria hadn’t told him. Ezra left town to go visit his son, crying to Aria that he’d call her. Uh huh, it didn’t look that way to me!

At the end of the latest episode Spencer lashed out at Aria that perhaps they all deserved what they were getting, and if they stopped lying then -A couldn’t hold anything over them. That was the “duh” moment of the century. Why they don’t go to the cops with everything is a mystery! Then again, there would be no show either.

Below are spoilers for the next three episodes airing in February . . .

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Dallas Season 2 Premier Thoughts

Dallas Season 2 Premier Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2013 at 1:59 pm

So “Dallas” returned with two episodes back to back as the season 2 premier. It picked up right where last season left off. John Ross, Elena, Christopher and Bobby had formed a new Ewing Enterprises company, but John Ross is still against Christophers plans for clean energy and is plotting to take over the company. Meanwhile Christopher is in a legal battle with Rebecca, fighting for an annulment as well as custody of the babies. Anne opened up to Bobby about her long lost daughter, while the election for Governor was coming up and Sue Ellen looked to be a shoe in . . .

I definitely had a lot of issues with some of these stories. I kept having to remind myself it’s a soap, reality is boring in soaps, and real world rules don’t apply. However sometimes when they do something so absurd, it just irks me. A lot of things irked me in these episodes, but I still overall enjoyed it.

Let’s start with the Rebecca fiasco. Christopher located Tommy’s real sister, the real Rebecca Sutter, who agreed to testify against fake Rebecca in exchange for Christopher not going after her brother. Everyone thinks Tommy has just gone missing, and Rebecca is trying to find him. Later the fake Rebecca revealed who she really was to all and what she wanted. Her real name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes, and she doesn’t wan an annulment, she was a divorce and half of Christopher’s shares of Ewing Enterprises. John Ross, wanting to undermine Christopher, agreed to help Pamela against Christopher. He wanted to make Christopher and Elena hurt, so they bribed the real Rebecca to not testify against Pamela Rebecca in court. This would assure a messy divorce. They also offered to the real Rebecca and help her find Tommy. In court, the real Rebecca turned on Christopher and claimed she could not say she was present when her brother and Pamela Rebecca planned their scheme. Also the lawyers for Pamela claimed she legally changed her name to Rebecca Sutter, therefore she wasn’t lying to Christopher about who she was. They pointed out that Rebecca fell in love with Christopher, came clean about the original scheme, and wanted to make the marriage work. The idiot judge agreed with them and said they would have to proceed with a divorce, not an annulment. What what what ?!?!?! What a crock of a technicality to let Rebecca Pamela off on! I couldn’t believe that. She never fully came clean as to the extent of the scheme, so she should have been held liable for that.

Fortunately Pamela was getting too full of herself and ignoring what her father’s initial plan was. She was to destroy Ewing, not sail away with it. When her father’s henchman tried to put her back on course, and felt slited as being treated as only the family driver, he decided to exact his own revenge. Since he got rid of Tommy’s body after Pamela shot him, he had Tommy’s phone, which he sent to Christopher. He made it seem it came from Tommy, who wanted Christopher to know the truth should anything happen to him. On the phone were voicemails from the real Rebecca, revealing she did know the truth all along and was in on the plan with them and was waiting for her cut. Another voicemail was from Pamela threatening to make Tommy disappear. Christopher played them for the real Rebecca and suggested they go down town and she recant her testimony. He didn’t seem to be wanting to take no for an answer either.

Meanwhile Elena proved herself to the company by scoring a sweet deal to get them cheap oil rig platforms that had run dry, but could be used to drill for methane. This also saved them money and allowed John Ross to buy a truck fleet he wanted to continue moving oil. Everyone agreed to give Elena part of their shares in the company so they all were equal partners. What the others don’t know is that John Ross is already scheming against Elena to get his hands on all of her shares! Christopher knows he’s up to something and asked his secretary to become new BFFs with John Ross’s secretary.

Anne learned that Harrison had supposedly found their long lost daughter, who was kidnapped from Anne when she was a child. He gave her a photo and said his DNA was a match to this girl. However, Harrison would only tell Anne where she was if Anne got the incriminating tape she made for Sue Ellen back. Sue Ellen didn’t like giving that leverage up to Harrison, but did so. She also warned him that she wouldn’t be blackmailed when Governor. He thought she’d change her mind, power changes people. Unfortunately for Sue Ellen, that dream fizzled when the night before the election the medical examiner she bribed last season resigned and came forward to the press about what Sue Ellen did. Sue Ellen lost big time.

Harrison delivered on his promise and told Anne where their daughter was. She was on some farm riding a horse when Anne showed up too see her. First of all, I can’t believe Anne didn’t do a google image search on the photo of this girl. Had she, she would have found the truth out on her own most likely. The picture was a professional shot of the girl and the horse after a competition. Stupid! When Anne introduced herself, the girl, Emma, said she knows who Anne is and wanted nothing to do with her. Anne fell into a depression, and Bobby went looking for answers. He found out that Harrison took Emma all those years ago, and Harrison’s mother had raised her in Europe to keep her from Anne. What what what ?!?!?! In the real world those two would be arrested for kidnapping charges, even today. However we know that won’t happen.

I do have to say I love that they cast Judith Light as Harrison’s mother and Emma’s grandmother. Watching her be a nasty witch and go up against the Ewings will be fun. Of course the death of Larry Hagman is still hanging over the show. He filmed only 5 episodes, but is said to appear in 6 through editing. It also looks like the way they are writing him off will be an homage to the classic series, only this time it will be “Who Murdered J.R.” storyline.

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American Horror Story Asylum Comes To An End . . .

American Horror Story Asylum Comes To An End . . .

Posted by Dustin on 01.27.2013 at 9:15 pm

So this past week we said goodbye to another show that ended its season. “American Horror Story” is over until October, when a new chapter will begin. Some hints have already been dropped. It’s supposed to be a modern day Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist. Jessica Lang, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are all back in some fashion. Apparently some actors from the first season will also be returning, such as Taissa Farmiga (Violet Season 1) who will be a lead character.

As the season came to its end, pretty much so did the lives of most of the characters we’ve come to enjoy. Though given the nature of the show, that was expected. I still feel like I needed a few more answers here and there.

Lana Banana become a big famous author after writing her book about the asylum and Thredson, a book she called “Maniac.” Apparently much of the book was fiction. She completely whitewashed her relationship with Wendy, she claimed her baby died, and who knows what else she fibbed. Others like Kitt went on with their lives, but weren’t happy with how Lana had become famous and forgotten them all. Kitt lost both Grace and Alma, but eventually remarried. He also went back for Sister Jude/Judy and brought her to live with him and his kids. Judy eventually passed on, and I felt bad that she was never forgiven by the church and in some way exonerated by them. She became their scape goat in so many ways. Who knows, perhaps she didn’t want their forgiveness, and she herself did some pretty terrible things during her reign.

Lana eventually had some attack of guilt and went back to shut down Briarcliff, oh and to get more book deals and TV specials in the process. We learned Monseigneur Timothy eventually killed himself after all the horrible things came out, and his own guilt caught up with him. She reconnected with Kitt and learned all about Jude/Judy, who she originally thought was dead. She did initially go back for her after she got out, but the Monseigneur lied about her saying she was dead and hid her away from all for years.

Kitt’s kids basically grew up to be geniuses. Kitt ended up with cancer, but mysteriously disappeared. We saw what really happened, the aliens came for him. I wish we learned more about the aliens, what they were after, their bigger plan, etc. Clearly they saw something in Kitt’s DNA that they liked. Though wouldn’t that have been smart enough to pick someone without cancer genes? Frankly the aliens were the one thing I didn’t like about this season and feel we could have done without all together.

In the end Lana decided to have one final TV interview where she finally came clean about all the lies over the years. Meanwhile her son, Bloody Face 2.0, made his way into her place posing as part of the crew and biding his time. He had been stalking her for years. However Lana was no idiot. She recognized him immediately thanks to some cops coming to see her earlier about the recent murders that they suspected him of. When they were alone, he finally struck to kill her and make his father proud. However Lana Banana turned the tables on him and shot him in the head! And fade out . . .

I was actually stunned with the end and Lana offing her own kid. However I shouldn’t have been, as the show is just twisted and anything can happen. As much as I didn’t like some aspects, I will miss the show and will count down to the new season. I’m really hoping that Frances Conroy is somehow part of the new season, as I just adore her. I am also hoping for ghosts again.


Grey’s Anatomy: Cutting Costs

Grey’s Anatomy: Cutting Costs

Posted by Dustin on 01.27.2013 at 2:13 pm

The latest episode of “Grey’s” centered a lot around Arizona, who ended up having phantom limb pains in her missing leg. Owen, being a combat doctor, had watched several friends and patients go through this and knew he could help her. Arizona tried to keep it a secret from everyone else, however it began affecting her work and others were catching on. However with Owen’s help she began to start getting some control over it.

After his pingpong tournament last week, this week Derek was ready for his first surgery. He seemed to pick a doozy of a surgery too, as he ended up in the OR for 23 hours! I guess his hand is back, for now at least. Will there be future complications? Perhaps, as happiness tends to be short lived on this show. I do wish we got to see a little more of Neve Campbell as Derek’s sister Liz.

Meredith was fighting her hormones and stuck with Ross the intern, who she hated, and who kept screwing up things in the case they were working on. A pregnant woman’s liver was failing and they had to fly to get a new one for her. Meredith ended up tackling her fears of getting on a plane in this episode.

Because of the lawsuit and the insurance issue, the hospital was faced with trying to find ways to avoid shutting down all together. A doctor who was an expert in financial spending and efficiency was brought in to try and find where costs could be cut. The doctor was an old student of Webber’s, and it seemed like there was some unknown history between them. She seemed very cold towards him, he seemed to have expected her to go on to more important things.

In the end, the expert suggested closing the ER because it was simply a waste of money. This didn’t set well with anyone. She had other suggestions, but was saving those for later. Everyone knew that probably ment firings. She told Webber in private that she couldn’t help but notice out of all the surgeons that he logged the least amount of OR hours . . . Ouch!

My guess is that the new millionaires will end up using much of their money to keep the hospital and ER open in some fashion, such as setting up an endowment or buying it out right. That would definitely be a twist and a new direction for many of them and the show.


Army Wives: Brooke Shields Joins The Cast!

Army Wives: Brooke Shields Joins The Cast!

Posted by Dustin on 01.25.2013 at 11:24 am

Lifetime has announced that Brooke Shields will be joining “Army Wives” for its upcoming 7th season, which debuts on March 10th.

When the show returns, Michael will get the tragic news that his beloved wife Claudia Joy died while away. The character was written out half way through last season as visiting Mrs. Obama and embarking on good-will tour of sorts.

Last season Fort Marshall was scheduled to close, however it got a last minute save and learned it would be merged with a nearby Airforce base. Enter Shield’s character . . .

Shields will play the role of Air Force Colonel Katherine “Kat” Young, a pilot described as “brash and brilliant.” Tough enough to hold her own in the male-dominated military, Kat will clash with Army General Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) pretty much as soon as she arrives at Joint Base Marshall Bring. Kat and Holden will initially keep up the fight for Air Force and Army dominance, respectively. Once Holden learns about Kat’s tragic past, however, the two high-level officers find they have a lot in common.

Returning for the 7th season are Catherine Bell (Denise Sherwood), Brian McNamara (Michael Holden), Kelli Williams (Jackie Clark), Wendy Davis (Joan Burton), Terry Serpico (Frank Sherwood), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria Cruz) and JJ Soria (Hector Cruz) and Sterling K. Brown (Roland Burton). Sally Pressman (Roxie Le Blanc) is also back on a recurring basis.

Joining the show this season as the new wives are Ashanti, Torrey DeVitto, and Elle McLemore. Also joining as a new young private is Jesse McCartney.

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Parenthood Season 4 Ends With Ups and Downs

Parenthood Season 4 Ends With Ups and Downs

Posted by Dustin on 01.23.2013 at 5:29 pm

On most fronts, last night’s season 4 finale of “Parenthood” was fairly upbeat, something rare on this show. There was only one real cliff hanger as far as finales go.

Kristina got the news that she was currently cancer free, but they don’t use the word cured for at least 5 years. She and Adam ended up going to Hawaii to celebrate. I was so happy to see them get some good news and have some fun for a change. They definitely deserved it.

Julia and Joel prepared for their hearing to adopt Victor. Suddenly Victor was all right with this, and actually happy. Sydney however was against it as Victor wasn’t her real brother, so she said. In the end she came around, and Victor called Julia mom after the adoption hearing. For me this was too neatly wrapped up. I felt like one minute Victor hated Julia, the next minute she was mom. One minute Sydney and Victor were getting along, the next minute she hated him. Real life family dynamics? Sure! However this family is more complicated than most. It definitely needed one more episode to resolve all this.

Jasmine’s mom Renee moved out in a huff to live with Jasmine’s brother. Jasmine wanted Crosby to apologize, but he didn’t think he did anything wrong. Frankly neither do I, and Jasmine needs to learn to stand up for herself. She cried to Crosby that for five years her mother was there for her and was Jabar’s other parent, so she owed her. Cry me a river! Whose fault is that? Not Crosby’s! During their anniversary dinner Jasmine continued to sulk that Crosby didn’t apologize, and said they would need her mom now that she was pregnant. They then went to give the news to Renee, who was thrilled. Oh and Crosby apologized. Big mistake! I think Renee is just going to become a bigger problem until Jasmine finally faces off with her mom and puts her in her place.

Amber and Ryan worked things out. Aw! I actually do like these two. Meanwhile Drew and Amy shared what appeared to be a bitter sweet goodbye. She’s going to Boston for college, while he got into Berkley. I still wonder if she had that abortion though . . .

Finally the drama that is Sarah. After Mark made a heart felt plea to her, she decided to give it a shot with Hank. Poor Mark! Unfortunately Hank turned around and told Sarah that he was closing his business and moving to Minnesota to be near his daughter! However he did love Sarah, told her so, and asked her to come with him. Some of the final shots showed Hank moving into his house in Minnesota and playing with his daughter, and Mark walking the halls. What did Sarah do? Personally I don’t see her moving, she’s too important to the show. But has she blown it with Mark? Probably! Oh Sarah, always making the wrong choices.

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Private Practice: It’s All Over!

Private Practice: It’s All Over!

Posted by Dustin on 01.23.2013 at 1:18 pm

Last night was the big finale of “Private Practice,” and pretty much every had a happily ever after storyline.

The show definitely pulled a fast one with the previews, as it seemed the whole show was going to center around Addison and her wedding and whether she would or wouldn’t. The only issue Addison faced at her wedding was a delay waiting for Naomi to show up, as her flight was late. Naomi arrived and the wedding went off without a hitch, and in the first few minutes as well.

At the wedding Naomi and Sam reconnected, and went off and had sex with one another. Then the next thing we knew, three months had passed. Naomi went back to Washington, and Sam continued dating the nurse as if nothing had happened.

Violet helped a patient move on with her life after she survived a terrible accident that killed her boyfriend and her parents. It was Haddie from “Parenthood.” I just can’t escape her! The whole session basically seemed to be a metaphor for Violet’s life as well. As the patient had found acceptance and finally happiness in her own life over the years, so finally had Violet. She ended up writing a new book by the end of the show which she called “Private Practice.”

Sheldon and his girlfriend remained together, though she began to lose her fight against cancer. She begged him not to stay with her or watch her go through this, but he wouldn’t leave her. They ended up going on some beach vacation together, where we assume he finally had to say goodbye to her (probably as Bette Midler sang in the background).

Cooper took off work to take care of the triplets while Charlotte went back to work, but eventually he made her realize they needed a Nanny because it was too much even for him. Meanwhile Amelia and her Dr. were continuing to see one another and be happy.

The focus of the episode really was on Naomi, who ended up pregnant with Sam’s baby. She had also broken up with Fife, and confided in Addison. However when she learned that Addison and Sam didn’t work out as he didn’t want anymore kids, she decided to go on with her life and not tell Sam. I’m not sure how long she expected to pull that off? Addison finally told Sam that Naomi still loved him, and he realized he still was in love with her. He then dumped his nurse and reunited with Naomi, shocked to learn she was pregnant. He was also happy as well. Frankly I know Addison had moved on, but I think she should have been a little annoyed that Sam was okay having a baby with Naomi and not with her.

The end of the show had Sam and Naomi marrying and reuniting, and Naomi apparently moving back and rejoining the practice. Then Violet told them all about her new book and the title, which they all made fun of as a horrible title.

All in all, I am glad everyone got a happy ending for the most part. The reunion of Sam and Naomi was sweet, even if a little far fetched giving how big of an ass Sam had become over the last few years.

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Once Upon A Time: A Stranger In Town!

Once Upon A Time: A Stranger In Town!

Posted by Dustin on 01.21.2013 at 2:27 pm

Last night on “Once Upon A Time” a stranger came to town by way of a car accident. The car, coming from Pennsylvania, hit Hook just as he shot Belle, and before Rumple could fireball him. Nobody, however, died. Hook lived and was chained to his bed in the hospital. Belle was just wounded, Hook’s shot was to force her over the town line so she would forget Gold/Rumple and who she was, which she did.

Dr. Whale, AKA Frankenstein, seemed to be conflicted on whether to try and save the man who came to town and crashed his car. Many in town were worried he’d find out their secret. We then saw more of his past and another dilema he was faced with. Victor had a brother who was his father’s favorite, and who ended up dying while trying to help Victor obtain parts for his work. Victor, with Rumple’s help and a magic heart, was able to bring his brother back. However his brother became a monster who ended up killing their father. Over time the monster regained his mind and became his brother again. He wanted Victor to kill him, but Victor refused, saying he’d find a way to fully save him. Obviously we are going to see him again, and have to wonder where in our world he is.

In the present Emma and Mary Margaret learned who Whale was, which was discovered by the town while they were in the other dimension. Henry realized this wasn’t part of the book Mary gave to him, which meant there were many other worlds out there other than the two they knew about. I made the same assumption when the Frankenstein episode first aired. At some point they’ll need to expand beyond just what Disney and Grimm have covered, or they’ll run out of characters. Hopefully the show won’t jump on the vampire bandwagon . . .

In the hospital the mystery man’s cellphone kept ringing, and it was the Imperial March from “Star Wars.” Hmmmm, I’m fairly sure this is a huge clue. Of course the twist of those movies is who Luke’s father is. Could this mystery man be Bae? If so, he doesn’t seem to know who he is. At the end when he woke up he called his wife to tell him about what he saw, saying she wouldn’t believe it . . .

Elsewhere Cora revealed herself to two people in town. First she revealed herself to her old master Rumple, and the two shared a kiss. Ewww! I felt like this was some kind of hint to a relationship they once shared, and can’t help but wonder if Regina is his child? She called a truce with him and offered an artifact that would help him locate his son. She then went to Regina to make peace with her. Regina wanted her to turn herself in for framing her. I guess Regina doesn’t know Archie isn’t dead and they all know it was Cora who framed her? Cora agreed, but managed to convince Regina not to parade her in front of all. She said there was another way to deal with their enemies and get Henry back . . . It seems like Regina is going back to the dark side.

By the end of the episode Gold/Rumple called his favor in with Emma. He wanted her to leave town with him to find his son, warning if she didn’t then he’d kill her and her entire family! Again though, I have to wonder if the mystery man is his son. If he isn’t, who is he?


Grey’s Anatomy: Vagazziled!

Grey’s Anatomy: Vagazziled!

Posted by Dustin on 01.19.2013 at 12:48 pm

This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was an unusually fairly happy one, something we haven’t had in a while. Well it was happy up until the last few moments that is.

The survivors all learned they were getting 15 million dollars, each! The judge found the airline guilty of negligence, but ultimately it was the hospitals fault for not researching the airlines track record. This really made no sense to me, I don’t understand how the airline shouldn’t be made to pay . . . but whatever!

Callie wanted to go out for a celebratory dinner, but nobody else really felt like celebrating this. However Callie forced them all to go to dinner and noted that while it’s hard to be happy when Mark and Lexie were gone, they were all moving on and had reasons to be happy and celebrate.

-Arizona stood for five hours in the OR as she watched Jackson do a facial reconstruction surgery on one of Mark’s former patients, that was reason for her to be happy.

-Owen and Yang were happily divorced, so that was a good reason for them to be happy.

-Derek made it through surgery and played ping pong for 9 hours without his wrist hurting him, that was a good reason to celebrate.

-Meredith of course was pregnant and finally revealed it as she passed her first tri-mester. That was reason for her to be happy.

Meanwhile there were some not so happy moments. Jackson told April that he had been seeing one of the new interns, which broke her heart. He wanted them to be friends again, but she wasn’t ready to go back there yet as she still wanted more from him. I really felt bad for her.

Jackson’s mom returned to help The Chief try and deal with Adele’s death, and make him realize it’s okay for him to move on and be happy. He started thinking about retirement as all he saw around the hospital were reminders of time missed with Adele.

Alex continued his friendship with his intern, both of whom only saw the other as a platonic friend. This was something different and weird for Alex. I don’t think he’ll last to be honest. He’ll eventually crack and make a move on her.

Bailey and the others were tending to a woman who tried to get her husband excited with a pole dance and some vagazziling. Bailey acted all disgusted and bothered by this, which didn’t seem to make sense to the others. She finally revealed her horror of a Honeymoon to Callie, which was funny for all but Bailey. Her husband wanted to make love on the beach rather than their bed, which lead to her getting sand in her “cookie,” an infection, and sand fleas bit up her “buttocks” and left her with an itchy bottom. So she said she’s a fan of the plain old boring bed at this point. Poor Bailey!

The final moments brought the “boom.” In a meeting with the hospital board Owen learned the insurance company found a loophole that meant they didn’t have to pay the settlement. Therefore it fell to the hospital to pay the doctors. Owen knew they didn’t have the money. The board said they would have to declare bankruptcy and close in order to pay the settlement!