Summer Season Finales Part 1: The Fosters, PLL and Devious Maids

Summer Season Finales Part 1: The Fosters, PLL and Devious Maids

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2015 at 6:39 pm

So this post is just about some of the finales that have happened and my thoughts on them.

I pretty much called the Charles twist on “Pretty Little Liars” early on, only I thought it would be Sarah and never suspected they’d bring back CeCe and have her be Charles. We got a lot of answers, which was great. It also pretty much left the show in a hole as to where to go next, so they’ve jumped 5 years ahead and now are being terrorized by someone else, though we don’t know who. It looks like Alison, who is now a teacher herself, has a new stalker. I’m not sure if I like the idea of the time jump. Time will tell. I hope they still keep the parents around.

Over on “The Fosters,” I am thrilled that Rita was cleared and Callie finally got adopted, but this Brandon thing. Oy! I’m so over the two of them. Also it looks like I was absolutely right about the new foster brother’s brother being the driver who hit the Fosters all along. Now we got a new Jesus, who again I would have been happy if he just stayed away. Though maybe it can take some of the focus of Marianna, who I was screaming at for thinking her boyfriend would forgive her. “Well I’ve forgiven myself,” . . . good for you! You still cheated.

Finally over to the amazing “Devious Maids” finally. Holy cow! First I do have to say I was a bit disappointed with Sebastian being the killer. Unexpected, yes. However really? He just went that nuts all of the sudden? Meh! I was sad that they killed Michael off, and giving Spence Amensia and bringing Perry back . . . the worst! Technically Rosie is still his wife, though maybe that got nullified by her own dead husband returning. Oy oy! Of course we know Zoila won’t die, and I really have hope the baby will turn out to be Javier’s and he will come back to her. Or maybe her near death will bring him back. Oh yeah, Adrian can’t be dead! He is the best!


Nearly The End Of Summer Shows’ Thoughts

Nearly The End Of Summer Shows’ Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 08.10.2015 at 12:39 pm

As usual just trying to keep up with some quick thoughts on the shows I’ve been watching!

Big Brother 17
Worst – season – ever. They’ve at least started fighting, but watching these people is dullsville.

Devious Maids
I feel really bad for Carmen getting all “Irene Cara’d” by her label. Maybe she can pull a Prince and change her name to a symbol. Meanwhile Zoila is also about to get the old heave-hoe thanks to Genevieve’s new guy, who I hate. Go back to announcing the dog show dude! Loved that they had Spence counceling Taylor and not screwing her, but what is Michael thinking fooling around with his ex? She’s insane! Maybe that’s it, she’s insane and he’s not doing anything. I hope so.

I’ve gone from loving the show again to tolerating it. Molly’s son is creepy, and the humanics are basically going all terminator. I can see that the humans will have to team up with the aliens most likely to get rid of the robot problem that is coming.

The Fosters
So it would appear the mystery of who hit the Fosters car has been solved, and it was the owner of the other car’s kid all along, who lied about it being stolen. I was so sure it would be AJ’s brother. Now poor Rita has been possibly set up by her Girls United for beating them. Her own actions with her daughter though make it seem possible that she is an abuser, but I think they just want us to think that.

Falling Skies
I’m hating the turn on the latest episode with the Virginia regimen going totally insane on Tom and his men. It seems obvious they are actually under alien control. Something is wrong with that female captain for sure. There aren’t many episodes left and they seem no closer to winding down when we began this season.

I HATE that Calysta and Joss have turned on one another. This makes me so sad. It’s obvious that either her male assistant or the model her hubby was screwing killed her husband. Karen getting pregnant is going to be interesting, and I still don’t care about April’s story. At least her daughter has the boyfriend/principal’s number.

Pretty Little Liars
I’m ready for the finale and the reveal of Charles, and if we don’t get a reveal then I may need a new TV from the things I throw at it!

Definitely liking the show a bit more now that we’re exploring the woman with the green scarf warning the Doc to stop looking. Ooh! What isn’t she supposed to find?

Under The Dome
It was clear that the end of the world was orchestrated and that the dome is now just a large TV set showing those inside what they want them to see. You know what I want to see? Pretty much the entire kinship wiped out.

The Whisperers
Like PLL, I hope we get some answers soon. I really dislike the president, who knows his kid has been a target of drill yet still wanted to jail the only people who have leads and a real connection on whatever or whoever drill is.

I all but stopped watching this one. I just became bored and figured I’d do a marathon once it was over, if I cared enough to go back.