Confession Tuesday: Little Liars and Twisted Twists!

Confession Tuesday: Little Liars and Twisted Twists!

Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2013 at 11:15 am

So on both “Twisted” and “Pretty Little Liars,” the main twists at the end were two confessions to murders by people we are probably safe to assume didn’t actually commit them . . .

On “Liars” Hannah decided the only way to free her mom was for her to confess to the murder of Wilden. She asked Mona to train her to lie to the cops. Much of the episode was spent with Mona instructing Hannah how to do so . . or was it the other way around? At the very end Mona shocked all by confessing to the murder! Why? Is she nuts again? Does she have a plan? Or has she double-crossed the girls again and is still following A’s orders?

Spencer meanwhile learned Wilden made up a bogus report about Toby’s mom’s death/suicide . . . meaning someone could have wanted Wilden killed to keep his mouth shut. Spencer’s mom, when confronted about all this, seemed to really want Spencer to drop it and just help Toby move on. Yeah she knows something!

Over to “Twisted,” Lacey and Danny have a hidden secret relationship that Lacey wants to keep from Jo. Jo still has a crush on Danny and wants to come clean, but also seemingly liked this new guy Tyler. Poor Rico still likes Jo though! Danny meanwhile confronted his mother with the idea that his dad was a cheater, and may have been cheating with Regina. His mom was horrified at that idea . . .

Jo’s new friend Tyler got twisted himself in this episode. He’s filming a documentary and seemed to keep setting Danny and his mom up with gross jokes to film. Their yard was basically tee-peed with red jump ropes, and at a party all these guys wore Danny masks as one pretended to strangle someone with a red jump rope, while Tyler filmed of course.

By the end of the show Danny’s mom, who was told about the necklace they recovered from the lake and her being seen throwing something into the lake, ended up confessing to killing Regina. Did she do it? Doubtful! I think she’s trying to protect Danny. I think this goes back to Tara’s murder somehow . . . she felt she didn’t protect him then perhaps?

“Twisted” has been picked up for more episodes, slated to return in January with “The Fosters” after both have their upcoming summer finales. “Pretty Little Liars” will have another Halloween episode (which will launch the “Ravenwood” spinoff) and also return in the winter after its summer finale.


Under The Dome: The Stars Are Falling!

Under The Dome: The Stars Are Falling!

Posted by Dustin on 07.30.2013 at 1:19 pm

So I have been watching “Under The Dome” from the start of the season. We are now just a little over halfway through it. The series is based on the Steven King novel of the same name, though has departed from the story in a few ways according to readers.

I have not read the initial novel, so I’ve really been enjoying the show. I had not planned on adding it to the blog, as I was under the assumption that this was only a summer miniseries . . . . Things however have changed! It appears the creators, with King’s blessing, had always hoped to make this a multi-year series, with some major changes to the book’s end. The show has been a raitings hit for CBS, one of their best rated summer series in years, so it’s officially been renewed for a second summer season in 2014.

The show, it seems, will move far past the book’s plot in which the town of Chester’s Mill is mysteriously trapped under an invisible dome for a short period of time. The show plans to keep the town trapped for years . . . Hence the renewal and a major change to the story by the end of the season.

Given this, I feel it will be safe to start reading the novel. I initially did not because I was enjoying the show and didn’t want to ruin the ending.

Are you watching “Under the Dome?” Did you read the novel? Your thoughts?


Devious Diva Sunday: Sparks and DVDs + SPOILERS!

Devious Diva Sunday: Sparks and DVDs + SPOILERS!

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2013 at 4:50 pm

On “Drop Dead Diva,” Vanessa, who left Grayson at the alter a few seasons back, returned taking up a case against Kim and her client. This of course gave Vanessa and Grayson a chance to clear the air. Vanessa apologized, but at the same time was shocked to learn Grayson was single, especially after what happened with Jane and Owen. She hinted that she always expected him to end up with Jane . . .

Stacy kept searching for Mr. Right Sperm donor, but nobody matched her criteria list. She also kept pushing Jane to “touch” Owen somewhere to see if anything happens. Jane tried, but failed. She accidentally touched Grayson, which caused a static electricity shock. Yup, a spark between them. Jane’s case this week dealt with a man being catfished, and the photo used to catfish him was one Grayson took of Deb. There was a moment where Jane messed up in what she said to him about the photo, but quickly corrected herself. I have a feeling that by the end of the season Grayson will once again think Jane is Deb, and maybe he’ll remember when she almost confessed to him. I can’t remember if she did or not? He got hit by the car on the way to meet her, and he suffered memory loss . . .

Stacy meanwhile realized Owen was “the one” and Paul and Kim grew closer. I have a feeling they may start up a relationship before long.

Over to “Devious Maids,” we learned that Adrian not only sets his friends up with hookers, he watches and tapes them from a secret room. Marisol’s son remembered Flora on the phone mentioning “he will pay because of the DVD . . . ”

Adrian began to suspect Marisol was up to something, as she asks too many questions. He wanted to fire her, but Evelyn liked her. However that wouldn’t last long. Later a furious Michael showed up demanding Adrian hand over the DVDs of his wife Taylor. Taylor and Marisol were with him, trying to stop him when he began beating Adrian. Guess we know how Michael met his second wife! Evelyn took Marisol to the secret room where walls were filled with labeled DVDs. Evenlyn grabbed all the ones marked Taylor, while Marisol eyed the ones marked Flora. Evelyn handed them all over, said Marisol can verify there are none left of Taylor. She then kicked them all out, said she was glad as this means they can stop pretending to be friends, and then she fired Marisol! One step forward, two steps back . . . Marisol knows of the room and the DVDs, she just can’t get to them! Later Michael called Adrian to discuss what he really came over for and why he put on that show . . . He wants the DVD of him and Flora! Adrian claims he destroyed that long ago, but he really didn’t. Yup, Michael clearly cheated with Flora, and may be the man she was blackmailing . . .

Rosie and Spence began making love whenever Peri was out of the house. However during one session, Spence had a heart attack! He survived, and Peri felt a lot of guilt. It made her realize she does love her husband, she has become a major witch, and she wanted to work to be a better person and rekindle her relationship with Spence. Oh boy!

Sam began dating another woman, which made Carmen jealous. She sabotaged their relationship and finally admitted to Sam that she did like him . . . a lot.

Finally Genevieve learned her business manager disappeared after wiping out all her accounts, as well as Remi’s trust fund. Genevieve was forced to go back and beg her ex-husband for help and money. Now that they are poor, my guess is Remi’s friends will start to drop him like hot rocks and he’ll realize how poorly he had treated Valentina . . . This storyline was definitely the funniest of the episode, and Susan Lucci finally got a chance to shine.

Read on for spoilers for August for both shows!

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True Blood: Death By Hep-V

True Blood: Death By Hep-V

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2013 at 1:57 pm

So there are only three new episodes left this season before the finale. If you were able to tune in before the show, HBO was showing clips from the ComicCon pannel and revealed that Season 7 for “True Blood” is a go. Therefore I have a feeling they won’t kill off anyone major . . . or will they?

Eric and Nora managed to escape from the compound, but the others were left behind. Nora however was infected with Hep-V and she refused Bilith’s blood, which Eric hoped would heal her. She eventually relented to try it, but it didn’t work. Bilith felt his progeny Warlow could save her, but Bilith found that Sookie is hiding him from her/him in the Fairy World. Eric was furious when Nora died, and he wasn’t happy with Sookie. It seems Sookie is just pissing off all her former vampire lovers at this point! Poor Nora’s death was also fairly nasty, possibly the worst yet save for last season with Sam exploding out from within that council member.

Bilith warned Eric about the prophecy he saw, of him, Jessica, Pam, Tara and others burning to death in a circular room at the Vampire Compound . . . Speaking of the compound, Crazy Christian Sarah Newlin took control. She convinced the Lt. Governor not to announce the Governor’s death just yet. They’d say he was out of town and hidden for his safety, he would take care of politics and she’d run the Compound . . . just until Tru Blood with Hep-V hit the markets. Hopefully she won’t make it to the end of the season. I think it would be great if Steve turned her actually.

Pam warned others not to drink the Tru Blood they would be given, it would kill them. She then continued her bizarre relationship with the doctor who has the hots for her. Jason meanwhile was captured by Sarah and her guards and thrown into the female gen-pop as food. Uh oh! Elsewhere Jessica and the vampire guy she was supposed to have sex with last week got closer. I have a feeling both of them will be dead fairly soon. Since Andy’s kids do actually seem to be dead, save for the one, Jessica is probably a goner. I just don’t see her being able to live with herself in Bon Temps anymore. If she doesn’t die, maybe she and that guy will leave town.

Sookie and Warlow’s fairy light love fest came to an end when Sookie could hear Arlene nearby and crying. She left Warlow chained to a tree in fairy land while she went to the real world. She learned of Terry’s death, as did others. It brought many to Andy’s house to give their condolences, including Bilith. Everyone was stunned that he was day walking.

Sam learned of Terry’s death and he too wanted to go home, disobeying Alcide. He didn’t want Nicole to come though and sent her away. Well so he thought. Alcide returned home and told the pack that Sam and the girl were dead, and that he gave the pup to Martha. However the woman he’s sleeping with found Nicole and her mother sneaking around. Alcide has been exposed as a liar, and it seems the pack is not happy . . . . Looks like they are about to turn on poor Alcide. Am I supposed to feel bad for him? Because I really really don’t, at all. I guess his lie that they were dead is the show’s way of trying to redeem him, but he needs to do a lot more as far as I’m concerned.

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Big Brother 15: On The Block!

Big Brother 15: On The Block!

Posted by Dustin on 07.28.2013 at 9:06 pm

So the unexpected happened last week with Aaryn of all people winning HOH. She controls the house, she decides who goes on the block. Or does she . . . . America as MVP will pick the third person.

Helen hopes Aaryn keeps her side of the deal they made, and Elissa is just pissed Aaryn didn’t go. She went with the house in the vote as to not stir the pot. Howard also wanted Kaitlyn to stay and Aaryn to go.

Helen and Elissa made a deal with Aaryn that if she won HOH to put up Howard and Spencer. They didn’t want her to throw the comp after all, they wanted her to try and win. Helen just hoped she’d actually do it.

Jessie knew she’d have to play nice with Aaryn this week. Spencer went to see Aaryn to find out if he was in trouble, but she just played the maybe-maybe-not game with him.

Helen finally talked to Aaryn and said Candice confronted her before eviction that she heard Elissa and her made a deal with Aaryn as to who to put up. She wanted to save herself and Howard. Helen and Aaryn suspect Elissa leaked the deal, and she said those who knew about the deal (Jessie, McCrae, Amanda and Judd) could get into a room together and talk about Elissa the leak. Aaryn suggested they had the votes to get Elissa out . . . Helen says she has to think about that one.

Aaryn got her HOH room and nobody was to be found to see it . . . they all hid upstairs to play a joke on her and went in to see it. She got her creepy clown doll that nobody seems to like.

The Amanda and McCrae showmance continued, in Aaryn’s HOH tub . . . Ew! Does a bottle of bleach come with winning HOH?

Spencer talked to Aaryn again, and she said she had to make deals to stay in the house this week. Spencer warned her that she may not be that safe after this deal is fulfilled, and others could make her better deals and keep her safer.

Howard then talked to Aaryn, he too was worried. Aaryn and Howard talked about Candice knowing about the deal. She was honest and said the only way she could stay in the house was to make a deal with Helen and the numbers, and she’s following the numbers. Howard also told her that after this week she’d still be in trouble, but if she shakes things up . . . Howard wanted her to make a big move.

The guests were gathered for the Have Have-Not competition. The comp was based on the show “Person of Interest” which had the teams trying to solve a mystery. GinaMarie, Candice, Judd and Amanda. Candice was not happy, this is her third week as a Have-Not.

Elissa did Yoga in a variety of odd places around the house, while others watched and commented.

Howard and Candice tried to plot to convince Aaryn to put up Amanda and McCrae and shake things up. Candice went to talk to Aaryn about this idea and to shake things up to get Amanda and McCrae because they seem to be running the house with others. Aaryn however said she is trying to put the people up the house is against as she is trying to save her own ass. She told Candice that Howard has upset a lot of people. Candice said someone had to break up Amanda and McCrae otherwise they’ll make it to the end. Aaryn says Amanda is the one keeping her safe, but Candice says she’s really not. Aaryn told the DR that when Candice talks she pretty much shuts her out because she doesn’t exist in her world . . . she called it “the Candice Switch” that goes off in her brain when she talks.

Candice told Howard that it didn’t work, she won’t put up Amanda and McCrae and she thinks Amanda kept her safe. Candice worried that she just put a huge target on her own back, and started shutting Howard out . . .

Aaryn talked with Andy, Jessie and a third unseen (Judd?) and said that she will do what the house wants (i.e. put up Spencer and Howard) but she worried the only person who will betray her and put her up is Elissa. Andy said Elissa wouldn’t have the votes against her even if she did. Aaryn did worry that whoever stays next week will be out to get her, and she didn’t feel Spencer or Howard were against her (well Howard is!).

In the end Aaryn put Howard and Spencer up, saying it’s nothing personal and is what is best for her game. Below the jump are some feeds spoilers!

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Big Brother 15: Eviction Night and HOH!

Big Brother 15: Eviction Night and HOH!

Posted by Dustin on 07.25.2013 at 9:51 pm

So what we found out from Julie is that apparently America didn’t get things wrong? Aaryn was who was nominated overwhelmingly by America the MVP, Elissa went up because she was second in line and Judd put Aaryn up, and GinaMarie was third which is why she was the veto replacement.

Aaryn launched a campaign to stay and get Kaitlyn out, saying she’s (Kaitlyn) been mean for weeks and is the strongest player. She told this to Judd, who felt she was making good points. Kaitlyn was a good player, and Aaryn was hated by all.

Later Helen and Elissa talked to Judd about who he wanted out. Judd told them what Aaryn just said, Kaitlyn is a stronger player and Aaryn has enough enemies as is and will just keep going up on the block. Elissa however hates Aaryn and wants her out, but Jessie (who is the most forgettable one in the house) said Kaitlyn was a way sneaker player.

Judd talked to Candice and Howard about their opinions, and he made them think about getting Kaitlyn out as she’s a strong player. Howard however couldn’t think about keeping Aaryn because she’s such a monster.

Aaryn came to Helen with a deal to gain their trust, she will throw HOH this week if they keep her. Elissa and Helen talked about it, but she still wanted Aaryn to go.

Judd ended up telling Helen, Andy and Jessie about the alliance he made with Kaitlyn, Howard, Spencer and Gina Marie. He doesn’t feel good about that alliance at all. This made Helen even more convinced they should vote Kaitlyn out.

Helen told Elissa in confidence what Judd told her, and of course Elissa told Kaitlyn that Aaryn is telling people about a deal she has with some others . . . she suggested a house meeting to call people out or she (Kaitlyn) will go home. Aaryn overhears this, and goes straight to Helen for help! Helen has no idea why Elissa is ruining things.

Helen confronted Elissa while GinaMarie and Judd were there what she is doing? Why was she stirring things up? Eventually everyone ended up in the same room with Aaryn and Kaitlyn arguing with one another over this alliance. Helen was pissed, Judd was pissed! Aaryn ended up attacking Elissa for starting trouble, spreading lies and making her look bad because it makes her look bad. Elissa’s plan seemed to work, with Howard thinking Aaryn just needs to go to get peace back in this house.

Julie went to the houseguests in the living room for questions and then the vote. EVERYONE voted Kaitlyn OUT!

Kaitlyn was given the news. She just walked to and out the door, only hugging Aaryn goodbye.

Julie talked with her and told her that outside of the house, everyone has been referring to her, Aaryn and GinaMarie as the mean girls, and they see Aaryn as the leader of the group. Julie asked her why she participated in such ugly behavior. She said Aaryn rubbed off on her, and she does have regrets about who she aligned with.

The next HOH competition began and it was a casino themed game. It’s a variation on skeet-ball and a roulette wheel. They were going for the highest number/score with one throw/roll. In the end, Aaryn WON with the highest score possible. Not being able to play in the veto this week, Elissa is probably a goner!

America is also once again the MVP this week!

Jeff was on for the final few moments to give his thoughts on how things were going. Of course Julie asked about Jordan. They are still together and “almost engaged.”

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Big Brother 15: America Clearly Doesn’t Listen To Directions

Big Brother 15: America Clearly Doesn’t Listen To Directions

Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2013 at 9:04 pm

So Judd put Kaitlyn on the block, because he didn’t think anyone would vote her out, and Aaryn because she’s like a Texas Tornado and twists his words.

Aaryn came to talk to Judd in HOH and he told her in private to just trust him. He said the veto would be won, she or Kaitlyn would come off and they will backdoor someone . . . Aryan, I mean Aaryn was relieved and trusted Judd, who basically said what he had to so she didn’t come after him next week!

Amanda was still on a mission to backdoor Howard, and Kaitlyn told Aaryn that every week someone gets backdoored. So they both felt a little safety there and in Judd’s words.

The time had come and passed when Elissa usually learns she’s MVP, so she started to worry. Others have noticed she’s acting odd too. She told Judd and Amanda she hadn’t gotten it this week, and she’s worried she’ll go up if she doesn’t. Amanda tattled to McCrazy about Elissa and felt if she didn’t have MVP then she was of no use anymore.

Howard and Spencer formed a new alliance against the crazy women in the house. Spencer, for some reason, thinks they can control the house. Okay dude! Spencer and Howard went to Judd, Ginamarie and Kaitlyn for a new alliance to team up against Amanda and McCrae, as well as Elissa and Helen. Howard knew Amanda was gunning for him, so that’s what he’s worried about. Judd started thinking maybe he shouldn’t try and backdoor someone strong like Howard . . . . Oh brother!

Judd gathered everyone later and informed everyone that Elissa was nominated by the MVP. However they were NOT told this was America’s vote. My guess is that America clearly didn’t follow directions and voted as usual. Elissa felt betrayed, but others in the house were glad. Judd then drew players for the Veto comp. Helen and McRrae were chosen, and Helen totally planned to use the veto to save Elissa who was her only ally in the house.

Aaryn was the only one not happy about Elissa’s nom, because she felt everyone would assume she was the MVP and it would make the target on her back bigger. Elissa did suspect her, but she also suspected Kaitlyn and Ginamarie of putting her up. Ginamarie tried to be nice to Elissa, but Elissa wasn’t having it. Elissa accused GinaMarie of putting her up, but she swore she didn’t. She even swore on the bible. Elissa told her she didn’t need to do that. Elissa said she just wanted to go home at this point and to vote her out. GinaMarie told her she felt like that once too. Helen took her aside and gave her a pep-talk, saying her sister was up every week and fought to win it all.

Amanda was the only one who seemed to remember there was a twist this week. Amanda suggested Elissa put herself up for pitty and to play the house. GinaMarie meanwhile told Judd Elissa thinks she got MVP and put her up, but she didn’t. Kaitlyn also started to think Elissa was MVP and put herself up, to make drama, and to put the target on Aaryn this week.

The veto comp was played, which involved an obstacle course through mud in search of ballots with votes on them. Whomever had the most votes out of the four ballots they chose to keep would win. In the end Elissa won! McCrae ended up giving up and taking $5000 dollars for a crappy vote count, Judd ended up getting solitary confinement for 24 hours in exchange for a huge 18 vote ballot, while Elissa got a 20 vote ballot which also makes her unable to play in next week’s veto. Helen got a 10 vote ballot, but would get a 9pm curfew every night for a few nights. Elissa was safe for this week though, whether it will hurt her next week is unknown yet . . . She better win HOH is all I can say!

Elissa’s enemies were loving that she couldn’t play next week. Again she needs to win HOH! However others like Howard realized they could go up this week in her place. They started to worry . . .

Judd got stuck in his solitary room, which is a small room with an alarm clock that goes off every nine minutes he has to hit! Poor Judd! I’d totally cover it with the pillows and blankets I was given! Though Big Brother would probably yell at him for that. Elsewhere Helen felt like one of her kids having to go to bed at 9pm.

The girls decided to give McCrae a midnight party for his 24th birthday. Elissa meanwhile insulted Amanda over her onesies bathing suit she put on for the celebration. They tied McCrae up and Amanda spanked him in some sexy (?) stripper dominatrix outfit.

Elissa kept insulting Amanda, which was probably bad gameplay on her part as it will just make another enemy. Amanda ended up in the bathroom in tears, with McCrae coming to console her. Amanda says they helped her when everyone was against her. She felt so betrayed. At first I felt bad for Amanda, then I remembered 10 minutes earlier she said Elissa was useless to her if she didn’t get MVP anymore . . . Boo Hoo Amanda!

Judd was eventually released from solitary. Helen handed him a beer upon his exit.

The veto meeting was held, and Helen worried she could go up in place of Elissa because they were allies. Elissa of course saved herself, and GinaMarie went up. This would probably further convince the house Elissa won and put herself up, and then GinaMarie! Kaitlyn was the first to suspect this!

Eviction and the new HOH is tomorrow. My guess is Julie will reveal the twist to them tomorrow . . .

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Twisted Little Liars: Masks and Necklaces!

Twisted Little Liars: Masks and Necklaces!

Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2013 at 1:24 pm

So on “Pretty Little Liars” the girls’ families continue to be targeted. Oh wait, all except Spencer’s family . . . I still find that odd, and I don’t know why the other girls don’t either? In this episode Mike got framed for destroying Curtis’ car, the jerk that told lies about Aria around school and what she’s willing to do with any guy.

Emily stole Wilden’s apartment key from evidence so they could search his house to find anything to help Hannah’s mom. They just found more evidence he was being paid by A and was on the A team, also that he started the fire that almost killed them all. This royally pissed off A, getting Emily’s mom put on unpaid suspension until the missing evidence/key surfaces. At the end of the show A rigged a car to drive through Emily’s living room window almost killing her mom. Hopefully the two new State Police Cops will realize the girls and their families are being targeted, maybe even helping Hannah’s mom who remains in jail as the main suspect in Wilden’s murder.

Caleb and Toby made headway tracking down a plane A has used to come and go to places, but all ended up in dead ends. I can’t help but remember the pilot Allison befriended to fly her to and from places as Vivian Heartwood. . . Oh and they learned that CiCi Drake was on the plane last, but the guy she paid off to file a fake flight plan didn’t know where it was really going to . . . CiCi, Shaunna, Jenna . . . looks like they are all apart of A team somehow.

The show continues to hint that Red Coat is Allison, or someone who looks a lot like her . . . I hope they hurry up and give us a big reveal before the summer is over! It’s been awhile since we had a good payoff on this show. The last one was Mona . . .

Oh and A keeps sneaking around in more of those creepy masks, the latest looked like Emily . . .

On “Twisted” I still feel like the show is moving at a snail’s pace. By the end of this week’s episode they found Aunt Tara’s necklace in the lake, where the guy Ricco that has the crush on Jo told them to look after seeing Danny’s mom throw something in the lake . . . which was so dumb!

Danny and the girls have figured out that there is some connection between Regina, Aunt Tara and Danny’s dead dad. They just don’t know what. Maybe his dad is not dead?

Jo ended up with a crush on Danny, but Danny and Lacey like one another. Lacey even dumped her boyfriend for Danny, but they have to keep things on the DL because she’s afraid of losing her popular status.

Someone poisoned Danny’s friend on the team, and of course the coaches immediately suspected Danny. He was kicked off the team, but they promised not to tell anyone as they thought he was a good kid and didn’t need anymore trouble. Someone is clearly going to a lot of trouble to frame Danny for all these crimes.

Jo and Lacey tried to get Danny to tell them why he killed Tara. He won’t say, only that he was protecting Jo? Something tells me Jo’s mom may be involved somehow. She seems to be the only adult that gives him the benefit of the doubt, possibly because of a guilty conscious? I doubt her dad killed Tara because he seems to be looking so hard for evidence against Danny.


Mistresses: Hard Choices!

Mistresses: Hard Choices!

Posted by Dustin on 07.23.2013 at 6:11 pm

So on the latest episode of “Mistresses,” Savi foolishly thought she and Harry would be okay. However that was far from reality. Harry gave her a choice, him or the baby . . should the baby turn out not to be his! Savi finally got the paternity results, but couldn’t bring herself to open them and locked them in her desk drawer. Oh brother! Let’s hope no one saw that and decides to somehow tamper with them. I could totally see the guy she cheated with pulling something like that.

Joss tried to support Alex when her ex moved on, and they ended up having sex again. Alex no loner wants to be just friends, and Joss decided to keep sleeping with her so she didn’t lose her friend. Yeah this isn’t going to work out well. Something tells me Alex could easily turn into a Single White Female when all is said and done.

Karen continued to be stalked by Sam. She finally went to confront Tom’s widow, who was back in town. However it seems Elizabeth was never the fool she acted. When Karen told her about Sam, Sam walked into the room right as his mom dropped the bomb that is was Karen who had been his father’s mistress! Something tells me she’s set Karen up to take a huge fall, maybe even planning to pin Tom’s death on her? With Karen changing her notes and story, it doesn’t look too good for her.

Finally April’s ex Paul returned and explained his crappy behavior. He not only lost his job, he cheated on April. He felt he had done nothing but disappoint her, so he faked his death so she’d get some money. It was the only thing he could think of to make things up to her. What ?!?!?! However he had been living with Miranda and their kid all along! Oh hell no, this is turning into an episode of Jerry Springer! He apparently still had bad luck with money and jobs, and Miranda was not happy that April was seemingly doing well financially and got a big insurance check. She made the decision to go after April for money, and when Paul found out he came to stop her. April at least was able to set Miranda up to be found by Paul, tore the 100,000 dollar check up in her face, and told them both to get lost. Something tells me neither will, and April’s troubles are far from over. Paul will probably try and claim her shop as marital assets or something.

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Drop Dead Diva: No Hope For Jane and Grayson?

Drop Dead Diva: No Hope For Jane and Grayson?

Posted by Dustin on 07.23.2013 at 5:38 pm

So on the latest “Drop Dead Diva” it seems like they’ve once again taken a giant leap backwards for Jane and Grayson. Jane spurned his advance last week and he basically told her it, and she, was forgotten . . . as in they’ll pretend he never showed up at her place with that romantic dinner. He then moved on and found comfort in the arms of Kim’s new assistant.

Stacey continued her search for the perfect egg donor. She decided she didn’t want an anonymous donor, she wants to know her baby’s father. Oh boy! I have a feeling they could be working towards a Stacey and Grayson pairing? Of course it would be nice if somehow Fred could come back and be the baby daddy.

Finally Jane and Owen made roads to getting back together. Owen is slowly overcoming his hurt and anger. However he still doesn’t have an answer to the question he posed, but then took back . . . did Jane have feelings for Grayson the entire time? If and when he asks that question again, it will be interesting to see how Jane answers it.