Big Brother 15: On The Block!

Big Brother 15: On The Block!

Posted by Dustin on 07.28.2013 at 9:06 pm

So the unexpected happened last week with Aaryn of all people winning HOH. She controls the house, she decides who goes on the block. Or does she . . . . America as MVP will pick the third person.

Helen hopes Aaryn keeps her side of the deal they made, and Elissa is just pissed Aaryn didn’t go. She went with the house in the vote as to not stir the pot. Howard also wanted Kaitlyn to stay and Aaryn to go.

Helen and Elissa made a deal with Aaryn that if she won HOH to put up Howard and Spencer. They didn’t want her to throw the comp after all, they wanted her to try and win. Helen just hoped she’d actually do it.

Jessie knew she’d have to play nice with Aaryn this week. Spencer went to see Aaryn to find out if he was in trouble, but she just played the maybe-maybe-not game with him.

Helen finally talked to Aaryn and said Candice confronted her before eviction that she heard Elissa and her made a deal with Aaryn as to who to put up. She wanted to save herself and Howard. Helen and Aaryn suspect Elissa leaked the deal, and she said those who knew about the deal (Jessie, McCrae, Amanda and Judd) could get into a room together and talk about Elissa the leak. Aaryn suggested they had the votes to get Elissa out . . . Helen says she has to think about that one.

Aaryn got her HOH room and nobody was to be found to see it . . . they all hid upstairs to play a joke on her and went in to see it. She got her creepy clown doll that nobody seems to like.

The Amanda and McCrae showmance continued, in Aaryn’s HOH tub . . . Ew! Does a bottle of bleach come with winning HOH?

Spencer talked to Aaryn again, and she said she had to make deals to stay in the house this week. Spencer warned her that she may not be that safe after this deal is fulfilled, and others could make her better deals and keep her safer.

Howard then talked to Aaryn, he too was worried. Aaryn and Howard talked about Candice knowing about the deal. She was honest and said the only way she could stay in the house was to make a deal with Helen and the numbers, and she’s following the numbers. Howard also told her that after this week she’d still be in trouble, but if she shakes things up . . . Howard wanted her to make a big move.

The guests were gathered for the Have Have-Not competition. The comp was based on the show “Person of Interest” which had the teams trying to solve a mystery. GinaMarie, Candice, Judd and Amanda. Candice was not happy, this is her third week as a Have-Not.

Elissa did Yoga in a variety of odd places around the house, while others watched and commented.

Howard and Candice tried to plot to convince Aaryn to put up Amanda and McCrae and shake things up. Candice went to talk to Aaryn about this idea and to shake things up to get Amanda and McCrae because they seem to be running the house with others. Aaryn however said she is trying to put the people up the house is against as she is trying to save her own ass. She told Candice that Howard has upset a lot of people. Candice said someone had to break up Amanda and McCrae otherwise they’ll make it to the end. Aaryn says Amanda is the one keeping her safe, but Candice says she’s really not. Aaryn told the DR that when Candice talks she pretty much shuts her out because she doesn’t exist in her world . . . she called it “the Candice Switch” that goes off in her brain when she talks.

Candice told Howard that it didn’t work, she won’t put up Amanda and McCrae and she thinks Amanda kept her safe. Candice worried that she just put a huge target on her own back, and started shutting Howard out . . .

Aaryn talked with Andy, Jessie and a third unseen (Judd?) and said that she will do what the house wants (i.e. put up Spencer and Howard) but she worried the only person who will betray her and put her up is Elissa. Andy said Elissa wouldn’t have the votes against her even if she did. Aaryn did worry that whoever stays next week will be out to get her, and she didn’t feel Spencer or Howard were against her (well Howard is!).

In the end Aaryn put Howard and Spencer up, saying it’s nothing personal and is what is best for her game. Below the jump are some feeds spoilers!


America put up Amanda . . . . clearly because we are sick of her and McCrae! Spencer won HOH, which will take him off the block. My guess is America’s vote will again decide and it will likely be Elissa if we go based on last week’s vote. Howard is probably going home this week, unless Elissa goes up and a major vote out of her happens!




  1. I think since Spencer was Aaryn’s nominee that she gets to pick the replacement nominee. America would only if Amanda came off the block, just like in previous competitions where Elissa could only pick a replacement nominee if the MVP’s pick won veto and just like Helen replaced Jeremy when Kaitlyn took herself off.

    I wonder who Aaryn might put up in Spencer’s place?

    Comment by Marie
    07.29.2013 at 9:03 am
  2. True! I didn’t think about that! I think Elissa will go up. That way they will get her out and Aaryn won’t have made any more enemies.

    Comment by Dustin
    07.29.2013 at 1:59 pm

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