90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09.30.2009 at 10:15 pm

So some quick thoughts on both 90210 and “Melrose Place.”

First up, what a tease with the Jen and Liam story. I knew Jen wouldn’t tell Naomi the truth, but was actually shocked she did tell her about the whole going broke and marrying a rich guy to get by story. Of course she spinned it to make herself look like the victim and so that Noami wouldn’t be pissed that her sister is using her. How can Noami be so dumb and blind?

Fortunately a glimmer of hope at the end when Liam recorded Jen saying “Naomi will never believe we slept together.” Wait a minute, did someone on a show have the brains to record a conversation? I almost fell over and died! (Daytime soaps take notes here.)

The Dixon story I don’t care about, am not interested in, am completely bored by. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Silver was put off by Teddy for most of the episode because of his attitude towards the homeless man that was killed and he happened to find. He finally admitted he can’t talk about it with anyone but the police as it’s an on-going investigation. However I think Silver has become smitten with Teddy. To bad Adrianna likes him too, and Silver caught them kissing!

Adrianna is gunna go down, especially after having guilt sex with Navid after kissing Teddy. I think it’s gunna be a Silver vs Adrianna match for Teddy. Poor Navid will be caught in the middle . . . but does anyone really care about Navid as a character? He was adorable last season, this season not so much.

The nephew of the guy Annie ran down over the summer showed up. The guy was homeless, but loaded, and left everything to the high school. The nephew acted like his uncle was just this weird guy he barely knew, but I didn’t buy it. I think he’s faking it and is trying to find out who killed his uncle, and is onto Annie.

Onto “Melrose Place,” well this week’s show was again a better one, but I think Jane Andrews/Mancini was the saving grace here. Something tells me the show has gotten the memo than the new cast is a snoozer without the old cast, which is why Heather Locklear has been brought in. I think they are also banking on her saving the show the was she saved the original to be honest.

Jane showing up as the new landlord and blackmailing her way to fame with Ella was awesome. However what was not awesome was that dress she made for that movie star. Oh Jane, I’ve seen better on “Project Runway!” I did love that at the end of the show, Jane called the cops on Ella even thought Michael’s son thought he had blackmailed her into backing off. Yes!

The stuff with Violet is also the show’s saving grace right now. Who would have thought little Ashley Simpson would be the best actor on the show, minus the originals. Her character is nuts, but is far more likable than anyone else living in Melrose Place right now!

Post Note: I forgot the other saving grace of this episode, “Nip/Tuck’s” Kimber showing up as a possible new madam for Lauren. Yes! Again, a major plus for the show if they keep her around. (Now can we just evict half of Melrose Place and find some new tenants?)


More Mid October ABC Spoilers, Including Bailey on Private Practice!

More Mid October ABC Spoilers, Including Bailey on Private Practice!

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2009 at 7:32 pm

In this post are spoilers for “Brothers and Sisters,” “Grey’s” and “Private Practice” for mid-October. The “Practice” episode is the one where Bailey guests! Also this is the “Brothers and Sisters” episode where Giles Marini begins his guest stint. Also Hector Elizonda is back as Callie’s father on “Grey’s.”

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Heroes: Sylar Wants His Body Back!

Heroes: Sylar Wants His Body Back!

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2009 at 5:57 pm

So I was busy writing last night while “Heroes” was on, so I only half-watched. I need to stop multi-tasking while shows are one, but have lots of upcoming deadlines unfortunately. Anyways, a quick recap . . .

Claire’s new roommate saw her throw herself out her window and fix her broken bones, in an attempt to find out the truth about her old roommates suicide. She pressed her for details and Claire finally decided to trust her, telling her the truth about her powers.

The guy from the carnival is in fact after his brother, well his late brother’s memories it would seem. He felt he could use Peter to get these and tracked Peter down. He put a tattoo of the compass onto Peter’s skin, and the compass began spinning. Meanwhile some woman (who I believe is deaf, there was a casting call for this character) was in Central Park where Peter also was. A man was playing a cello and she could see colored waves coming out of it. When he took a break, she went over and repeated what he had played and colors were going everywhere.

Tracy went to get her old job back, working for the governor of NY.

Finally Matt was still struggling to overcome his addiction, to using his powers. Sylar was still ever present, stuck inside Matt’s head because of what he did. He got Matt to give up on trying not to use his powers and accept who he is. By the end of the show Sylar said “Now let’s get my body back!”

My Thoughts
I find myself confused as to what the Carnival Guy’s power is. Drawing weird tattoos on people? Then what is the tattooed lady’s power? Is she like some kind of oracle that can see things his ink draws?

Also now we have that new woman/hero with her seeing color power. Not sure how that will really come in handy to be honest.

Where the heck has Mohinder been? Also are we ever gunna get an answer to Tracy’s sister Barbara and what the deal there is?

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Army Wives: Liars Liars Pants On Fires

Army Wives: Liars Liars Pants On Fires

Posted by Dustin on 09.28.2009 at 11:14 pm

So this week we got a new episode of “Army Wives.” Not that last week’s wasn’t new, but it was mostly a filler episode as it was on Emmy night. This one advanced the current wives’ stories. As usual, first a mini-recap and then some thoughts.

Joan headed off to war this week, saying goodbye to Sarah Elizabeth and Roland. Soon after she left, Sarah Elizabeth came down with a serious case of pneumonia. She of course was saved by Army Doc guest star Linden Ashby (Melrose Place, Mortal Kombat). When Joan called Roland though, he told her nothing was wrong. When Michael found out, he felt Roland should be honest with Joan. Claudia Joy told Michael as their spouses, when they are in the field they don’t know how hard it is for them to manage on their own, and they have to make sure their spirits are kept up and they aren’t distracted by problems at home they can do nothing about. Michael of course wanted to know what Claudia Joy kept from him, but she wasn’t about to open up that can of worms.

Trevor continue to be devoted to making sure his first recruit Kinesa was signed up and sworn in. Of course she had more family issues, her sister OD’d and she was the only one to take care of her kids. In the end, Trevor convinced Kinesa to join up. Roxy however was not to pleased as she thought with Trevor staying home he’d have more time for their family. He however was bailing on family outings, even working on the weekends.

Jeremy came home this week and remained troubled by his friend’s death. He went to see his friend’s parents, to give them some things of his, as well as explain what happened. They didn’t blame him, even though he blamed himself. These scenes were just heartbreaking! Meanwhile Denise was studying for her paramedic qualifying tests.

Finally Pamela remained worried that Chase wouldn’t talk to her about what really happened to him. Worse yet, he was going out with Delta Force buddies, yet giving Pamela other stories as to where he was. When she point blank caught him in a lie, she was appalled. She realized how easy lying had become to him, even to her, and she wondered what other things he was keeping from her.

My Thoughts

So this one has been bothering me for awhile, but really hit home this week. I do NOT like the whole Trevor as a recruiter storyline. I know they tried to play it out as him helping a troubled youth better her life, but I felt it unfortunately came across as Trevor doing whatever it took to sign her up. It was like watching a car salesman do whatever necessary to make the sale.

Okay at the end of the show, Kinessa boarded a bus to go off to Army training. Wasn’t she just in high school 2 weeks ago?

Something tells me I’m not the only one a bit peeved with Trevor. Thanks to him becoming a workaholic, I am thinking Roxy is going to secretly go back on birth control, only to get caught by Trevor.

The previews for next week look amazing and full of drama. What was with Roland being arrested? Something tells me that jerk Price is involved!

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ABC Monday Spoiler Round-up: Mid-October

ABC Monday Spoiler Round-up: Mid-October

Posted by Dustin on 09.28.2009 at 6:34 pm

Some more ABC spoiler releases for the middle of October. Included are “Castle,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Eastwick” and “Ugly Betty.”

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Brothers and Sisters Premier

Brothers and Sisters Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2009 at 11:08 pm

Tonight was the season premier of “Brothers and Sisters.” It surrounded another one of Nora’s disastrous parties, though this one was technically a joint party with Holly for Justin and Rebecca’s engagement.

Some quick goings on as we went into the party. Justin was informed his grades were at the point where he might get kicked out of school, and he found out a letter and call from Robert is what got him in, he wasn’t a top pick. Sarah went on a bunch of disastrous internet dates. Scotty and Kevin are looking into surrogacy, but wanted to keep it a secret from Kevin’s family for now. Kitty and Robert are putting up the facade of being happily married, while at the same time Kitty is having health problems she was ignoring. She simply thought she was sick and over-tired.

Justin blew up at Rebecca at the party, feeling he couldn’t do school and this wedding at the same time, he thought he could. He wanted to postpone the wedding a bit, which made her freak. Holly however felt perhaps Rebecca should consider it, which made Rebecca think Holly was on Justin’s side. In reality, we know from last season that Holly knows Rebecca rushes into things and relationships and becomes obsessed, that’s probably where this came from.

Justin and Rebecca managed to work things out by the end of the episode. They decided to take a break and go to the beach, but almost got into an accident as Rebecca was driving like some possessed maniac. Scotty became more and more scared about the idea of a baby the realer it got. He wanted to wait until he was sure he wanted or could do this. Kevin said he understands, he can be patient like Scotty was with him. Meanwhile Kitty’s doctor left a message with her to call her ASAP, it’s important. She went in, one of the nodes in her throat was enlarged and she had to have a biopsy. The results were not good news . . .

My Thoughts . . . .

A great season premier, but seriously, the Walkers need to forbid Nora to give or have anything to do with planning any future parties. I mean never ever!

Marion Ross returned as Nora’s mother, who had the best lines and part as she said the most inappropriate or politically incorrect things throughout the episode. I’d love to see her added as a recurring character!

Speaking of characters . . . Tommy, Tommy, can you hear me Tommy? Tommy is apparently still in his hippie Mexican commune. I may have missed his being mentioned at all. Also seemingly not present, Saul or Nora’s boyfriends.

Kitty’s illness will clearly bring her and Robert together, while I think the baby issue could drive Kevin and Scotty apart.

Rebecca . . . I don’t even know what to think of her. What was with her crazy driving at the end of the show?


Desperate Housewives Season Premier: And The Bride Is . . . .

Desperate Housewives Season Premier: And The Bride Is . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2009 at 9:02 pm

I’m gunna make this one a live blog folks, so updates to come will be my thoughts to events as the show unfolds . . .

The show opened with the bride getting ready. It’s Susan! Yay! Julie was also there to help her mom get ready and be there for the wedding. Mike and Susan were married, and so help me God this better not be a joke or a dream!

Oops missed this! As Mike and Susan were walking out of the church, Katherine showed up fuming, and then we went back to 8 weeks earlier . . .

Gabby and the niece are still at odds, while Carlos defends her at every whim. Hasn’t this been done before, like too much?

Poor Tom and Lynette are dealing with the fact that more twins are on the way. Tom of course thinks it will be fun, Lynette not so much.

Katherine not doing well with the marriage, it seems for real folks! Oh she’s gunna go nuts and be a problem all season long I bet.

Lee selling a new home to Drea’s new character, and she wonders why she’s getting it so cheap. Oh they are moving into Mary Alice’s house! And of course she and the hubby seems strangely delighted about this fact. Creeeeeepy! Kid hates the new place, but the mom alludes to the fact that he is the reason they had to move.

Julie home with red hair, and the couple’s new kid already peeping on her with evil eyes. Creeeepy!

Katherine visiting with all the girls and the new wife. She seems to be going nuts already, can’t even dress herself properly as her shirts button up wrong. Lock your doors tight Susan! She’s gunna have to deal with Katherine and nutty neighbor boy?

Bree and Karl going to a motel to get it on. I can’t look at Karl after he appeared on “Nip/Tuck” last season. He of course took her to a cheap dirty motel! Bree wouldn’t lay on the dirty sheets and made him go shopping for sheets. She’s worried about the sheets matching the dirty hotel room carpet! She’s stalling, which Karl has just figured out.

D’oh Susan’s wedding gown just arrived at Katherine’s house and she signed for it.

Of course, Katherine put on the dress and is cooking red sauce in it! Nutso! Susan got it back unharmed though.

Gabby’s niece sneaks out of the house to go to a party, Gabby raids the club to make a fool of herself and the niece to find her. This is gunna be the storyline I am not fond of this season, I can already tell.

Gabby officially signs papers to make her and Carlos the guardian of the niece Anna. Anna thinks Gabby is trying to wreck her life, she’s trying to save her though.

Creepy neighbor boy just got into a fight with Julie and told her to go to hell!

We fast forward to the day before the wedding . . . .

Crazy Orson still around and trying to get Bree to agree to counseling with him. Ugh, go away Orson! Orson is still blackmailing Bree into staying married.

Lynette getting a sonogram. She’s still not pleased, Tom seems excited. He’s upset that it’s been three months and she still isn’t happy about this. She says she doesn’t love them! Tom trying to convince her the minute she holds them she will. I see a postpartum story coming! Friend’s speculation is something will be wrong or she’ll lose them and Tom will blame her.

The wedding day . . . .

Bree plans to finally consummate her affair with Karl. She booked a room, changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom.

Katherine arrives in the bridal room where Susan is in her dress. She confronts Susan for never coming to see how she was doing with everything. She wants a public apology or she’ll create a scene. Katherine is acting pretty snooty and above Susan, I guess she forgot everything she did to Mike and Susan last season to keep them apart and cause problems!

Susan locks Katherine in a closet so she doesn’t cause a scene!

We then go to the wedding where the show basically started. Katherine still wants her apology. Mike basically begs her to leave and threatens to drag her out if she doesn’t. Katherine sees everyone staring at her, says sorry and goes. Susan however stops her and makes the apology.

I still think Katherine is gunna be a problem and nuts this season! Yup, as they hugged, she told Susan that didn’t help at all. We have a new vixen on Wisteria Lane folks.

Danny, the new creepy neighbor kid, missing. The wife sends the husband to find him, they have to appear normal. She takes her dress off and her back is scared up. Meanwhile someone grabs Julie from behind and begins choking her. He runs off when dogs make a commotion. The previews have Julie apparently in a coma and on life support!


Medium Returns, So Does Allison’s Gift

Medium Returns, So Does Allison’s Gift

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2009 at 1:52 pm

On Friday “Medium” made the official jump to CBS. Now CBS has aired last season all summer, but this was the first new episode on the new network.

The show picked up with Allison out of her coma, but her right side of her body was somewhat paralyzed, and she hadn’t been having dreams. She was in the coma for 3 months, during which time Joe had to quit his San Diego job to take care of her and the girls. He’s jobless, and they need money. Allison was getting around enough that she decided to see if Devalous would hire her back as a secretary. He said no, she was hired originally as a paralegal and that’s what he’d have her back as.

While at work, Allison began having snipits of the future, like little flashes. As she worked on a case with Lee, they grew. The case involved a TV star who claimed she was being stalked by an obsessed fan. Of course it turned out she had an affair with the fan only to use him to frame him for her rape and husband’s murder. The husband was wealthy, and she couldn’t leave him because of a pre-nup. Allison’s returned powers helped catch him. By the end of the show she was dreaming again.

Joe meanwhile talked to Marie’s class about being an inventor. One of the classmates told his dad about Joe, the guy was basically a PR guy. He felt he could “sell” Joe to various companies interested in Green Technologies. Joe said he was an engineer specializing in aerodynamics. The guy said he built a solar cell, it doesn’t get more green than that! By the end of the show Allison also had to tell Joe her dreams were returning.

So I thought it was a pretty good episode. I don’t know if CBS threw more money at the show or what, but the sound and soundtrack were phenomenal in this episode. I have a surround sound system, and the NBC shows did NOT sound that good. The show, paired with “Ghost Whisperer” also won the night with ratings.

I got a good chuckle at the end when Joe said the guy who is trying to sell him suggest he too get a haircut, as Allison had hers shaved in the hospital and it had grown into a cute bob. Bridgett asked her dad if he even knew where to get a haircut. I love Joe, but his hair has bugged me for years! I can’t wait to see if he really does get a haircut.

I was also glad to see Lee being used, as last season it seemed he was hardly on. He’s also one of my favorite characters on the show. Now we just need to get a Bridgett filled episode 🙂

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Ghost Whisperer Season Premier

Ghost Whisperer Season Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09.26.2009 at 11:37 pm

So last night was the “Ghost Whisperer” season premier. First a quick recap, then onto some thoughts.

The show started off with Melinda approaching her due date and worried about the book of changes and her baby. Jim/Sam had started medical school at this point. Melinda went into labor and something weird happened during her birth. There was a scare with her baby, meanwhile there was another woman giving birth who died. Melinda’s baby was okay and they named him Aiden Lucas, after Jim’s dad and also in honor of Sam.

Then we went to the fast forward. Aiden’s fifth birthday was coming up. Jim/Sam was now a resident at the hospital. Ned was in college and taking classes with Eli. Dehlia had become a big real estate salesperson.

Aiden was in a double quandary. First, his friends were all reaching the age where they would begin no longer seeing ghosts. The other problem was every year on his birthday, he would become strangely sick. He was no old enough to relay what was going on to Melinda. Every year a woman came around, and the woman confronted Melinda saying Aiden was her son. The woman is the one who died giving birth the night Melinda did, she was convinced her son’s spirit jumped into Aiden as Aiden stopped breathing shortly after he was born.

Well as it turned out, the woman’s son didn’t die, he was adopted by the baby’s father and his wife (the woman had a one night stand with him and they arranged for him and the wife to adopt), and the kid was fine and very much loved. Melinda learned from one of the watchers that Aiden is an empath, he feels and takes on emotions of those around him. That is why every year he got sick, it was the feeling of the ghost mom. Also he and Melinda share some psychic link which allows them to communicate with one another, though he doesn’t fully understand that yet.

It was a good premier. The fast forward was a little weird. I have so many questions as to what went on, hopefully they’ll try and fill them in some way like “Housewives” did. I felt like the storyline between Melinda and Aiden was pretty good, and clearly they can do a lot with that whereas they couldn’t if we watched her raising an infant for a few years. Then again, “Charmed” did a good job of it 🙂 I think I really had a lot of questions as to what happened with Sam’s family, Jim taking over Sam’s life. Did he tell any of his friends the truth? Is Sam’s family just out of the picture? They didn’t even do the usual “Oh look it’s Sam’s reflection!” bit. Aside from Melinda saying they should also name him Lucas, that was all that Sam was mentioned. Frankly if they are gunna now play the “we’re over that story, Sam’s not important anymore” then why the hell did they put us through that nonsense last season!


Grey’s Premier: George Is Dead, Does Anyone Care?

Grey’s Premier: George Is Dead, Does Anyone Care?

Posted by Dustin on 09.25.2009 at 1:51 pm

So as with most of the 2-hour premiers, these are thoughts rather than a recap.

First up, I expected the show to be way more sad than it was. I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked that in true “Grey’s” fashion it was more dark and twisted than anything. People almost immediately went on with their lives and their problems. Now yes, by the end of the show we got the message, they were avoiding the reality that George was dead and had to grieve in their own time. It was just odd to see Yang only focused on how horny she was because Owen’s shrink is making them wait to have sex, or how Meredith was so focused on how many places she could have sex in her house. And that laughing scene at the funeral with Izzie and the others was just totally inappropriate!

Callie was one of the few who broke down immediately, but she soon focused on her promotion to attending and when she didn’t get it, quit to work at the competition Mercy West. Yeah I think a lot of it was not wanting to work where George’s ghost was all around.

Speaking of Mercy West, this was the one part of the show I was not getting at all. Granted I had a huge migraine so that wasn’t helping. The Chief learned he was in danger of being replaced by Derrick for not pulling up the rankings of Seattle Grace, along with apparently not managing his current staff so well (letting them spend money like it grew on trees). Well on his way to meet with the board he gets in a car accident and is taken to Mercy West, where he apparently gets an idea?

The Chief met with the board, then broke the news to the staff. Seattle Grace and Mercy West are merging, and becomes of the economic times, there will be staff cuts. Okay . . . what? First of all didn’t Seattle Grace’s rankings fall below Mercy West’s last season? When the Chief was there I thought they were making the place out to be a crap hospital, not a rock star one. Second, how on earth does a merger of hospitals make sense in hard economic times, as I would assume one would have to buy out the other? Oh I’m sorry we can’t afford good supplies, to run tests, we can’t afford to give you a promotion . . . but we can buy another hospital and merge them!

I just didn’t get it . . . .

One of my most favorite things in the episode was Alex telling Derrick that his silly post-it note in fact doesn’t count as a marriage. No it doesn’t, and it pisses me off! We the fans deserve a real wedding, not this post-it crap!

Anyway, what did you like or not like about the premier?