Brothers and Sisters Premier

Brothers and Sisters Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2009 at 11:08 pm

Tonight was the season premier of “Brothers and Sisters.” It surrounded another one of Nora’s disastrous parties, though this one was technically a joint party with Holly for Justin and Rebecca’s engagement.

Some quick goings on as we went into the party. Justin was informed his grades were at the point where he might get kicked out of school, and he found out a letter and call from Robert is what got him in, he wasn’t a top pick. Sarah went on a bunch of disastrous internet dates. Scotty and Kevin are looking into surrogacy, but wanted to keep it a secret from Kevin’s family for now. Kitty and Robert are putting up the facade of being happily married, while at the same time Kitty is having health problems she was ignoring. She simply thought she was sick and over-tired.

Justin blew up at Rebecca at the party, feeling he couldn’t do school and this wedding at the same time, he thought he could. He wanted to postpone the wedding a bit, which made her freak. Holly however felt perhaps Rebecca should consider it, which made Rebecca think Holly was on Justin’s side. In reality, we know from last season that Holly knows Rebecca rushes into things and relationships and becomes obsessed, that’s probably where this came from.

Justin and Rebecca managed to work things out by the end of the episode. They decided to take a break and go to the beach, but almost got into an accident as Rebecca was driving like some possessed maniac. Scotty became more and more scared about the idea of a baby the realer it got. He wanted to wait until he was sure he wanted or could do this. Kevin said he understands, he can be patient like Scotty was with him. Meanwhile Kitty’s doctor left a message with her to call her ASAP, it’s important. She went in, one of the nodes in her throat was enlarged and she had to have a biopsy. The results were not good news . . .

My Thoughts . . . .

A great season premier, but seriously, the Walkers need to forbid Nora to give or have anything to do with planning any future parties. I mean never ever!

Marion Ross returned as Nora’s mother, who had the best lines and part as she said the most inappropriate or politically incorrect things throughout the episode. I’d love to see her added as a recurring character!

Speaking of characters . . . Tommy, Tommy, can you hear me Tommy? Tommy is apparently still in his hippie Mexican commune. I may have missed his being mentioned at all. Also seemingly not present, Saul or Nora’s boyfriends.

Kitty’s illness will clearly bring her and Robert together, while I think the baby issue could drive Kevin and Scotty apart.

Rebecca . . . I don’t even know what to think of her. What was with her crazy driving at the end of the show?




  1. Rebecca wasn’t driving crazy, someone else was and ran a stop sign and almost hit them. Rebecca just was talking to Justin and didn’t see the guy.
    Tommy was mentioned at one point. Supposedly he called Justin and Rebecca and told them eh couldn’t make the engagement party but would be at the wedding.

    Comment by Beth
    09.28.2009 at 9:31 am
  2. Yea it was commented that Tommy calls Justin, Rebbecca, Kitty and I think Sara. Just not Nora which she expressed her distress about. Yay for them not going the car accident route, but Kitty being sick and Nora’s strange feeling being about that was a bit predictable considering they set up both at the same time right away in the esp.

    Comment by Erick
    09.28.2009 at 11:19 am
  3. one of these days I’ll not be multitasking during a tv show lol.

    I didn’t think about this till hours after the show, but did I miss him or totally block him out . . . was Ryan on screen or mentioned? That’s one character I’d have no problem if the show asked us to forget about totally!

    Comment by Dustin
    09.28.2009 at 11:55 am
  4. They gave Ryan a brief mention when Holly and Nora were talking about how she doesn’t tell her mom everything. She said she doesn’t even know how she’ll begin to explain Ryan.

    Comment by Beth
    09.28.2009 at 12:55 pm

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