Glee: Season Premier!

Glee: Season Premier!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2012 at 10:02 pm

The New Rachel: September 13th!
In the season premiere episode, the members of New Directions compete amongst themselves to become the next star of the glee club. During open auditions, a fresh crop of students is introduced, including Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist), Puck’s half-brother. Meanwhile, Rachel (Lea Michele) has a rocky start at NYADA and struggles to please her demanding dance teacher, Cassandra July (guest star Kate Hudson). She also meets Brody (Dean Geyer), a handsome upperclassman in the Season Four premiere episode, “The New Rachel,” airing on a new night and time Thursday, September 13th.

Check out the following video Fox just posted for an intro to the new characters this season . . .

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Project Runway: Over The Ven Show!

Project Runway: Over The Ven Show!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2012 at 8:46 pm

This post is just some random thoughts on how “Project Runway” is going so far . . . .

First, I’m so over the Ven show. Originally I loved him and I thought he was talented. Then they had the challenge where they had to deal with real world people, not negative size models. He showed just what an ass he was in how he treated the woman who was nominated by her friend for a makeover. All he could talk about was how fat she was, how he doesn’t design for fat women, that he got the fattest of all the clients and it wasn’t fair. Newsflash Ven . . . she wasn’t fat . . . in fact you are bigger than she is! I wish she had pointed that out to him honestly. He made her and her friend cry on the runway! Then when the judges had him standing up their last . . . after the loser went home and gave him a talking to . . . he complained to the other designers how unfair and mean that was. I can’t stand Ven anymore.

I’m also over the fact that some of the designers are one trick ponies and keep doing the same thing over and over. Christopher and his shredded fabric look. Ven and his draping with the the spiral pattern in the middle. Thankfully Elana has been moving away from the Soviet shoulder pad look the last few episodes!

The latest episode was the “Lord and Taylor’s” challenge where they had to make a marketable and manufacturable dress. Elena was reduced to tears when she was in the top (but didn’t win) . . . as she felt she’d never be in the top. The top two were Fabio and Christopher, and honestly I hated both of their dresses. Well, I didn’t hate them, but I felt others were far superior. I thought the zipper in the back of Fabio’s dress was ugly and distracting. Actually I believe this has been an issue I’ve had with several of his dresses. Christopher’s dress won and . . . okay I hated it. Was it ugly? No. However it was something I could see Nicole Kidman wearing in a period piece like “Australia” or “The Others.” It was not today at all, it just looked old!

In the end, nobody went home this week because they felt there were no real horrid mistakes or stinkers. Next week is a dreaded team challenge though, and it appears the love/truce between Dimitri and Elena will come to and end!

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Big Brother 14: Live Eviction Night!

Big Brother 14: Live Eviction Night!

Posted by Dustin on 08.30.2012 at 8:54 pm

The show picked up after the shocking veto ceremony where Jenn saved Dan, and Britney went on the block. Britney was stunned to be put up against her best friend, and Danielle had to act like she had no idea and wasn’t still working with Dan. Ian feared that Frank knew he was playing both sides.

Ian went to talk to Frank about what is going on. Frank told Ian that he should never go against him, but Ian said he agreed to work with him and didn’t use the veto to save anyone! Ian stormed out, and Britney told Ian that it was okay.

Britney confronted Dan, who said it wasn’t personal. Britney said she had been nothing but good to her, be honest to her, he owes her that. He said nothing . . . . Britney said that while this is a game, it’s important to her as a jury member how you treat people.

Ian swore to Shane and Danielle that he is over Frank, and he will avenge this. Shane didn’t understand where Jen was coming from? Shane felt he was caught between a rock and a hard place with his vote.

Britney confronted Frank and Jenn about what happened. Jenn said that she needed to keep a bigger target in the game, and Frank felt that Ian’s nominations were her doing. Britney said “Sure, I’m responsible for everyone’s nominations.” Britney told Frank that he’s good at this game, and she wasn’t going to lay down and die. She vowed to protect them next week if they keep her . . .

Frank and Ian eventually had a huge blow up. Dan sat in the other room smiling as he listened to them fighting. Ian told everyone that if they keep protecting Frank, and they sit against him in the final two, Frank will win 7-0!

Britney wasn’t going to lay down and die. She warned people that Dan was not out to do any favors for anyone but himself. She told Frank that he got played, but so did she as she felt bad for him at his funeral. He said that this guy already won the game, and now he’s coming back from the dead. Frank of course was loving that the target on Dan’s back was growing.

Joe talked with Shane about how he was the only guy he trusted in this house, and he agreed to stick by him. Ian was voting to keep Britney, Dan and Jenn were voting to keep Danielle . . . so it was down to Joe and Shane’s vote on deciding who would stay and who would go . . . Shane said that Joe would vote how Shane would . . . (Side Note: from the feeds, Joe was pushing Shane to keep Britney as he felt Danielle and Dan had a pact).

Julie gathered the house for the live vote. Before that though, we heard from “The Brigade” from Britney’s season and how they are doing now. They also commented on Britney and her game.

Julie talked with Frank before the live vote and asked him about Ian and Dan. He knew Ian was gunning with him, and he thinks he has the whole house on his side to get Ian out next week. As for his final 2 with Dan, he will see how the next few weeks go and if he can trust him.

The vote was finally held . . . but not before Britney and Danielle made their pleas. Danielle gave ya’ll much luv, while Britney said she didn’t have the time or ego to host her own funeral, but to quote a wise old old man “You’ll always be Judas to me.” That was targeted to Dan!

The vote was held . . .
Dan, Jenn, Shane and Joe voted to evict Britney.
Ian voted to evict Danielle.

Britney was told that by four to one, she was evicted from the house. Britney then watched her videos and spoke to the Chenbot. Chenbot of course wanted to talk about Dan. Britney knew it was a good game move, but she’s not happy about it. Britney said he flipped the house in an hour and used the bible to do it, he’s both a genius and evil. Britney felt her allegiance to Ian was her downfall. However she feels Ian’s word was good. Julie wondered what would happen to Ian and Shane’s game with her gone? Britney thinks Ian can survive, but Shane is just a follower and would get played.

The next HOH comp was set to begin, and thanks to a live Twitter vote . . . the first out of tonight’s endurance competition would be punished. The game involved the house guests were stuck standing on a small disc suspended from a rope, which twirled around the yard, which in the center was a sun. Of course it will be some time before we find out who wins tonight’s game . . . Though before the hour was up Joe was the first out, and Jenn was knocked off during the credits!

The new HOH is below …

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Big Brother 14: A Shocking Veto Ceremony!

Big Brother 14: A Shocking Veto Ceremony!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2012 at 7:55 pm

Dan and Danielle are on the block, thanks to Frank. Dan is hoping that he can get Ian to use his power of Veto to save him. However Frank is hoping that Ian won’t use it so that he can get Dan out.

The veto competition was held, but as Ian already had one from Pandora’s box, that meant he couldn’t play. Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Jenn were playing in the veto. Jenn was Dan’s choice, as he got house guests choice. Joe was the only person left, and thought he’d get to be the host . . . but Frank chose Ian!

Jenn wasn’t aligned with anyone yet, so she decided this could be her opportunity to align herself with a power player . . . be that Frank or Dan . . . .

Dan had planned to throw the game to Shane or Britney to keep the Quack Pack safe . . . but it didn’t seem when they started playing that was his plan anymore . . . He seemed to be playing to win! Britney was pissed with him.

The veto game was based on the popular social app “Draw Something.” Users of the apps submitted drawings, and the selected ones were used in the game. There were additional points for taking punishments given to people who won each round. Frank tried to cheat and whisper an answer to Britney . . which got him thrown out. He did end up with the punishment of a carrot costume though, and Dan ended up in solitary confinement. Jenn also took the ultimate punishment to win, which was a slop ticket for the whole summer! Other punishments . . . Britney was chained to Danielle, and Frank had to take chum showers when a horn blew.

Dan was stuck in solitary for 24 hours. He was put in the have not room with DJ/Techno music piped in the whole time. Dan began to formulate a plan to get himself out of the mess he was in . . .

Once out of confinement, Dan calls a house meeting to launch his own “Big Brother Funeral.” He begins making speeches and cries about how much he loves them all, and he talks about each one of them and what they’ve taught him . . . and throws Danielle under the bus by saying “She knows what she did, she is dead to him inside this game, and it’s over . . . ”

Danielle is crushed and has no idea what she did to Dan. She was left in tears. The house was stunned, Shane tried to rally the house behind Danielle and that this is why they should keep her over him. Nobody knew what was going on.

Meanwhile, Dan talked with Frank, which was part of his master plan to save himself. He then blew up his alliance with The Quack Pack and threw Ian under the bus as the one who threw out Mike Boogie! However he then threw Britney under the bus as the more dangerous player, who should go out this week over him. Dan formed yet another final two alliance, this time with Frank (who has had ones with Shane and Boogie before!). Frank realized he, who already made a semi-deal with Jenn earlier, could get her to use the veto on Dan . . . and then Britney would be gone. Frank said this would mean Shane and Ian would be on their own without Britney.

Later Dan talked to Danielle and told her that he had a plan to keep them both in the house. Danielle told him that he was one sick person! Dan said he made a deal with Jenn and Frank with them to try and get them to the end. Dan warned her though that Britney would be up against her if it all goes as planned.

Frank meanwhile talked to Jenn about Ian working with the others, and the idea to take Dan off and work with him to get to the end. Jenn agreed, thinking that Frank would keep her safe . . .

At the veto ceremony, Ian did not use his power of Veto . . . but Jenn did and saved Dan! In his place, Britney went up. Frank couldn’t put Ian up because he held a veto, so he said he put Britney up because she was his closest ally.

Behind the scenes, there were a lot of blow-ups between Ian and Frank. It definitely looks like Britney will go to the jury unless there is a huge house turn around.

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Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Thoughts!

Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Thoughts!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2012 at 6:54 pm

I’m just so . . . confused! I also feel a bit cheated, as it seems this whole season was one big red herring. Maya’s murder was not orchestrated by -A or -The A Team, but some guy who was stalking her and then pretended to be her cousin in order to get revenge on Emily? He had kidnapped Paige in order to make Emily watch him kill her, because he felt that she had stolen Maya from him . . . Say what?

It does, however, seem that -The A Team was trying really hard to set Paige up to take the fall for Maya’s murder. This, at least to me, was made clear by Mona’s comments by the end of the episode about how it was a shame they couldn’t make a call to the girls about Paige’s guilt. Paige does have Maya’s cellphone though and doesn’t know it. I don’t know how she has it, did she pick it up? Did they plant it on her? Mona definitely wants it back, so there must be something important on it. My guess is something that implicates her or others in Alison’s murder, given Maya had been staying at the Kahn cabin.

Mona is clearly in complete control of her faculties, something that we pretty much knew earlier in the season. However we learned she’s also still very much on -The A Team . . . which is interesting as she was also warning and helping Hannah in previous episodes. Was that part of her game, or maybe she has multiple personalities? Given how well she shifts between moods, my guess is on the later. Otherwise, she’s just a sociopath!

We learned the identity of at least one other member of -The A Team by the end of the episode, and shockingly it was Toby! Well probably not that shocking, as he did get the raw end of the stick being sent to jail for the fire. So he clearly has revenge on his mind. Does he really love Spencer though? I am now wondering if he’s twistedly been in love with Jenna all along . . .

Let’s not forget though, there were several hoodies that Hannah saw in the cabin where all the photos of the girls and Allison were. So we only know two of the team’s identities! I believe Hannah saw at least 5?

By the end of the episode we also saw Garrett being let free, as Maya’s real killer had been caught. Wait . . . wasn’t in he in jail for killing Allison? Do they now think this kid killed both Allison and Maya? Garrett gave the girls a devilish smile as he walked by them a free man, which probably means he in fact is in on Allison’s killing somehow!

The final scene had someone from -The A Team making a disguised phone voice call about a Halloween event called “The Ghost Train Party.” My guess is like last year, the show plans to have another Halloween episode. Also since we know Maya and Toby are on the team . . . and they didn’t show this person, I’m guessing it’s a member yet to be revealed?


Army Wives: Is Michael Cheating?

Army Wives: Is Michael Cheating?

Posted by Dustin on 08.28.2012 at 5:11 pm

So there is only one more episode “until it all ends . . . ” as the promos state. Next weekend there won’t be any shows, as it’s a holiday weekend. The season, and potential series, finale is September 9th. As of yet there is still no official word if the show will come back. If it does, it definitely seems they are setting up the batch of new Army Wives to possibly take over for the old ones. Honestly, I don’t think that will work. The show definitely hasn’t been the same without Pamela, and the loss of CJ for half this season has also been felt.

Kevin was back home, still injured, and not making much progress in his recovery. He has been pushing himself hard, past his doctors orders, which is probably not helping. In the latest episode there was talk about a replacement . . . and that Kevin’s army days may be numbered. Jackie was worried as she doesn’t think Kevin knows who Kevin is without the army. Their daughter Sophie came home, and Kevin’s injury brought her and Jackie closer after Kevin was nasty to both of them. It seems Sophie finally got a taste of what it’s like not to be her father’s favorite, and what her mother has endured from her and her father over the years.

Claudia Joy is still MIA . . . supposedly off with the first lady doing charity work or something. I really hope she returns for the final episode, as it would truly suck if it was really the final episode and she wasn’t there. Denise and Frank ended up catching Michael out to dinner with a mysterious lady, when he told them he couldn’t go out with the because of work. Was Michael cheating? Denise couldn’t stand not knowing, but Frank grabbed her to get the hell out of there as this was an uncomfortable situation for him. She pressured Frank into finally confronting Michael, as she just had to know if Michael was cheating on her best friend. There is of course some irony here, as it wasn’t long ago that Denise was the cheater and Michael was totally unforgiving of her for so long. Frank finally did confront Michael at the office, and Michael told him to shut the door . . . Now if it was something innocent, I don’t think that would have happened. However is Michael cheating? My guess is no, and the show just built up more suspense for something that will turn out to be something completely different. Could this be about Claudia Joy’s illness? Maybe he’s been seeing a psychiatrist to help him deal with his own issues regarding CJ and this was her? I just can’t believe he’s cheating on CJ.

Marcus returned to have Roland help him through his addiction, and he was working to get Marcus into a methadone clinic. This didn’t sit well with Joan, who visited and lashed out at Marcus for being a junkie. She told him he’d always be a drug addict and would never see David again. The next thing we knew, Marcus OD’d and didn’t want help anymore. In the end we learned Joan had her own battle with drugs and a druggie boyfriend as a teenager, and her fears were being projected onto Marcus. Joan and Marcus did work things out. I honestly thought this was the weakest story of this week, and really didn’t give a rats ass about Joan’s childhood drama.

Roxy, Trevor and the crew are preparing for their transfer to Washington. Part of the transfer means selling The Hump . . . Oddly The Truck Stop wasn’t mentioned at all I don’t think? Unless she unloaded that earlier in the season because of the babies and I forgot. The guy she planned to sell to, however, turned out to be a corporate turd who was going to take all the uniqueness out of the place and mainstream it into his other chain restaurants. Fortunately Gloria had returned, which opened up an opportunity. Roxy killed the deal, decided to keep ownership of The Hump, and in the end put Gloria in charge. It was a throwback to how Roxy herself ended up with The Hump. My guess is that should the show get another season, it may be without Roxy. Sally Pressman, who plays Roxy, signed a deal last year with NBC to have her join a new NBC show for the upcoming season.

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Drop Dead Diva: Pakery Patent Troll!

Drop Dead Diva: Pakery Patent Troll!

Posted by Dustin on 08.27.2012 at 7:22 pm

So I feel the show has been a little slow since Owen’s big return and the news of where he was. Sure he and Jane have been sweet, and Grayson has maintained his distance. But this is a soapy show, so that can’t last forever!

I have been enjoying a lot of the fun cases over the past few weeks. Grayson defending the sculpture, which in the end was a vagina, was hilarious. Last week’s case with the gay male sperm donor was politically important . . . but it also made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I would have liked it if they didn’t make the guy a serial donor basically. There is enough stigma against gay men, they made him out to be a louse in a way. This week’s case with Dylan Walsh and old Jane’s hero suffering from a degenerative disease was also great. However it was over shadowed, and rightly so, by Stacey’s case against her “Pakery Patent Troll.” I loved the pake bake off! It’s just too bad we had to endure the return of Kim Kardashian. Send her back to jail!

Stacey learned that Jane and Owen were looking at real-estate and planning to move out. Did she think they’d all just live together? Wait, scratch that, I have known people who thought just that! However given all the previews that ran through the night on Lifetime, the question as to whether Owen and Jane will even say “I do” is at question. Now previews can be deceiving, and I’m sure this one is, but it seems that Owen walks in on Jane and Grayson in a lip lock . . . Oh dear! I’ve made posts before about the season finale and various spoilers out there . . . so I won’t go into them again if anyone wants to remain spoiler free.

The real shock in the latest episode came when Kim broke off her budding romance with Luke. No, that wasn’t a shock, I was actually glad at that. I don’t want to see Luke happy at all, because I think he’s a crummy angel. It was the reason why she broke things off that was the shock. Kim revealed she was pregnant! I am guessing we are all assuming it’s with Parker’s kid, but what if it isn’t? Wouldn’t that be a twist! Say if it was Grayson’s for some odd reason?

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True Blood Season Finale . . .

True Blood Season Finale . . .

Posted by Dustin on 08.27.2012 at 1:03 pm

So last night was the season finale of “True Blood,” which I felt much made up for a lot of this crappy season with some fantastic vampire kills. However the big question, who the heck is Warlow, was never answered! I kept waiting and waiting, and nothing. I was afraid they’d leave us hanging this way.

We picked up right were we left off last week, with Russell killing the Fairy Elder and then going after the fairies in their club. However Eric (and Nora) showed up immediately, and Eric staked Russell! Just like that, he was gone. I was actually stunned as so far he’s been the best villain the show has had. I guess though they have to make room for Warlow? Oh Steve then rain off like a frightened little girl, which was hilarious.

A big meeting was held between Tara, Eric, Nora, Jason and Sookie. Jason, for some reason, kept seeing his dead parents around him. I wasn’t sure what that was about at all, and why Sookie couldn’t see them. Tara had told Eric about Pam being captured, and that Jessica was there too. Eric told them all about Bill going nuts, and how he felt Sookie was the only one who might be able to save him from the cult of Lilith. Jason was against helping the blood suckers given what happened to their parents, but Tara said Sookie owed her and Pam. Sookie agreed, and on the way to the authority compound Jason railed at her about all that has happened to them, including Crystal. Wow, I thought they had totally forgotten about the WerePanthers. Maybe there is hope that storyline will come back? Though given how much is going on, perhaps they don’t need another story.

Sookie, Eric and Tara infiltrated the Authority, and met up with Jessica there to rescue Pam. All hell was basically breaking lose. Bill led Salome to believe Lilith told him that she had been chosen to lead them . . . but later he staked her. Meanwhile Eric and Company rescued Pam, and Tara and Pam had a long make-out session. Jessica had a great line when she exclaimed “I knew it!” Even Sookie was stunned.

Later, Eric and Sookie tried to get through to Bill, but it seems like he’s just too damn crazy. He decided to drink all of Lilith’s blood as she kept commanding him to. When he did so, he exploded in a puddle of goop. Wait, what? Bill is dead? Nope! Just like Lilith, a naked Bill rose from the pile of blood! I figured Lilith would be resurrected this way, I guess I just never expected her to come back as a man! As a facebook friend called him/her . . . . Here’s Bilith! Does this mean Bilith will walk around naked and covered in blood? I was really hoping that by the end of this season we have just been done with Lilith, but nope! I really hope they don’t drag this on too far into next season. I’d like to see it quickly resolved and then they all move on.

Other things going on . . . . elsewhere in the compound Sam and Luna were put in cages, as if that could really keep them trapped though. They were locked up with a lot of other humans who were there as meat for the vamps. Sam and Luna concocted a plan to rescue Emma and get out. They turned themselves into flies to make there way around the compound. Luna turned into Steve Newlin and grabbed Emma, and then she tried to leave. However she was then quickly grabbed by Rosalyn. Rosalyn was fuming as the press was smearing the Vampire Authority, she had found out about his and Russell’s frat party adventure, and Russell was no where to be found. She demanded he immediately go on the air and fix things. Unfortunately while on air, Luna began to literally fall apart. She puked up blood and then morphed back into herself. She then went into an on-air rant about the vampires! As Rosalyn stood there . . . mouth open in horror . . . Sam as a fly flew in and she swallowed him. Yup . . . he morphed back and exploded her from the inside out. It was probably the best vampire kill ever on the show! However Luna seemed in pretty poor shape by the end of the show. Once again it seems like they may kill her off? I hope they don’t do that.

Alcide meanwhile got a visit from Emma’s grandma and the woman who was to be his second. She was tweaking bad from the V, and Emma’s grandma said he had to stand up and take JD down. Unfortunately he couldn’t do that without V. Aclide’s dad then revealed he kept a stash of very powerful V, top notch stuff, for situations when people try and kill him. He gave it to Alcide, who used it kill JD and take over the pack. I couldn’t help but wonder if the blood was Warlow’s? Alcide’s dad noted that is was a very powerful dose of V . . . it clearly was more powerful than Russell’s blood.

Finally Andy’s fairy girlfriend showed up pregnant at Merlotte’s, and Andy was forced to come clean with Holly, who wasn’t pleased. Then Holly realized Andy’s fling wasn’t exactly normal. When light began streaming out of her “area,” well that was a big clue. Lafeyette, Arlene and Baby Jane (who was a character during the whole Marianne storyline) sat around and watched as the fairy gave birth to four little girls! After she was done, she got up, told Andy to take good care of them, and then walked out. Oh brother! What was the point of this? Are the fairies trying to build up an army or something?

It will be a long year until the show returns. Next year Alan Ball will no longer be the show-runner, so it will be interesting to see how much of a change in direction the show takes.

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Big Brother Pre-Sunday Show Spoilers!

Big Brother Pre-Sunday Show Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2012 at 4:56 pm

Here are some spoilers for tonight’s show, and probably some of Wednesday’s show for “The Frank Show,” I mean “Big Brother 14.” Also don’t forget, it’s the season finale of “True Blood” tonight!

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Big Brother 14: Double Eviction Night Drama!

Big Brother 14: Double Eviction Night Drama!

Posted by Dustin on 08.23.2012 at 8:58 pm

Note: This hasn’t been proofed, so sorry for any issues . . .

It’s the double eviction episode! As Julie loves to say, two weeks of “Big Brother” in a single hour! In the last episode Frank and Boogie were reeling after Shane put them on the block, breaking the trust of “The Silent Six.” Shane threw Britney under the bus, but Boogie felt Dan was the real mastermind. Nobody seemed to suspect Ian the Mole at all! Frank won POV, saved himself, and Shane put up a very pissed off Jenn . . .

Frank and Boogie were pissed and vented to one another. Ian tried to save face, tried to keep his cover from being blown with Boogie. He was planning on voting him out, but didn’t tell him that of course.

Boogie and Frank confronted Shane publicly, and Boogie kept calling him “Dan’s Bitch!” Britney and Daniel felt bad for him, but didn’t run to stand up for him. Boogie and Frank told him that he’d “get done” eventually, and Frank said Shane and Dan were now number 1 and 2 on his list . . . Boogie then started telling Jenn that she should question Dan about why she’s on the block, he would bet he knows! Dan kept ignoring his threats, taking all the heat so as to not expose Ian’s betrayal.

Later Jenn was furious that she was on the block, and she talked to Shane. Shane basically told her that she was a pawn, but she knows pawns sometimes go home. Jenn was seriously pissed and ranted to everyone else in the house who would listen to her. Ian was worried that if Jenn didn’t chill out, she would get herself voted out and Mike would stay!

Chenbot then revealed to the assembled houseguests that it was a double eviction night. The second houseguest evicted tonight would also be the first juror of seven to crown the winner. Boogie and Jenn got to make their speeches to save themselves before the vote.

Ashley and Frank voted to evict Jenn.
Britney, Joe, Dan, Ian, Danielle voted to evict Boogie.

Boogie was told he was outta there! You could tell he was pissed! Ian hugged him and told him he respected him, but apparently did tell him that he voted against him is some kind of code. As Mike left he told Ian “What happened, not cool buddy!” Mike also told Frank “not to trust Ian.” Mike then got to watch his messages. Britney’s message to Mike was brilliant, she spoofed the whole Chilltown Cellphone Messages . . . and she pretended to talk to Janelle saying “No Mike’s not here Janelle!” Ian then told Mike he was the one who masterminded Mike’s demise this week, and he learned from the best.

The HOH competition was held, and it was a trivia comp. It was the before or after game, based on events that have happened this summer. In the end, Ian won HOH!

Ian then had to immediately nominate two people, and he put up Frank and Ashley. He said he hated doing this, but after that last eviction he has no choice.

The live veto competition was then played. The competition was rainbow themed and involved them running across the yard (in their lanes) to search pots of gold for clovers. They had to retrieve two clovers from a pot of gold balls, and then grab the veto. Everyone was allowed to play in this competition. Of course . . . FRANK won the Veto.

Frank talked with Shane and Britney, he swore he was going after Dan, who would Ian put up? They thought Joe . . .

Ian had to nominate a replacement, which was Joe. The next vote was then held . . .

Jenn, Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan voted to evict Ashley.
Frank voted to evict Joe.

Ashley was sent packing, and Frank was really pissed at how the night went. Ashley talked with Julie, and she knew she pissed the house off and that’s why she was where she was. She felt that she pissed off too many people siding with Janelle, and that she was just seen as a floater.

The final HOH game would be held at some point tonight, but not on this episode . . . .

New HOH Spoilers after the jump . . .

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