More Fall 2012 Casting Tidbits!

More Fall 2012 Casting Tidbits!

Posted by Dustin on 07.31.2012 at 7:03 pm

Casting news for several shows. This may be spoilerish!

“Body of Proof” has already lost three players, reported in an earlier post. Now comes news from Deadline that the show is looking to add Mark Valley in the role of a detective who will work with Meagan Hunt, and also be a possible love interest. Oh no, that means another write out . . . Aiden!

Sarah Jessica Parker will be working at Vogue on the new season of “Glee.” Kate Hudson, who is already filming, plays Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA. Ryan Murphy has already Tweeted the first photo of them on set. “Glee” began filming this week.
Source: Yahoo Canada

Julian Morris, known to many as Melissa’s ex Ian on “Pretty Little Liars,” has been cast as Prince Phillip on “Once Upon A Time.” He will play Sleeping Beauty’s (Sarah Bolger) version of Charming. Also Sinqua Walls of “Teen Wolf” joins as Sir Lancelot according to TVline.

Eric Dane (McSteamy) is set to leave “Grey’s Anatomy” in the upcoming season. He’ll appear in a few episodes to wrap up his story. How he will leave when he has a baby with Callie is not known. However others are also leaving, and more to come. Kim Raver who plays Teddy really did leave the show, her last episode was when Owen forced her out in the season finale. Shonda Rhimes told the Hollywood Reporter that others could also leave in the next season. Some suspect Arizona may also die as a result of the crash. Oh, when season 9 picks up, we will have jumped forward in time!

Over to “American Horror Story,” the largest cast ever keeps expanding. Franke Potente joins for two episodes as a patient of the asylum. In America she’s probably best known from the “Borne” films, but internationally she’s “Run Lola Run!” Also EW is reporting that Jenna Dewan is joining the show as Adam Levine’s character’s wife.

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True Blood: Mysterious New Big Bads’ Identities Are Teased

True Blood: Mysterious New Big Bads’ Identities Are Teased

Posted by Dustin on 07.30.2012 at 8:59 pm

So this is a quick post on some thoughts on the latest “True Blood.” Sorry I got behind as I have a deadline tomorrow morning to make!

A lot went down in this episode, which I really enjoyed. The vampire bunch is still high on Lilith, and are now formulating ways to thwart mainstreaming, including halting production of true blood. Eric seems to be the only one that hasn’t lost his mind to Lilith. He tried to save Nora, but she seems too far gone. Even Bill seems to be caught up in Lilith lust! I’m guessing this is how we will see Eric get on Sookie’s good side again?

Sookie and Jason, with the help of the fairies, explored their parents death. Sookie was able to witness it all via some time jump, and gained a huge clue. Claudine was there trying to save Sookie’s parents and called the evil vampire Willow (I think?). So it has a name. Later Sookie found herself haunted by this vampire, who seemed stuck in her head. Yes Willow is coming for her!

Alcide basically got his ass kicked to the curb by a vamping J.D. Even Martha jumped in to protect him and is disgusted by J.D. My guess is the supe-hunting-club could end up getting him. That or the vampires will turn on them, no longer having use for them. I just can’t wait to see J.D. get his . . . head ripped off.

Luna lost control of her shifting abilities and shifted into Sam, and got stuck that way. I won’t lie, I was totally hoping to see Sam make out with himself. I would have died laughing! She and Sam helped Andy with the supe-killers. There was all this stuff in between this with the club bringing Jessica to Hoyt for him to kill as part of their initiation. Jessica and Hoyt took some of them out. Then Hoyt fled for help, leaving Jessica behind as it was daylight. Luna sensed a female presence in their clubhouse, a large woman with a piss poor diet. Later as Hoyt was making his way home from the club, a car pulled up and he was glad to see who was in it . . . until they aimed a gun at him. Something tells me Hoyt’s mama is behind the supe-killer-club.

Then there is the Terry story. Lafayette was let go by the pregnant lady, only to find himself dragged into Terry and Arlene’s mess. He and Holly held a seance to talk to the pissed of Ifreet. The woman said she would lift the curse on Terry and Patrick, on one condition. Either Terry kills Patrick, or Arlene kills Terry! Something tells me Terry or Patrick committing suicide or getting killed another way is not going to work . . . .

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Big Brother 14: Shane’s Nominations

Big Brother 14: Shane’s Nominations

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2012 at 8:13 pm

Jojo left the house in the last episode, and everyone reacted to this. Not shockingly, most weren’t sad to see her go aside from Shane. Shane then won HOH. Britney was thrilled that her guy won HOH, that she went from being on the bottom to being on top. Frank meanwhile is worried whether or not the deal he made with Shane will stick. Joe screamed at the camera in his DR session about how much trouble many of them would be in this week with Shane after them. Wil also knew that he was probably screwed.

Shane decided since Jojo was gone, he was going to resurrect his initial showmance with Danielle. What a dog! Unfortunately Danielle was all to eager to accept.

Boogie felt his team would be safe, as they all made side deals with Shane. However Britney decided that it was time for Janelle and Boogie’s teams to go on the block and feel the fire of the block. Janelle was worried by Britney’s ramblings, saying she’d become drunk with power!

Shane got to see his HOH room, as did everyone else. However everyone wanted to get the hell out of the room, but nobody wanted to be the first to leave. Awkward!

Joe and Wil knew that they were probably going on the block. Janelle hoped to try and save some kind of relationship she used to have with Britney . . .

In the HOH room Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle talked about their options as to who to put up. Britney really wanted one person from each team to go up, and Wil and Frank were suggested, but Shane had a deal with Frank and didn’t want to put him up. He kept trying to discourage Frank, saying Wil was the bigger threat in his mind. He never came out and revealed his deal with Frank.

To try and kiss ass, Joe cooked a giant royal breakfast just for Shane which he delivered to his room! Joe straight up said it was his apologies and ass kissing for the week. Boogie couldn’t believe the amount of ass kissing Joe was doing, and said he’d never seen it on that level.

Shane talked to Frank and told him he was doing his best to keep him off the block. Danielle pressured Shane to put Frank up because he is the biggest threat physically. Danielle and Shane then made a final 2 deal.

In the backyard small talk happened, and Jenn talked about her coming out story to her mom and dad, both of who were supportive. Danielle told the DR that she didn’t know how she would feel about a lesbian in the house, she thought she’d feel pressured or weird. However she says Jenn has changed her mind on that whole heartedly.

The coaches game was held, and it was a gym inspired game. The coaches had to sit on this booty scoot thing (a modified rowing machine), and wrack up the most points in doing so (each movement was back and forth and got one point). Britney was the first out, and as each coach left they had to open a locker and claim a prize inside. Britney got slop and had to pick two people for slop. Ian volunteered yet again, which he was doing because he felt people would keep him around for it. His thinking was if he’s taking the punishments, then others wouldn’t have to. She also chose Joe as the second as he had not yet been on slop.

The remaining coaches moved to different pieces of equipment, but the same idea was held, wracking up points for repetitious movements. Boogie was the next out and won 10 grand, which was divided into three segments of 6000, 3000 and 1000 dollars. Boogie took the six thousand, gave Ian the 3000 and Jenn the 1000. Ian was about to just bawl because he was so touched.

Dan was the next out, and he won a private sushi and cocktail party. He could invite five people, so he invited the other 3 coaches first. He did this to make sure the coaches couldn’t talk to the players and make deals with him out of the room for hours. For the last two, he invited Shane and Danielle.

Janelle won the whole game and could either keep a player safe or trade a player. She chose to keep Will safe.

Players one by one, and their coaches, came to kiss Shane and Britney’s ass before the nomination ceremony. In the end Shane nominated Joe and Ashley because only Janalle’s team has not had the privledge of being nominated. Ashely was in tears, Joe was shaking but vowed to get Shane out, and Frank felt this meant he could trust Shane.

The “America Coaches Vote” is still going until August 1! We will find out on Tuesday’s show whether the coaches will be back in the game.


ABC Reveals Dancing With The All-Stars Line-Up

ABC Reveals Dancing With The All-Stars Line-Up

Posted by Dustin on 07.27.2012 at 12:25 pm

I haven’t really been in love with DWTS for several seasons. I always try to watch, but more often than not I don’t feel drawn to anyone in the cast and lose interest. I had really high hopes that the “All-Stars” edition would change my mind. Normally it would have, most of these stars are amazing choices. However one never should have been asked back, and because of her I just don’t think I can watch the show. She never should have made it to the final three the first time, and something tells me she will again only because of the upcoming election.


The 13th Celebrity Joining the Cast Will Be Voted in by Fans as the “Viewers’ Choice: All-Star”

Professional Dancer Partner Pairings Will Be Announced Live on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” August 13
“Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” marks the first time prior contestants will return for another chance at winning the coveted mirror ball trophy for a very special All-Star season. From former champions to fan favorites, including a celebrity voted in by fans, the stars will return and will be paired with some of the world’s most decorated professional ballroom dancers for the most unforgettable season yet. Week to week these “Dancing with the Stars” alumni will once again compete to impress the judges and the viewers at home in order to be crowned the mirror ball champions.

In a show first, fans will determine who the final All-Star cast member will be. The three celebrities vying to fill the 13th spot on the cast are Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey. Fans can vote for their favorite “Viewers’ Choice: All-Star” at, presented by Diet Pepsi, starting today, Friday, July 27 at 10:30 a.m., PT through Friday, August 24 at 12:00 p.m., PT, to determine which of the three celebrities will be named the final All-Star contestant. Once voting has closed, the final cast member will be announced live on “Good Morning America,” on Monday, August 27.

The All-Star cast and their professional partners will take to the stage for the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars,” MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) followed by the premiere of “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show” on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

As announced today, the 12 out of 13 All-Star celebrities returning to the dance floor this season are:













As announced, the three celebrity alumnus competing to be the “Viewer’s Choice: All-Star” are:




The three contestants competing to be the “Viewers’ Choice: All-Star” will kick-off their campaign with their first television interview live in-studio on “Good Morning America,” Monday, July 30.


Dallas: Who Is Related To Who And How?

Dallas: Who Is Related To Who And How?

Posted by Dustin on 07.26.2012 at 9:38 pm

So on the latest episode, John Ross was sent to jail for Marta’s murder. She was alive when he left, but all the evidence places him there, and no camera was found in her place recording what was going on, even though she had one. He even told the cops about it, but their search found nothing. When pushed if he was revealing all that could help him, he of course kept his mouth shut. Had he told the truth about his involvement with Marta, he probably would have looked more guilty than ever. Plus he claimed Marta was stalking Elana, which is why he confronted her, so of course he’s come off as her hero.

The Venezuelans came to Bobby to call in what was theirs, Southfork! With no oil money coming in to them, then they hold a lean on the place. Bobby one-up’d them when he revealed the drilling rights and land rights are seperate, so they’ll still never get the oil! They had been had by JR and John Ross!

John Ross was beaten badly in prison, a message from furious Venezuelans. Sue Ellen stepped in to save him. She bribed a medical examiner into changing the autopsy results on “Marta” to suggest suicide, even though it was evident from defensive wounds that she was killed. She used her probable election as mayor to offer the man a promotion.

Christopher meanwhile stepped in to save John Ross. He made a deal with the Venezuelans and offered them exlusive South American rights to his alternative energy source. They aren’t after oil as much as the money and power it gives them. It seems they are planning to try and overthrow the current government. Christopher also made them hand over their video of Marta that he suspected they had.

Ann and the family made a deal with Tommy to get rid of him so that Rebecca could work on her marriage to Christopher. He was paid off with some oil well rights. Christopher had Rebecca checked out, and she was stunned when her backround check came back spotless. She clearly didn’t expect that! Yeah that means she has tons of secrets.

John Ross was cleared when a video turned up of Marta being alive when he left her place. With the ME claiming it was suicide, the case was closed. Sue Ellen then found herself in a bind. She crossed a line she never said she would, and now a killer has gone free. Something tells me when the video of John Ross’s real involvement with Marta comes out, and it will be found, he’ll find himself back in jail. Sue Ellen may find herself in the cell next to him as well!

Tommy came back to a shocked Rebecca. He had learned that Christopher’s invention is worth billions, and he was not giving up two years of planning for what they tried to pay him off with. He then told Rebecca she’s so deep in the lies she really believes they are siblings, and then he kissed her! I so called this weeks ago. I bet they are married, which invalidates her marriage to Christopher.

Last week I wondered if Christopher could be Ann’s long lost kid. Now I’m thinking it could be Tommy. Why? Well first she is disgusted by him, so that means bad blood before the truth is know. Also why did Tommy target the Ewings? Maybe he found out who his birth mother was?

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Big Brother 14: Evicted and New HOH for Week 3!

Big Brother 14: Evicted and New HOH for Week 3!

Posted by Dustin on 07.26.2012 at 9:20 pm

The housemates had gathered in the main room for tonight’s vote. BUT FIRST! It was time for some recaps and some videos as to what has been happening over the past few days.

Shane has saved himself with the POV, and Danielle is now up against Jojo. Danielle feared everyone would turn her back on her this week. Jojo also felt safe, as if Danielle goes then so does Dan . . . which many would like to see.

Dan and Danielle had a meeting, he apologized for “cutting her off” last time and telling her she was on her own. He just wanted her to stand on her own, he didn’t mean to hurt her.

In the have not room, Shane and Jojo were flirting hard in front of a shocked Ian. Shane talked about how hot it was and he was down to his thong! Ian was grossed out by their talk.

Danielle heard the talk as well and told Janelle and Ashley about it, how gross it was. She thought she and Ian were close, but he flipped on her. Janelle knew showmances were bad, because they could take one another to the end if they are serious. Janelle and Ashely felt that this was something that had to be broken up . . . which is exactly what Danielle wanted!

Britney told Jojo to keep quiet and calm this week, don’t say anything against anyone at this point. She told her to just speak pink roses and rainbows. Jojo kept saying “yeah I know, I know, yeah I know,” which Britney mocked in the diary room.

Britney talked to Boogie about Danielle and how sneaky and smart she is. Boogie knew, but the reason to keep Danielle was if the twist where the coaches did come into the game . . . the new people would target the coaches. Clearly Boogie felt Dan would be the biggest target, probably because he’s already won.

Julie went to the houseguests and talked to them about Willie’s eviction. She talked to Joe and Ian about Willie’s attack on Joe, and Ian’s fear.

Feed Info! Jojo came up with a plan to trade her giant stash of cigarettes to some people for votes. At first it seemed to work, but eventually backfired on her.

Julie went to talk with Dr. Will about his thoughts on how the season is going and the coaches game. Will of course praised Mike Boogie and trashed the other coaches. Will also felt the one person who could win the game is Ian.

Julie talked to Frank before the vote. Frank wore a shirt that said “Julie Chen Is My Home Girl!” Then Jojo and Danielle got to speak as to why they should vote to keep them. Jojo claimed she was loyal, honest and not a backstabber. She said too many people are afraid to stand up and make a big move. She told them to vote for what they believe in and will get them far. Danielle said she had an amazing time, and she just hoped they would vote for her to stay.

The vote was held . . . . .

Wil, Joe, Ashley, Ian and Jen voted to evict Jojo
Shane voted to evict Danielle.

Julie revealed that by a vote of 5 to 1 . . . Jojo was evicted! And now everyone knows it was Shane who voted against the house . . . .oopsie! However it wasn’t shocking as Jojo was also on his team.

Jojo headed out the front door to talk to Julie. She hugged Shane before she left and told him something. She told Julie that she simply said that she loved him and to stay strong. Julie asked her other questions, including how she felt about Britney? She felt Britney was the underdog, but she’d be routing for her.

The HOH game was played, which was basically an ice hockey meets ski-ball combo type of game. The player that got the puck into the highest slot won, which was Shane!

BUT FIRST! Before the celebrations would begin . . . Julie had a huge twist to reveal! However the twist was only revealed to us, the viewers. It was up to America to vote as to whether we would like to see the coaches come into the game or not. The easiest way to vote of course is to visit and vote online for free.

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ABC Fall 2012 Premier Dates!

ABC Fall 2012 Premier Dates!

Posted by Dustin on 07.26.2012 at 6:09 pm


Friday, September 14
8:00-9:00 p.m. “Shark Tank”
9:00-10:00 p.m. “What Would You Do?”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “20/20”

Monday, September 24
8:00-10:00 p.m. “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “Castle”

Tuesday, September 25
8:00-10:00 p.m. “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “Private Practice”

Wednesday, September 26
8:00-9:00 p.m. “The Middle” (special one-hour premiere)
9:00-9:30 p.m. “Modern Family”
9:30-10:00 p.m. “The Neighbors” (series premiere)

Thursday, September 27
8:00-9:00 p.m. “Last Resort”
9:00-10:00 p.m. “Grey’s Anatomy”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “Scandal”

Sunday, September 30
8:00-9:00 p.m. “Once Upon a Time”
9:00-10:00 p.m. “Revenge”
10:00-11:00 p.m. “666 Park Avenue”

Wednesday, October 3
8:30-9:00 p.m. “The Neighbors” (regular time period premiere)

Sunday, October 7
7:00-8:00 p.m. “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Wednesday, October 10
10:00-11:00 p.m. “Nashville”

Wednesday, October 17
9:30-10:00 p.m. “Suburgatory”

Tuesday, October 23
9:00-9:30 p.m. “Happy Endings”
9:30-10:00 p.m. “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”

Friday, November 2
8:00-8:30 p.m. “Last Man Standing”
8:30-9:00 p.m. “Malibu Country”
9:00-10:00 p.m. “Shark Tank” (new time period premiere)

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Big Brother 14: 2nd Veto Ceremony Is Held . . . .

Big Brother 14: 2nd Veto Ceremony Is Held . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 07.25.2012 at 8:04 pm

The show opened with a recap of Willie’s being thrown out, and now everyone worrying as to who Frank would nominate.

Shane and Jojo both knew they were in danger, as was Danielle; as they were on Willie’s team/alliance. Jojo went to see Frank to try and kiss some major ass. Frank said he gave Jojo and Shane a chance not to take Willie’s side against him last week, but they did in the end. He said he couldn’t fault Danielle for how she voted for, because she wasn’t going to vote her own team member out and be alone. Frank tells Jojo that while the spot she is in is a lot of ways Willie’s fault, some of it is her’s too.

The nomination ceremony was held, and Shane and Jojo found themselved nominated. Frank said he did so because they aligned themselves with Willie last week, and they had the chance to pull themselves down with the veto. Danielle knew if Shane or Jojo won that she would be the replacement nominee. She was the next to last before Shane and Jojo in the key pull.

Britney found herself in a terrible place and feeling very guilty over all that happened. Britney told Jojo and Shane to just keep to themselves, don’t stir trouble, keep quiet.

Boogie talked with Frank about plan B, putting Danielle up if someone took themselves off the block. Willie said someone was going to stay on Team Britney most likely, so Frank needed to nurture his relationship with them to keep himself on their good sides. As next week, they could be on the flip side.

The veto competition players were selected. Frank, Shane and Jojo would of course be playing. The other players are Ian, Ashley and Wil. Joe was chosen to be the host.

The veto competition involved everyone dressed up as nachos. They had to jump into bowls of cheese, salsa and guacamole in search for menu items. They had to put them in order to a mystery menu and ring their bell when they were done. It was a competition to see who had the most in the right order, and with the fastest time.

In the end, Shane won the veto, and Ashley apparently threw it as far as some of the other house guests were concerned.

Now everyone was on pins and needles as to who would be the replacement nominee. Shane went to kiss some Boogie Butt, and Boogie thought he could play him like a puppet. Dan was trying to light a fire under Danielle’s but so she would start playing, as she was likely going up against Jojo this week.

Shane and Jojo tried to formulate a plan to backdoor Wil, as he’s a strong player and too well liked. This could save them both. If it worked, Shane knew they had to target the rest of Janelle’s team in later weeks to knock them off. Shane then went to Frank with his idea to backdoor Wil.

The veto ceremony was held, and of course Shane saved himself. However Frank decided to nominate Danielle instead of Wil.

From the feeds . . . . unless things have suddenly changed, it looks like Jojo is going home.

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True Blood Spoilers! Plus Quick Thoughts . . . .

True Blood Spoilers! Plus Quick Thoughts . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 07.25.2012 at 10:58 am

There was a time I avoided spoilers for ‘True Blood’ like the plague, because it was the show I most looked forward to in an empty summer. Now I’ve been reading them hoping for something awesome. The writing this season has just been sloooooowwwwwww!

Just some brief thoughts on the latest show, before the spoilers. Though at this point I think I’ve posted these all in the shoutbox.

I was a little disappointed in the rise of Lilith. I can’t figure out yet if she’s real or a hallucination brought on by the blood. Now that they drank all the blood, will they be able to ever see her again once their high wears off? I would assume after all the hoopla over Lilith that we’ll see her again at some point.

I’m still really looking forward to finding out which vampire killed Sookie’s parents. I hope we find out this season too, and aren’t left hanging. As this is one of the stories I’m enjoying, that will piss me off!

I was glad that Jason shot Jessica in the head. Actually that scene was hilarious. She’s become such a spoiled brat, which sucks as I used to really love Jessica.

Hoyt is also a character I used to love, and now he’s gone and gotten himself mixed up in a “love” hate-group. I definitely see Hoyt ending up taking the fall for them and getting caught. I think the guy who showed up at the hospital and was caught by Sam was a decoy. They are up to something bigger and needed to distract him.

The Pam and Tara relationship has gone all weird. I’m beginning to think they are going to become lovers.

Alcide’s story trying to become pack master is boring me as much as Terry and his genie. That’s a shame as I really like Alcide, or at least looking at him when he’s on screen. I had hopes for an Alcide and Sookie hook-up finally, but now he’s all into his 2nd in command. Oh and that red headband he had on was just ridiculous! Who dressed him?

I’m glad that Emma’s grandma came to her senses about J.D. and the pack doing V as Alcide told her. Maybe there is hope she isn’t going to be a total bitch . . . pun intended.

Is Debbie’s tooth still under Sookie’s fridge? You know someone is going to find it at some point!

I think that’s about all I gotta say . . . onto the spoilers!

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Various Casting Tidbits for Fall 2012 Shows

Various Casting Tidbits for Fall 2012 Shows

Posted by Dustin on 07.24.2012 at 8:51 pm

This is just a post with a lot of casting news for the fall shows . . . . possible spoilers ahead!

On ‘Glee,’ Dean Geyer has been cast as Brody Westen, Rachel’s new love interest in New York. Jacob Artist has been cast as Puck’s younger half-brother Jake.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Clea Duvall and Mark Consuelos are the latest two additions to the season 2 ‘American Horror Story’ cast. No information on what their roles on the show have been released yet.

‘Castle’ has cast ‘Heroes’ alumn Jack Coleman as a senator who will become a nemesis of sorts for Beckett.

Barbara Hershey will return to ‘Once Upon A Time’ as the evil queen’s mother Cora. Also Captain Hook will be a new character for Season 2.
Source: Detroit News

Lori Laughlin will return to ‘90210’ as Dixon and Annie’s mom Debbie for the season premier.

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