Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2015 at 12:55 am

So I did a marathon of “Resurrection” today from when it came back earlier in the month to catch up before tonight’s season finale. The show is on the bubble and it hasn’t been decided if it will get a season 3. I almost thought we were going to get some kind of closure, until the very final scene. Let’s discuss!

I pondered from the beginning of the show if this was about the biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelations. Until these past few episodes they steered away from that. Now it seems to be just what is going on. Maybe?

I was somewhat shocked that Tom hadn’t come back by the end of the season. That doesn’t mean he still can’t if there is a season 3. I suspect his return will give a lot of answers to the questions we were left with.

Is the preacher right? Is he a good man? I’m going to go with no. I actually think he is the anti-christ, the false prophet. We don’t know how long he’s really been hanging about now do we. He died trying to save Bellamy. I think everything honestly starts with Bellamy’s family’s deaths.

The preacher claimed Rachel’s baby was the anti-christ and would usher in the end and more returned. Jacob’s grandmother believed the preacher because Jacob said the baby was hurting him. However later he told his mother that he only hurts when the baby hurts. Therefore killing the baby would kill the returned, no?

The end scene showed locusts flocking to the window outside of Rachel’s child’s nursery. These are obviously a sign of Satan. However were they flocking to the anti-christ, or trying to get in and kill the baby? A different way to see that end scene.

If “the end of times” is upon us, then really nothing can stop it. That’s my understanding of the whole Book of Revelations. So why was the preacher trying to stop it? Could he be or work for Satan? My theory is Rachel’s child is actually the second coming, which is what Satan was trying desperately to stop.

Of course the show may have some completely other plans and none of this has anything to do with the bible. Personally I’d like to see them go that route.


Catching Up: The Fosters and PLL

Catching Up: The Fosters and PLL

Posted by Dustin on 01.21.2015 at 9:45 pm

So I’ve been trying to play catch-up with shows still and am now caught up on everything but “Resurrection” I believe. Below are my thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Fosters.”

On “The Fosters” we finally learned what happened between Jude and Connor on the school camping trip. Supposedly they brought girls into their tent and made out with them. Really? I’m not so sure I’m buying that. Jude only said this in the office in front of Connor’s dad when it became an issue again. We don’t know what he really told Lena. I think he lied to help Connor out and Lena didn’t say anything. In the end Connor still hates Jude for being a tattle tale.

Robert’s desire to gain custody of Callie was not a surprise. What is odd is that they are going to court over custody of an almost grown kid. At this stage in her life it really should be what she wants, and she’s made that very clear.

Callie’s little sister/Little Snow White going totally crazy on her and walking into traffic to kill herself is something I never saw coming. However looking back, it’s clear she’s had emotional issues from the start. How quickly she clung to Callie, how she told Callie her life was all school work and never any fun, the signs were there. I just hope Robert or his wife don’t use Sophia to guilt Callie into coming to live with them.

Ana ending up pregnant was a big “wow” moment too. Is Mike the father? Also what ever happened with Mike’s old girlfriend that Brandon boinked? I kept expecting her to turn up pregnant too.

Over to “Pretty Little Liars,” Mona’s body has yet to be found. We did see it in a trunk at the end of the Christmas episode, but is she really dead? After all Alison wasn’t really dead. I sorta hope Mona is able to return one day.

Hannah’s mom Ashley has always been hard up for jobs, but now she’s working with and boinking Alison’s sister Jason? Ew! I loved Hannah telling her mother that Pastor Ted was a good guy and good for her, unlike Jason. I felt so bad for Ted when he proposed and Ashley couldn’t give him an immediate yes. I hope Ashley likes getting blackmailed by -A!

I can’t say I’m sorry to see Paige go to L.A.. She was getting on my nerves. Now I just hope we don’t have to watch Emily pine over her for the entire season. Something tells me the new caterer that Ezra hired will end up helping her get over Paige. Emily usually isn’t single for very long on this show.

Aria’s tell-all-letter that she wrote to get accepted into college that’s come back to haunt her might be the lamest of the secret’s A’s held over any of these girls’ heads. Sometimes I just think “If they told the truth then they’d be free of -A!” This is one of those moments where if she just explained it to Ezra that he’d likely understand what she did.

Finally, the fact that the girls still seem to think Alison is -A from behind bars is annoying as well. Come on! I’m starting to wonder if Paige really did get on that flight to L.A., or is she hiding in Rosewood playing for the -A team?

Spoilers for the next few episodes of both shows below!
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Glee’s Sixth And Final Season: Is The Magic Back?

Glee’s Sixth And Final Season: Is The Magic Back?

Posted by Dustin on 01.13.2015 at 12:03 pm

So returning from vacation the first show I got caught up with was “Glee.” Many people have all but given up on it, but this is the final season and I want to see it through. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in the first two episode much of the magic from the first seasons was back.

The focus was back on good ole Lima and McKinley High. Sue has become a dictator and has the kids doing academics and sports only, no arts programs are left. She even fat shames the kids who are overweight. Obviously “Glee” has taken liberties with high school life throughout the show, but even this was a bit overboard. Will took a job at Caramel High coaching Vocal Adrenaline, while Blaine flunked out of NYADA after a break-up with Kurt and has a temporary gig coaching The Warblers. Rachel’s show flopped so she used what was left of her money to bribe a superintendent into letting her try and reinstate the glee club at McKinley. We’ll ignore the fact that she, like Blaine, has no college degree, a point they did make at least with Blaine. His job is temporary as he had to fill in for the advisor who had to leave for some reason. Basically Blaine, Will and Rachel have been set up to compete with one another at sectionals.

The show brought back all of the original cast, save for Mike Chang, during the Homecoming episode. The songs where once again great, and the magic of the cast was back. Unique is nowhere to be found, Sue transferred all the remaining Glee kids out of McKinley except for Kitty, who was happy to turn on them and go back to the Cheerios. Unique is the only one I miss of the new bunch honestly. Rachel did find 4 kids to join her Glee club, but we know she’ll need at least 8 from seasons past.

I hope this show continues to be excellent like these episodes were and goes out on a high note, pun intended.

Spoilers for this coming week’s episode . . . . . .

Rachel and Kurt struggle as they try to rebuild and co-direct the glee club at McKinley. Meanwhile, Sue is concerned when Becky brings her new boyfriend to town in the all-new “Jagged Little Tapestry” episode of GLEE airing Friday, Jan. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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Winter Finale Smorgasbord Post.

Winter Finale Smorgasbord Post.

Posted by Dustin on 01.03.2015 at 1:34 am

So this is my very overdue post on my quick thoughts on bunches of shows and their Winter finales. Between work and getting sick and then the holidays I just didn’t get to it as soon as I had planned to. Of note I’m heading out on my January vacation. Not too many shows are coming back yet though, but some are. “Pretty Little Liars” is starting up again, as is “American Horror Story,” and ABC is airing “Galavant.” The later I’m worried about since they turned an 8 week series into a 4 week one to just get it over with quicker. Yeah that probably isn’t a good sign.

American Horror Story
I’m just really disappointed with this show overall this season. As I said before, it really has just become nothing more that a shock-fest at this point. It’s hard to care about most of these characters, and the ones you do care for like Ma Petite get offed. I seriously can’t believe they killed her! However even the emotion I felt for her death can’t really save this season.

I really enjoy this show and the episode with the fallen angel they had to save was the best of the season because of the twist within. I seriously hope NBC doesn’t cancel this one.

This show still has my interest, though I really want an injection of some kind of masked villain or hero at this point. I feel like they aren’t using kid catwoman enough either.

Grey’s Anatomy
Once again Shonda has resorted to causing problems for Meredith and Derek. This far into the show I feel like that is just lazy writing she’s falling back on. We’ve watched too many seasons of that, just let them be happy and deal with other issues. I would also like to see Owen finally get a bit of happiness too. He’s just seemed so angry since Christina left.

Grimm is probably my favorite show right now, it is really delivering every week. It looks like Nick’s mom may be making a return with the baby in the second half of the season. I’d really like to see Truble back at some point too. Poor Woo has gone off his rocker though, and who can blame him. Nick should have told him the truth long ago. OF course we know Monroe won’t be dying anytime soon, but what’s going on with poor Julia? Has she really become a hexenbeast?

The Flash
I’m officially adding “The Flash” to the blog. I think this is one of the best new shows of the year. I absolutely loved seeing Dr. Tina McGee reprise her role from the 90s version. I also can’t wait to see how they pull of Firestar, who is one of my favorite DC characters next to Wonder Woman. News has also dropped that Mark Hammill will reprise his role as The Trixter which he too played in the old 90s version. I just hope he doesn’t have that horrid spandex body suit.

That mid-season finale was definitely one with some twists and turns I was not expecting. I kinda knew Rayna wouldn’t go through with the wedding, but I never saw an Avery and Juliette wedding that quick. Surprise! I’m also stunned at Deacon’s health issues, I wasn’t expecting those either. Meanwhile Jeff is up S-creek as it looks like Layla may be the latest casualty on the show. Would they really kill her off? Would anyone really care if they did might be a better question. Like Zoe she’s started to outlive her purpose.

Once Upon A Time
So it looks like we haven’t gotten rid of Anna and Elsa just yet, as they seem to now be stuck in Storybrooke with the others. I hope they don’t keep them around simply to keep cashing in on “Frozen.” The rise of the three bad girls looks to be good, and I love me some Maleficent! I loved Belle one-uping Rumple and commanding him to leave town with the dagger. Having to watch Robin leave to save Marianne was heartbreaking though. Poor Regina! At least they are back to looking for the book’s writer, but now Gold has that idea too. Oh boy.

Red Band Society
Red Band left us with a string of cliffhangers, and it looks like we may finally be facing the death of one of the kids. Hunter headed into surgery, Emma passed out at her house, and Jordi is now a drug dealer? Oy! I could do without Jordi’s illegal activities honestly.

Sleepy Hollow
Henry/Walter finally saw the light and turned on Mollock in what was a “effing finally!” moment. I was getting so sick of Henry’s bitching and moaning about his parents abandoning him. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a ploy though and he still ends up on the side of evil.