Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2015 at 12:55 am

So I did a marathon of “Resurrection” today from when it came back earlier in the month to catch up before tonight’s season finale. The show is on the bubble and it hasn’t been decided if it will get a season 3. I almost thought we were going to get some kind of closure, until the very final scene. Let’s discuss!

I pondered from the beginning of the show if this was about the biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelations. Until these past few episodes they steered away from that. Now it seems to be just what is going on. Maybe?

I was somewhat shocked that Tom hadn’t come back by the end of the season. That doesn’t mean he still can’t if there is a season 3. I suspect his return will give a lot of answers to the questions we were left with.

Is the preacher right? Is he a good man? I’m going to go with no. I actually think he is the anti-christ, the false prophet. We don’t know how long he’s really been hanging about now do we. He died trying to save Bellamy. I think everything honestly starts with Bellamy’s family’s deaths.

The preacher claimed Rachel’s baby was the anti-christ and would usher in the end and more returned. Jacob’s grandmother believed the preacher because Jacob said the baby was hurting him. However later he told his mother that he only hurts when the baby hurts. Therefore killing the baby would kill the returned, no?

The end scene showed locusts flocking to the window outside of Rachel’s child’s nursery. These are obviously a sign of Satan. However were they flocking to the anti-christ, or trying to get in and kill the baby? A different way to see that end scene.

If “the end of times” is upon us, then really nothing can stop it. That’s my understanding of the whole Book of Revelations. So why was the preacher trying to stop it? Could he be or work for Satan? My theory is Rachel’s child is actually the second coming, which is what Satan was trying desperately to stop.

Of course the show may have some completely other plans and none of this has anything to do with the bible. Personally I’d like to see them go that route.


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1 Comment

  1. I agree. The preacher is bad. Jacob is a prophet and the baby is the Savior of sorts. Should the show continue, I’m sure it will take on many more twists. Similar to the twists and turns that Lost took.

    There are a lot of questions unanswered. How many people returned after the baby was born? Why them and not others? Is there a commonality among the return that makes them special; different from the dead who stay dead?

    Comment by Sue
    01.26.2015 at 10:20 am

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