Big Brother: Nominations, Veto, And Stupid Players!

Big Brother: Nominations, Veto, And Stupid Players!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2011 at 8:13 pm

The contestants all reacted to Porsche’s opening of the box and putting everyone into teams. Rachel and Jordan realized this was a blessing, the other side a curse.

Porsche of course nominated Rachel and Jordan to go on the block. She said that this was because Rachel and Jordan didn’t come and talk to her this week. Really though she put them up as the last remaining of the vets, and Rachel was the target (what she said in DR).

Rachel and Jordan knew they were going up anyways. They laughed at Porsche’s excuse for putting them up. They felt they had a good shot at the veto, and they felt it was funny they were the two vets remaining.

Rachel and Jordan went to see Kalia and Porsche and suggested that they start with a clean slate between them, but they have all been carrying those other two people in this house. They suggested a final four deal between them all. Jordan did ALL the talking – knowing Rachel could not be rational. Jordan said it was up to them, no pressure. Porsche of course said (in her diary room) didn’t want to work with them, but was okay lying and saying sure! Kalia was later pretty much onboard with Porsche, lie and get a one week pass, take them out if they can.

Shelly and Jordan were still ignoring each other at this point. Shelly said hello to Jordan, but she ignored her. Shelly cried to Adam about how she made a move and is paying the price, even though others in the house were with her. Adam listened to her, but really had no sympathy as it put the target on her back and not his. He said she made the move, she had to deal with the consequences! Shelly said she was playing for her husband and daughter, that was her first alliance, and she will show them ruthless!

The veto game was a Dou-Dover. They had to hang onto a dummy that had a photo of their original duo in the game. The last guest to stay hanging on would win the veto and take their duo off. Of course Rachel won, which meant Shelly and Adam went up in their place. Adam fell first, Kalia tried to last with all her tooting (Kalia was farting up a storm during this challenge), but still lost to Rachel. Poor Jordan felt bad she fell off early on, she let Rachel down.

Shelly went to suck up to Jordan, having lost the veto. Jordan apologized for what she said to Shelly after Jeff left, she just felt stabbed in the back. Shelly cried that she came into the house with an alliance with her husband and daughter first and foremost, just like Jordan came in with one with Jeff. She said she was pushing her and Jeff ahead of her family, it was a game move. Jordan told her that she was just really hurt, she is at her breaking point. Shelly apologizes for that. In the DR Jordan said she considered Shelly a friend, she didn’t think she could trust Shelly like she had before.

Shelly swore on God, her husband and her child she would not go against the two of them (Jordan and Rachel). She didn’t want any of the others in the last two seats. She basically sold her soul and child to them to stay.

Shelly and Adam of coure went up. Adam felt good that Shelly would be the target this week and he was safe. Unfortunately Rachel and Jordan can’t seem to make up their minds! Every time I turn on the feed they have a new plan! Kalia and Porsche want Shelly gone, they know she can’t be trusted. They know Adam will just float to whomever has power, but neither Shelly nor Adam can win a thing. Jordan doesn’t trust Shelly, but Rachel keeps playing devil’s advocate. Apparently she doesn’t realize if they keep Shelly, and don’t win HOH, she’s probably gone (actually I guess she’s gone no matter if Adam stays too).


ABC Castle and Housewives Spoiler Blurbs!

ABC Castle and Housewives Spoiler Blurbs!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2011 at 6:18 pm

Full info on all the networks “Season Premier” shows should be coming shortly. Here is the info for “Castle” and “Desperate Housewives.”

Castle – “Rise”
In a riveting opening that picks up just moments after last season’s climactic finale, Detective Beckett (Stana Katic) fights for her life as Castle (Nathan Fillion), plagued by guilt over his role in the events, struggles to uncover who’s behind her brutal shooting. Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (John Huertas) have to adjust, as Victoria “Iron” Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald, “24”) becomes the precinct’s new uncompromising Captain. The Season 4 premiere of “Castle” airs MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Desperate Housewives -“Secrets That I Never Want to Know”
In the season premiere episode, “Secrets That I Never Want to Know,” airing SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network, Susan, Gaby, Bree, Lynette and Carlos must dispose of the body of Gaby’s evil stepfather, who was killed by Carlos in order to protect his wife. But feelings of guilt begin to overcome everyone in different ways. Susan starts to withdraw from her friends and family, and Gaby works to reach out to Carlos while his guilt weighs heavily upon him. As Lynette and Tom are grappling with their disintegrating marriage and impending separation, Lynette is having trouble making the right choices ever since she participated in the cover-up. And Bree must be especially careful around her new love — Detective Chuck Vance. Meanwhile, a sexy, new neighbor moves to town, Ben Faulkner, and he’s Renee’s first order of business.

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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Framed!

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Framed!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2011 at 3:56 pm

In the Summer Finale the “Liars” found themselves in a world of trouble. -A claimed to have taken their therapist prisoner, and if they wanted to see her alive again, they had to cause a world of trouble and pain. Hannah had to stop her dad’s wedding, which she did by telling Isabelle that her mom and dad recently hooked up. Aria had to blackmail Jaquiline, who was after Ezra. It backfired, she threatened to tell Aria’s mom about her and Ezra and ruin his career. Spencer had to dump Toby, while Emily was lead to a warehouse and almost killed. The liars then all found a note (while saving Emily) attached to a shovel telling them where to dig. When the did, they only found a dummy. But they got busted by the cops . . . it turns out the shovel was the murder weapon used to kill Allison.

The creepy cop/detective returned in this episode to nail the liars. I knew he’d be back! Meanwhile Jenna and Garrett made sure some major page of the file on Allison went missing, and they planned to run off it seems. Garrett was only a cop as long as he needed to keep the trail off of them. Jenna and Garrett talked about how Jason may get his memory back, but he didn’t kill Allison, and when he remembers it will be too late. Jenna said something along the lines of “Allison deserved to die and those girls deserve what they are getting . . . ”

So wait wait wait . . . Jenna and Garret killed Allison? That’s what it sounded like, but with this show . . . you never know. Also would they be -A? The way things played out at the end, with -A blackmailing the doctor to leave town and then being greeted by a waitress at a diner they met at as “Pretty Eyes” would seem to discount them as -A . . . but then how did they know of -A’s plan to frame the girls? How did they get the shovel/evidence on the scene?

I’m so confused right now . . . and I really need to finish these damn books to see how it works out in the books!

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Dancing With The (Reality) Stars: The Season 13 Cast

Dancing With The (Reality) Stars: The Season 13 Cast

Posted by Dustin on 08.30.2011 at 1:53 pm

Below is the release for the new cast of “Dancing With The (Reality) Stars.” I have grown tired of the show lately, only tuning in when I can (ie watching the first hour because something usually conflicts with the 2nd hour and the results show).

I am happy to see a few actual stars on the show. I’ll definately watch as long as Ricki Lake an Chynna Phillips last.



“Dancing with the Stars the Results Show” Premieres in Week One With the First Elimination, Tuesday, September 20

Macy’s “Stars of Dance” Returns; and New This Season, “AT&T Spotlight Performance”

A dynamic lineup of stars – including a U.S. veteran, an NBA champion, a film and TV star, a TV host and journalist, a Grammy-nominated singer, a supermodel, a reality TV star, a showbiz legacy and activist, and a World Cup star — will take the stage for the two-hour season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

All 12 couples will dance for the first time on live national television on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, either performing the Cha Cha Cha or The Viennese Waltz. Airing on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.), a live, one-hour special, “Dancing with the Stars: Meet the Cast,” will feature the most exciting moments from Monday night’s performances, with commentary from the judges and never-before-seen footage from the teams’ first weeks of training. Then, on the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show,” TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 20 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), the couple with the lowest combined judges’ scores and public votes for their performance will be sent home in the season’s first elimination.

The 12 celebrities heading to the dance floor this season, as announced tonight on ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” by “Dancing with the Stars” hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke in a live press conference sponsored by the September 16 film release, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” are:

Read on for the star bios!

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True Blood: Best Episode Yet of Season 4!

True Blood: Best Episode Yet of Season 4!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2011 at 3:31 pm

So the show picked up at the tolerance rally with Sookie blasting Eric with her fairy powers to keep him from killing Bill. Blasting him broke Antonia’s spell, as well as returned his memory.

Antonia saw the devastation she had caused, and the loss of innocent life. She began to realize this wasn’t what she wanted. In a huge twist it was Marnie who urged her to continue, to continue using her body as a vesel to destroy “Da Wam Pyres!” Nice twist, I did NOT see that one coming at all.

Nan was worried about “image,” but Bill had enough. He wanted to kill Marnie/Antonia and blow up the entire Moon-goddess Emporium. Nan did not want that to happen, so Bill finally stood up to her. When she realized Eric and Jessica and Pam were with Bill, she started shouting “True Death for you, and you and you!” Loved it! Of course Bill vowed to turn her into the Authority to be dealt with!

Sookie told Bill that Tara and others were captives, they couldn’t blow up the place. Bill said it was war, lives would be lost, some innocent. Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus then made their own plans to rescue everyone.

Jesus decided to try and use his connection to Marnie to convince Antonia to let him in, saying that he had been gone and was now back. He had to push his way through the forcefield, invoking some “demon” inside of him to do so. Antonia was impressed! Once inside he convinced her to let him talk to Marnie, and was shocked to learn Marnie was the one in charge now. He sent a message to Sookie about this.

Tara and Holly managed to escape, they ran to Lafayette and Sookie, but Marnia showed up and zapped everyone but Jason into the compound! Uh oh . . . .

Marnie/Antonia earlier seemed interested in getting Lafayette back because of his gift, and now she has him! I’m also worried about Jesus’ demon. I can see the show probably turning him evil from it at some point in a future season.

Alcide brought Tommy to Merlotts, where he died with Sam by his side. OMG, I thought I was dreaming . . . I thought maybe it was just a fantasy, but it wasn’t! Tommy is gone! I’m sorry, but I am thrilled. His character has been a waste of space on this show. Sam however now wants revenge and got Alcide to talk about what happened. Meanwhile it looks like Marcus is making the moves on Debbie, and she’s not saying no. I’m seeing a tag team smack down of Alcide and Sam vs Marcus coming!

Finally Terry took Andy out to their childhood “Fort Belfluer” tree house in order to get Andy to face he was an addict and needed help. He then left Andy there to walk home . . . . From spoilers something supposedly happens to Andy in the woods on the way home . . . .

The show ended with a completely bad ass shot of Pam, Eric, Bill and Jessica getting out of a black van to go blow up the Moon-Goddess Emporium.

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Big Brother 13: Power of Veto Spoiler Post and Floater Adam!

Big Brother 13: Power of Veto Spoiler Post and Floater Adam!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2011 at 10:37 am

Note: This is a spoiler post from the feeds. Sunday night’s show was mainly a lot of the back story of a fight between Shelly and Jeff (which the feeds for some reason blocked, I guess to show on air only).

The power of veto was played and one by Rachel. Apparently it was a game where they had to hold onto dummies as long as they could. Jordan dropped early, and felt really bad about that – she doesn’t want people to think Rachel is now carrying her through the game. In the end Rachel won, beating out Kalia.

Adam of course fell first, and Shelly fell only because her couldn’t risk throwing her back out or doing permanent damage to herself, cause she has a kid at home. She then spent the day saying she was not going to gloat like others, and she would just leave the house with her dignity and class (barf).

Apparently her dignity didn’t last long, as she eventually went to Rachel and Jordan to try and work things out. The lies poured out of her mouth like liquid gold. She told Jordan how she’s always 100% respected, always had her back – maybe just not Jeff’s, blah blah blah. This after spending days bashing Jordan and Jeff to Kalia and Porsche.

Jordan and Shelly apparently did make up, and Jordan even started feeling sorry for her! However She knew she couldn’t trust her. Kalia and Shelly are trying to get Jordan to vote for Shelly to stay – but it doesn’t appear to be happening.

Jordan and Rachel approached Adam to work together, but he told them he would stick with the newbies. However Adam must have realized he’s never going to win the next HOH, and if it’s endurance Jordan and Rachel have a two-to-one advantage over Kalia. So back to them he floated! They formed a deal.

So it looks like Shelly will be out, unless Jordan loses her mind and votes to keep her. If that happens, Shelly the liar deserves to win at this point because the people in this house are dumb!

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Big Brother: Pandora’s Box Opened! Old Twist Back!

Big Brother: Pandora’s Box Opened! Old Twist Back!

Posted by Dustin on 08.27.2011 at 12:04 pm

Porsche became the new HOH a day (or so) ago on “Big Brother 13.” This lead to a day of crying for Jordan and Rachel, though it seems once they got it out, they were good.

Adam immediately gravitated toward the others, Porche wanted a final four newbie deal. Adam and Kalia also made a final 2 deal on the sly.

Shelly and Jordan had a huge fight after the last live show. Shelly got right up in Jordan’s face as Jordan was on her own crying. Jordan went nuts! Curse words flying, Rachel had to pull her away. Shelly told Jordan she would basically feel like a fool when she goes home and sees her diary room sessions. Jordan said she feels like a fool trusting her, giving up a phone call home.

Since then, Shelly has basically bad mouthed Jordan and Jeff whenever anyone is around, calling them the most immature people she’s met, and how she will never forgive Jordan for the words she called her. Kalia even tried to explain to her why Jordan feels hurt, that she saw this as a life long friendship and feels completely betrayed. Shelly really believes she will come out of this house looking classy! Her words!

Yesterday Porche opened Pandora’s Box. Why? A prize of course! She won 5000 big ones. Not only that, she got to pick one other person in the house to get another 5000. The twist? That was her new team member! She also had to put the remaining house guests back into teams. She paired Shelly with Adam and Rachel with Jordan.

The old “couples” rule seem to apply. Porche put Rachel and Jordan on the block, should one of them win veto, they both go up and that leaves Adam and Shelly on the block. It is uncertain if the remaining person gets a golden key to the end, but I believe they do.

Last night the house was fairly calm. Rachel and Jordan were interacting with everyone but Shelly. Shelly has secluded herself from them, and the others. Kalia and Porche are worried whether they can really trust Shelly anymore. Adam has realized he needs to get back in good with Rachel and Jordan just in case . . .

The house mainly played poker last night. Rachel proposed the whole house play and just have fun. Shelly refused, saying she was not invited. Kalia told her that the entire house was invited, but Shelly didn’t get a personal invitation so she sulked. Stay classy Shelly!

The Veto should be played today. Rachel knows if they don’t win, she’s out! Shelly knows if Rachel and Jordan win, she’s out!


Big Brother 13 Double Eviction Night!

Big Brother 13 Double Eviction Night!

Posted by Dustin on 08.25.2011 at 8:57 pm

After all the recaps and explanations from Chenbot about how the night would work, we got to watch a few clips from the past few days to see how things went down after Danielle’s nomination . . .

Danielle said if she stayed this week, there would be a war. Rachel of course said Danielle was horrible! Kalia planned to lay low this week, but hated her best friend was going. Jeff said if Danielle stays, it means his alliance flipped on him and that would be bad news for big Jeff.

Danielle needed three votes and got Porsche and Shelly onboard. She got Shelly onboard via her hatred of Rachel. She claimed Rachel and Jordan would probably end up in final two, everyone wants to take Rachel to the end because she won’t get any votes. Shelly then cried to the DR how she hated going against Jeff and Jordan, but she had no other option. Shelly then went to see Adam and said they’d never beat Jeff and Jordan unless they break them up, so they could work a deal with Danny and have a chance to get to the end. Adam however wouldn’t budge, because he just couldn’t trust Danielle at all.

The houseguests got their practice HOH game to use. Shelly realized she had to suck up to the person she hated the most, Rachel. She told Rachel that Jeff threw the cornhole game that got Brendan evicted, which got her furious. She then went to see Daniele about this tidbit, and Danielle told Rachel that Jeff did throw the cornhole veto game (I don’t know if he really did or not? In the feeds Jeff did learn what Shelly said and claims he didn’t throw it, and now he’s trying). Rachel then suggested a deal with her and Porsche for final 3.

Julie went to the houseguests and confirmed that tonight was the live double eviction tonight. Danielle’s veto speech slaughtered Adam for basically not thinking for himself and writing Jeff and Jordan a paycheck. Kalia said she couldn’t follow Danielle’s long diatribe and just said “Vote for me!”

The vote occurred and the results were . . .
Jordan, Rachel and Adam voted to evict Danielle.
Shelly and Porsche voted to evict Kalia.

Yes Rachel voted Danielle out saying “I’m voting bad gameplay and backstabbers out!” So maybe she was playing Danielle all along?

Chenbot said the vote was 3 to 2, Danielle was evicted! As Julie talked with Danielle, the other guests got ready for the next HOH game. Danielle got to see her videos, Shelly kissed butt for her jury vote . . . Jeff said he wished they could work together but he didn’t trust her. Kalia cried . . . and said she’s make sure Rachel followed her. Rachel then went off on Danielle calling a horrible bitch, rude and arrogant.

The HOH game was a Before/After answer game pertaining to things that had happened in the house this summer. In the end, Kalia won (edging out Jordan)!

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel saying she was sticking to her word (to avenge Danielle I think).

Everyone was playing in the POV but Jordan! It was a random draw (Julie said) and she was the only one not picked to play. They had to find two clown shoes in a ball pit and buzz in. In the end, Porsche won! (Apparently Jeff couldn’t find his last shoe . . . it got thrown out of the pit and he never noticed it just sitting there!)

Porsche did not use the power of veto, because it’s what Danielle would have wanted, and the vote was held.

Jeff and Rachel made their speeches, and then the vote was held. (Jordan was in tears through all of this!)

Adam and Jordan voted to evict Rachel.
Porche and Shelly voted to evict Jeff.

Which means it was a tie, leaving the deciding vote to Kalia. Kalia then had to cast the deciding vote, and she voted to evict . . . . Jeff, saying it was because she knew he could possibly make it to the end if left in the house.

Jordan was in tears, Rachel consoled her. Shelly was also in tears, but Porsche told her “they were playing this game for them and not letting others tell them what to do anymore!”

Jeff was fired up when talking to Julie! He stood by his choices and said too many people have slept through this whole game and just now started to fight.

The new HOH competition was to be held shortly, which was the houseguests trying to guide a ball down a swirly wooden track and into a hole at the end. However it didn’t make it to air, so we’ll know who the new HOH is later this evening . . . .

Porsche is the new HOH!


Big Brother: The Power of Veto and a Backdoor Move!

Big Brother: The Power of Veto and a Backdoor Move!

Posted by Dustin on 08.24.2011 at 7:56 pm

On the last Big Brother we learned that Jeff put Porsche and Kalia up on the block. Jeff said he had barely talked to Porsche this whole game, so prove she wants to play. As for Kalia, he warned her this would happen when she put him up, so she too had to play to stay.

Jeff would be happy with Kalia going, but again hoped the stars would align so he could backdoor Danielle (from his DR).

Danielle knew she was the last one in the house to not go up. Kalia and Danielle knew if Danielle won, she could save Kalia and Jeff would have to put one of his own up. Danielle said she told Jeff she wouldn’t do this though, but it’s the only way to keep herself safe in the long run.

Adam talked with Jeff about his nominations, he was shocked he didn’t put up Danielle. Jeff said he made a point and he knows what he’s doing. Adam basically sucked up to Jeff.

Rachel continued to stalk/annoy Danielle and get on her nerves, which was her gameplan. Jordan told Rachel “Rachel don’t make me get on you. You are something else woman!” One of the best lines to come out of her mouth!

The veto competition players were chosen, and Rachel was the only person not playing, which made Danielle happy.

Jordan finally got to take off her humiltard with a silly little strip show.

The zingbot showed up in the house to ZING! All the guests. The Zingbot told Rachel every word our of her mouth was the F word – Fiance! He made fun of Jeff’s soul patch, and told Adam he looked like Uncle Fester. Shelly – what do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt and fish? A dude! Hey Jordan, the only reason Jeff hasn’t proposed yet is because he knows you’re terrible at answering questions. The zingbot, once done with his zings, had everyone go outside to play the veto competition.

For the veto, the houseguests had to assemble parts of a Zingbot Fembot bride puzzle. In the end, Jeff won the veto! Kalia, Porche and Danielle all realized they had to convince Jeff to play the way that would keep them safe.

Kalia was worried that she may go up against Danielle. She cried this to Shelly. Shelly kept playing that side, keeping them strong, though admitted she still wanted to go to the final three with Jeff and Jordan (in her DR).

Shelly and Adam talked with Jeff about his thoughts. He wouldn’t reveal what he was doing. Porsche talked with Jeff too, he told her to just not be scared about tomorrow. Later Kalia also talked with Jeff about his thoughts. She again tried to make the case that she really didn’t have him as her target when she put him up, and she hoped she wasn’t his target. She also tried to make him see she has at least played, she would hate to go before someone who has done nothing in this game. Kalia also basically said her sides goal is to get a certain person out, which isn’t him or Jordan. Jeff said if she is still here next week, then they can consider themselves even.

Jeff and Danielle then talked. Danielle wanted him to keep Kalia, and that if that happened, then maybe they can work some final 4 deals. She said if she does go up, she will fight to stay. However she swore to Jeff she has her word to work with him, if she stays.

Jeff didn’t know what he was going to do, and hadn’t told anyone in his alliance any of his plans. Kalia knew her best shot in this game . . . was to be up against Danielle. Danielle said that Jeff swore to her face he wouldn’t back door her, if he did there would be hell to pay (if he did say this then it was on the feeds and not on the TV show as far as I heard). In the end, Jeff decided to use the veto on Porsche and nominate Danielle.

Danielle was pissssssedddddd! She said “Let the good times roll . . . shocker!” Jeff said it boiled down to trust, he gave her his word in the beginning, and she tried to backdoor him. He said he had to roll with the people he trusted.

Danielle swore to the DR if she’s still here, this will be Jeff’s worst game move. Kalia said she it sucks to be up against her best friend, but she will do what she has do to. Rachel of course was SO excited, this was PERFECT, nobody comes between her and her alliance! Jeff did what he for him and Jordan, then poked fun at Danielle’s catch phrases “Awkward” and “Shocker.”

This thursday is the double eviction ceremony!

*Update* It looks like this will be the HOH game during tomorrows Double Eviction Comp? They have to roll a ball on the track to the end (or as far as they can I guess).


True Blood: Antonia’s Gone Crazy!

True Blood: Antonia’s Gone Crazy!

Posted by Dustin on 08.22.2011 at 5:00 pm

So here are my thoughts on the latest “True Blood.”

Sam and Luna escaped together with her daughter to go camping and get back to nature. Meanwhile back in Bon Temps, Marcus demanded a meeting with Sam, got Alcide to be his back up muscle, but it was Tommy who showed up . . . pretending to be Sam. When they nearly kicked the life out of him, they realized they’d been duped. Alcide stepped in to save Tommy and took him home. First, I wouldn’t have cried if they did kick the life out of Tommy. Actually I guess I would have lost respect for Alcide had he let that happen. As for Sam and Luna . . . will they get their happily ever after? Sam Trammell did give us a teaser that by the end of the season “they are in a good place.” It also sounds like Sam will eventually face off with Marcus.

I was actually unhappy that the story with Arlene’s baby resolved so soon, and the way it did. With Jason, Jesus and other’s help, the spirit in Lafayette (who showed up at Hoyt’s house with the baby and a gun) remembered what really happened to her. Her lover killed her and the baby and buried them both in Hoyt’s yard. Once they dug them up, and let Lafayette hold the dead baby, the mother and baby ghost were basically reunited and left in peace. I had hoped maybe the baby wasn’t dead, maybe he or she was someone in town . . . However maybe the guy who committed the killings still lives in town?

Andy finally got busted for being on V by Jason. Thank goodness, maybe this story can come to an end!

Jason and Jessica did the dirty deed, which of course left him feeling just dirty. I did love the scene of Jessica crying to Nann, and her saying the last few hours they’d spent together made her realize she was glad she never became a maker!

Sookie, as she recovered from being shot, had a threesome dream about Bill and Eric . . . . Well it was more entertaining than most of her story has been this season at least!

Debbie started using V again, and then came to Sookie to try and make peace. It seems she’s for real . . . or did the V mask her real feelings? At first I thought they might be deviating from what happens to Debbie in the books . . . but rereading some of the spoilers for these last few episodes . . . I don’t think so.

Antonia and Roy, the only witch still on her side, planned to have a brainwashed Eric kill Bill at some big tolerance rally that night in order to turn everyone against Vampires. That’s pretty much where the show ended. Sookie learned Antonia was keeping Tara and the rest locked up, and she headed (with Debbie) to warn Bill. Unfortunately she was too late, as Eric (and other bewitched vampires?) started killing people at the tolerance rally.

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