Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen Thoughts . . . .

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen Thoughts . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 04.28.2013 at 9:54 pm

So tonight answered a major past question, and of course set up the two-part Pan-centric season finale.

Hook returned, trying to team up with Regina. He claimed Greg and Tamara brought him here and tried to convince him to join them and double-cross her, but he is loyal first to her and Cora. He was saddened to hear of Cora’s passing . . . but still would work with Regina if it meant the Crocodile’s destruction. Regina had a plan to destroy Storybook and return home with Henry, everyone else would die, including Gold.

Regina previously overheard Charming and Snow plotting to return home and leave Regina behind. Snow once again was wavering, but Charming made her realize she just can’t be trusted. Regina tested Henry by revealing their plan, and hers. He was disgusted, so she erased his memory. Then there was a whole long back story involving Snow saving a magically disguised Regina, how Regina actually thought Snow might be able to forgive her, but that all fizzled because well Regina is just evil. For a quick second it of course made us all feel for Regina . . . and once again wonder if Snow will ever use one of the 8 million chances handed to her to kill Regina. She realized Regina’s true identity and could shot her dead, but didn’t. I guess it’s supposed to show us how pure of heart she is . . . but we just watched her kill the Queen’s soldiers to save the “innocent” who was really Regina . . . so come on !?!?!

Emma began to realize Tamara might be up to no good and could be who August tried to warn them of. Henry was all in on a new “Operation Cobra,” but it was clear he was also hoping his parents would get back together with Tamara out of the way. No matter how many times Emma said it wouldn’t happen, he held out hope. Oh and Emma’s “superpower” was finally addressed. It seems her ability to detect liars doesn’t work so well when she gets emotional. Emma tried to prove Tamara was up to no good, but couldn’t get the goods on her.

Meanwhile Regina needed Hook’s help to get something hidden deep beneath Storybrooke that was needed for her plan. However what she needed Hook for was to distract the creature her old friend Maleficent had now become. Now we know, she’s still alive! However she’s neither human nor dragon, something in between. My guess is the actress is busy on “True Blood” so this was the best they could do. Regina got something from Snow’s old glass coffin and returned home.

Upon returning home she was shocked to see Hook! It seems he was on team Tamara and Greg all along. They also have a way to block magic, which allowed them to take Regina hostage. Meanwhile Snow, Grumpy and Charming found someone had destroyed their bean field!

The previews show Greg and Tamara apparently planning to destroy Regina, and somehow destroy all of Storybrook in the process? Tamara says all magic is evil and must be destroyed. Hmmm, that will make finding Greg’s daddy difficult no? Also we see a young Bae fall through the wormhole and as everyone believed, apparently become Peter Pan? This wasn’t clear, as we saw him talking to Wendy who seems to be the one to know of Neverland and leading him there. Are they flipping the script and basically making Wendy Pan? And Bae the Wendy part?


Grey’s Anatomy: Poor Bailey!

Grey’s Anatomy: Poor Bailey!

Posted by Dustin on 04.28.2013 at 4:04 pm

So this past week more of the shiz hit the fan in the crucifixion of Bailey. Jackson, seeking to protect the hospital, called in the CDC, which basically began a witch hunt and Bailey was to be burned at the stake. It seemed like Meredith was the only one on her side, and she led the charge to stand by Bailey. I loved this!

Bailey overheard The Chief talking to one of his patients, who was timid about having their son have a life saving procedure at the hospital of death. He basically threw her under the bus, saying the cause was one doctor who is not working and every OR has been cleaned and verified. She was hurt, and left before he told one of the interns that this wasn’t Bailey’s fault, it could have happened to any one of them, but he needed to calm them down.

Later when Bailey was cleared, she was relieved, but hurt. The problem was the gloves she used, bought by Pegasus of course. They lead to her obtaining a staff infection without her knowing. I wonder if this will mean more trouble for Owen? However she was not able to forgive Chief Weber. She lashed into him. She said she stood by him when he was a drunk, when he was cheating on Adele, and he couldn’t even stand by her. It was powerful stuff! Go Bailey!

Other things going on. Joe is moving on with the Douchebag Dr, and Alex has finally realized he’s in love with her, but losing her. Meanwhile the kid Owen has been watching over, well his mother ended up dying. He’s now in the care of his grandma, who is probably not capable of watching him. Christina is realizing how much a kid means to Owen, and that she’s going to lose him over it.


Grimm Thoughts and Spoilers!

Grimm Thoughts and Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 04.27.2013 at 11:12 am

So it’s been awhile since I blogged about “Grimm.” While I’ve been enjoying the show as usual, the storylines slowed down a bit, so I didn’t have too much to say. This week’s episode picked the pace up again. There are only four more episodes left, and the show now moves to Tuesdays.

After drinking the potion, Juliette no longer lusted for Renard, but she still didn’t recall Nick. However slowly she began to be haunted by him. It started off as what looked like a ghost in her house, and over the past few episodes grew more solid. This week Nick was all over, she couldn’t escape him. However they were nothing but short fragments of memory. One of the women involved in Nick’s cases that she had to translate spanish for recognized something in Juliette and has been helping her. Juliette had to pick one memory, one Nick to focus on and block the others out. When she did this, it seemed her memories slowly came back. By the end of the show she had remembered Nick proposing to her! However based on the previews for next week, I think she may remember something else. We saw her asking Monroe to tell her what a Grimm was!

Renard and Nick, along with Hank, have been getting along surprisingly well since the truth came out. Their whole story has been pretty much stuck. Again next week finally has things moving forward, with Nick showing Monroe the key, and Monroe figuring out what it is. We know Renard also made a copy of it as well.

Finally Adeline has basically been stuck with some creepy old gypsy lady in Europe for weeks now. We finally found out what she wants, and I guessed right! She’s willing to sell her royal baby, not for money, but for the return of her powers! A woman told her she didn’t know if it could be done, but Adeline says thats the only deal she’ll make . . . otherwise she might as well abort the kid. Everyone gasped at her arrogance. I’m not sure what they expect to do with this kid? Lay claim to the throne one day? Use it in some black rites?

Spoilers Below for when “Grimm” moves to Tuesdays next week!

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ABC May Sweeps and Season Finale Spoilers!

ABC May Sweeps and Season Finale Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 04.25.2013 at 8:20 pm

Below are a ton of spoilers for ABC shows for May Sweeps (which begins tonight!) through the season finales. As with last year, “Once Upon A Time’s” finale is under tight wraps. There are huge hints in the two-hour two-part finale thought . . .

On “Once Upon A Time,” well the two-part finale is clearly Pan-centric. Most people are expecting it to come out that Bae is also Peter Pan.
On “Castle,” the season ends with Beckett questioning her relationship with Castle. No new turn of events with the Senator nor her mother’s case it seems . . .
On “Body of Proof,” it seems we won’t see the season finale of this till later, given its late mid-season start.
On “Nashville,” it seems the drama between Teddy and Rayna comes to a head and involves the girls. Will Deacon learn he’s a daddy?
On “Grey’s Anatomy,” a disaster closes out this season. You know it’s not a season finale of “Grey’s” with out some kind of disaster. This year it seems to be some kind of monsoon.

Read on for the full spoilers . . .

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Army Wives and Client List Thoughts . . . April 2013

Army Wives and Client List Thoughts . . . April 2013

Posted by Dustin on 04.24.2013 at 7:56 pm

These are just some of my random thoughts on both “Army Wives” and “The Client List.”

As much as I like Maggie, the other new wives are still failing to click with me and I’m really missing the friendships of the original wives. At this point Denise just seems to be stuck in stories here and there, which I think is unfortunate.

I do like Gloria and Pamela, and the conflict it brought between her and Jackie was interesting, but short lived. They made up awfully fast. I’m hoping the conflict between Hector and Patrick will be more exciting.

Brooke Shield’s joined as the Air Force captain/colonel/general/whatever and is already on Michael and Joan’s bad side with her spoiled ass behavior, doing whatever it takes to get her way. I hope they don’t plan on rushing Michael into a relationship with her character as Claudia Joy’s barely cold. However my guess is that is where this will eventually lead.

Over on “The Client List,” Reilly finally went all the way with a client as she was floundering in bills and couldn’t resist a 50,000 dollar payday. What I want to know is how she thinks she’ll be able to fly under the radar with all this spending money? The feds were watching her like a hawk, suspecting Kyle gave her money from his illegal activities. He did, but she gave it back. Now she’s got a boatload of cash that she’s spending. Shouldn’t they be questioning where this is all coming from?

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Bates Motel: The Big Twist! Plus Spoilers!

Bates Motel: The Big Twist! Plus Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 04.22.2013 at 11:53 pm

So I have not blogged about “Bates Motel” since the first few episodes, but have continued to watch. Part of the problem has been Monday is crammed on my DVR, it’s also the night I work late, so I always end up forgetting it’s on and have to watch on demand or late at night when I’m about to pass out.

The good news is, “Bates Motel” has been renewed by A&E for a second season. So creepy Norman and his family will be back for more. Yay!

Tonights episode was a major pivotal episode, which was needed as I felt myself getting a little bored with some of the past few episodes. They were verging into “The Killing” territory and leaving all the thrills till the very end. This one brought it though.

There has been a lot going on since I last blogged. Norma got arrested for Keith’s death, but a lack of evidence and a colossal screw up with blood samples set her free. Norman lost his V to Bradley. We still don’t know what the hell happened to Bradley’s dad, who got roasted in his car in the first episode. Dylan has gotten all messed up in this back woods drug cartel. Norman found Zach’s Asian love slave on his boat, where he was hiding her. Norma was stunned to learn this was real, not in Norman’s head after all, and was confused as Zach was a “good man.”

In this episode Dylan had put the idea in Norman’s head that Norma killed his father, and he wanted Norman to come live with him in a place he was planning to secure. Norma was stunned when Norman asked her point blank if she killed his father. She said no!

The shiznit hit the fan when creepy Deputy Zach found out his Asian love slave was hiding out at The Bates Motel. He took Norma, Norma, and Dylan hostage. When Zach lost it and started to hold a gun to Norman, and then attack Norma, Norman went into the zone . . . he tackled Zach. Dylan saw his chance and the two ended up fighting. Norma pulled Norman out of the house, he was bleeding and basically catatonic. She got him to the car and called 911 only saying “He’s trying to kill us, send the police!”

In the end, Dylan managed to kill Zach. As they waited for the cops, Dylan was done with the lying and wanted to come clean. Here came the big twist. This whole season they set it up that Norma probably killed her 2nd husband for the money. We learned he was a jerk and an abuser, and it was Norman who snapped and killed his own father in a state similar to his in this episode. He remembered nothing! Norma set it up to look like an accident in the garage, which Norman found. Years of abuse at this guys hands is probably why she snapped and killed Keith, that and the whole rape thing of course! She told Dylan that he could either give them up or help her protect Norman, who was innocent. She didn’t know what was wrong with him though . . .

WOW! That was a great twist! My guess is now they’ll set Zach up to take the fall. His Asian slave ran off into the woods, we don’t know where she is. Hopefully she turns up to verify the story, but there is also Norman’s friend who wasn’t there for all this that knows about her. Keith’s belt is somewhere in Zach’s place, so that will make it look like he killed Keith. It seems he was in on this sex slave business with Keith, so maybe the cops will think he turned on Keith and killed him? It would make sense that the blood would be in the hotel and on the carpet there, as that’s where they held the girls. It all fits neatly together . . .

Spoilers for the final four episodes ahead!

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Once Upon A Time Returns!

Once Upon A Time Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 04.21.2013 at 10:04 pm

After weeks of reruns, “Once Upon A Time” finally came back tonight. It was Henry’s birthday, and as a gift Gold let him have anything from the shop. He picked an old wand. He then showed him how the wand worked, turning him to a statue and shattering him! However this was just a nightmare of Gold’s . . . which was brought on by the seer’s prophecy that Henry would be his undoing.

Neil and Henry continued to bond, and Regina asked Gold why his son is so invested in Henry? She was stunned when Gold told him that Bae is his father and he’s Henry’s grandfather. She thought he planned this all along, after all he was the one who procured her for Henry. He said it was as much a shock to him. He said it seems fate has a sense of humor. I don’t think Regina figured out that he only found Emma’s son, knowing it would break her curse. Gold really didn’t know who his father was . . . but if he and Regina still had limited powers, why didn’t he?

Gold went to visit Belle in the hospital. She is glad to see he is still alive, though she still has no memory of him or feelings for him still. However she does feel they were connected in the past. Gold promised to do everything he could to bring her memory back. He knew she always brought out the best in him, and clearly he needs to rediscover the good in him before the darkness drives him to do something bad.

We then learned more about Gold and Belle’s past. We saw how he initially locked her up in his dungeon. Robin Hood ended up showing up to tried to steal a wand from him. However Rumple ended up capturing Robin Hood instead and throwing him in the dungeon where he tortured him. When Rumple left for the day, Belle ran to set Robin Hood free.

Later in Storybrook, Regina visited Belle in the hospital with a gift which seemed to spark her memory. Belle disappeared from the hospital, presumably with Regina. Gold found her missing and a matchbook to a bar left on the bed. He went there looking for her. He found her going by the name Lacey, playing pool and drinking. She said she remembered who she is, her name is Lacey. Right . . . .

Gold new Regina probably had something to do with this, and he confronted her. She told him the only way to break this curse would be true loves kiss, which she doubted Lacey would be giving up to him. He vowed to get Belle back and make her suffer! She said at least they agree on one thing, making people suffer. I’m guessing she’s hoping to lure Gold back to the dark side, aka her side.

Greg, the stranger, and Bae’s fiance continued to search for Greg’s missing father. He had a map of magic spikes, places he thought he could be. They are also bringing some mysterious package into town under the veil of darkness. Something they think will help them . . .

Snow and Charming took Emma to a parcel of land that is protected from view via magic. The giant Anton is there and is busy growing the magic beans. Emma learned that they were planning to use the beans as a portal to go back to their world, and they wanted her to go as well. She seemed conflicted about this, after all she’s never been anywhere but Earth.

Gold had to go to Charming for help, to figure out how he was able to break his curse when Mary fell for others and he was with Katherine. He said for once he’d owe Charming a favor. Charming said he had to show Belle the man she fell in love with, that would be the only way to awakening her memories.

In the past we saw an angry Rumple learning Belle let Robin Hood go. Not only did she let him go, but he duped her and still managed to steal Rumple’s wand. She thought there had to be a good reason he needed it, but Rumple thought it was for greed. He said people only want magic for themselves. He then forced Belle to go with him and watch him deal with this theif.

In Storybrook, Lacey met Robin at the bar, or Robin on this side of the world. Gold showed up to try and win Lacey/Belle back. Gold asked Lacey out on a date, but she said she wasn’t this Belle he goes on and on about. Lacey also said she’s heard how people in town are afraid of him. He said it was just talk asked for a chance, and she agreed to meet him at Granny’s.

Regina confronted Emma over the truth about Henry. Regina wanted to know what Neil is doing here? Emma said he just wants to spend time with his son. Emma told Regina to stopped worrying about everyone else and focus on being the person Henry wants her to be before she looses him for good. Regina wondered what she meant by that? She knew Emma had a secret and promised to find out what it was.

Lacey and Gold went on their date at Granny’s. She doesn’t understand why people are scared of him, she sees a man who wouldn’t hurt anyone. He tries to play the good guy. She begins saying things she used to say in the past, which startles Gold a bit. He knocks over his drink, which spills on her. She says she’ll head to the ladies room and fix herself . . . but never comes back.

In the past we see Rumple and Belle in a carriage searching for Robin Hood. As it turns out, Robin Hood stole the wand to heal a woman he loved, Maid Marion of course. However Rumple wasn’t moved and still wanted to kill him. Belle said there was good in him, she was right about a thief and is right about him. The woman turns out to be pregnant and Belle can’t believe he’d leave a child fatherless. Rumple goes to shoot but misses . . . Belle knows he spared his life as the bow is magic and doesn’t miss.

Back in the present, Lacey ditches Gold. He’s stunned to find her with Robin Hood’s counterpart in this world. Lacey says she only went out with him as she felt sorry for him, and she doesn’t love him and is not Belle. Gold says “no you’re not!” Later Robin Hood’s counterpart apologizes to Gold, he never knew they were together. Gold was tired of being good and ended up taking him. He began beating him when Lacey stumbled out drunk and saw him doing it. Lacey said so it is true what they say about him. Gold said yes, it’s all true. Lacey however is turned on by this side of him, she likes the darkness! I think this is exactly what Regina wanted, for Gold to go bad.

In the past we saw Belle and Rumple return to the castle, and Belle’s feelings for him had obviously changed. His towards her has as well. He let her have access to his library, knowing she liked books.

By the end of the episode Regina followed people and discovered the magic bean garden. Meanwhile Emma asked Neil if he ever thought about going back home to where they are from. He said he’s been trying to forget that place. Elsewhere Greg and Neil’s fiance snuck something big into town. Big enough to fit in a trailer. It turnes out they have Hook!

My Other Thoughts . . .
I think Regina planned all along to get Gold to go bad. Gold is so in love with Belle that when “Lacey” loved his darkside, he embraced it. I think though this will backfire on Regina as all her schemes do. I think if Gold stays bad, it will trigger her memory and she’ll run from him as she initially did.

If Greg is right and his father is being held in one of the magical spiked areas, I have to wonder why? I’m wondering what he knows that Regina would have to keep him so well guarded and locked up? Could he and his son be from another universe and we don’t know that yet?

I’m assuming we will see Robin Hood and Maid Marion again, otherwise why introduce them? Their storyline seemed fairly pointless for such huge fictional characters.

Where the hell is Mulan and Aurora, and what’s going on with Phillip? I hope we see them again before the season is over.

I hope ABC doesn’t go there . . . but it just dawned on me. Greg was a “Star Wars” freak. ABC is owned by Disney, who just bought Lucasfilm . . . I really hope they aren’t going to bring “Star Wars” in as an alternate universe.


Army Wives May 2013 Spoilers!

Army Wives May 2013 Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 04.21.2013 at 7:38 pm

Below are spoilers for “Army Wives” for May! Read on for them . . .

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Glee and Smash Roundup!

Glee and Smash Roundup!

Posted by Dustin on 04.21.2013 at 6:56 pm

So first up is the big news that “Glee” has been renewed not for one, but two more seasons. Wow! Hopefully the shows writers have a plan that will not just be “The Rachel Berry Show” for two years.

There are only three episodes this season, and as they have yet to make it to regionals, I don’t see them getting to Nationals unless there is some miracle. Ryan Murphy has been noted as saying the end of this season will be different from others. I’m wondering if maybe they’ll draw this group of kids final year, and thus nationals, out into next season? That’s the only thing I can see them doing, unless they end up losing Regionals. That would be shocking too I guess.

“Smash” on the other hand is likely done after this season. The poor ratings and it being banished to Saturday has done it in. I hope we therefore get some kind of proper ending to it all.

Karen and Ivy not only reversed roles in “Bombshell,” but attitudes as well over the past few shows. Ivy has become the star of “Bombshell” and actually quite likable. Meanwhile Karen seems to have gotten a little too full of herself when Derek and company decided to give her friend Anna a bigger role in the show. Karen thought Derek was doing it because she rejected him. Honestly I do think part of him was, and with Julia coming in to help with the story I wondered if she to took her issues with Karen leaving out on Karen by making her part smaller and her friend’s bigger. Derek claimed it was all his doing what was best for the show, but then he took her main song away and gave it to the Diva character. At that point I did feel bad for Karen, even if she was acting like a diva herself.

We finally learned about Jimmy’s past. The drug dealer he’s involved with is his older brother Adam, who saved them both from a bad home life. However Adam turned to drug dealing and pulled Jimmy into the business and drugs too. Jimmy’s partner/roommate Kyle is who saved him from drugs and his brother.

After being rejected by Karen, Derek moved onto Ivy for a few nights, but now has found a new muse to entertain him. What a jerk! I couldn’t pinpoint who the new girl is. At first I thought it was Anna, but her hair is too long.

Finally Tom and Julia are on the outs. Tom got an offer to direct a new play, but Julia thought they would be moving on to do another project together. When “Bombshell” didn’t get rave reviews, he thought he might not get the offer anymore, and resigned to do the project with Julia. She however didn’t want to be his backup plan and decided to move on with her own project! She also seemed to be moving on with her friend from school, Scott, who is producing “Hit List.” Boo to Tom for letting power go to his head and becoming another Derek basically. Especially after how he propositioned Jimmy’s friend and partner Kyle! Yick!

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9021. . . Oh No This Is Some Recycled Shiz!

9021. . . Oh No This Is Some Recycled Shiz!

Posted by Dustin on 04.18.2013 at 8:12 pm

“90210” finally returned this week. I honestly wasn’t sure it was ever coming back after the news it wouldn’t be coming back for another season. Clearly though they didn’t use that extremely long hiatus to retool much did they? It was recycled nonsense as usual!

Adriana and Silver are still “fighting” over Mark, and Mark was the only one mature enough to say these head games
were so high-schoolish and needed to stop. Well clearly he didn’t go to Beverly Hills High, that’s why he’s so smart! His plan to try and get Adrianna and Silver to mend fences and get their issues out failed. Adrianna said she had matured and moved on while Silver hadn’t, so they couldn’t be friends anymore. Really Adrianna? You really want to go there? Wait, give yourself twenty minutes and re-evaluate that statement . . .

Where the hell is Teddy? At least he made the show somewhat interesting, if also infuriating. Oh yeah, he’s busy filming guest stints on other shows. Guess he saw the writing on the wall?

Dixon was falling for Silver’s surrogate Michaela, and it took the whole episode for him to profess his feelings to her. Too bad she’s got it for Navid! Oh boy, Navid and Dixon in love with the same woman. This hasn’t been done before. Dixon did at least SEEM to bow out gracefully. We know how well that went with Adrianna the last time though . . .

Naomi was hired by Jordan to plan an affair, a book launch for Author X, who she has no clue is Annie, even though everyone else knows. Noami likes Jordan, but is afraid to tell him so after Max as she doesn’t want to rush into anything and make mistakes like she always does. Wait . . . yes someone finally graduated high school! In the end Annie is exposed, and poor Liam is furious. He feels used by her after the two seconds he read of the book. It will probably take him a few weeks to make it through that entire book to the really bad ending and figure out everything.

Finally Liam and Navid exposed the Cronos cronies for cheating, but Navid is still possibly in hot water and going up before the council. How did he deal with this? By making out with Adrianna, who was crying over breaking up with Silver. Way to move on from high school Adrianna!

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