Ghost Whisperer Season Premier

Ghost Whisperer Season Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09.26.2009 at 11:37 pm

So last night was the “Ghost Whisperer” season premier. First a quick recap, then onto some thoughts.

The show started off with Melinda approaching her due date and worried about the book of changes and her baby. Jim/Sam had started medical school at this point. Melinda went into labor and something weird happened during her birth. There was a scare with her baby, meanwhile there was another woman giving birth who died. Melinda’s baby was okay and they named him Aiden Lucas, after Jim’s dad and also in honor of Sam.

Then we went to the fast forward. Aiden’s fifth birthday was coming up. Jim/Sam was now a resident at the hospital. Ned was in college and taking classes with Eli. Dehlia had become a big real estate salesperson.

Aiden was in a double quandary. First, his friends were all reaching the age where they would begin no longer seeing ghosts. The other problem was every year on his birthday, he would become strangely sick. He was no old enough to relay what was going on to Melinda. Every year a woman came around, and the woman confronted Melinda saying Aiden was her son. The woman is the one who died giving birth the night Melinda did, she was convinced her son’s spirit jumped into Aiden as Aiden stopped breathing shortly after he was born.

Well as it turned out, the woman’s son didn’t die, he was adopted by the baby’s father and his wife (the woman had a one night stand with him and they arranged for him and the wife to adopt), and the kid was fine and very much loved. Melinda learned from one of the watchers that Aiden is an empath, he feels and takes on emotions of those around him. That is why every year he got sick, it was the feeling of the ghost mom. Also he and Melinda share some psychic link which allows them to communicate with one another, though he doesn’t fully understand that yet.

It was a good premier. The fast forward was a little weird. I have so many questions as to what went on, hopefully they’ll try and fill them in some way like “Housewives” did. I felt like the storyline between Melinda and Aiden was pretty good, and clearly they can do a lot with that whereas they couldn’t if we watched her raising an infant for a few years. Then again, “Charmed” did a good job of it 🙂 I think I really had a lot of questions as to what happened with Sam’s family, Jim taking over Sam’s life. Did he tell any of his friends the truth? Is Sam’s family just out of the picture? They didn’t even do the usual “Oh look it’s Sam’s reflection!” bit. Aside from Melinda saying they should also name him Lucas, that was all that Sam was mentioned. Frankly if they are gunna now play the “we’re over that story, Sam’s not important anymore” then why the hell did they put us through that nonsense last season!




  1. I was wondering about some of that stuff about Jim and Sam’s family. Did anyone even call Jim/Sam get called by his name? When you make a storyline that out there you can’t just expect people to forget about it. But I remember there was the whole storyline with Mel’s brother that just kind of got dropped…

    Comment by Melissa
    09.27.2009 at 12:09 am
  2. Yeah, I liked the episode. But you nailed something that’s been bothering me, too: how did/do they deal with Sam’s family? Perhaps we haven’t heard the end of that, though. It seems that they might pop in at some point to see their son/grandson and brother/nephew.

    I guess we’ll see.

    Comment by Aravis
    09.27.2009 at 12:39 am
  3. The dropping of the brother storyline really pissed me off. I mean obviously we found out he wasn’t even her brother because her dad wasn’t her dad. That was the writers strike year and the two halves of that season didn’t connect at all.

    Comment by Dustin
    09.27.2009 at 6:03 pm

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