Medium Returns, So Does Allison’s Gift

Medium Returns, So Does Allison’s Gift

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2009 at 1:52 pm

On Friday “Medium” made the official jump to CBS. Now CBS has aired last season all summer, but this was the first new episode on the new network.

The show picked up with Allison out of her coma, but her right side of her body was somewhat paralyzed, and she hadn’t been having dreams. She was in the coma for 3 months, during which time Joe had to quit his San Diego job to take care of her and the girls. He’s jobless, and they need money. Allison was getting around enough that she decided to see if Devalous would hire her back as a secretary. He said no, she was hired originally as a paralegal and that’s what he’d have her back as.

While at work, Allison began having snipits of the future, like little flashes. As she worked on a case with Lee, they grew. The case involved a TV star who claimed she was being stalked by an obsessed fan. Of course it turned out she had an affair with the fan only to use him to frame him for her rape and husband’s murder. The husband was wealthy, and she couldn’t leave him because of a pre-nup. Allison’s returned powers helped catch him. By the end of the show she was dreaming again.

Joe meanwhile talked to Marie’s class about being an inventor. One of the classmates told his dad about Joe, the guy was basically a PR guy. He felt he could “sell” Joe to various companies interested in Green Technologies. Joe said he was an engineer specializing in aerodynamics. The guy said he built a solar cell, it doesn’t get more green than that! By the end of the show Allison also had to tell Joe her dreams were returning.

So I thought it was a pretty good episode. I don’t know if CBS threw more money at the show or what, but the sound and soundtrack were phenomenal in this episode. I have a surround sound system, and the NBC shows did NOT sound that good. The show, paired with “Ghost Whisperer” also won the night with ratings.

I got a good chuckle at the end when Joe said the guy who is trying to sell him suggest he too get a haircut, as Allison had hers shaved in the hospital and it had grown into a cute bob. Bridgett asked her dad if he even knew where to get a haircut. I love Joe, but his hair has bugged me for years! I can’t wait to see if he really does get a haircut.

I was also glad to see Lee being used, as last season it seemed he was hardly on. He’s also one of my favorite characters on the show. Now we just need to get a Bridgett filled episode 🙂

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1 Comment

  1. I forgot to change my DVR to record on the new channel! Thank you for the recap!

    Comment by Beth
    09.28.2009 at 12:57 pm

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