90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09.30.2009 at 10:15 pm

So some quick thoughts on both 90210 and “Melrose Place.”

First up, what a tease with the Jen and Liam story. I knew Jen wouldn’t tell Naomi the truth, but was actually shocked she did tell her about the whole going broke and marrying a rich guy to get by story. Of course she spinned it to make herself look like the victim and so that Noami wouldn’t be pissed that her sister is using her. How can Noami be so dumb and blind?

Fortunately a glimmer of hope at the end when Liam recorded Jen saying “Naomi will never believe we slept together.” Wait a minute, did someone on a show have the brains to record a conversation? I almost fell over and died! (Daytime soaps take notes here.)

The Dixon story I don’t care about, am not interested in, am completely bored by. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Silver was put off by Teddy for most of the episode because of his attitude towards the homeless man that was killed and he happened to find. He finally admitted he can’t talk about it with anyone but the police as it’s an on-going investigation. However I think Silver has become smitten with Teddy. To bad Adrianna likes him too, and Silver caught them kissing!

Adrianna is gunna go down, especially after having guilt sex with Navid after kissing Teddy. I think it’s gunna be a Silver vs Adrianna match for Teddy. Poor Navid will be caught in the middle . . . but does anyone really care about Navid as a character? He was adorable last season, this season not so much.

The nephew of the guy Annie ran down over the summer showed up. The guy was homeless, but loaded, and left everything to the high school. The nephew acted like his uncle was just this weird guy he barely knew, but I didn’t buy it. I think he’s faking it and is trying to find out who killed his uncle, and is onto Annie.

Onto “Melrose Place,” well this week’s show was again a better one, but I think Jane Andrews/Mancini was the saving grace here. Something tells me the show has gotten the memo than the new cast is a snoozer without the old cast, which is why Heather Locklear has been brought in. I think they are also banking on her saving the show the was she saved the original to be honest.

Jane showing up as the new landlord and blackmailing her way to fame with Ella was awesome. However what was not awesome was that dress she made for that movie star. Oh Jane, I’ve seen better on “Project Runway!” I did love that at the end of the show, Jane called the cops on Ella even thought Michael’s son thought he had blackmailed her into backing off. Yes!

The stuff with Violet is also the show’s saving grace right now. Who would have thought little Ashley Simpson would be the best actor on the show, minus the originals. Her character is nuts, but is far more likable than anyone else living in Melrose Place right now!

Post Note: I forgot the other saving grace of this episode, “Nip/Tuck’s” Kimber showing up as a possible new madam for Lauren. Yes! Again, a major plus for the show if they keep her around. (Now can we just evict half of Melrose Place and find some new tenants?)




  1. Ok when did Jane become such a biatch, I thought she was the nice one always, I don’t get where this totally different mean vindictive blackmailing person came from, I’m confused

    Comment by Just Wondering
    09.30.2009 at 10:22 pm
  2. I found that odd too. I stopped watching Melrose in the later seasons, but tuned in for the finale of the show (which leaves me wondering, didn’t Kimberly blow up Melrose Place lol). But a friend told me Jane kinda became a bitch later on after all the Syd and Michael stuff.

    I dunno, but she was far more watchable than some of the other cast for sure (I’m speaking about Riley and that guy who was awesome in the shouldn’t have been canceled Swingtown).

    Comment by Dustin
    09.30.2009 at 10:28 pm
  3. And I totally agree about Ashley simpson being one of the most interesting on the show, who would have thought!
    I thought Jane became more of a you can’t walk on me type person than a blackmailer, but I really didn’t see the final seasons so I don’t know.
    So if she’s on this show does that mean that The Secret Life of an American Teenager is toast?

    Comment by Just Wondering
    10.01.2009 at 7:14 pm
  4. I wonder if Jane killed Syd

    Comment by CGinCA
    10.01.2009 at 8:55 pm
  5. I said it earlier in passing, that I wonder if Jane killed Syd. But could it be possible, she is so quick to turn everyone else in and not leave her name as two who she is…..

    I also tend to agree that the Dixon storyline is a bore…. I dont know why they are doing it…

    Comment by CGinCA
    10.02.2009 at 2:22 am
  6. Yes the Dixon storyline is awful I change the channel or fastforward through it, get it done and overwith

    Comment by Justwondering
    10.03.2009 at 7:40 am
  7. With Melrose, I think it would be better if they actually gave some of the characters some interesting and juicy storylines. Some of them are snooze worthy! Riley is definitely my least favorite!

    Comment by Cheryl
    10.03.2009 at 2:22 pm

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