True Blood: Death By Hep-V

True Blood: Death By Hep-V

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2013 at 1:57 pm

So there are only three new episodes left this season before the finale. If you were able to tune in before the show, HBO was showing clips from the ComicCon pannel and revealed that Season 7 for “True Blood” is a go. Therefore I have a feeling they won’t kill off anyone major . . . or will they?

Eric and Nora managed to escape from the compound, but the others were left behind. Nora however was infected with Hep-V and she refused Bilith’s blood, which Eric hoped would heal her. She eventually relented to try it, but it didn’t work. Bilith felt his progeny Warlow could save her, but Bilith found that Sookie is hiding him from her/him in the Fairy World. Eric was furious when Nora died, and he wasn’t happy with Sookie. It seems Sookie is just pissing off all her former vampire lovers at this point! Poor Nora’s death was also fairly nasty, possibly the worst yet save for last season with Sam exploding out from within that council member.

Bilith warned Eric about the prophecy he saw, of him, Jessica, Pam, Tara and others burning to death in a circular room at the Vampire Compound . . . Speaking of the compound, Crazy Christian Sarah Newlin took control. She convinced the Lt. Governor not to announce the Governor’s death just yet. They’d say he was out of town and hidden for his safety, he would take care of politics and she’d run the Compound . . . just until Tru Blood with Hep-V hit the markets. Hopefully she won’t make it to the end of the season. I think it would be great if Steve turned her actually.

Pam warned others not to drink the Tru Blood they would be given, it would kill them. She then continued her bizarre relationship with the doctor who has the hots for her. Jason meanwhile was captured by Sarah and her guards and thrown into the female gen-pop as food. Uh oh! Elsewhere Jessica and the vampire guy she was supposed to have sex with last week got closer. I have a feeling both of them will be dead fairly soon. Since Andy’s kids do actually seem to be dead, save for the one, Jessica is probably a goner. I just don’t see her being able to live with herself in Bon Temps anymore. If she doesn’t die, maybe she and that guy will leave town.

Sookie and Warlow’s fairy light love fest came to an end when Sookie could hear Arlene nearby and crying. She left Warlow chained to a tree in fairy land while she went to the real world. She learned of Terry’s death, as did others. It brought many to Andy’s house to give their condolences, including Bilith. Everyone was stunned that he was day walking.

Sam learned of Terry’s death and he too wanted to go home, disobeying Alcide. He didn’t want Nicole to come though and sent her away. Well so he thought. Alcide returned home and told the pack that Sam and the girl were dead, and that he gave the pup to Martha. However the woman he’s sleeping with found Nicole and her mother sneaking around. Alcide has been exposed as a liar, and it seems the pack is not happy . . . . Looks like they are about to turn on poor Alcide. Am I supposed to feel bad for him? Because I really really don’t, at all. I guess his lie that they were dead is the show’s way of trying to redeem him, but he needs to do a lot more as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. Actually it was a senator not the Lt. Governor that Sarah talked to. Neither of them wanted the Lt. Governor to take over which is why they are lying about the Governor being dead. I think they said something about the Lt. Governor being like pro vampire or he would stop their plan or something.

    Comment by Melinda
    07.29.2013 at 4:58 pm

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