Devious Diva Sunday: Sparks and DVDs + SPOILERS!

Devious Diva Sunday: Sparks and DVDs + SPOILERS!

Posted by Dustin on 07.29.2013 at 4:50 pm

On “Drop Dead Diva,” Vanessa, who left Grayson at the alter a few seasons back, returned taking up a case against Kim and her client. This of course gave Vanessa and Grayson a chance to clear the air. Vanessa apologized, but at the same time was shocked to learn Grayson was single, especially after what happened with Jane and Owen. She hinted that she always expected him to end up with Jane . . .

Stacy kept searching for Mr. Right Sperm donor, but nobody matched her criteria list. She also kept pushing Jane to “touch” Owen somewhere to see if anything happens. Jane tried, but failed. She accidentally touched Grayson, which caused a static electricity shock. Yup, a spark between them. Jane’s case this week dealt with a man being catfished, and the photo used to catfish him was one Grayson took of Deb. There was a moment where Jane messed up in what she said to him about the photo, but quickly corrected herself. I have a feeling that by the end of the season Grayson will once again think Jane is Deb, and maybe he’ll remember when she almost confessed to him. I can’t remember if she did or not? He got hit by the car on the way to meet her, and he suffered memory loss . . .

Stacy meanwhile realized Owen was “the one” and Paul and Kim grew closer. I have a feeling they may start up a relationship before long.

Over to “Devious Maids,” we learned that Adrian not only sets his friends up with hookers, he watches and tapes them from a secret room. Marisol’s son remembered Flora on the phone mentioning “he will pay because of the DVD . . . ”

Adrian began to suspect Marisol was up to something, as she asks too many questions. He wanted to fire her, but Evelyn liked her. However that wouldn’t last long. Later a furious Michael showed up demanding Adrian hand over the DVDs of his wife Taylor. Taylor and Marisol were with him, trying to stop him when he began beating Adrian. Guess we know how Michael met his second wife! Evelyn took Marisol to the secret room where walls were filled with labeled DVDs. Evenlyn grabbed all the ones marked Taylor, while Marisol eyed the ones marked Flora. Evelyn handed them all over, said Marisol can verify there are none left of Taylor. She then kicked them all out, said she was glad as this means they can stop pretending to be friends, and then she fired Marisol! One step forward, two steps back . . . Marisol knows of the room and the DVDs, she just can’t get to them! Later Michael called Adrian to discuss what he really came over for and why he put on that show . . . He wants the DVD of him and Flora! Adrian claims he destroyed that long ago, but he really didn’t. Yup, Michael clearly cheated with Flora, and may be the man she was blackmailing . . .

Rosie and Spence began making love whenever Peri was out of the house. However during one session, Spence had a heart attack! He survived, and Peri felt a lot of guilt. It made her realize she does love her husband, she has become a major witch, and she wanted to work to be a better person and rekindle her relationship with Spence. Oh boy!

Sam began dating another woman, which made Carmen jealous. She sabotaged their relationship and finally admitted to Sam that she did like him . . . a lot.

Finally Genevieve learned her business manager disappeared after wiping out all her accounts, as well as Remi’s trust fund. Genevieve was forced to go back and beg her ex-husband for help and money. Now that they are poor, my guess is Remi’s friends will start to drop him like hot rocks and he’ll realize how poorly he had treated Valentina . . . This storyline was definitely the funniest of the episode, and Susan Lucci finally got a chance to shine.

Read on for spoilers for August for both shows!



Jane and Grayson represent pageant contestant, Donna (Abigail Klein), when she’s stripped of her crown after claiming the Miss Universal Globe competition has been rigged. As Kim’s due date approaches, she represents her formerly estranged father, Larry (John Ratzenberger), when he loses his job coaching a little league team. Stacy continues her crusade to convince Jane that Owen would be her ideal sperm donor. Grayson and Nicole (Annie Ilonzeh) struggle to define their relationship.

Guest Stars: Annie Ilonzeh (Nicole Hamell), John Ratzenberger (Larry Kaswell), Abigail Klein (Donna Andrews), Ed Marinaro (Peter Bronson), Brian Patrick Clarke (Curtis Hunter), Victor McCay (Judge Halloran), Ric Reitz (ADA Rob Waldron), Michelle Ang (Lanfen).

50 SHADES OF GRAYSON – August 11
Following a long night at a bachelorette party, Jane ends up at the U.S./Mexico border to defend the bride’s fiancé, whose bachelor party went south of the border. Jane must get the groom back into the U.S. in time for the wedding. Kim represents a housewife who claims that her online erotic novel has been plagiarized by a major publisher. Meanwhile, a mysterious man appears at the firm, yet his motives remain unclear to the lawyers of Harrison & Parker. Owen struggles with his new role as Stacy’s sperm donor.

Guest Stars: Annie Ilonzeh (Nicole Hamell), Jessie Ward (Emma Miligan), Moira Kelly (Cindy Kasper), Wallace Langham (Lester Tuttle), Trevor Donovan (Keith), James Martinez (Luis Vega), Marcus Coloma (Robert Medina), Todd Allen Durkin (AUSA Mo Hesser), Jon Lindstrom (Professor David Sharf).


Marisol is at risk of blowing her cover when an ex-student recognizes her in front of Rosie. Valentina discovers the cause of Remi’s mood swings and reluctantly turns to Zoila for help. Carmen and Sam have some disagreements about their relationship.

Genevieve lies to her new boyfriend about her age, much to Zoila’s dismay. Rosie begins working at the Powells. Carmen learns Odessa is hiding something. Marisol goes with Taylor to a fertility clinic.

Evelyn blackmails Rosie so she can spend more time with baby Tucker. Zoila is upset when Genevieve presents her with an interesting proposition for Valentina. Marisol discovers some new information about Flora and grows suspicious of Michael. Carmen is troubled by Alejandro’s reaction to Odessa’s illness.

Valentina worries Remi will hate her when he returns from rehab. Rosie wants Spence to defend her honor after Adrian propositions her. Marisol learns her son was caught up in nefarious activities. Carmen has trouble going through with a favor for Alejandro. Taylor and Michael have exciting news.


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