Big Brother After Dark: Schemes and Plots

Big Brother After Dark: Schemes and Plots

Posted by Dustin on 07.26.2008 at 1:14 pm

Spoilers from “Big Brother After Dark!”

So where to begin. Let’s start with the big one. Apparently during nominations Keesha said she was putting Jessie up because he is responsible for putting Steven out of the house. After Keesha won the POV (which was some kind of scavenger hunt it seems), Jessie came to throw himself on the mercy of Keesha. This was hilarious, as he told her he feels he’s going down for something he didn’t do. He said it was Libra’s idea to put Steven up and he did what the house wanted! Keesha told him she hates Libra and doesn’t trust her at all. Jessie kept pushing her to take him down and put Libra up. He felt as long as he was on the block, he would go. However if Libra was up there, she’d go.

There is just too much to laugh over this. While Libra did seem to spearhead the “let’s get Steven out” movement, Jessie didn’t want to listen to her or the other 5 people telling him to put Steven up. He wanted to put up Renny! However when Steven “dis’d” him by not going to see his HOH room, that’s when he put him up and said that was the reason why! Also Steven was in Jessie’s HOH room giving him the same plan to get rid of Libra and he wouldn’t listen and Michelle wouldn’t use the POV to do it. Sorry Jessie, your probably out. The irony is it’s because you didn’t get Libra out the week before! Oh this is even more funny when you think of the fact that Michelle is his BFF.

A few days ago all the women were hating on Angie. Angie apparently did something during the POV that was a slap at Keesha. It involved a bracelet on her wrist and had something to do with Steven. Everyone knew it was directed at Keesha. However it seems Keesha went and told Libra what Jessie told her, as later last night Libra was going off about how Jessie is saying and doing whatever it takes to stay. I think Jessie is probably a goner. Jerry and Renny for sure will vote him out over Angie.

Speaking of Jerry and Renny, they seem to be stuck to Keesha’s butt like glue lately. Also April seems to be there too, telling her how they have to stick together and wouldn’t it be great if the two blonds made it to final two, it would show the whole house. I don’t think Keesha should trust April as far as she can throw her honestly!


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