Swingtown: Puzzlerama!

Swingtown: Puzzlerama!

Posted by Dustin on 07.27.2008 at 12:10 pm

This episode opened with Susan in the Decker’s pool with Roger, so obviously having a dream that they were about to get it on. They were however caught by Bruce and Janet, who suddenly materialized in the pool. Susan woke up . . . and I guess we have an answer to that question . . . Susan does have a little something for Roger! Now we just have to find out if Roger has something for her.

The bulk of this episode was about Trina’s annual Puzzlerama party. She had hidden various colorful chips around town in all sorts of places and then at the party offered cryptic clues where to find the chips. People were paired in teams of men and women and sent to find them.

Bruce’s co-worker Melinda showed up, though she wasn’t invited. She scored a date with someone else. She also made sure she was paired with Bruce as his partner. She wanted to talk to him about her proposition, which Bruce apparently turned down. She let him know it was okay and he was a perfect gentlemen, no hard feelings.

Janet was paired with Tom, while Roger was put with Susan. This was another not-supposed to happen pairing, all screwed up by Melinda’s arrival. Susan later in the episode asked Trina if she did this on purpose, she told her no and Roger was supposed to be with Gail.

During the search for the pieces, Bruce and Melinda kept talking and finally it happened, Bruce kissed her and kissed her hard! Of course this happens as Janet and Tom were approaching. Tom saw and quickly kept Janet from seeing. I have a hunch that Melinda isn’t after Bruce but instead his job. She’s going to file a complaint I bet, get him fired and take his job! There is something about this girl I just don’t trust.

The game ended up in a tie, so Janet demanded a tie breaker question. The answer was hidden up in Trina’s room, and there she found the photos from the pool party . . . including one of Roger! She was furious and he confessed the day of the heatwave when he wasn’t at work he was here with Susan, as her air conditioner was broke. Janet was furious with just about everyone.

Later Bruce seemed miffed with Susan, but she said this was Roger’s secret to keep and he didn’t want anyone knowing he’d been fired. She never meant or would keep secrets from him. Of course Bruce is keeping a big one from her!

Elsewhere in this episode, Laurie was in some silly contest with her ex-teacher/boyfriend to see who could get the most voters to register. They were campaigning for Carter. Meanwhile BJ returned from camp and hung out with Samantha. I still say the kids storylines are snoozers!

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  1. Hey Dustin, I must have missed the part where Bruce didn’t sleep with Malinda. They eluded to him doing it at the end of the last episode where he came home and wanted a shower and Malinda was by the window in her apartment and her bed was all messed up. In this episode when she said that he was a perfect gentlemen and he said not completely I thought that he meant it was because he had slept with her and she thought he was respectful to her or something. Did I miss a part? Or is it open to interuptation?

    Comment by april
    07.27.2008 at 8:26 pm
  2. Maybe it’s open, they never showed what happened. I thought they made it seem like he didn’t do it after all.

    Comment by Dustin
    07.27.2008 at 8:28 pm
  3. I don’t think he slept with her either.. I think he didn’t do it, but really wanted to.

    Comment by Michelle
    07.28.2008 at 1:38 pm

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