Army Wives: Arrested Developments

Army Wives: Arrested Developments

Posted by Dustin on 07.28.2008 at 2:58 pm

This episode started out with Claudia Joy at the doctor’s office. She had a scare, a pregnancy scare. When she told Michael, he was a bit upset that Claudia Joy was ruling out anymore kids. She thought that part of their life was over, but in the wake of Amanda’s death, it seems Michael is rethinking that plan.

Claudia Joy began helping Joan out, giving her baby clothes and talking to her about being a parent and how she’d be great. In the end, Roland and Joan asked Michael and Claudia Joy to be the godparents of their baby girl.

Roland was counseling one of his students Julie this week. She was accepted at West Point and all her dreams of becoming an officer were coming true. There was one problem, she was gay and her girlfriend Karen didn’t like this. She felt it was going to be the end for them. Julie felt she had to choose between West Point and the Army and Karen. Roland felt she didn’t, she should ask Karen to be patient, that things were changing and who knows what might happen in the future.

Unfortunately Roland was scene counseling the student in public, and the student put her hand on Roland’s at the end of the conversation. It appeared something was going on. Roland said he was just counseling her, but couldn’t reveal why. This cost him his job. The student wanted to come forward, but he said no as it would mean the end of her career. However she was worried what this would do to his career.

The student came out to her principal and got Roland his job back. Roland questioned the principal what this meant for the student. As this was a military school and many teachers wrote letters of recommendation, he felt he had to notify West Point about this. Roland implored him not to, that nothing has changed, she’s the same girl they all supported before knowing this. He asked the principal not to do anything and it seemed he let it slide.

Roxy need help at the restaurant and hired Sandy (guest star Ana Ortiz) as a waitress. However Sandy had a plan of her own and openly flirted with and made passes with Trevor. Roxy eventually fired her and Sandy slapped her with a wrongful termination suit. Roxy went to Claudia Joy for help, as she did go to law school. It had been years since she cracked a book, but they found out this Sandy person was serial suer! She had filed many of these before, and when confronted with the fact she could end up in criminal court, she backed down.

Meanwhile Trevor found out because his PT wasn’t going as fast as it should, his return to Iraq would probably be delayed. This led him to start abusing pain meds to try and show he could go back to work.

Chase was arrested in the middle of the night and taken away, and Pam could not see him or even find out what the charges were. Because he was Delta Force, even Michael couldn’t do much as it was out of his jurisdiction.

Pam went to see Carol, the wife she was suspect of last week, and found her house torn to pieces. Her husband was arrested for war profiteering, and Chase was charged as well. Pam refused to believe Chase was doing anything illegal, as a former cop she would have seen the signs.

Chase was released and revealed to Pam that he was undercover investigating his teammate. He was arrested as a cover, to protect him and their family from the dangerous people involved. Pam was thankful, but at the same time furious. She said he was not the only one protecting this family, she was too. This was not okay!

Denise and Getty’s flirtations continued in this episode. Roland had a talk with her about where he sees her going, how he too almost ruined his marriage. Denise found herself torn, but during a very trying attempt to save a patient, Getty lost it. In a private room Denise comforted him and told him he was a very good doctor, but there was nothing that could be done. He told Denise he didn’t want to keep denying this and kissed her. Denise kissed back, but also pulled back saying she couldn’t and ran off.

My Thoughts
As the story with Chase went down I felt it was very predictable that he was undercover. However I think this was the last straw for Pam regarding his top secret Delta Force job. I think we might finally see Chase resigning from it. It seems that is what we’ve been leading up to all this time.

The stuff with Trevor also was a bit predictable. I knew this story was going to go somewhere dark. Now with him abusing, who knows what will happen. Roxy won’t like it, it’s too close to her mother’s problems for sure. Also if he is sent back to Iraq and hooked on pain meds, that could really spell problems for him! He could find himself severely hurt, or endangering someone on his team.

Denise and Getty’s story was kind of side-lined this week, so I don’t have much to say about it. With Frank coming back next week (injured) things will really get messy for them. Denise is going to face a huge choice eventually.

Finally I really like Claudia Joy finally getting back to interacting with the other wives. In this episode with her helping Roxy with her problem, I have a feeling that she’ll end up going back to law school.

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1 Comment

  1. I think (the actress who plays) Pamela did a really good job in this week’s show. I don’t want Denise to have an affair, but I don’t like Frank too much either. I am hoping he grows with the relationship when he gets back home.

    Comment by JenniferA
    07.29.2008 at 5:57 pm

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