Private Practice: Goodbye Archer

Private Practice: Goodbye Archer

Posted by Dustin on 02.22.2009 at 7:17 pm

In this episode everyone returned home from Seattle with Archer all better. It seems his brush with death hadn’t changed him, he was cheating on Naomi left and right. Addison found out and was torn as to whether she should tell Naomi. She was hoping her brother could change, but he couldn’t. I have to say I was disappointed, I liked the character and it seems they decided to just keep him being the same old jackass he always was.

Addison and Naomi helped a couple who had an intersex baby. They wanted corrective surgery, but in the end Addison couldn’t do it, feeling that when the child grew up what if they had picked the wrong sex. The mother started to agree, but the father had issues. It seemed he needed his kid to have a sex, and of course he wanted it to be a boy. In the end, after storming out on his wife and child, he came around, after Naomi told him off.

Noami told him off as Addison finally told her about Archer. When she went to find Archer, he had left. She couldn’t take her anger out on him, so she took it out on the father. I guess given the way Archer left we probably won’t be seeing him again, which is a shame. The character had such good potential and I would have loved if they added him as a regular.

Charlotte and Cooper’s fighting over Violet continued. She wanted him to move in with her, when he said no, she got angry and stormed off. Later she slept with Archer! What what what !?!? She finally told Cooper, who was angry, but saw it as her acting out and trying to push him away. He said he loved her and wasn’t going anywhere. He’s a bigger man than I am, her butt should have been kicked out that door. I did not like that they had Cooper just forgive her like that. Angry or not, Cooper didn’t cheat on her with Violet.

Violet helped Sheldon with some couples therapy thing he had going on. It was a group of people whose marriages were in trouble, and he led them in sessions all together. They had some issues with two of the members having an affair behind their spouses backs. Yada yada, long story short, the whole thing served to be a vehicle for Sheldon and Violet to talk. He told her if she ever needed anything, he was here for her. While admirable, he is still keeping his distance from her it seems. They aren’t dating again, but Pete seems even further away from her. He better step up before he loses Violet!

While Pete was dealing with a patient who had become fixated on his eastern medical techniques as a way to not face the probability she had cancer, Sam was busy making whoopee with his new girlfriend and making a whoospie when he called her Naomi. Oops! Guess we can see where Sam and Naomi are probably headed . . . back to each other.


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1 Comment

  1. The only real issue I have with PP right now, is the terrible exit characters are making. First with Wyatt there one day gone the next. Now Archer, there’s no way they could bring that character back and anyone would like him. Cooper would want to hurt him, Naomi, Addison he’s pretty much going to be hated by everyone. What was the point of even having him be so upset he might die and not be able to be a good person only to be such a tool as he left

    As for Cooper and Char, I love them. That scene is just one of the reasons I love them. He knew exactly why she did what she did and is a way bigger man then most people because he was able to push past it. Which also tied in with Violet and Sheldon’s therapy session. If i remember right Sheldon mentioned that cheating was also a ‘cry for help’ within the relationship and didn’t always spell the end. Though, I did like that cooper told her to grow the hell up and that he’d be gone if she tried something like that again.

    Now, if only I can find a guy to tell me he’s ‘storming the friggen castle for me’

    Comment by Malorie
    02.23.2009 at 2:44 am

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