Big Brother 11 Premiers: New HOH and Mystery Guest Revealed!

Big Brother 11 Premiers: New HOH and Mystery Guest Revealed!

Posted by Dustin on 07.09.2009 at 8:56 pm

So tonight was the premier of “Big Brother 11.” The house guests made their way in, chose the rooms, and then got the news on the twist from Julie. They would be segmented into cliques. While they’d still be nominated and evicted as individuals, anyone in the HOH’s clique would be immune from eviction. The cliques were the athletes, popular kids, brains and the offbeats.

Julie told them which clique they were all in, they didn’t get to chose for themselves. They went out to the backyard, which has been decorated like a gym which also indicated which clique they were in.

Russell, Kevin and Natalie were the athletes. The Offbeats were Kevin, Casey and Lydia. The popular kids were Jordan, Braden and Laura. The brains were Russell, Michelle and Chima.

They then had the first HOH competition of the summer. Everyone got into these oversized underwear attached to swings/slings. They held onto these toilet seats and it was basically a “don’t let go” competition, while being stuck in a wedgie from the undies. However nobody in the yard would be HOH. It turns out there are 4 people waiting to be the thirteenth guest, and one of them would be HOH, based on which clique won. These mystery 4 were also hinted as not being strangers to America.

Julie introduced the mysterious four, one of who would be HOH. Cowboy (BB5 – Offbeat), Jessica (BB8 – Popular), Brian (BB10 – Brains), Jessie (BB10 – Athletes). Each player was assigned to a clique and one of them would win HOH depending on which clique won.

Julie told the players the deal, but not the identity of the guests and the game began. Michelle of the brains went first, then Ronnie did too. The wedgies then got worse with superwedgies. They basically got bounced in their undies. Lydia off the Offbeats went out, as did Jordan of the Popular. Kevin of the Offbeats was gone too. Jeff of the athletes went out. More superwedgies came (the 4 unknowns voted for cliques to get them).

Shema dropped, the Brains were out (so was Brian’s chance to go back in.) Casey dropped, so Cowboy was out with the Offbeats. It was down to Jessie or Jessica as the one to return to the house.

Laura of the popular crowd fell out, doing it so there was no target on her back. Braden fell, so Jessie is going back in as HOH. Jessie, by the way, stood their flexing his pecs.

So the Athletes are immune, and Jessie is the new HOH, which was revealed to the houseguests.

Sunday will be Jessie’s nomination ceremony, while Tuesday will be the POV. Thursday will be the first eviction. We have been told there is another twist waiting.

I’ll be tuning into “Big Brother After Dark” and will report on any info given there!


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