Catching Up With Betty

Catching Up With Betty

Posted by Dustin on 03.25.2010 at 11:48 pm

So our time with “Ugly Betty” is fast coming to an end. This is such a shame because this season has really been the best since the first. Ironically since the move to Wednesday and announcement of the cancellation, the ratings are fairly good too.

It’s been awhile since I blogged about the show, but I’ve been watching and loving it . . . okay for the most part. I’m not keen on Willy once again trying to take down Daniel and take over Mode. I thought we’d have a happier ending with them working together, but it’s not going that way. I guess once a villain always a villain! At this point I won’t cry if the show ends with Willy out on her butt. In fact at this point I think that would be a fitting end. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up in prison with her lover!

Daniel and Amanda’s F… buddy relationship ended as she chose Daniel’s half-bro Tyler, but even he now has gotten the cold shoulder from Amanda who felt the brothers were too much at each other’s throats. I don’t like that Amanda has been put in this position honestly. I was warming up to her and Daniel. I was however happy when in the end she told Tyler it was off with him untill he cooled down over his issues with Daniel (who in fact gave Amanda his okay to date Tyler).

The show has had some heavy Daniel + Betty hinting going on. Betty got her braces off this week, and of course everyone sees her outer beauty matching the inner. However Gio is on the return for an upcoming episode, so who knows! I really want to see them have the show ending with a Betty and Daniel paring hinting going on, that we know in the future they’ll end up together.

The big shock these past few weeks has been Justin’s story. With Hilda getting married to Bobby, Justin has been exploring his love life as well. He tried the whole straight thing, trying to deny what everyone else in the world knows, but in the end it seems he fell for a boy in his acting class. The shocking part was them showing Justin kiss this other actor. WOAH! I don’t think the show would have ever gone there had they not known they were already canned. That would have been a show breaker otherwise I think. It would have been too controversial because of the ages of the characters/actors and there would be an outcry. Though I think they are now probably adults given how long the show has gone on (didn’t bother to google). Then again the thirty somethings on 90210 are doing it too, but they are lesbians and there is a difference in what we’ll tolerate on air for some reason.

I’m really going to miss this show. I also hope Ignacia gets his happily ever after in the end as well. It’s probably too much to hope for a return of Alexis as well, but maybe they’ll surprise us 🙂

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  1. Even tho I was a bit tweaked by the “kiss”, I have to say bravo to them for doing it. Some people might say it wasn’t right because of the ages, but Justin is just like any other boy his age finding out who he is. It’s just refreshing to see how someone younger would react in the situation, how they will go about telling others and opening up. I also love the idea of Betty and Daniel, I always thought they should be together. I hope it ends that way. Daniel goes to Betty for everything, and he values her more than others in his life, and she bends over backwards for him. Who knows…we’ll just wait and see.

    Comment by Tracie
    03.26.2010 at 12:18 am
  2. I really enjoyed this last episode but have to say that most of it was spent trying to close my mouth because my jaw kept hitting the floor at the sight of America’s beauty. I knew she was pretty but the way they did her hair and makeup and that figure — WOW! I hope she has a new show lined up.

    Comment by sean
    03.26.2010 at 10:30 am

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