Army Wives Season 4 Finale

Army Wives Season 4 Finale

Posted by Dustin on 08.25.2010 at 8:10 pm

So I’ve been pondering what to write about the season 4 finale of “Army Wives,” but I guess one of my tweets that night sums it up. I kept waiting for a bomb to drop, but it never did. Let’s see, how did things end up?

Michael, who was taken hostage, was rescued by Chase and Delta Force before the first half hour was up, and he was on his way home to see Emmalynn graduate.

Jeremy proposed to Gabriella as she was just about to ship out for home. She apparently said yes, as later he told his parents. Denise meanwhile gave birth to Molly. I thought for sure since Michael was safe, Denise or the baby would be in jeopardy.

Joan got word she was cleared for duty again, should the Army chose to call her up.

The only real cliffhanger was with Pamela. She got a job offer from Gina in Atlanta to be part of a new task force there. as she decided to take it and say goodbye, Chase dropped the one and only bomb. He put in told her he wanted her back, he had put in to leave Delta, he realized now what was important.

So why all the fairly happy endings? As it turns out, Lifetime hasn’t given the show (or Pamela’s potential spinoff) the green light yet. I’d like to say given the ratings, which have been excellent, it should be a done deal. But a lot of shows people expected to be safe this year were in fact cut.

Will the wives be back? Time will tell!

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