Big Brother: On The Block Before The Double Eviction Tomorrow!

Big Brother: On The Block Before The Double Eviction Tomorrow!

Posted by Dustin on 08.25.2010 at 8:56 pm

Britney put Enzo and Brendan up, saying this was not an attack on Enzo, he just hadn’t been on the block. She told Brendan he was after her last week, so thats why he’s up.

Both Enzo and Brendan were furious and gunning for Britney should they survive. Britney later told Enzo he is a pawn, he is not going home. However Enzo knew Britney had made deals before she went back on.

Lane and Hayden realized they had to backdoor Matt, otherwise he’ll win the whole thing. Lane talked to Britney and said she should backdoor Matt, as he has too many people in his corner. Lane warned her that Matt would put them up since they are buddy buddy, or he’d put up Enzo and Hayden to break their bromance up. Britney however felt safer for Matt than Brendan, and she didn’t know why they were talking about this when veto hadn’t been played.

Players for Veto were picked, and everyone but Ragan played, he was the host. The game was one where people had to volunteer for punishments, but at the same time to win points for the veto. They also were able to give up points for prizes.

In the end, Brendan won the veto. He was also chained to Britney for 24 hours (by his choice!), had to take chum baths (fish guts) for 24 hours, and shaved his head.

Enzo ended up in the penguin suit for a week and gave all his clothes to charity. Lane won a call from home and Hayden won 5 grand as well as a trip for two to Hawaii.

The people who won the prizes remained secret, the punishments were made known. Britney was furious that her team basically betrayed her, and Matt was upset as his butt was also on the line. Britney was now considering the whole house as potential nominees for taking too many prizes.

Britney broke down to Ragan later, all the prizes were taken and she didn’t get a single one. She also said he’d be here next week too. Matt soon joined her as she ranted how they just couldn’t get out one person.

Lane admitted to Enzo, Hayden and Brendan he did take the phone call. Everyone thought Matt took the prized, the big ones that Hayden took!

Lane went to see Britney and they talked in private. Lane said that he took the phone call, but they all are sure Matt took the prizes (as Hayden told Lane he didn’t win them).

Britney later found Pandora’s Box in her room. She had no idea what was in it, and she was tempted with the ability to speak to a previous houseguest from another season for advice. She opened it and went inside, only to find Jesse there.

Holy hell can we just not be rid of this idiot? He had to rip off his shirt, and the secrets she won for a whole hour . . . . training tips to look like him! She wondered what everyone else got . . . . they got a Hawaiian feast and drinks!

Brendan, shaved head and all, ended up chained to Britney for 24 hours. He also had to take the bath every time a bell rang . . . and he had to do it while handcuffed to Britney!

Matt talked to Britney to try and save his ass from going on the block. Matt, for some reason trying to save the brigade, threw Ragan under the bus to Britney as well as to the rest of the brigade. He convinced Lane to try and convince her to do this, as then MAtt wouldn’t come after her next week.

Lane did talk to Britney, but threw Matt under the bus saying he has been after him to convince her to put up Ragan. Britney warned Lane he better not be in an alliance with anyone else . . . . . Lane said he didn’t have the brains for it!

Hayden said the brigade was going to push for Matt, and both he and Enzo then pushed Britney to put up Matt as he was a snake throwing his best friend under the best, they can’t trust him. Britney began to realize she couldn’t trust Matt given he’s throwing Ragan under the bus, his BFF in the house.

Britney talked to Ragan and warned him people are throwing him under the bus to her. She however said she would fight for him to be here, she needs him here. Ragan warned her the both of them were in trouble with this whole house.

The veto meeting was held, and of course Brendan saved himself. Britney ended up putting Matt on the block!

The ironic thing is . . . . Ragan eventually learned Matt threw him under the bus . . . . and Ragan he ended up forgiving him and still tried to fight for him to stay (in spite of his final diary room message on the show).

Tomorrow is the double eviction, which most of the houseguests have figured out at this point is probably coming.


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