Brief True Blood Thoughts: Fairies, Witches and Panthers Oh My!

Brief True Blood Thoughts: Fairies, Witches and Panthers Oh My!

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2010 at 9:12 pm

So Sookie finally found out what she was this week, she’s a fairy! She also learned from Bill that all supernaturals believed Fairies were wiped out by vampires for some reason. Bill later learned from Eric why the queen wanted Sookie . . . . there is a rumor that Fairy blood protects them from sunlight. Bill said only momentarily, then you begin to burn. Hmmmm, that’s it? Really? There has to be more.

Russell mourned Talbot this week, by hiring a hooker to pretend was Talbot. It was little Navid from 90210, who looked more his age as a sleezy hooker than he does on his own show. Sadly he didn’t last long, Russell staked him to pretend he was with Talbot at the moment of his death. I thought maybe they’d turn him, but that might be hard when you have no heart.

Meanwhile Eric was trying to devise a plan to save himself from Russell coming for him. It seemed he got an idea to use Sookie and chained her up in Fangtasia. Was he going to hand Sookie over to Russell, who wanted her because the queen did? I don’t think so. Based on the previews, and what Bill told him, I think he plans on dragging Russell out into the light to burn.

We learned where they seem to be headed with Lafayette and Jesus’ story, and it looks like they are trying to suggest they are Shaman. They went on a V trip and saw some of their ancestors. Jesus has a grandfather who is a powerful evil sorcerer, and Lafayette’s family used to practice conjure. I’m guessing Jesus’ grandfather, who always had plans for him, might be coming for him soon?

I had some issues with all this, mainly because I know too much about it (cause it’s a class I teach). The magics the family practiced, at least Lafayette’s, is not something inherited as they suggested, it’s folk magic. I do give them credit, though it might be a lucky guess, for making them Shaman. Often Shaman were in fact gay/lesbian/bisexual, as in many cultures they were a third gender (neither male nor female) and thought to be innately blessed (as well as have the power to shapeshift, including between genders).

I am not a fan of Sam’s darkside storyline honestly. I don’t like Tommy either. I really don’t like any of Sam’s storyline this season, but I like Sam! Tara learned Jason was the one who killed Eggs, so here is hoping she ends up with Sam again. I’d like that story.

Jessica choosing Hoyt made me happy, but not as happy as her bitch slapping Tommy the pitbull into the woods to save Hoyt from his attack! Then her giving him her blood to save him, they are connected for good now. Yay! I have a feeling Tommy might not live till next season, which would be fine by me.

Arlene told Terry the truth about the baby, and he stepped up and didn’t walk away, saying she needed to keep the baby and he’d raise it. However she knew it would be evil and went to Holly for help. Holly came out of the closet as a Wiccan in this episode.

Finally Jason learned exactly what Crystal was, a were-panther. Aside from Lafayette and Jesus, I knew all the other shockers from friends who read the books. Still, it was a good show with a lot crammed in it.

Best line of the episode? Pam wins for “Blah blah, Vampire emergency, blah blah blah.”
Runner Up? Lafayette for “That’s a whole new level of white trash.”

SPOILER ALERT! The actor who played Russell has given hints as to the end of the season and next season. While many people apparently come for him, it seems whatever happens, there is a chance for him in season 4.

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  1. Dustin, I too wasn’t thrilled with the reveal of Sam’s past – I guess it’s supposed to explain Sam’s behaviour in the following episode, but it seems like an out-of-the-blue character change with a flimsy excuse for it.

    I’m not very familiar with “shamans”. Is it another word for people who conduct “magic” rituals to bring about changes in health and fate, and for communing with spirits? If so, would that make Holly a type of shaman?

    There seems to be a fine line between werewolf, were-panther, etc. and Sam’s shape-shifter abilities. I guess were-whatevers are restricted to one for of shifting, while shifters can change into any animal. Does that mean that all the Hot Shot folks are were-panthers? I guess that would explain the hillbilly chowing down on a deer.

    Terry is so sweet. I hope he goes the route of a hero and not a gullible victim in future episodes.

    Comment by DNA
    08.31.2010 at 11:15 am
  2. Shaman’s usually were the traditional healers, witch doctors, spirit mediums, etc . . . Holly is Wiccan, and with most Wiccan they all practice some type of magic that is central to their religion. However Wicca is a more modern interpretation of prehistoric beliefs, and has become for some a very individualistic form of religion. She too is somewhat of a shaman yes, but usually a shaman served a larger community.

    Comment by Dustin
    08.31.2010 at 10:38 pm

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