Big Brother 12: Britney’s Noms!

Big Brother 12: Britney’s Noms!

Posted by Dustin on 08.22.2010 at 8:08 pm

Tonight on “Big Brother” we got a lot of recaps of the last episode and what happened, a lot more than usual. Much of it was everyone’s reactions to the Diamond Power of Veto.

Enzo worried that The Bra-Gade showed their cards to Matt when they planned to vote him out and warned him that he didn’t have the votes to stay.

Brendan was convinced everyone in the house was seeing what a sneak Matt was. He also thought he was safe as he kept Britney safe next week.

Enzo and Hayden worried though that Brendan would go up, and one of them next to him.

Britney got her HOH room, and everyone laughed behind Britney’s back about her fiance Nick, who they think she built up to be some greek god supermodel athlete, but thought he was a geeky dork.

Enzo confronted Matt to try and smooth things over, but also warning him the Bra-Gade is worried about his thing he has going on with Ragan. Matt swore he was committed to them, but really he wasn’t.

Matt and Ragan advised Britney. Brendan was going up, and Matt suggested Enzo because he’s never been up there. He said it’s an unbiased reason to use him, but Matt suggested it because he no longer trusts Enzo.

Brendan tried to assure Britney he will win HOH next week, and he will not target her. However if she goes back on their deal . . . He also tells her Matt and Ragan threw her under the bus last week (which I do believe they did, they all discussed getting her out!)

The Have Have-Not comp was played, and it was some kind of cowboy themed comp where they were divided into Lawmakers and Outlaws. They then played one of those games where they had to do shots of nasty things and try and not let on who had the horrible shot out of the three people on each team. The other team had to guess who took the nasty shot of the three.

Enzo, Brendan and Hayden ended up losing and the have nots. They learned the treat they could have was broccoli and bean dip.

Hayden, Enzo and Lane talked to Britney. She asked who the house wanted out. Lane said they all want Brendan out, but they also realize Matt is doing fishy stuff. They suggested use Matt as a pawn, but secretly wouldn’t have cried if the pawn went home.

Britney then talked to Matt again suggesting he goes up as a Pawn to win the veto, as he has his best chance of beating Brendan. Matt begged her basically not to.

At the nominations, Britney went with the plan to put Enzo up against Brendan. She told Enzo this is not an attack on him, he just hasn’t been on the block. She said Brendan was after her last week, so she is looking out for herself.

Brendan was pissed, saying she went back on her word. Enzo said he was going to win and then get Matt up on the block. Matt was sitting pretty as he felt either one of them leaving was fine with him.

Some SPOILERS below as to how things have gone down since this episode!

The veto was played, and apparently Hayden won 5000 dollars and a Hawaii trip.

Brendan won the veto, but also for 24 hours was chained to Britney and has to take hourly dunks in this nasty tank of crud.

Enzo meanwhile had to get stuck in the penguin suit.

Matt looks to go on the block as the replacement nom. Hayden and Enzo are telling her they can have a final 4 deal with Lane, but it seems they too want her gone ASAP.

The houseguests also seem to have figured it’s a double elimination week coming up.


2 Hour Persons Unknown Finale!

2 Hour Persons Unknown Finale!

Posted by Dustin on 08.22.2010 at 1:53 pm

I unfortunately only saw part of last nights “Person’s Unknown,” so I have little to comment on. It seems like many of the hotel guests are now complacent with, or indebted to, “The Program” for saving them somehow. So in fact in a way, “The Program” is somewhat of a brainwasher . . . well with Joe it really is. He oddly seems to the only one no longer complacent. It also seems to be centered around Janet, who I feel is poised to become the new Joe for the program.

Anyway, next weekend are two back to back episodes for a full two hour finale. Here are the spoilers!

LAST CHANCE – When the group goes searching for Janet (Daisy Betts) and Ulrich (Alan Smyth), they discover all their supplies have disappeared. After finding the pair, they turn to Ulrich for help, but soon realize they are left on their own to survive. Meanwhile, Kat (Lola Glaudini) and Renbe (Gerald Kyd) receive crucial information from a medical examiner that leads them dangerously close to “The Program.” Also starring Jason Wiles, Alan Ruck, Sean O’Bryan, Tina Holmes, Chadwick Boseman, Kandyse McClure and Joanna Lipari.

FREE AT LAST—After surviving an unexpected van crash, the abductees finally escape and decide to go their separate ways. Everyone attempts to return to their normal lives, however, “The Program” has no intention of letting them go. Meanwhile, Renbe (Gerald Kyd) and Kat (Lola Glaudini) race to help Janet (Daisy Betts), only to end up reunited with the rest of the group in eerily familiar territory. Also starring Jason Wiles, Alan Ruck, Sean O’Bryan, Tina Holmes, Chadwick Boseman, Kandyse McClure, Kate Lange Johnson and Joanna Lipari.


Big Brother 12: Diamond Veto Eviction Edition and New HOH

Big Brother 12: Diamond Veto Eviction Edition and New HOH

Posted by Dustin on 08.19.2010 at 7:39 pm

As usual, the show began with a recap of the last episode and Matt going on the block. Matt however knew with the Diamond Power of Veto, he would chose who goes home. . . but would it also make him a target of others? Both Hayden and Enzo have realized they need to get Matt out as he has too many votes and people in his pocket.

Ragan still feels bad that Matt is on the block, as he’s playing for his sick dying wife . . . which is just a big fat lie!

Matt tried to find out how Enzo and Hayden were feeling about the votes . . . knowing if they were going to keep Lane then he might need a new alliance and could send one of them home.

Matt learned Kathy learned about the pretzel message that Rachel left targeting him, and because Kathy didn’t tell him, she became a big target for him.

Lane felt Enzo up about how he and Hayden’s vote, and he felt he had their vote as well as Britney’s. The Brigade felt sure that Matt would be going home.

Matt began to realize that Enzo was planning to get rid of him, so Enzo became a target of his too.

Ragan took his next job, leaving a note that says “I know your secret!” He left it under Enzo’s pillow, and Kathy was asleep in the room at the time when Enzo found it.

Enzo told Kathy and Hayden, because they are in his room. Soon everyone in the house knew. Um maybe Enzo shouldn’t be telling everyone, as the note is bad for him . . . but now everything thinks Kathy is the saboteur because Kathy made the beds.

Matt of course loved it, because if he puts Kathy up, she’ll go home and he’ll look like a hero for getting out the saboteur.

We went to the living room, where Julie talked to the house guests about Rachel’s return to the house. Julie also told them that the saboteur is still in the house, but their reign of terror is over.

Before the vote, we had to learn how Lane and Britney’s family are reacting to their flirtatious friendship. Lane family and friends think he likes her, but Britney’s family think she’ll be loyal to her fiance.

Julie then went to the living room, told Matt to plead his case first. Matt stood up and took a ton of shots at Brendon, and then revealed he has the diamond power of veto. Julie told them that Matt received this for opening Pandora’s box, and what it does. Everyone was stunned.

Brendan and Ragan were safe, and he put up Kathy up (dumbest move ever not taking out Britney!). Lane and Kathy made their speeches, and it is no shock that Kathy was sent home unanimously.

Kathy was sent out the door and talked to Julie Chen. Kathy was mostly hurt that she didn’t have time to say goodbye to anyone, but she had no hard feelings.

BEfore the HOH, we learned the house guests had to play “Big Brother Says.” Clearly what they were told to do would be part of the HOH competition (they were reviewing this all last night, now that makes sense!)

The game was True/False based on “Big Brother Says” and in the end, Britney won the HOH!

We know Brendon will go on the block for sure this week, and unless he wins POV he’ll also be the one to leave.



Big Brother 12: The Bitch Is Back Bitches!

Big Brother 12: The Bitch Is Back Bitches!

Posted by Dustin on 08.18.2010 at 8:30 pm

So I never saw Sunday’s Big Brother, therefore I felt the need to make a post about tonight’s episode . . . even though I already kinda had in another post this weekend.

Basically Ragan won the veto, which meant someone else had to go up. In a twist, Hayden and Enzo bonded over the fact neither would shed tears to see Matt go, because he has too many people in his pocket. The Brigade, and Britney and Ragan. They have been trying to make deals with Brendan on the feeds all week too.

Ragan meanwhile cried to Britney that he would hate if she went up and home, as she is such a good person and he loves her. Really? This is the woman you host a bitchy talk show with every night and bitch about all the other house guests. She’s a good person? I will say her nasty rants about everyone in the house in the diary room are in fact the most entertaining part of the show!

Brendan the HOH opened Pandora’s Box. He was whisked away to a 24 hour vacation at the Jury House. Rachel meanwhile was sent back into the game. Brendon, it would seem, was lead to believe by Big Brother that he’d be on vacation with Rachel. NOT!

Upon returning, Rachel immediately got into a fight with Ragan, who tore into her about being a horrid person. Ragan went into this speech about how horrible she was, and how this game was more about treating people with class and she can’t do that. She fired back with “Do you feel the need to be the biggest bitch because your gay?” This has lead to a lot of sites on the internet to accuse Rachel of being a homophobe (which Ragan also did in his own way). I don’t think Rachel is a homophobe at all, and I do think Ragan is a bitch 🙂

The fights were the final straw for me. Ragan is the biggest smack talker in this game next to his BFF Britney. All he has done is bitch and be nasty about people behind their backs. I’m not sure what moral high horse in the clouds he lives on, but he showed himself later when he really tore into Rachel telling her how she’ll get what’s coming to her, all she does is walk all over people, and how she is a nasty devil. Rachel might not have been the nicest person in the world, yes she could be a bitch, yes her voice is like nails on a chalkboard sometimes . . . but Ragan is just as bad! She tried to tell him this was a game, but he kept going off on his moral crusade about how you win is by treating people with respect (but then talking about them behind their backs like he does.). Has he watched this show? The nice guy rarely ever wins!

Rachel left Brendan a pretzel message to put up Matt before she had to leave. Ironically what we didn’t see on air is that Rachel and Ragan did have a heart to heart and made up. I don’t know how much of that was Ragan basically realizing in fact yes he has to kiss her butt to get her vote though. My guess is if I tune into the feeds or After Dark tonight, Ragan with be bitching about Rachel and Bredan still with Britney.

Brendan returned and got Rachel’s message. He had a talk with Britney and warned her that it was between her and Matt going up. Britney swore on her boyfriend she wouldn’t put him up if she won HOH next week. Next Ragan talked to Brendan and tried to save Matt.

The houseguests got another video from the saboteur (Ragan) who warned them there was a competition tomorrow that will change the course of the game. Later though the saboteur told them it was a hoax, there was no competition, it was just him keeping them on their toes. The whole thing was to make everyone paranoid and sleep deprived.

BTW, there was another message not shown, that two people in the house were in fact childhood friends, and it was a male and a female (Not sure if they showed this Sunday night when I missed it).

At the veto meeting Ragan saved himself, and Brendan put Matt on the block. Of course we know Matt has the diamond power of veto, so he will most definitely put Britney or Kathy up. My guess is he’ll put Britney up because she is a competitor and Kathy will be easy to take out when needed.

PErsonally, I hope to see Matt go home next week after this move and “The Brigade” realize maybe they can’t trust Matt at all. I’d also like to see him on the block against Ragan, because then we’ll see how his moral compass helps him play this game 🙂


Weeds Returns, The Big C Debuts

Weeds Returns, The Big C Debuts

Posted by Dustin on 08.17.2010 at 7:34 pm

Last night was the 6th? season premier of “Weeds.” I have to say, if the rest of the season is anything like last night, it should be a good season. I laughed out loud several times, mostly because Nancy was drunk the entire episode in order to deal with Shane killing Pilar. Shane was also amazing with his calm, cool reaction . . . though possibly a future serial killer too.

Unfortunately there were some losses/downsides. We came into this season knowing Elizabeth Berkley/Celia had been written off, and now it looks like the housekeeper/nanny is gone along with Alanis/Audra. I HATED that Andy was such a wuss and lost Audra because he basically is Nancy’s lapdog. Though I guess this whole show the past few seasons has in a way been geared toward these two ending up together. I don’t think I want that though, and I hope Audra returns at some point.

“The C Word” . . . . Make that “The Big C” also premiered. Too many commercials for “The Real L Word” on showtime, confused my titles 🙂 I tuned in because I love Laura Linney, and she did not disappoint in this show. What should be a downer of a show given its subject matter is in fact clever and funny! Give it a try.


True Blood: Russell Goes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puff!

True Blood: Russell Goes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puff!

Posted by Dustin on 08.16.2010 at 8:58 pm

Sadly due to a household issue I had to attend to, I missed a good chunk of “True Blood” last night, and for some reason it’s not repeating until 9pm tonight. So I’m writing this before re-watching it, so my thoughts are a little shorter. In fact I just finished the post and am trying to proof it right as the episode is about to begin . . .

So as it turns out Franklin wasn’t dead after all, but now he is as Jason shot him through the heart with a wooden bullet. We’ll just ignore the fact that it is completely impossible to have a wooden bullet, as it would splinter and explode in the gun’s chamber. Then again, vampires, werewolves, etc . . . aren’t real either . . .

I love that Hoyt tried to make up with Jessica, telling her that he missed her and such. I know this doesn’t follow the books, but I like them together! A lot more than I like her with that snot Tommy, who is now on my nerves after this latest episode. So glad Sam told him off. Maybe he deserves to be saddled with his white trash parents.

Lafayette’s mom once again gets the best line for “I’ll be damned, maybe God does love the faggots.” The previews for next week seem to indicate we might learn what this “power” within Lafayette is. Can’t wait hookahs!

Bill, via a trip to lala land, learned what Sookie in fact was. It seems he’s about to tell her, but the previews for next week once again have Eric back and trying to convince Sookie not to trust Bill. Oh boy, how long will we have to wait till Sookie finds out what everyone on earth has at least googled by now if they haven’t read the books.

Sookie learned Hadley has a son, her nephew, who also has the gift. I don’t know if this is in the books (cause I need to get through “Pretty Little Liars” before I start these books), but all I could think was “I see dead people!”

There was a whole bunch of Jason and Crystal stuff . . . yawn. I am kinda bored with this story already.

Eric testified to Nan Flannigan and “The Authority” about Russell, but they either didn’t care or didn’t believe him . . until later when Russell took to the news, killing the broadcaster, and making the most epic speech ever. That was in fact an emmy winning speech period. The actor better get a nod for this episode or there is no justice in TVland.

BTW, did you catch Nan’s hypocrisy as she watched Russell on TV? Yup, she was not drinking Tru Blood from that woman was she!

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Army Wives: The Cop Episode

Army Wives: The Cop Episode

Posted by Dustin on 08.16.2010 at 7:42 pm

So this sunday was the episode that served as a spin-off for Pamela’s new show as a cop in Atlanta. I really did like this episode, and I didn’t think I would. I think a lot had to do with Gabrielle Union’s character, who was just great.

However the main problem I guess I have, is that Pamela was so indispensible because of her knowledge of the army, and the case they were working on involved army soldiers (current and discharged). Would she really have been as helpful if the army wasn’t involved? I guess I’d like to think so . . . .but still how will the show work on a real world out of the army level? That could still be a problem.

The previews for next week indicate a crossroads, Chase wants her back and got out of Delta, while she apparently has a job offer in Atlanta and might be leaving. What will she do? My guess is until we know for sure the spin-off is a go, we won’t really know her decision till next season.

Also the moment we knew was coming, Joan approached Claudia Joy’s house at the very end with possible grave news on Michael. All we know from previews is “there is a situation.” I bet he’s been taken hostage.

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The Gates: September 5th Spoilers

The Gates: September 5th Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 08.16.2010 at 4:30 pm

I’m not sure when “The Gates” will have its finale, because again it doesn’t indicate this is the season finale. Still no word on whether it or “Scoundrels” will have other seasons, which given the way “Scoundrels” ended last night would suck!


“Little Girl Lost” – When a vindictive madman kidnaps their daughter, Dylan and Claire frantically enlist Nick’s help. But as the search for Emily leads them far from The Gates, Nick begins to learn some horrifying truths about the couple’s vampiric past. Feeling increasingly in the dark, Sarah presses her husband on the eerie details of the case. Meanwhile, Brett contends with the realities of a relationship with Andie, and Charlie becomes painfully aware that the people around him are . . . not human, on “The Gates,” SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Guest starring are Georgia Cole as Emily Radcliff, Paul Blackthorne as Christian Harper, Rachel DiPillo as Lexie, Gloria Votsis as Vanessa Buckley, Lori Heuring as Nancy and Russ Blackwell as John.

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Big Brother 12: What the BLEEP is going on?

Big Brother 12: What the BLEEP is going on?

Posted by Dustin on 08.14.2010 at 8:11 pm

I’m not sure what is happening, but Rachel is back in the house! She’s talking to everyone, but from what she’s said, she’s not back playing. I guess she’s there on a special visit. Julie Chen did say that Rachel might be back in the house!

*Update* from what I found on google, Rachel is back for 24 hours after Brendan opened (and is now stuck in) Pandora’s Box.

Following Brendan’s logic last time, when something bad happens to the house (Rachel returning) what good has happened to him? Has he been given a Diamond Veto too? Or some other power?

*Spoilerish Updates!*
Ragan and Rachel immediately got into a huge fight, with Ragan telling her what a horrible person she is basically. At this point, Ragan is more of a drama queen than Rachel ever was. He has been crying non-stop for days now.

Ragan the saboteur struck again, leaving a message that two people still in the house are life long friends, and it’s a guy and a girl.

If you wanna know how the veto worked out so far, I’ll put it below the jump . . .
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90210’s Gay Hunk Revealed?

90210’s Gay Hunk Revealed?

Posted by Dustin on 08.14.2010 at 8:04 pm

Zap2It is reporting a source has spilled to them that Trevor Donovan (Teddy) will be the male character coming out of the closet this fall.

Make sense? Given Navid is obsessed with Adrianna and Liam has a possible relationship with Annie, pretty much. Teddy has been the playboy who can’t commit, so it would work.

Oooooo his father won’t be happy about this though!

When the show returns, it will supposedly address Annie’s hit-n-run from the first season finale. Originally there were plans to make it that Annie wasn’t the guilty one, which I think we were all expecting last season. Now however it seems not only is she guilty, she’ll face the consequences.

Also Naomi will find herself in a huge mess with the teacher she accused of attacking her. Basically a “don’t cry wolf” scenario, cause nobody will believe you when you do it again.

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