Glee: Sectionals!

Glee: Sectionals!

Posted by Dustin on 12.10.2011 at 10:42 pm

So this week was the big sectionals episode. As they did last year with “Vocal Adrenaline,” magically “The Warblers” were not competing against “Nude Erections” . . . I mean “New Directions” this year (they mentioned they already won their sectionals). Man Ohio likes to district a lot I guess! I guess we can also figure out it will all three will figure into Nationals heavily.

Sectionals came down to “New Directions,” “Trouble Tones” and one other group, who I can’t recall. They were fronted by one of the “Glee Project” members I believe. They came in third, and she was thrilled as she’s only a sophomore . . . there is so much waiting for her in the next few years. I took that as a sign that we’ll somehow see her in “New Directions” next year?

In the end, “New Directions” won. I assumed this would happen, I mean if they didn’t, where would the rest of the season go? I guess knowing this show, they could have had the “Trouble Tones” win though and then have them make things difficult for the others.

In the end Mercedes, Santana and the horrid singer rejoined “New Directions.” Quinn let them know they were not only welcomed back, but Mr. Shue would guarantee them songs in upcoming competitions.

Quinn contemplated turning Shelby in to make sure they won the competition, but in the end didn’t. In spite on Shelby and Puck’s huge mistake, she knew Shelby was a good mom to Beth, and that is where Beth belonged.

With Sam back at school, he vowed to win Mercedes back. She claimed she had moved on, but by her smiles we knew she hadn’t. Oh the scenes with him in the strip club as Rachel and Finn went to get him back were hilarious! “That’s not something I can even unsee!” “Give me a dagger!”

Did anyone notice how well Efee, I mean Mercedes was dancing up on that stage? Guess she was just making excuses all along!

I loved seeing a bit more from Tina and Mike Chang in terms of singing in the latest competition. Also the story with Mike’s father realizing this is what he was ment to do was good too.

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  1. I think the other group was called the unitards

    Comment by Justwondering
    12.11.2011 at 7:41 am

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